Fan Fiction

The Fry-trix Still Has You, Part 6
By Max Bellamy, Soulkid2000, Mattybwoy and Rye Guy

Which Final Fight?
By Soulkid2000

Note: For those who have read Max's version of the Final Fight in The Fry-Trix Has You, well this one is a different version of the Final Fight. Enjoy!

Matrix Tip #7: It's A Movie, Morphesus!

Smith: Mr. Fry... welcome back... we've missed you.

Fry: Yeah. I had a dental appointment today so that's why I was late.

Smith: Whatever... so wanna fight?

Fry: Duh!

Fry and Smith run in to each other.

We then see Fry picking up his nose and then the other Smiths vomit,

Smith #6905: Oh crap...

Then Fry and Smith crash into each other. Fry lands perfect but then Smith then goes very far away and then comes back.

Smith: Someone really needs to turn off slow-motion.

Charlton: Sorry. I just ate McDonalds!

Smith and Fry go all the way up and then hit into each other.

Fry: Ow!

Fry kicks Smith into a building.

Fry enters the buidling.

Smith: Updates.

Fry: Hey! You're going to get sued for that!

Fry then punches him and then Smith kicks his nuts. Fry flies and then lands on the wall and then gets back up. Fry and Smith then run up to each other and then Fry kicks Smith out the buidling and then kicks him more while still falling.

Smith: Crap!

Smith then falls all the way down the street.

Smith: #9256: Ouch! Glad thing I'm not him.

All of the Smiths laugh at him.

Smith: Hey!

Smith gets up and then Fry kicks him and the Fry flies all the way to the sky. Smith then kicks Fry and then both of them start to fight more. Then they seperate and now can't find each other.

Charlton: Opps. There is not suppose to be Marco, Pollo on.

Smith: Marco.

Fry laughs hard.

Fry: That's a crappy name.

Then Fry and Smith meet and then gets tired of fighting. They both stare at each other and then gets into a catfight.

Fry and Smith scream like little girls.

Then Smith kicks Fry all the way down to the street.

Smith: Why do you do it Fry?

Fry: Because I love Leela.

Smith: No. Not the sex, Fry. I mean why fight me when you know I will win.

Fry: Because it's not just because I want to kill you, I just don't want you to be alive, no more.

Smith: Right...

Smith and Fry still fight in a hole in a street.

Fry first punches Smith right in the face and Smith's face looks like a puppet.

Smith: I'm a real... nothing!

Smith then punches Fry in the face and then Fry vomits at him.

Smith: Ew. There's Trix Cereal coming out. I hate Trix.

Smith then puts his arm into Fry's face.

Fry then turns to Smith #999,999,999,999,999,999.

Smith: Is it over???????????????????????????????????????????

Fry (turned to another Smith) then gets turned into a football.

Smith: Madden? Espn? Nfl Fever? Hello?

Then all the Smiths gets turned into a football.

The next Morning...

Oracle: Wanna play a football game?

The Architect: Sure.


The Architect: I win!

Oracle: Shut the FU...


Directed By: Max Bellamy and Charlton Villavelez (aka Soulkid2000)

Writers: Rye Guy, Max Bellamy, and Soulkid2000