Fan Fiction

The Fry-trix, Part 6
By Max Bellamy

Note: This story takes place during and after the 600 agent Smith fight you read in part 5.

Scene: Planet Express

Leela is hooked up again on the table.

Amy: This is the ugliest hack I've ever done. Let's hope you can grow wings.

Amy hack Leela in.

Scene: The Matrix.

Leela is back in. She sees downtown as Fry is battling those Smiths. She jumps from rooftop to rooftop. Her cellphone rigns and she pick it up.

Leela: What?

Amy: Your almost there.

Leela: Yeah, I know.

She hangs up. On her final jump. She is stopped by an agent.

Agent: Your not going anywhere.

They start to fight. She seems to be winning yet just one hit is more powerful then her's. She still hangs on. She then knocks the agent off the building.

Leela: I'm coming Fry.

She walks through the door. And goes to the elevator. The elevator opens and another agent is behind the door. He hits he into a wall. He then grabs her foot and swings her around and round and slamming her all over the place.

Scene: Planet Express

Leela is taking heavy damage. The heath meter indicates that her leg just broke. Her mouth is staring to bleed.

Amy: He's killing her! Do something!

Hermes: Only Fry can save her.

Amy: Try calling him you idiot!

Hermes picks up the headset to call Fry.

Scene: The Matrix-downtown

Fry is just finishing off the last smith.

Fry: Don't bother me again.

He hits the Smith into the air. Fry starts his victory dance. Then his phone rings.

Fry: Hello?

Hemes: Leela's in trouble!

Fry: What!?

Hermes: She tried to go and save you but an agent tracked her down! She's dying Fry.......Fry?

Fry slams down the phone, shattering it. He falls to his knees and screams as lound as he could.

Fry: Why?????!!!!! Why does this have to happen to me?! I'm just a delivery boy! And now the woman I love is going to die!

Neo: He won't hear you.

Fry turns around.

Fry: Who?

Neo: God.

Fry: I thought you hacked out.

Neo: I did, but I came back to help you.

Fry: My dream is coming true. Leela is going to die.

Neo: No she won't.

Fry: What?

Neo: You can see code now. And incase you're wondering. You won't see code once you are in the real world.

Fry: Good. Because I want to see Leela's face again.

Neo: With that power to see code, you can now manipulate the code. You can use it to save her life. Just like I saved Trinity's. But first you have to do something.

Fry: What do I have to do?

Neo: Fly.

Fry: Say what?

Neo: You have the gift Fry. Just like me. You just have to belive it. Free your mind.

Fry: Free my mind......Free my mind.........I hope we meet again.

Neo: I still owe you 5 dollars.

Fry kneels down and takes off. He start to fly faster than the speed of light. Cars fly right past him.

Scene: Building

Leela is thrown through a wall. She takes out two guns and shoots wildly. She heads toward a window backwards. The agents busts in through a wall and fires at Leela. She keeps on shooting until suddenly; a bullet hits her in the chest. She feels it happen. She starts to feel the cold hand of death come upon her. She crashes through the window and begins to fall. Down and down she goes. She closes her eyes....suddenly she is carried away by some orange blur. She opens her eye and sees it's Fry, flying like an angel from heaven.

Leela: Fry.

Fry: I'm here Leela.

He flys down and sets her on a rooftop. She is fading away from him.

Fry: Leela. Just hang on. The Leela I've known and loved never gave up like this.

Leela: Fry.....I'm sorry.

Fry: I'm sorry too. Listen, this will hurt a lot. The bullet is still inside.

Fry moves his hand down to the wound and goes right through it. Leela screams loudly as Fry pulls out the bullet. He's sucessful, but she is still suffering.

Leela: I'm sorry.

Fry begins to cry as she kisses him on the cheek. And then she closes her eye and stops breathing. Fry breaks down over her body. He then pick up her head and looks directly into it.

Fry: Leela. I know you can hear me. I'm not going to let you go. I can't. Because I love you too damn much.

He puts his hand back inside and starts to pump her heart. She suddenly wakes up, shocked to be alive. She then give him the most passionate kiss ever and then hugs him like he's the one who's dying.

Leela: Looks I like I owe you.

Fry:(Whispering) You owe me nothing.

(Time lapse.)

Scene: Planet express.

Fry and Leela have just waken up.

Amy: Fry! Leela! I'm so glad you two are alive.

Fry: Thanks Amy. Did you download the disk?

Amy hands Fry the disk.

Amy: Right here.

The phone suddenly rings. Fry pick it up.

Fry: Hello?

Neo: Fry. It's me.

Fry: Neo?

Neo: We're in trouble. Sentinals are chasing us. I'm printing you directions to us.

The printer spits out directions. It looks like a long path down to the sewers.

Fry: Be there in 1 minute.

He hangs up. Leela follows him.

Leela: I'm coming with you. Ok. Man the guns.

Scene: City streets.

The P.E ship takes off. It then stops and points to the ground.

Fry: Fire!

The blasters go off and make a big hole in the ground. He drives the ship straight down into the sub sewers. Fry spot sentinals chasing a ship.

Fry: There they are! Fire!

The P.E ship blasts the sentinals down. The two ships then land. Fry and Leela come aboard. Neo, Trinity and Morpheus are there.

Morpheus: Hello Fry and Leela.

Fry: Long time, no see.

Trinity: Good job Fry.

Fry: For what?

Trinity: Saved Leela of course.

Fry: Thanks.

Trinty: You take care of him Leela.

Leela: I will.

Neo walks up to Fry.

Neo: You're more powerful then I imagined.

Fry: More powerful than you?

Neo: I would't say that. Oh by the way......here

He hands Fry 5 dollar.

Fry: You keep it.

Morpheus: Do you have the disk Fry?

Fry: Yes.

Morpheus: Did you make you decision on using that disk?

Fry: Yes.

Morpheus: You made a good choice.

Leela: What disk?

Fry: Long story. I'll tell you on our way back. Good bye guys.

Neo: Fry.

Fry: Yes?

Neo: What's the surface like?

Fry: Lots of cars.

Neo: Take care.

Fry: I will.

(Time Lapse)

Scene: Planet Express-Night

The Professor wakes up.

Farnsworth: Ehh wha? What happend?

Bender: Fry saved the world.

Farnsworth: Oh poop.

Hermes: Let's all go to The Hip Joint.

Everybody cheers. They all leave except Fry and Leela.

Leela: You coming Fry?

Fry: You go ahead. I have something to do.

Leela kisses him on the lips.

Leela: I'll see you.

She leaves. Fry goes to the computer. He puts in the disk. The download starts. A bunch of code images appear until it gets to a screen.

"Matrix program.exe. Delete?"


Fry: It was fun while it lasted.

Fry presses the Y(yes) key.