Fan Fiction

When Futurama Meets Starcraft, Part 4
By Desmond

(Scene: Hyperion laboratory.)

(The Planet Express crew walked through a hallway lined with cells.)

Fry: So Bender, are you excited to get an upgrade?

Bender: Shut up, Fry! I am doing this because I need to get beer from the cook.

Leela: Don't worry, Bender, Captain Raynor said that this upgrade wouldn't deform you in anyway.

Fry: Yea, you may actually like it.

(The Planet Express Crew entered the Modification Room. In the modification room sat a sexy female engineer.)

Andrea: Hi guys, I am Andrea. I will be the engineer who will take Bender's combat ability to a whole new level. (Sees Bender.) You must be Bender. Don't worry, Captain Raynor told me to take good care of you. Now you just lie on that table and I will be with you right the way.

Fry: (Whispers) I wish I were Bender.

Leela: Pervert! (Leela elbowed Fry.)

Andrea: Oh, as for you guys. (To an Engineer's maid.) Bill, show them around the lab.

Bill: (Moan.) Yes, follow me.

(Fry and Leela followed Bill out the Modification Room, Bender screams right after they left the room and the door closed.)

Fry: What is going on in there?

Bill: This always happen. Here are the cells where we keep all the Zerg we captured. And there is the washroom.

Leela: Zerg? Why would you want to keep those nasty aliens?

Bill: The Scientists said that they are for studies.

Fry: (Looking at a big red button.) Hey, what is this button?

Bill: (Pinned Fry on the floor.) No, that button will open every single cell in this hallway plus releasing all the Zergs. So whatever you do, don't touch it.

Fry: Geesh, all right. All right.


(Cut to: Modification Room.)

Andrea: So Bender, how would you like it if you get a larger body?

Bender: Do whatever you want, as long as you don't touch my antenna.

Andrea: You seemed tense, some Vespene Gas may relax you. (Inserts a hose into Bender's mouth.)

Bender: What the! (The hose injected a little amount of green gas into Bender.) Oh yeaaaa! (Andrea pulled the hose out of Bender.)

Andrea: There, there is no way that I can work on a squeaky machine.

(Bender lies motionless on the table since his body is totally limp, Andrea wheels the table into a scanning machine. As Andrea activated the computer and inserted the last data disk, Fry and Leela returned.)

Fry: So how is the modification going?

Andrea: You returned just in time, Bender is being scanned right now and the computer will design an add-on for him.

Leela: Add-on, what is an addon?

Andrea: It is just an extension of a machine's body. 500 years ago, add-on is only limited to buildings, now we have add-on for most of our units.

Leela: What are the add-ons for the buildings?

Andrea: Nuclear Silo and Comet Station for Command Centers, Machine Ship for Factories, Control Tower for Starports, Physics Lab and Covert Opts for Science Facilities.

Fry: But why do we need to give Bender an add-on when he is just required to install the Psi Disruptor?

Andrea: Simple, although Bender is a strong robot, his exterior is quite fragile, and he doesn't have many arsenals besides his gun. So what Captain Raynor and I planned is to install some weapons onto Bender to protect himself and the Psi Disruptor. Plus assist us on missions.

(Fry and Leela look at each other, concerned. Andrea chuckled.)

Andrea: Bender is a convicted felon and has a violent nature! Oh don't worry, you can deactivate and detach his add-on with this remote control. (Toss Leela a remote control.)

Leela: How did you know that Bender is a convicted felon? Bender doesn't often tell strangers about his criminal record? Did you hack into his CPU during the upgrade?

Andrea: And Fry is wondering why can I predict what he is going to say.

Fry: Exactly, how did you do that? Oh I know, you are…

Andrea: A Ghost, you got it! I am also one of Hyperion's chief engineers. I also specialize in hacking into Computers, but I didn't hack into Bender's brain.

Leela: Ghost? You look alive to me. (Trying to touch Andrea but missed.) Wait, I can't feel you, or is that my poor depth perception again.

Fry: It is your depth perception, Leela.

Andrea: The full name of Ghost is Ghost Espionage/Counter Intelligence Agent. We are called the Ghost because of our combat ability on the battlefield. We have the signature abilities to Cloak and Calldown nuclear strikes, fire many unique missiles out of our rifles, and attack in high speed. All while our enemies don't even knew we were there. See any parallel between Ghost and Ghosts from horror stories?

Leela: I see, wait cloak? Are all Ghosts on this ship as kind and friendly as you?

Andrea: Afraid that someone may look at you while bathing? Don't worry, our ship have detection devices in every corners incase Dominion Ghosts infiltrated our ship. And thanks for saying that I am kind and friendly.

(The loading box on the computer screen reached 100%. A second later, a 3D version of Bender is shown on the screen, attached to him is his add-on. It somewhat resembles a hockey suit, with two machine guns on each arm, four wings on his back, and a flamethrower on his right arm. Bender does look larger with this add-on.)

Fry: Wow, it looks like that the Zerg is in trouble.

Leela: So when is Bender going to come out?

Andrea: I say it may take a couple of days, well it is getting late we getter get to bed.

Leela: All right, see you tomorrow.

Fry: Good night.

(Scene: Inside Hyperion's hanger, Fry and Leela are running through it.)

Fry: Can't you believe it Leela, we are being assigned into a special unit.

Leela: Well, at least Captain Raynor still allows me to do something.

Fry: Which Dropship are we assigned to again?

Leela: According to our Combat Suit, our Dropship's name is Kamikaze!? (Leela's eye widened.)

Fry: It could just be a name and Zapp is 60,000 light years away. (Fry looked worried.)

Leela: (Saw Kamikaze) There is the deathshi-, akk, I mean Dropship.

(Once Fry and Leela stepped onto the Dropship, they saw Andrea and another Ghost. They are all in their Ghost Combat Suit.)

Andrea: Hey, Fry and Leela, we meet again.

Fry: You got assigned into this suicide mission too! Who is going to finish Bender?

Andrea: The ship's name freaked you out? (Laugh) Don't worry, some Dropships have stupid names like this. I promise that before I die, I will finish Bender, all right?

Fry: Ok.

Leela: So we are not going to crash this ship, are we?

Andrea: Who is going to use a ship as a flying bomb? (Andrea looked at Leela in a puzzled look.) Zapp Brannigan, heh. Don't worry, I am not going to say it out.

(Leela sigh in relief)

Fry: So Andrea, what is this mission?

Andrea: Plug in and find out.

Voice: Troops, your mission upon Moria is to liberate their capital city from the Terran Dominion and destroy the Dominion base. Kel-Morian Combine resistance forces will provide you with additional support and backup.

Leela: What!? We are going to kill human being?

Voice: Our objective is to assist the Kel-Morian Combine resistance forces to defeat the Dominion Army, liberate the capital city, and destroy the Dominion base. Siege Tank Division 5 and 6 along with Marine and Firebat division No. 1, 2, and 3 will rendezvous with Kel-Morian resistance forces to confront the Dominion Army, Marine and Firebat division No. 5 and 6 will work with Goliath division No. 2 to take the capital. Ghost Division No. 1 will assault the Dominion base. Further briefing for Ghost Division No. 1 from Lt. Andrea Versailles.

Andrea: Yes Fry, we are the Ghost Division No. 1. Our plan is to use Nuclear Missiles to destroy the base and get in and out of the Dominion frontline with Vultures. And you and Leela will be driving it.

Fry: You predict what I am going to say again. Wait, I am going drive a Vulture?

Andrea: Yea.

Ghost01: Just want to mention this before we are being dispatched, we are going to stage a crash so that the Dominion base defense will think that we died and decrease their defenses.

Andrea: Our plan is that we placed a flare outside the Dropship and ignites it above the Dominion base, and then our brilliant pilot, Lt. John Simon (Ghost01 waved.) will purposely let the ship spin out of control to fake a malfunction. He will then fly toward a forest near by to drop us off, and we all will speed away from the “crash” site with those Vultures after we destroy the ship with explosives.

Fry: Wow, I would never have though of a plan like this.

Leela: Andrea, I am not really sure that I can complete this mission. I just don't know about killing humans.

Andrea: Look, Leela, I too have hard time pulling the trigger on my first mission, but once you understand that you are killing for a good cause. You will feel more comfortable.

Leela: Killing for a good cause, what cause!?

Andrea: Liberating a peaceful planet from the greed of the Terran Dominion.

Fry: Try being a little more impulsive, Leela. Didn't you remember how a killer you were when we first used the “What If?” Machine?

Leela: You want impulsive. OK, Fry, you will have an impulsive Leela!

John: That's the spirit.

Fry: Andrea, I got a question. Is Arcturus Mengsk still alive?

Andrea: Yea, he is alive all right.

Fry: Please don't tell me he too is a head in a jar.

Andrea: No. But he is a head on a tank.

Fry: D'OH!

John: Control Room, this is Lt. John Simon, are we clear for take off?

Control Room: This is Control Room, you are clear for take off, Lt. John Simon.

(With the push of a few buttons, Kamikaze took off and flies toward Moria.)