Fan Fiction

Oh My! part 1
By Futuregirl223

It was a cool October evening in the city of New New York, the sound of music was heard from The Planet Express building . Inside the company was the family and friends celebrating Fry and Leela's marriage, at one of the tables was a woman no one really new. She looked a little like Fry but with brown wave-like hair and blue eyes along with a thin like body like Amy, she was wearing a long strapless red dress, her hair was in the same hair style the Katmess wore in the hunger games. Her name was Rose Fry who was Fry's Half sister, how that happened was a long confusing story but that didn't matter to her and Fry.

Rose was sitting at a table alone watching Fry and Leela dance then she heard a Chinese accent call her name beside her, she turned and say Amy how was wearing the same dress she did during the time skips but with the same style hair in beast with a million backs when she fon fon rued with Kiff.

"Hi Amy, having fun?" Rose asked in a southern accent .

"Sure I am, I always do, I still can't believe they are married."

"Why?" Rose asked

"They went off and on for 3 years and she is so picky when I comes to men." Amy explained to her

Rose saw Fry and Leela walk over to the table and sat next to her and Amy.

Leela hair was the same way along with her dress she wore in the very last episode and Fry was waering the same tux he always wore. They all looked happy and had no problem showing their happiness.

At the other end of the room was Kiff and Zapp, Kiff looked happier then he normal did when he was around Zapp while Zapp looked unhappy that Leela married Fry and not him.

Kiff was grabbing Amy and him another drink while Zapp stood by the bar in a bad mood which made Kiff nervous.

"Kiff, before you leave can you do something for me?" Zapp asked Kiff

"Ok, what is it?" Kiff responded nervously

"Put this in Fry's drink." he says as the hands him a pill

Kiff walks away with the pill then put it in the trash as the walked by it on his way to the table where Amy was.

"Kiff, did you tell him?" asked Amy

"Oh, yes and he was not so happy because of you know what." he replied looking at Fry and Leela

"OK, whats going on and how do we have to kill?" Leela asked wondering by what he ment

Amy and Kiff looked at on another and smiled, then everyone knew what was going on and couldn't wait for another wedding.

While the crew was congratulating Kiff and Amy's good news Rose was at the bar ordering a coke when she noticed Zapp who was already drunk, she grabbed her drink and walked past. Zapp turned and saw her and noticed she had dropped her I.D. smiled in a evil way.

"So, how many drinks are going to have before you leave with a guy you don't know." Fry joked

"Your funny Fry but I don't need a man to prove I am attractive , I know I am and this is my first drink since I have been here." joking back with him.

"OK, i can't tell if you are joking around or fighting." replied Leela as she drank some red wine

"We are joking, we do that a lot in our family."

Rose turned and saw someone looking at her, she smiled back nervously because she didn't know how he was but knew why he was looking at her. Fry looked up and frowned as he saw Zapp walk up to her with a card in his hand, Zapp hands the card to her and spoke like he did to all women but not flirty which was not like him at all.

"I saw this on the floor and thought you mite want it back." zapp said after handing Rose her ID

"Thank you, and you are?" Rose said holding her Id in her hand.

"It's Zapp Branigain, and yours?"

"It's Rose Fry, i'm Fry's sister." said Rose thinking he knew her brother since Fry was frowning at him.

"I didn't know Fry had a sister and one how is so..... never mind"

Rose looked at her brother's face and changes the subject.

"So your a caption of the Doop?" Noticing his uniform

"Yes, you noticed the uniform, I didn't think you would since you are from Fry's time." said zapp

"Will your waering the same uniform as Kiff, and Doop is on it."

"oh,will that explains how you knew that, you work at Planet Express."

"yes, I am a medical intern and will be a done by the June of next year. She explained

Everone had left except Rose how had been talking to Zapp, after she finished her drink she was happy she meet him but had a feeling there was something she had never had before.

To be contiued