Fan Fiction

When Futurama Meets Starcraft, Part 2
By Desmond

(Scene: Inside Hyperion)

Leela: We don't know how much to thank you, Captain Raynor. First, we brought a Psi Emitter into Dominion Space. Then you lost a couple of your men when you rescued us from those Wraiths on the space platform, and now you allowed us to stay with your troops plus helping us to fix our ship. We really owe our lives to you.

Jim Raynor: Oh, no trouble at all, the Dominion and the Zerg gave us a lot more trouble.

Leela: Just wondering Captain Raynor, what is a Psi Emmiter anyway?

Jim Raynor: You wouldn't believe me if I tell you, but there goes. During the Zerg invasion of the Dominion Space 500 years ago, the former government the Confederacy had produced these machines, the Psi Emmiters, to lure the Zerg into a specific location. The Confederacy's plan is to lure the Zerg to the rebel group Sons of Korhal, a group which I once worked for, and uproot them. However, after me and some of my men raided the Jacobin Installation, we discovered the Confederacy's plan and use the Psi Emmiter that we produced to topple the Confederacy.

Leela: In another word, the Psi Emmiter is like a bait for the Zerg. Is that right?

Jim Raynor: Exactly. Oh Captain Leela, you don't mind me asking you a question, right?

Leela: I don't mind, after all you did saved our lives.

Jim Raynor: What is with your eye?

Leela: I am a mutant.

Jim Raynor: Oh. So how is Earth right now?

Leela: Well things weren't so good. Earth is being invaded in a weekly basis, the Robots are causing another global warming, Earth is being defended by an idiot called Zapp Brannigan, the government is worst than ever, and a president that is dead 1006 years ago is ruling Earth.

Jim Raynor: (Sigh) Is there any place were there is some stability?


(Cut to: Hyperion's Hanger, Fry and Bender is being guided around by an Enginneer. Fry is amazed at what he saw.)

Fry: I always though that Battle Cruisers are just capital ships that most Commanders used in combat, I can't believe that a Battle Cruiser can also be used as a hanger for other smaller ships, a repairing station, and a transportation vessels.

Enginneer: You seemed to understand the Terran Army very well as a civilian.

Fry: Yea, because I played Starcraft before.

Engineer: What-Craft?

Fry: Never mind.

Bender: (Talking to a tall robot with two long legs, and a gun port on its side) Hey sexy mama, what to kill all human tonight?

Fry: Bender, that is a Goliath.

Bender: A what-ath?

Fry: A Goliath, it is not a robot, a human inside drives it.

Bender: Oh god, I just flurted with a human!

Enginneer: That is quite a intelligent robot you own Fry?

Bender: Hey meatbag, Fry is not my master.

Engineer: Oh sorry Bender, because all the robot in this sector follows command instead of making their own judgement.

Bender: Because they are dumb, that why. Ha, ha, ha…

Fry: Hey Bender, there is our ship, and look, some SCVs are repairing it.

Bender (Eyes extended and looking at the SCVs): Please tell me those are not piloted by Human!

Fry and Enginner: No.

Bender: (Crying) Ahh…Ahh…Ah…

(Cut to: Outside Hyperion, and it is flying toward an oranges coloured planet.)

(Scene: In Hyperion's hanger, and red light is flashing.)

Marine01: Well, time to wack some Zerg.

Marine02: 5 Bucks you won't return alive.

Bender: (Hearing the Marines are betting.) 10 Bucks both of you won't be getting off this ship.

Marine01: Hey is the new robot that Captain Raynor picked up, Bender right?

Bender: You got it, Bender is the name.

Marine02: Lt. Luther will be scream at us if we don't line up soon.

Bender: Well have fun getting yelled at, Metal Tubes. (Bender pulled a gun out of his cavity and is aiming at the Marines.) The 10 bucks are mine, hee…

Leela (From behind, snatched the gun from Bender's hand): Just lose the damn bet, Bender. And Fry, go get a Combat Suit, Captain Raynor permitted us to take part in this mission.

Bender: A mission to what?

Leela: I think Captain Raynor told me that it is a Search and Rescue Mission, he also told us to prepare for combat.

Bender: You signed us up for a battle without consulting us?

Fry: All right, a mission! So what are we doing again?

Leela: Captain will tell us once we are all prepared, now get a Combat Suit Fry.

Fry: Yea mam! (Fry Soluted)

Bender: Leela! I am a conscientious objector. Didn't you remember what happened last time when we are drafted to fight the Omicron.

Leela: That reminds me of this. (Pulled out a remote control) That should brought up your patriotism. (Leela presses the buttom.)

Bender: Leela, we must go down to Mars Sara and save all those innocent souls! (Bender hits his head) Not again.

(Scene: Inside a Dropship.)

Fry: So Leela, how is the interrigation?

Bender: Yea, did you sleep with him like you slept with Zapp Brannigan?

Leela: Oh quit it, Captain Raynor is a nice guy. He just asked me some questions about my eye and-

Bender: Will you sleep with him?

(Leela press the button on the remote control again.)

Bender: I apologize for my foul attitude mam. (Bender hitting his head again) I am going to kill myself once I return to Earth.

Leela: Fry, you got everything with you?

Fry: Let see, Causs Rifle, check. Grenades, check. Extra Ammo, check. Combat Suit, check. Stim Pack, check.

Bender: Yea, I got everything with me. Cigars, check. Beer, check. Guns, check. My loots, check. Yeep, I got everything.

Leela: Good. Fry, Bender, did you see the plugs behind your seat? The Engineer told me that it will connect you to the mission briefing and we will get all the info about this mission. Bender, you can put that plug into your head.

Voice: Troops, your mission this time is to break through the Zerg defences and rescues the trapped survivors in the last standing Mars Sara Dominion Complex . Just because there weren't that many of them left doesn't mean that you can get lazy. Many of the few survivors are top Dominion Scientist that we can really juice a lot of info out of. Lt. Luther will lead the No.1 Siege Tank division and the No.2 and No. 3 Marine division to break through the Zerg defences. No.5 Wraith divison will cover their landing and additional support. Then Officer Johnson and Officer Leela will fly into the Dominion Complex and rescue the Scientists and other survivors. No. 2 Wraith Division will cover your landing. Remember, all this must be done in less than 4 hours because the Protoss agreed that they will incinerate the planet to lessen the chance of future infestation.

Fry: You got promoted to Officer? That is just fast, what about us?

Leela: I think you guys are still privates.

Voice: This is the control room Officer Leela, you are clear for take off.

Leela: This is Officer Leela, I copy that and I am taking off.

(The Dropship take off and fly toward Mars Sara along with many other ships.)

(Scene: Above Mars Sara ground.)

Dropship01: Mayday, mayday, left engine destoried, prepare for crash landing.

Dropship02: All units unloaded, heading to pickup location.

Dropship03: Ahh… (Explosion)

Leela: Hyperion this is Officer Leela, we have the complex in sight and we are now orbiting around it awaiting the Zerg defenses to be broken. Over.

Hyperion: This is Hyperion, you are doing great and wish you luck. Over

Leela: Thanks for the blessing. Over and out.

(The defenses identified as Spore Colonies are destroyed and Leela's Dropship landed in the complex.)

Officer Johnson: This is Officer Johnson of Raynor's Raider, we have fulfilled our promise and have come and take you off this planet. Do you have your “tickets” with you?

Scientist01: Yes we do, we will board your ships in 5 minutes.

Leela: Officer Johnson, this is Officer Leela. I am just curious, but would you still let the scientist board even if they doesn't have the “Tickets”?

Officer Johnson: No, that is the way of the world.

Leela: That's harsh. (Turn to Fry and Bender) Fry, go out and cover the Scientist. Bender, cover Fry.

Fry and Bender: Understood!

(Fry and Bender is outside the Dropship and saw some small size Zerg charging toward them.)

Bender: Holy crap, what are those hidious aliens.

Fry: Those are Zerglings, Bender. Small size Zerg, just fire your gun at them.

Bender: (Aim his gun at the Zerglings) Die hidious aliens. (One of the Zergling exploded.) Kiss my shiny metal ass!

As Fry and Bender are fighting the Zerglings, the Dropship piloted by Officer Johnson landed and unloaded the Marines within.

Marine01: Bender? It looks like you lost your bet.

Marine02: 10 Bucks.

Fry: It certainly took you guys awhile to land. (Fry killed another Zergling.)

Marine02: It took skill to land on mud when the only landing pad are occupied! (He slayed two Zerglings with his grenades.)

Marine01: (Pointing at the gate) There are the refugees.

Fry: Come on, hurry. (Fry exptied his clip of bullets and reload another clip into the Causs Rifle)

Scientist01: What the hurry…

Fry: The hurry is that there are wave after wave of Zerg charging at us!

(Just as Fry directed the scientists into the Dropship, Marine01 and 02 collaped and many spines and holes covered their back. 3 cobra like Zergs appeared and fired their deadly spines at the troops.)

Bender: Ha, ha. I don't have to pay anyone. (Saw the Cobra like Zergs) Fry, what are those?

Fry: Not Hydralisk! Bender, activate your detection system. (Fry fired his Causs Rifle at the Hydralisks.)

Bender: What for?

Fry: Those Hydralisks can bury themselves underground. There could be ten and hundred of them around us.

(Bender activated the Detection System and 15 more holes appeared around them.)

Marine03: Oh crap, where is the Sciene Vessel?

Marine04: There is your answer. (Pointing at the Science Vessel as it crashes and exploded.)

Fry: Guys, we still have another detector with us. Our good friend, Bender!

Marine03: Hurray to Fry and Bender! (The troops started firing at the holes and blood spilled out of them.)

Leela: The Scientists and other survivors are all set. Get back onto your ship!

(All the troops scrambled onto their Dropship and it took off. As the Dropships gained speed and height, two high speed flying Zerg crashed into the Dropships each. Both Dropships shook voilently and crash. The Planet Express Crew and the other passengers are knock unconscious. Not only they are knocked unconscious, they are in Zerg territory.)