Fan Fiction

Fry's Destiny, Part 7
By Raziel


Two years passed since the devastating Battle of Tigoria. And for these two long years Queen Amy grieved for the death of her twisted daughter, Tigare. Captain Fry, out of pity and perhaps guilt decided to stay by the Queen as she mourned for her lost loved one.

“Captain Fry, why did you kill her, my mind still can’t accept it.”

Fry shuffled his feet uncomfortable, “Look, my Queen, I didn’t enjoy it, she was my friend too but she was corrupted beyond reason. I even offered her a cure for her condition but-”

Fry looked to the distance, searching for the right words.

“But, she refused, she refused my help. She was dead to us before the fight even began.”

Fry looked at his feet as if ashamed.

“Amy, she took my daughter, my innocent, uncorrupted daughter, I was filled with rage. Then when she drew her sword my instincts just kicked in.”

Queen Amy nodded, having heard the explanation a hundred times since it happened. She had long since forgiven Fry but she wanted to believe Tigaire could’ve been saved. Fry turned towards the Queen then bowed.

“My Queen, I have unfinished business to attend to. The Vampire Hoard’s master is planning to infest Orgathis Prime and turn it into their primary nest. I’m heading to Lorgath, I have feeling I can find their leader there and put a stop to this.”

Queen Amy nodded, “Ok, I’ll be fine, thank you for staying with me, but one question.”

“Yes?” responded Fry.

“What are you going to tell Leela?” asked Amy.

“Nothing. She’ll try to stop me, I don’t want her hurt so I’m just going to go as soon as it gets dark.

As soon as night fell, Fry boarded his ship and headed for the ruins, the last known location of the vampires. It wasn’t long before he located and landed near the ruins command center. As Fry entered he noticed no one was here, it was truly abandoned. On the ledge of a small stone table was a pocket sized holographic projector. As Fry tripped the proximity trigger, the projector switched on, revealing the figure of a pale yet familiar looking vampire.

“Hello, Captain Fry, if you’re viewing this you see that the ruins are abandoned. Do you recognize me captain?”

“Akira Asai,” growled Fry in shock, recognizing his old class mate and friend, “I can't believe you’re still alive. The last time I saw you was back on the planet Prodax. Our old captain told me you were killed there.”

“I am dead, Fry, Undead,” laughed the hologram, “But my vampiric predecessor saved me from a horrible death by offering me immortality for the exchange of loyalty.

“I thought you would know better than to join a vampire horde,” growled Fry angrily.

“It’s hard to deny someone who can rip off your arm and threaten you with continuous violent torture. Needless to say I am the leader now, come and make your peace with me,” laughed the hologram as it faded from view.

Fry clenched his fist. So Akira was the new vampire leader. He knew what he had to do. For universal peace, and to finish off the ravenous vampire clans, Fry had to kill his best friend. After much consideration, Fry decided to head home to meditate in his garden to prepare for the battles ahead. Tomorrow night he would head for Origathis Prime, and for Lorgath.

The next day he arrived at Lorgath and landed just outside the capital’s palace walls. With a pair of electron binoculars he located the entrance to the clan nest. He knew he would need extreme stealth to find Akira undetected so he activated an experimental cloaking device via a small wrist band and performed a springboard jump over the walls.

Meanwhile light-years away back on Tigoria, Leela awoke to the absence of her husband. She suddenly remembered that Fry was supposed to be mourning with Queen Amy, so she decided to go check up on them. She was immediately admitted to see the Queen by the guards.

“Queen Amy, where is Fry?” asked Leela.

Amy was silent.

“He left didn’t he?” demanded Leela.

Amy couldn’t resist Leela’s death, “Yes.”

“Dammit Fry! That’s it we’re through! Tell him its over! I never want to see him again. Tell him never to return home! Tell him to live on that stinking ship of his!”

Leela stormed out of Amy’s chambers, and returned home to be with her daughter.

Back at Lorgath, Fry’s communicator beeped, indicating an incoming message. “Queen Amy here, come in Captain Fry.”

“This is Captain Fry speaking,” responded Fry.

“Fry, bad news, I called to tell you that Leela has dissolved the marriage and said for you to never return home. She said for you to stay on your ship.”

“does she know I’m trying to save the damn galaxy, Amy?” growled Fry angrily.

“Yes, but she’s fed up with your lifestyle,” explained Amy.

“Well I can't blame you, it’s hard to keep anything from her.

“I’m sorry Fry,” sobbed Amy.

“So it’s really over,” stated Fry.

“Yes,” replied Amy sadly.

“Ok, but tell her that she is just like my other two wives in that they just used me and played with my feelings and my head. Tell her that she is a back stabbing little bitch and please tell Bira I love her and I’ll always will. Tell her that I‘m sorry that I won't be there to continue her training and watch her become the finest captain this universe has ever seen.

“Ok I will, Fry. I understand what you’re doing and I know that if you were my husband I would support you all the way.

“Thanks, I think after this I’ll head back to Japan and see if I can resurrect my deceased wife, she knew how to love me right.

With that said, he turned off his communicator and focused on the battle ahead. He entered the throne room. Akira was waiting.

“Ah, my old friend Fry, how good it is too see you again. So, you would have me dead today? Well then, let’s begin!”

Wordlessly, Akira and Fry rushed at each other, swords drawn. They fought back in forth in an intricate ballet of blades, stabs, and parries. Their swords were the baton as the two warriors made the music of battle. With his last bit of strength, Fry summoned his shadow guardian Luga to increase his strength and speed. With a bloody, devastating slice, Fry sliced Akira from head to toe, quickly ending Akira’s threat and the threat of universal domination. Returning to his ship, Fry contemplated the path before him and the impending ultimate evil. He boarded his ship and headed for Earth.

Will Fry be able to resurrect Aisha or will he be doomed to spend the rest of eternity alone. For answers to this and many more, stay tuned for Chapter 8: Past Love's Resurrected. Written by Raziel, Edited by Evalc, and thanks to the little space hero who lives inside my head.