Fan Fiction

Oh My! part 3
By Futuregirl223

Fry was sitting on the couch in the break room with a worried look on his face, rose hadn't talked to him since their fight a so many hours ago; every time he called she wouldn't answer her cell even at work she wouldn't say anything to him. Bender walked in with a bottle of wiskey and was singing like he did when he was happy.

"Hay Fry. why do you so down?" Bender asked happily

"oh nothing just worried about my sister" Fry replied sadly " Ever since that on fight she hasn't talked to me, she won't even answer my call or messages on Facebook."

"Oh, she has been in Mars Vegas." Bender told him " I mean she eloped with Zapp." Fry looked up not so happy

"What do you mean eloped!" Fry said as he jumped from the couch. "

"Oh she said they decided to elop since dinner with his parents." bender said to fry handing him a drink. " some thing about something they said to them, so they decided to elope ."

Fry left the room and as bender turned he say the ship take off in the sky.

in Mars Vegas ...

Rose and Amy were getting ready in their dressing room of the Wong chapel, Amy was putting on lip stick while Rose was already done and looked nervous.

"Rose are you sure you are ok?" she said walking closer to her, Rose looked up and smiled.

"Well kind of, I am getting married and having a baby at the same time along with my brother how mite show up pissed any time know."She said fastly, Amy heard a knock on the door and opened the door and saw Fry who looked worried more then pissed.

"Rose can we talk about this?" He said in a high voice, both Rose and Amy looked at him irritated

"Amy, can I talk to my brother alone?" Rose asked her in a nice, kind way witch ment their was going to be a fight of someone was going to get it. Amy walked out into the hallway were Leela was standing and really didn't to be here to see zapp get married to her sister in law , Amy turned to her one eyed friend and looked tired and like she was going to get sick.

"Will lets hope this will be over before Zapp comes out." Leela said as Amy looked at her, Amy face looked irritated after hearing what she said.

"Leela, how can you be.... I don't even know what to say." Amy said unhappily " Zapp loves and wants to be with Rose and you and Fry are just making it hard on her and him." Leela looked at her and knew she was right, Zapp did love her and if he didn't he would not have asked her to marry him even if he got her pregnant and she knew that he was someone how cared when he wanted to.

"I guess your right, I have been so mad at him for something that happened 14 years ago and the truth is don't know why I am still mad about that." Leela replied

"Will he did use us, but we were stupid to fall ." Amy said knowing Leeal wasn't the only one still mad about that but put her feeling aside for Rose only because Zapp loved her and because she knew what it was like to be in love with someone as much as she loved Kiff and that since Rose started dating him he changed the way he looked at women will a little anyway.

In the dressing room Rose and Fry were talking.

"Rose, you know you can wait until 31st and marry him then." He said trying to get her to agree with him.

Fry, I know you hate him but he really wants to marry know so it does not look like we are just getting married because I am.... know I see how this looks bad." She said realizing Fry was right.

Then Rose started smoking and her eyes yes went blank, fry looked on her back and relized it was a trick and knew how was responsible for it. He ran out the door out to Amy and Leela how were smiling at him like they knew something.

"Amy did you know rose was a robot, because the last time I saw her she was human." He said to her confused

"Well we do know, because when Kiff came in to Zapp's dressing room and say smoking coming out of Zapp, so we are guessing it was a set up by them." said Amy as she saw Kiff walking up to them unhappy.

"Well there is only one reason he would do this, to see how we would handle them if they did elope." he said " So we should go back to New New York and find him and Rose." Kiff said knowing that Zapp us up to something that has something to do with his parents.

In Rose's house ...

Rose was talking to Zapp's parents to try to fix what reason they said what they said.

"Rose Zapp told us about the baby, and we were made at him for being so careless, that was the reason we said what we said, it wasn't anything you did." Mrs, Branigan explained to rose while sipping at her coffee, Rose just looked at her smilling.

"Will that is great to hear but I didn't ask you why, but what made you tell me this." Rose asked

Both Mrs and Mr Brannigan smiled

Will we just felt bad for the way we acted the other nigh and would like to help with the wedding, since it is our son's wedding and that you and him want a nice wedding." Mr Brannigan said happily hoping Rose would agree with them.

Rose knew they were trying to say they were sorry but after everything she knew what to say.

"Ok, but you have to agree to tell Zapp what you told me, please that is what I ask." She said

"Ok we will but it will not be easy with him. I mean he is like my husband." Mrs Brannigan said with a smile