Fan Fiction

Oh My! part 4
By Futuregirl223

Rose's wedding was in a few hours and everyone was getting ready, as the guest sat in the rows Rose started to feel nervous like most women how were about to marry. Amy walked in to help rose with her vale but noticed that Rose looked nervous and remembered how nervous she was when she was about to marry Kiff for the second time then heard rose say her name.

"Amy, are you ok?" Rose asked then Amy smiled happily at her dressed in her long white wedding dress.

"You look like great, Zapp is a lucky man." She said to Rose, Rose smiled at her then they heard a knock on the door.

Amy opened the door and saw Leela and after Leela was in the she closed the door.

"You look nice, so I bet you are happy that you will be married to Zapp?" Leela asked with a sarcastic look on her face.

"I am happy, I know Zapp isn't the greatest man in the universe but he is the one I always knew I would be with for the rest of my life." Rose said as he sat in front of the merrier , Amy and Leela smiled knowing how she felt the left the room so she could finish getting ready. Fry was standing by Bender and looked confused he didn'y know if he was happy for his sister or mad for marrying someone like Zapp.

Fry saw Rose walk out of the dressing room then he smiled, she was wearing a long white wedding dress with red she had her hair up in a bun and wearing a whit vale.

Rose smiled at him

"Fry, are you ok?" She asked

"You look nice, Zapp is lucky." Fry said as they walked to the door leading to the aisle.

"Thank you Fry, I was just worried that you were still mad about me and Zapp." Rose said" You are still not mad are you?"

Fry looked at her the heard music and they walked down the aisle to Zapp, Amy's parents were there with R.J how was sitting in the back, Kiff was standing by Zapp who looked was smiling as he say Rose in her wedding dress.

Fry and bender were whispering back and forth and missed the vales then saw Rose and zapp kiss and Fry just smiled knowing that Rose was happy, Kiff kissed Amy and she returned the kiss witch made R.J mad and he left with the others to the reception.

Then the music that played at the end of the shows ending played