Fan Fiction

Futurama/Band of Brothers Crossover, Part 3
By Ramon 51

Vierville, Normandy, France, June 7, 1944 1100 Hours

Easy Company entered Vierville in a tactical column. The first two platoons worked down the main street, methodically clearing the buildings on each side of the street. First Platoon took the right side of the street, while Second Platoon took the left.

Third Platoon moved up to the edge of town as a reserve.

The mortars halted in a ditch just outside of village, preparing to provide covering fire as needed. After about twenty minutes, a runner brought back a message that all was clear.

Guarnere looked at the mortars, "Okay, get off your dead asses and onto your dying feet. We need to clear the town so we can cover our next advance." The crews quickly broke their mortars down and prepared to move. Fry, Leela and Bender shouldered their burden of mortar rounds.

Bender as usual was complaining, "Lousy stinkin' mortar rounds...why do I have to carry them?"

Fry chimed in, "They are kind of heavy, but we need to do our part."

Bender shot back, "What the hell is wrong with you? Can't you even complain anymore, Flesh Wad?"

Leela waded in, "Bender, you just don't get it. If we were turned over to the authorities, I'm sure they'd cheerfully dismantle you. God knows what they'd do to Fry and me."

Bender sneered, "So what's your point?"

Guarnere cut in, "The point's on your head, Tin Man. Now shut your yap and let's move out."

Bender was readying a cutting reply when he looked at Guarnere. He saw the same look he had seen in Sergeant Lipton's eyes at Brecourt Manor. He just mumbled something and shouldered his load of mortar rounds.

"How do you put up with that salty bastard, Dorothy?"

"It's not easy Bill, but he is our friend."

They moved through the center of the village and right to the outskirts. Guarnere stopped the mortars near a barn. He looked the barn over with a critical eye, like a prospective tenant.

"Okay, listen up. This is going to be the temporary Mortar Command Post. That loft gives a good view of the surrounding countryside. We'll stack the reserve ammunition here until I can see what's next."

Guarnere walked off toward where Lieutenant Winters was standing, conferring with the Platoon leaders.Most of the men went into the barn and sat down. Bender went in the barn as well.

Leela was fascinated by a cow that was placidly chewing grass not far away.

"Fry," she asked with a tone of wonder, "is that a real cow?"

Fry was surprised for a moment, but he remembered that cows had been extinct for a long time in the 30th Century.

"Yes Leela. That is a cow."

The cow was grazing among several German bodies sprawled in a ditch. Fry looked at the young men as they lay on the ground in all sorts of crazy attitudes. He felt sorry for them. He was about to see if any of them were alive, when one suddenly came to a kneeling position.

Before he could speak, Fry saw him pull a stick grenade from his belt and pull the cord at the base. He heard the pop and saw the grenade fly end over end, until it landed directly behind Leela. She was so preoccupied by the cow that she did not see or hear the grenade.

Fry threw himself at Leela shouting, "Grenade!"

He tackled her with such force that they slammed to the ground. He clutched her close, willing his body to cover hers.

The grenade detonated with a roar. Fry briefly felt pain. Then everything went black.

Leela was stunned and confused by the concussion. She stood up and shook Fry off of her, "What's wrong with you, Fry? Why did you knock me down? What was that noise?"

She looked at Fry lying on the ground. He looked like he was asleep.

"Come on Fry, get up." Leela bent over and shook him. She tried to get him on his feet, but she lost her grip and he flipped over onto his face. It was then that she saw the blood.

"Medic!" Leela screamed over and over.

Eugene Roe came running up and looked down at the shrapnel torn, bleeding body. He could see that Fry was still breathing, "Calm down and help me Dorothy. Go get Doc Neavles. Hurry!"

Leela ran off into the village, while Eugene turned his attention to his patient.

Vierville, Normandy, France, June 7, 1944 1200 Hours

Guarnere had spun around when he heard Fry's shout and saw the grenade detonate. Before anyone else could move Shifty Powers slammed his rifle into his shoulder and put two shots into the kneeling German.

As Leela screamed "Medic!" Guarnere ran for the spot where Fry lay wounded.Doc Roe beat him there. Guarnere heard the hurried conversation between Doc Roe and Leela. They passed each other as Bill ran up.

"Anything I can do Doc?"

"Hang loose, I'll let you know."

Doc Roe turned his attention to Fry. He did a preliminary assessment. Fragmentation wounds to the left shoulder, back, buttocks and thighs. Damn! Fry was breathing okay and he didn't seem to be bleeding too badly.

He rolled Fry over to check for exit wounds. There were none. "Good," Roe thought, "maybe this isn't too bad."

Fry began to stir and groan.

Roe shook him a bit, "Hey Red, talk to me."

"Ow! My whole back hurts."

"Listen, I'm going to roll you onto your stomach so I can get the metal out of you. You've got some grenade fragments in you."

"Is Leela Okay?"



"Oh, she's fine." He took his scissors from his aid bag and began to cut away the uniform that covered the wounds. He turned to Guarnere, "Sergeant Guarnere, could you get me some clean water to wash the blood off with?"

"Sure, Doc can do."

As he examined the wounds he was able to count eleven. On ten of them, he could see that the fragments were still partially sticking out.

Guarnere came up with a canteen, "This should be clean Doc. It was in me haversack all the way from England."

Roe smiled, "Great. Thanks."

He cleaned the wounds off and saw that they had mostly stopped bleeding. He pulled out a set of tweezers from his aid bag, "Hey Red, I'm going to pull some of this stuff out of you. Okay?"

"Go ahead, Doc."

Roe went to work and quickly got the ten fragments out, just as Leela returned with Doc Neavles.

Neavles, who was the senior medic, asked Roe, "What's up?"

"Well, I've pulled ten out of eleven fragments out of him. The only one I can't see is up under his left scapula...I think. His pulse is good and he hasn't lost too much blood. A little sulfa, some stitches and I think he'll recover."

Leela, who was standing by, began to weep silently with relief when she heard Roe's prognosis.

Neavles asked, "You want to try to get the other fragment? It could turn septic and we can't send him back to the hospital."

Roe thought for a moment before he answered, "Sure. Colonel Sink wants him to go home to his own time, not die here."

Roe looked at Fry, "Hey Red, we're going to dig out the last piece of grenade from your back. I'm going to give you a shot for the pain, Okay?"


Roe pulled out a morphine ampoule and administered it to Fry. Within a few moments, it took effect.

Roe and Neavles went to work, swiftly cutting out the fragment which had lodged just below the surface. They quickly sprinkled sulfa powder on his wounds and sewed him up.

Only once they were done with their tasks did Doc Roe turn to Leela, "Dorothy, he's going to be fine. By tomorrow, he'll be able to move around without much difficulty. We're going to move him into the barn. You watch him until the morphine wears off. Make sure he doesn't choke on his vomit if he should throw up, Okay?"

Leela nodded while blinking back tears, "Thanks Doc."

"All in a days work, Dorothy. All in a days work."

Vierville, Normandy, France, June 7, 1944 1400 Hours

Leela sat in the cool of the barn by Fry, watching his every move. Liebgott and Petty were nearby as well. Once they had heard that Fry was wounded, they convinced Guarnere to let the pull security for the barn.

Alton More has rustled up a new uniform for Fry, as well as a stretcher for him to lie on. Bender had gone out to find some Calvados, which he did, and promptly drank all but one small bottle. "This is for Fry," he said as he tucked it away in his chest cavity with a flourish.

Fry gave a moan and everyone in the barn turned their eyes on him. Leela asked, "Fry, do you need something?" Fry's mouth felt as though it was full of cotton. "Water," he croaked.

Leela looked at the watch Bill Guarnere had given her. Doc Roe had said no water until 1400. The watch read 1400 exactly. "Okay, let me get you a canteen."

Joe Liebgott hopped up and brought one of his canteens over. He unscrewed the cap and handed it to Fry, "Here you go, buddy. Just sip it."

Fry felt a little better after the drink, but then another pressing need came to his mind. Leela could see he was uncomfortable, "What do you need Fry?"

"Uh, I have to go to the little boy's room."

Leela covered her mouth to stifle a laugh.

Joe Liebgott said, "I think that's my department. Come on Petty, let's help Red outside."

Petty came over and the two helped Fry to his feet. As they did so, he gritted his teeth from pain, but refused to make a sound in front of his buddies. His wounds, though mostly superficial were stiff and painful.

He hobbled outside supported by Liebgott and Petty. After a few minutes, Leela heard a splashing sound, followed by Fry exclaiming, "Ah!" When Fry came in, he found he couldn't look at Leela without blushing. Damn! He hated that. Why should a natural body function embarrass him?

Leela remembered something. Doc Roe had given her some pills for Fry to take. She fished them out of her jacket pocket and said, "Here Fry. Doc Roe said you should take these to fight off infection."

Fry reached out and took the pills. When their hands touched, her eye met his, and an electric current seemed to flow between them. She gave him a smile that set his body stirring.

Both Liebgott and Petty caught the look and grinned at each other. Liebgott flashed Fry the "thumbs up" sign.

Liebgott elbowed Petty, "Hey Petty, let's take a walk around the barn...make sure everything is secure. Tin Man, get off your mechanical behind and come with us."

Bender replied, "Why should I?"

Liebgott gave a crafty smile, "Because I know where there is a stash of good booze."

"I'm there!"

The three left the barn together. As they left Liebgott turned in the doorway and said to Leela, "See you in about an hour."

Fry, who was laying on his right side on the stretcher, was surprised to see Leela kneel by him. She cupped his head in her hands and gave him a long, soulful kiss. Fry felt as though his heart was going to leap out of his chest.

They broke off their kiss and Leela, her face only inches away from his, said, "Fry, you saved my life. How can I ever thank you?"

Fry blushed, "It was nothing. But maybe we could try going out together...once we get out of this mess?"

She smiled, "Yes Fry. I'd like that very much."

Much to both of their surprise he shouted, "Woo Hoo!"

Once they recovered from the shock, they shared a long laugh together.

When Liebgott, Petty, and Bender returned, Fry was lying on the stretcher on his stomach, sleeping soundly. Leela lay on the ground next to him, her right arm draped across his back.

Liebgott turned to Petty with a smile and said, "Ain't love grand?"

Vierville, Normandy, France, June 7, 1944 1800 Hours

"Dorothy, wake up! We have to get moving."

Leela sat up on the barn floor, shaking her head to clear the cobwebs from her mind. Realizing that Petty had spoken she turned to him, "What time is it?"

"It's 1800," Petty replied. "The rest of the company headed for Angoville about an hour ago. We're going into reserve while we look for your ship. Doc Roe said to let Red sleep, but we have to catch up with them before dark. It's only a kilometer or so away."

The mention of Fry and the ship made her begin to hope that they would get home again. She turned to Fry. Shaking him gently, she said, "Fry it's time to go. Fry, are you awake?"

Fry mumbled, "Just ten more minutes, Mom."

Leela smiled, "It's Leela. Come on Fry, we have to go now."

His eyes opened slowly. When he saw Leela's smile, he remembered their passionate kisses before he fell asleep. He wondered if he had dreamed it all. "Leela," he whispered, "did you say you'd go out with me before I fell asleep?"

"Yes Fry, I did."

His heart began to race, "Then I didn't dream it."


Liebgott came in from outside the barn, "Hey Red, do you think you can walk?"

Fry thought for a moment, "I'll try."

"Way to go, paratrooper!" Liebgott said.

Leela and Petty helped Fry to his feet. His shoulder hurt like the devil and his wounds were stiff and sore, but he was determined to walk. Slowly, painfully, Fry shuffled out of the barn.

Leela folded and picked up the stretcher. She looked at Liebgott, "Just in case."

Liebgott nodded, "Good idea."

She glanced around to make sure they weren't leaving anything. She noticed the musette bag that Fry had been carrying. She picked it up and threw it over her shoulder.

Bender spoke up, "I'll carry that for you Leela."

At first she was ready to hand it to him. Then she realized that Bender just wanted to go through it for valuables, "No thanks, I'll carry it for him. There isn't much in it anyway."

"Suit yourself, Pork Pie."

As they left the barn, Leela could hear that the sounds of gunfire had receded into the distance a little. The dead Germans in the barnyard had begun to stink from lying in the summer sun. She fought her gag reflex and moved upwind as quickly as she could. She watched Joe Liebgott, who was shouldering the machine gun as well as helping Fry limp painfully forward.

Petty cradled a rifle in his arms, keeping an eye open for any stray Germans.

Bender was carrying the tripod and a can of ammunition...unwillingly...but he was carrying it. Leela smiled to herself. She muttered under her breath, "I wonder how they got him to do some work?"

They walked slowly down the road for a little over an hour and a half before they entered Angoville. Sergeant Lipton happened to be at the point where they entered. He called out, "Hey Liebgott! Take our guests to the CP. It's right in the middle of town. You can't miss it."

Liebgott waved, "Okay Lip!"

After a few more minutes, they entered the largest house in town. In the living room were Lieutenants Winters, Compton, Welsh, and Rousch. They were all clustered around a map spread out on the table.

Liebgott spoke up, "Sir, I've brought Dorothy, Red and Tin Man."

Winters looked up and smiled, "Thanks, Joe. Why don't you get Sergeant Guarnere for me? He's at the south edge of the village in a white stone cottage."

"Yes, sir."

As Liebgott and Petty left, Winters turned to the PE Crew. He motioned them over to the table. When they were all there he said, "Based on what you've told me, the most likely location of your ship is,V pointing at the map, "this small patch of woods here."

Leela nodded.

Winters continued, "We'll send out patrols after dark to make contact. Red is too banged up to wander around. Dorothy, I'd like you to go with the patrols and make contact with your people. Once we know where the ship is, we'll bring Red and Tin Man to the location."

Bender responded angrily, "Why can't I go?"

Winters looked at him with a raised eyebrow. In his normal, unruffled tone he replied, "Because your big mouth got everyone captured in the first place. So put a button on it until we get you safely aboard."

Bender considered responding with something sarcastic, but he knew that it wouldn't work. Instead he simply shrugged and went to sit on a chair in the corner of the room, mumbling to himself.

Leela spoke up, "What time do we leave?"

Winters looked at his watch and replied, "You leave at 2300."

Angoville-au-Plain, Normandy, France, June 7, 1944 2000 Hours

Fry, Leela, and Bender were waiting with Sergeant Guarnere in the white stone cottage that was the Weapons CP. Fry was sleeping, sprawled out on the stretcher that Leela had thought to bring along. He had been utterly exhausted by the thousand yard walk, but he had neither complained nor asked for pity. Instead, he had simply gutted it out like a paratrooper.

His hair was matted with sweat and had fallen across his face. His uniform was darkened with sweat stains, as well as by a few blood stains where the bandages had soaked through. Comfortingly, his breathing was strong and regular.

Leela was sitting cross-legged on the floor next to Fry. She smiled as she looked as his sleeping form. She reached out and gently brushed back the hair that had fallen over his face. He moved slightly when she touched him, smiling in his sleep.

Bender was sitting in a corner, still sulking. Deep in his circuits, he wished he had done something brave like his friend Fry. "Oh well," he thought, "may as well go look for some booze."

Bender looked at Sergeant Guarnere, "Sergeant Guarnere, do you mind if I take More and look for some booze?"

Guarnere looked up from the map he had been studying, "No objection, as long as you stay away from the Krauts and share some with me."

Bender stood up straight and gave his best salute, "Can do, sir-de-sir-sir."

"Get the hell out of here...and don't call me sir! I work for a living."

Without comment, Bender left in search of his buddy, Private Alton More...the best scrounger in Easy Company.

Guarnere turned his attention to Leela, "Tell me, Dorothy are you going to miss us?"

Leela was a bit taken aback by the question. She paused for a few seconds before answering, "Yes, I'll miss Easy Company a great deal. But I won't miss the war at all."

Before they could pursue the question further, there was a knock at the front door. Guarnere called out, "Enter!"

Joe Toye entered the room followed by Don Malarkey, Cleveland Petty, Joe Liebgott, Burt Christianson, and Woodrow Robbins. Toye spoke up as he entered the room, "I've got the patrol members together for tonight."

Guarnere replied, "Good. Alright, gather around the table and have a look at the map...you too, Dorothy."

Once everyone had gathered around the table, Guarnere began, "OK guys, here's the scoop. We're going to take a little patrol at 2300 tonight to find Dorothy's ship so our guests can go home. The Lieutenant thinks it's in this patch of woods about 300 meters to our south."

Guarnere used a piece of straw as a pointer to indicate a small patch of woods.

He continued, "Lieutenant Nixon says there shouldn't be any Krauts around, but we're not going to take any chances. We'll travel single file. Malarkey, you'll be the lead scout. Robbins, you'll be second scout. I'll be next with Dorothy right behind me. After Dorothy will be Liebgott, Petty, Christianson, and Toye...in that order. Any questions so far?"

No one spoke.

"Okay, then. Weapons and ammo only, but I want everyone to carry at least four grenades. The assistant patrol leader is Joe Toye. Sign and countersign are 'Flash' and 'Thunder'. Any questions?"

Everyone remained silent.

"That's it, then. We'll assemble in front of the barn at the South edge of the village at 2230 for inspection and rehearsals."

Several of the men groaned. Rehearsals! What were they, recruits?

Guarnere frowned, "Listen, you idiots. We have an inexperienced person going on this patrol. Night patrols are fun enough as it is, I don't want any screw ups...capiche?"

Everyone nodded.

"Okay let's synchronize our watches. On my mark the time will be 2015...mark...mark...now."

Joe Toye spoke up, "Anything else, Bill?"

"No, not a thing in the world."

Toye turned to the men, "Let's go guys."

Liebgott asked, "Mind if Petty and I stay for a minute to see Red?"

Toye shook his head no and the rest of the men shuffled out of the building.

Liebgott walked up to where Fry was still sleeping. He knelt beside him and examined his clothing, noting the blood stains.

Petty walked over to Leela, "Dorothy, do you want a pistol?"

Leela thought for a second and said, "If someone will show me how to use it, sure. I'm a fair shot with a laser pistol, but I'm not familiar with yours."

Petty smiled, "I've got a sweet Kraut automatic. It's got a smooth as silk action. I'll show you how to use it in a half hour. Come over to our machine gun position."

"Thanks, I will."

Fry began to stir on the stretcher. He shook his head and pushed himself up to a kneeling position. He could feel his bandages pulling painfully at his wounds as he did so. He looked at Liebgott, "Wassup, Joe?"

Liebgott flashed a smile, "Nothing worth talking about. How are you feeling?"

"I've felt worse."

"No s**t, buddy. I'm going to get Doc Roe to come change your bandages. Is that Okay with you?"

"Sure, I could use the attention."

Both of them gave a short laugh. Liebgott stood up, "I'll see you soon pal."

Without any further discussion Liebgott and Petty left the building.

Leela looked at her watch and thought, "Only two hours until rehearsal." She then turned her attention to Fry, "Hello, sleepyhead! Can I get you anything?"

Fry smiled, "A drink of water...and a kiss."

She smiled seductively, "Which do you want first?"

Angoville-au-Plain, Normandy, France, June 7, 1944 2100 Hours

Bender and Alton More had wandered just south of the village to a spot that More had noticed before sundown. It bore all the marks of a good hiding place, by local standards at least, for Calvados.

When they got to the site, they poked and prodded through the hedgerow until they found a large jar of what More called, "the elixir of life." More set about filling a spare canteen full of the stuff. Bender took a canteen cup from his musette bag and began to drink cup after cup in rapid succession.

More looked at Bender with some surprise, "Trying to drown your sorrows, buddy?"

"Nah, I just need alcohol to fuel my circuits."

More grinned, "Hell, you're taking enough on to run for a long time...expecting a drought?"

"Well, to tell you the truth, I am a little upset."

"What's eating you?"

"It's just that nobody but you likes me. Everyone thinks I'm just a pain in the neck."

With real feeling in his voice More replied, "Look pal, more people like you than you think. You're a good scrounger and everybody likes that."

Bender thought for a moment. He realized that he had begun to like Alton More a lot. The cowboy from Wyoming was a tough, unsentimental sort of man. But for some reason, most likely their mutually shared views on private property, they had begun to form a friendship. Bender decided to express his feelings, "More, I like you. You're the best thief...I mean scrounger...that I know."

"Thanks, Tin Man. I'll take that as a compliment."

Bender was about to reply when her heard a metallic sound directly behind him. More began to raise his rifle, when a voice with a distinct German accent came from the darkness, "Hands up! We haff you covered!"

Bender stuck his hands up and rotated his head. He could see four Germans, standing close together, all with their weapons leveled at him. He realized that he was directly in the line of fire between the Germans and More.

"What do you want?" Bender asked belligerently. He had already decided what to do. He only had to get close enough.

When he got no reply, he stepped toward the Germans holding his hands up as if surrendering. In the moonlight, he could see the whites of their eyes glinting. Their eyes got wider as he came closer.

"Gott in Himmel!" The German closest to him exclaimed. "Mekanische Mann!"

"No s**t, wienerschnitzel," Bender replied.

Just as they raised their weapons to a firing position, Bender took action.

He opened his mouth and belched a gout of flame several yards long. The accumulated store of Calvados provided ample fuel for a ten second belch. As More described it later to the rest of Easy Company, "He really roasted the Krauts."

Hair singed, uniforms smoldered, and web gear smoked. One of the startled enemy shouted, "Flammenwerfer!" Then they all fled through the hedgerow, dropping their weapons as they ran.

More doubled over in laughter, "Holy Hannah!" was all he could say for a few moments. When he finally recovered his composure, he grabbed the jar of Calvados and handed it to Bender saying, "To the victor belongs the spoils."

Then he started laughing again, while patting Bender on the back. Bender laughed too.

Angoville-au-Plain, Normandy, France, June 7, 1944 2200 Hours

Doc Roe inspected Fry's wounds as Leela held a flashlight for him. The interior of the cottage was only lit by a single oil lamp, making a flashlight necessary to see anything in detail.

He saw that the walk from Vierville had opened Fry's wounds up. Doc began wiping blood away from the wounds to better inspect them. Thank goodness, they weren't septic.

"Damn it Red, I want you to stay off your feet. No walking unless it's to answer the call of nature, okay?"

Fry smiled sheepishly, "Doc, I couldn't just let Liebgott and Petty carry me."

Doc Roe replied, "Listen to me, Red. No excuses, if you have to go any distance you have to move by stretcher. Got it?"

Fry replied with resignation in his voice, "Okay, doc."

Roe fished some sulfa powder out of his aid bag and sprinkled it on the wounds. He then applied fresh bandages to the wounds as Leela watched closely. Doc kept up a running commentary as he worked, "Make sure that you clean the wound before you sprinkle sulfa on it. Wipe any excess blood off with sterile gauze. Once it's clean, make sure to get every wound...even the small ones. Make sure his skin is dry before you apply the gauze and tape to bandage him up."

In an emotional voice Leela said, "Thank you, Doc."

Doc smiled one of his rare smiles, "Hey this is my job. Besides, Colonel Sink would have my guts for garters if you guys didn't get home."

Leela laughed at the expression. Still, she knew Colonel Sink was a very determined man. It wouldn't do to get him angry.

Guarnere entered the cottage carrying a battery powered radio. He didn't say where he had gotten it. He turned it on, fiddled with the dials and eventually, a voice in English came over the speaker, "This is Armed Forces Radio bringing you the latest hits. This number is going out to the men of Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment. It's a Glenn Miller number called, 'My Everything.'"

The music of a band drifted from the speaker. Fry cocked his head toward the radio, "Leela, I heard this song this afternoon on a radio Bender and More found. When I heard the words, I could only think of you."

The singer began,

You are to me...everything,
My life to me...everything,
When in my dreams you appear,
There stars and deep blue appear,
Each time our lips...touch again,
I yearn for you...so much again,
You are my favorite star,
My haven in heaven above,
You are everything I love.

As she heard the song, Leela felt tears coming to her eye. She held them back and instead stroked the back of Fry's neck affectionately. She bent over and whispered in his ear, "This will always be our song." Then she kissed him lightly on the cheek.

The song ended and Guarnere cleared his throat to break the mood. He looked at Leela and said, "I hate to break you two love birds up but we may as well head for the patrol rehearsal. We need to find your ship. Doc, stay with Red if you can."

Doc Roe nodded, "Sure Sergeant Guarnere, I'll make sure somebody keeps him off his feet."

Leela whispered in Fry's ear, "I'll see you soon."

Before he could think of a reply, Leela picked up her musette bag and pistol, rose to her feet, and was out the door.