Fan Fiction

When Futurama Meets Starcraft, Part 3
By Desmond

(Scene: Inside the Dropship's wreckage)

(Caption: One hour later.)

Fry: (Regains consciousness) Oh crap, what just happened?

Bender: (Regains consciousness) I think I really got a whiplash!

Fry: You don't have a neck.

Bender: Ass whiplash.

Leela: (Regains consciousness) Oh, my head.

Fry: What just happened?

Bender: We crashed, Einstein.

Leela: (Freeing herself from her seat) It must be that flying Zerg that I saw on the monitor.

(Fry freed himself)

Fry: (Breaks open the hatch) We better get out before the ship explodes.

Bender: Good idea, but what about all these, meatbag? (Pointing at the three scientists who are in the ship.)

Leela: (Jumped out) Of course we have to rescue them. (Saw the burning the Dropship beside theirs) O-h m-y g-o-u-s-h, they are all dead. (Leela breaks down crying.)

Bender: Well at least we don't have to drag them out. Ha, ha!

Fry: Bender! Those are living people!

Bender: Yea whatever, let's just drag the ones who are still alive out of the ship.

(After a couple of minutes, the crew dragged the remaining three Scientist out of their Dropship and all regained consciousness.)

Scientist01: (Lying on the ground) We crashed, didn't we?

Fry: Yea, (Extended his hand) need a hand?

Scientist 02: Why not.

Scientist01: (Appear to be quite jumpy) The swarm will arrive soon.

Bender: (To Scientist 01) Chill out, Meat Bag.

Scientist01: My carapace are a lot toughter than your fragile armor, Terran weaponry.

Leela: (To Scientist01) Are you all right, (Looks at the name tag) Samir?

Samir: Yea, come on, we better get to the pickup point before my queen loses interest.

Fry: (Looks concerned) What's up with him, he is acting quite weird?

Scientist02: He is acting like this ever since he returned from a over ran outpost.

(Fry looks as Samir in suspicion)

Leela: (Looking at her watch) Guys, we still have 2 and a half hours to get off Mars Sara before the Protoss start their bombardment. (To her watch) Hyerion, this is Officer Leela, both of our Dropship is down and only three scientists survived the crash. Requesting pickup.

Hyperion: This is Hyperion, I will order a few Dropships to remain on Mars Sara to pick you up. They are at pickup spot 01. Remember, the scientist must live. Out.

Leela: Thankyou, over and out. (Whispers) What's so special about them? (Turns to the Fry, Bender, and the scientists.) All right, were will still be a couple of Dropships left to pick us up, but we better hurry.

Samir: (Whispers) The swarm has come to retrieve me.

Scientist03: (Pointing at a Hydralisk) Look out! (A Spine hits him in the head) Ahh! (He collapsed)

(A Hydralisks and 3 Zergings appeared.)

Leela: Everyone, head for cover.

(Everyone lunged toward any place that can provide cover. Bender and Fry hid behind a rock, Leela hid behind the Dropship, Samir and Scientist02 hid behind some bushes. As Bender is diving behind the rock, a spine hits his ass.)

Bender: Ohh, my ass, my shiny, metal ass. (Bender gets mad) Nobody messes with Bender. (Bender pulled his gun out of his cavity and jump toward the Zergs)

Fry: Bender, no! (Fry jumps up and start shooting at the Zergs)

(Bender fired his gun and it killed a Zergling, he then proceeded to kill the second Zergling while Fry fired a Grenade at the Hydralisk and killing it in the process. As Bender aimed his gun at the last Zergling, his bullets ran out.)

Bender: No Fry, this one is mine. (Tossing his gun back into his cavity)

(The Zergling charged at Bender with great speed, Bender began stalking the Zergling. As the Zergling's claw is within Bender's reach, Bender grabbed the Zergling's claw and suplexed it. As the Zergling regain control and charges at Bender again, he spins his hand and punched the Zergling in face as it jumps toward Bender. The Zergling flipped through the air and landed on top of a cactus and died.)

Bender: 1, 2, 3, Bender wins the match and and the crowd goes wild!

(Fry, Leela, and the Scientist02 cheered, but Samir seemed displeased.)

Fry: Wow Bender, how did you do that? It ususally take two people to kill a Zergling.

Bender: (Smoking a cigar) Ehh, I already flushed Nibbler and El Chupanibre down a toilet, what else can I not do? But hey, I do feel stronger here than on Earth. Nah, quit dreaming about being Superman.

Leela: (Looking at her watch again) All right guys, if we want to get off Mars Sara alive, we better hurry. We only have an hour left. (She started walking away)

Bender: (Looked at Scientist03's corpse and saw a shiny, metallic, object in his pocket) Yonk! (Bender took the object and put it in his cavity) Wait for me!

(Scene: On a plain beside the Dropship that was ordered to pick up the the Plantary Express Crew and the scientists.)

(Caption: 1 minute and 23 seconds left before Protoss Bombardment)

Fry: (Pointing at the Dropship) Look, there's the Dropship, we are saved.

Samir: This Dropship is not as safe as the cavity of an Overlord.

(Caption: 1 minute and 19 seconds left before Protoss Bombardment)

Leela: (Strapping herself onto the seat) Come on, we don't have much time!

Fry: (Also strapping himself onto the seat) All right, one mission job well done!

Bender: (Strapping onto the seat as well) Shut up, meatbag.

Scientist02: Samir and I are prepared. Lift off.

(Caption: 0 minute and 56 seconds left before Protoss Bombardment)

(The Dropship lifted off the ground and quickly zoomed into the sky, as the Dropship are going through the atmosphere. A golden beam struck Mars Sara and every where around the beam were set a blaze. More golden beam followed. Finally the Dropship flew into Hyperion's hanger.)

(Scene: Inside Hyperion's Hanger.)

Jim Raynor: (Soluting) Welcome back, Officer.

Leela: (Soluting) I apolgize for the delay, Captain, but my and Officer Johnson's ship was downed.

Jim Raynor: Yea this happens, so how are the scientists?

Leela: We lost three scientists when one of the ships crashed, and one when attacked by Zerg. Now we only have 2 left.

Jim Raynor: Thank you for this tremedous “effort”, Officer. (Turn to the scientists) So, Dominion Scientists, time to hand over your ticket.

Scientist02: In Emperor Mengsk's honor, we will not hand over the Psi Disruptor.

Jim Raynor: Lt. Hudson, would you please help me kil-

Scientist02: All right, all right, we don't have it. It is still with Johnny, the guy we lost during the Zerg attack.

Jim Raynor: (Turn to Leela) What? Officer Leela, didn't I order that you have to protect the scientists?

Leela: I apolgize Captain, but the Zerg just appeared suddenly and-

Jim Raynor: No need for excuses, I knew I should have assigned a senior officer with you. (He turned away)

Marine06: Let's go. (Pushing the Scientists with his causs rifle.)

(Leela sighed and walked away. Fry looked concerned.)

(Scene: Hyperion's hallway, Jim Raynor met Bender and Fry.)

Fry: Captain Raynor, hey Captain Raynor, wait up!

(Jim Raynor turned around.)

Jim Raynor: Yes?

Fry: I know Leela failed her first mission, and she is mean and yells, but she is a good captain. Can you give her another chance?

Bender: Yea, everyone make mistake sometimes.

Jim Raynor: Wooh, hold on! I never said that I am going to expell her from her rank. I am just upset that she didn't even brough back the Psi Disruptor.

Fry: Psi Disruptor? Did you just said Psi Disruptor?

Jim Raynor: Yes.

Fry: Psi Disruptor is a building, Captain Raynor! How do you suppose us to brought back a building.

Jim Raynor: The one from Galatic War for Domination is, but the one I asked you to retrive is a miniaturized verson of it. It is made out of steel and it fits in a hand, to make it look more distinctive, it is given a shiny coating. Here is a picture of it. (Hold up a picture of the Psi Disruptor, and it looks exactly like the shiny, metallic, object that Bender picked up.)

Fry: Why did they compact a building into the size of a cell phone?

Jim Raynor: It is easier to defend and power.

(Bender had a flashback, he is on Mars Sara and he picked up the Psi Disruptor from Scientist03.)

Bender: Ohh… (Drags Fry away) Got to go.

Fry: What the-


(Cut: Hyperion's barrack)

(Bender slams the door shut.)

Fry: All right Bender, what did you do this time? Why did you drag me away from the conversation?

Bender: Fry, you won't believe this. I thought I just jacked a cell phone from a dead guy, but instead of a cell phone, look what I stole! (Open his cavity and reveal the Psi Disruptor.)

Fry: Bender! Your kleptomania is getting worse! (Thought for a second) We have to give this to Captain Raynor so he can put his trust on Leela again.

Bender: Ok, let's do it! But I just have to do this first. (Bender placed the Psi Disruptor into his head and burned a CD.) We can copy this CD when we get back to Earth and sell it.

Fry: Quit copying the 21st century!

(Scene: Hyperion Control Room.)

(Leela came into the room)

Jim Raynor: Officer Leela, congratulation on your successful mission, now with the Psi Disruptor in our hands we can proceed with our next phrase of our operation.

Leela: But didn't I fail-

Fry: Yea Leela, we told Captain Raynor that you often forget things. (Whispers to Leela) Play along Leela.

Leela: Ehk, yea, yea. I always forget things, how foolish of me! (Whispers to Fry) Fry, what is going on?

Fry: (Whispers) Tell you on your way back.

Bender: So Captain Raynor, what is this Psi Disruptor anyway?

Fry: May I fill this one!

Jim Raynor: It will be interesting to hear this from a civilian.

Fry: Psi Disruptor is a building that is used to disrupt the Zerg's chain of command, that is pretty much it.

Jim Raynor: Yea that is pretty much all the info we have. (To a speaker) Get me the scientists, we need to get juicing.


(A couple of minutes later, a Marine pushed Scientist02 into the room)

Jim Raynor: Where is the other guy?

Marine: Three words, Captain. He is whacked! He slams the door, he punches the wall, he screams “For the Queen”, and he is just whacked!

(Fry thought about Samir in suspicion.)

Jim Raynor: (Looking at Scientist02) So you are the leading Scientist of the Project Domination, is that right, Mr. Giovanni Nester?

Giovanni: Captain Raynor, though the Psi Disruptor is in your hand, you will never have the capability to use it.

Bender: (Whisper) Cacky nerd… (Smokes a cigar)

Jim Raynor: What do you mean by that?

Giovanni: The Psi Disruptor requires super computer for it to function properly, and it has to be attached with an antenna. The super computer has to be fully self-functional, and AI has to be in humanoid level, a.k.a self-conscious.

Jim Raynor: We could just build one, we are not as rag tag as the Dominion propaganda said!

Giovanni: Did I mention that the CPU for the computer has to be once used inside a Psi Disruptor before or have run the program before?

Jim Raynor: You bastard! (Jim Raynor slams the table.) Wait a minute, self-functional, AI in humanoid level, antenna. Bender, you fit all those requirement!

(Everyone looks at Jim Raynor.)

Bender: Say what?

Jim Raynor: You are going to be our new Psi Disruptor.

Bender: Ahh crap!

(Cut to: Space, and Hyperion flew toward an orange coloured planet.)