Fan Fiction

Galactic Agent Gal
By Ramon 51

This fan fiction takes place after the end of the series, in the year 3005. Leela and the rest of the PE crew are about to be take part in a new sort of adventure…the world of Intergalactic Espionage.

Opening Scene: The Mountains of Ceti Alpha 7

The camera is focused on a snowmobile racing across the boulder strewn snowscape. The driver is dressed in a white jump suit. The figure's hood whips back, allowing a purple pony tail to flutter in the wind …it is Turanga Leela. She has a determined look on her face as she zooms across the snow.

The camera pulls back and three other snow mobiles appear. Traveling in a loose "V" formation, they are obviously in hot pursuit of Leela. The riders are all clothed in black coveralls, wearing black helmets. Suddenly, the lead snowmobile begins to fire. Positron discharges zip close by Leela's head. Leela puts her snowmobile into a series of violent "S" turns, weaving in and out of boulders.

As the pursuit continues, one of her pursuers…too eager for a kill…crashes into a boulder. The snowmobile explodes, sending a shockwave across the mountainside.

Leela thinks, "One down, two to go."

Further up the slope, snow begins to tumble down the mountain side…avalanche! Her two pursuers begin to slowly close the gap, firing all the time. Obsessed with catching Leela, they do not notice the roaring wall of white death rapidly overtaking them. Leela realizes what is happening and deliberately takes a track almost parallel to the onrushing snow.

More positron discharges whip past her. "Damn, they are getting close!" she mutters. Just then the snow catches her rearmost pursuer. Snowmobile and rider vanish in an instant, buried beneath tons of onrushing snow and ice.

"Even odds," she thinks with a smile.

Without warning, Leela veers to the left – rushing away from the oncoming avalanche. The camera shot reveals she is headed straight for a cliff! The onrushing snow is now only 100 meters behind…75 meters…now it engulfs her final pursuer…25 meters.

Just as the first tendrils of snow are wrapping around her, Leela's snowmobile shoots out over the cliff. Leela kicks free of the snowmobile. She assumes a good, stable free-fall body position.

She thinks as the ground rushes toward her, "How did I ever get into this business?"


Scene One: The PE crew is gathered at the familiar conference table, waiting for the Professor. He emerges from the direction of the lab, waving a letter in his hand.

PROFESSOR: Good news everyone! We've all been invited to the ceremony and formal state dinner for the opening of the new DOOP Headquarters.

ZOIDBERG: Hooray! Zoidberg will eat!

HERMES: Shut up, you windy lobster! Is dot de one that crazy rascal Ray GunZ donated to DOOP?

PROFESSOR: Yes. And Ray is no crazier than I am. Although he is a good deal wealthier. Oh my, yes.

HERMES: Anybody who can donate billions to build a new DOOP Headquarters has to have more money than sense.

BENDER: Billions as a donation?! Whoa! (Beat) I wonder, what's in his wallet?

Leela and Amy roll their eyes.

AMY: (To Fry and Leela) He is the only man I know of that is richer than my parents.

FRY: Cool!

LEELA: You know him?

AMY: Well…I've met him at a couple of state dinners. He and my dad have a few business ventures going.

PROFESSOR: (Somewhat testily) Could we all please get back on track? I'm not getting any younger you know!

LEELA: When is the big event, Professor?

PROFESSOR: Thank you for asking, Leela. It is one week from today. So we need to get the ship ready to go to the Neutral System.

LEELA: (Frowning, with an edge to her voice.) Is that idiot Zapp Brannigan going to be there?

PROFESSOR: What? Oh, I don't know. Who cares?

AMY: Can you believe it? Only one week to shop! I've got to ask for an advance on my allowance! Leela, what are you going to wear?

LEELA: My uniform.

BENDER: (laughing) I see you plan to show your usual fashion sense, Skin Tube.

AMY: G'uh! No way! Why not wear that classy looking black number with the slit up the side?

BENDER: (still laughing) Why not your lime green tank top?

PROFESSOR: Will you all stick to the task at hand!? Oh my, what will I wear?




Scene Two: The camera shows Leela plummeting towards the ground. She is in a perfectly stable free-fall body position.

"Darn, I hate freefall," she thinks. She looks at her Wristamajigy, which also functions as an altimeter. It begins to blink red. "Time to pull."

Leela reaches back and throws out a drogue chute. It catches perfectly and deploys a snow camouflage colored square canopy out of her backpack. She guides the chute to the ground. At just the right altitude, she flares and executes a perfect standing landing.

Leela quickly gathers her chute and moves to the cover of a nearby ledge. She sits quietly for a few minutes, watching and listening. Satisfied, she presses a few buttons on her Wristamajigy.



LEELA: CRANE this is SOLO, Mike Charlie, OVER.

VOICE: SOLO this is CRANE, ROGER, Transmit, OVER.


Leela presses a few buttons on her Wristamajigy. The Wristamajigy beeps a few times and is silent.

"Nothing to do but wait for pickup," she thinks. While waiting, her mind drifts back to the set of events that transformed her from Earthican Agent 1BDI to Agent Solo of the Galactic Intelligence Agency.


Scene Three: Aboard the PE Ship.

Leela is piloting, in her uniform, no less! Fry is wearing a basic black tuxedo as are Hermes, the Professor, Dwight, Cubert and Zoidberg. Bender is wearing a bowtie and monocle. Amy is in an emerald green dress with a slit up the side. LaBarbara is in a black formal gown.

After a quick view of the PE crew, the camera switches to the new DOOP headquarters. It is larger and more ornate than the old Headquarters, destroyed by Zapp Brannigan. Dozens of ships are parked in orbit around it.

(OC) LEELA: Impressive!

The camera refocuses on the interior of the PE Ship.

PROFESSOR: Oh my, Yes.

FRY: Cool! It looks twice as big as the one Zapp blew up.

AMY: Look! My mom and dad's ship!

BENDER: (Wistfully.) So many pockets, so little time.

PROFESSOR: (Angrily.) Damn it, Bender! If you start indulging your kleptomania during this party, I will personally throw you out an airlock!

BENDER: Ease up, coffin stuffer! I was just joking. Besides, what is so important about this shindig anyway?

PROFESSOR: Ray and I have been friends for over 120 years. I first met him when he was a Professor of Galactic History at Mars University. He helped finance my first research into Atomic Monsters…oh my, yes.

FRY: Man, he must be an old geezer then!

PROFESSOR: Not for his race, no. He is from Cygnus 12. They often live to the ripe old age of 900.

Everyone looks at the professor as if he has gone completely crazy. Hermes makes the crazy sign behind the Professors back.

(Voice from Control Panel) This is DOOP Headquarters Control, Ship approaching with IFF Squawk 10011001, Identify.

LEELA: DOOP Headquarters Control, this is Planet Express Ship, Galactic Registry India Mike Charlie Romeo Zulu Yankee-Romeo Uniform One Two requesting landing instructions.

CONTROL: Planet Express Ship, you are cleared for landing at VIP Pad One, your approach vector 017 degrees. You are cleared for VFR approach at discretion.


PROFESSOR: Take your places everyone. Let's get ready for landing.


Scene Three: The Reception Line.

The ship lands and everyone disembarks. Leela leaves last. They pass through several ornate corridors before they enter the main hall, where a long reception line has formed. The main hall is thronged with representatives from nearly every planet in the Galaxy. About twenty spaces ahead in line stand Leo and Inez Wong.

AMY: Look, there are my parents!

LEELA: Why don't you go say hello to them?

AMY: S'pluh! They'll only start asking why Kif and I haven't had grandchildren for them yet.

LEELA: Isn't Kif going to be here?

AMY: He's here already. Didn't you see the Nimbus docked near the Headquarters?

LEELA: (Frowning, with a tone of disgust) No, I must have missed it. Ugh! That means that idiot Zapp is here!

FRY: Don't worry Leela; we can pretend I'm still your fiancée…just like we did on the Titanic.

LEELA: (Somewhat archly.) Thanks Fry. I'll keep it in mind.

(OC) Familiar Female Voice: Hello, sweetheart.

Leela pivots quickly. Her look of surprise changes to a broad smile. Standing in line right behind the PE Crew are her parents, Morris and Munda.

LEELA: Mom! Dad! What are you doing here?

MUNDA: I used to teach at Mars University with Ambassador GunZ.

LEELA: You taught at Mars University?

MUNDA: Of course, I have a PhD in Alien Linguistics. They don't discriminate against mutants at good old Mars U.

MORRIS: You look well, Leela.

LEELA: Thanks, dad.

MORRIS: So, how are things working out with you and Fry?

LEELA: (Giving a "Shut up" look) Later, dad.




Scene Four: Making tracks. The camera gives a distant shot of Leela, sitting beneath a rock ledge. The only sound is the wind.

Leela gets to her feet and slings the parachute over her shoulder. The camera pans in the direction she is looking. A snow speeder is heading her way, barely skimming the snow; it heads straight for Leela, stopping just a few meters away. It looks vaguely like an old "Star Trek" shuttlecraft, but it has a turret on the top.

The door closest to Leela opens, and Amy appears in the doorway.

AMY: (With a grin.) Somebody call a Taxi?

LEELA: (Running toward the speeder.) You bet.

AMY: Orders?

LEELA: Let's get off this rock as fast as we can. Our job is done.

Leela enters the speeder and jumps into the pilot seat (left front). Amy climbs into the co-pilot seat. Both strap themselves in.

LEELA: (To Amy.) Who's on the turret?

AMY: Fry, who else?

Leela and Amy exchange smiles.

LEELA: Let's get to the good old Planet Express Ship and go home. (Into head mike) Stand by for acceleration.

Leela floors it and the speeder roars away over the snow. The speeder has only gone a short distance when the radar screen in front of Amy begins to blink.

AMY: I have three bogies, bearing one eight zero relative, Angels three, distance one zero kilometers, and speed three-zero-zero.

LEELA: Course?

AMY: Three six zero relative…and closing.

LEELA: (Into head mike.) Stand by for action.

FRY: Roger.

A hum fills the cockpit as the positron cannon begins to charge.

LEELA: Amy, can you tell me what we are facing?

AMY: (Frowning) (Curses in Cantonese.) (Beat) Mark Two Marauders.

LEELA: Well, we can't outrun them…that is sure, but they are far less maneuverable than we are (frowning). Fry, hold your fire until I give the word. Amy, stand by with ECM and rockets. When I give the word Fry, you fire at the closest Marauder and Amy, you start the music. Fire rockets at your discretion.



As she listens increasing Doppler of the approaching Marauders Leela thinks, "How do I get into these messes?"


Scene Five: Through the Gauntlet.

The PE Crew reaches the end of the reception line. They finally see their host and hostess. At first glance Ray looks very similar to Adlai Adkins, except his hair is jet black and he has green eyes. He is also taller and has a decidedly muscular build. The lady at his side is a dead ringer for Umbriel from Atlantis…except she has fully functional legs. Ray is wearing a very simple tuxedo, while the lady wears a scarlet evening dress of conservative cut. The PE crew approaches in the following order: Professor, Cubert, Fry, Hermes, LaBarbara, Dwight, Amy, Leela, Morris, Munda, Bender, and Zoidberg.

RAY: (With genuine joy) Professor Farnsworth, my dear old friend! How are you?

PROFESSOR: Doctor…or should I say…Ambassador GunZ! I'm old and senile…how the hell do you think I should be? Er, uh, who is this lovely lady? Is it your wife?

LADY: (laughing) Thank you for the compliment. I am Ray's younger sister, Virginia. It is a pleasure to meet you, Sir. Ray has told me so much about you.

CUBERT: (Enthusiastically with an obviously smitten expression on his face) Hello, Virginia! I'm Cubert…Professor Farnsworth's son.

VIRGINIA: (smiling) Hello, Cubert. It is a pleasure to meet you, sir.

RAY: (To Professor.) You will sit at our table, along with the rest of your crew. They all came, did they not?

PROFESSOR: (Distractedly) Uh, What? Why yes, yes of course. I'll see you at dinner. Come on Cubert! Quit drooling, damn it!

The Professor exits with a protesting Cubert in tow.

RAY: So, you must be Phillip J. Fry.

FRY: (Gawking at Virginia) Uh…yes. I mean, yes your majesty.

RAY: (laughing) No need for that, just call me Ray.

FRY: (Still Looking at Virginia) Thanks, Ray.

RAY: Virginia, may I present the Phillip J. Fry, scourge of the Brain Spawn. Mr. Fry, may I present my younger sister, Virginia.

VIRGINIA: (Obviously impressed) Oh, Mr. Fry! You are a hero to my people. I am so honored to meet you. (Turning to Ray) Is Mr. Fry seated near me?

RAY: On your left.

VIRGINIA: Wonderful!

FRY: Uh…how did you know about the Brain Spawn?

VIRGINIA: I'll tell you at dinner. Oh, I am so glad to meet you.

FRY: (looking dazed) See you at dinner. (Fry exits)

RAY: Hermes Conrad! And I take it this is your lovely wife, LaBarbara and your son Dwight?

HERMES: Mon, how did you know all dat?

RAY: Trade secret. (Laughing) Seriously, I love the limbo. You were quite a champion.

LaBARBARA: Dat he was. My Mon is still a champion to my eyes.

RAY: Of course! Hermes, LaBarbara, and Dwight Conrad, please allow me to introduce you to my sister, Virginia.

VIRGINIA: Charmed. (Virginia shakes hands and the family Conrad moves along).

RAY: Captain Turanga Leela! A pleasure to meet you.

LEELA: I'm sorry Ambassador, but how did you know my name?

RAY: (laughing) I stay in touch with your parents. We've known each other for over 20 years. Captain Turanga Leela, may I present my sister, Virginia?

VIRGINIA: I am very pleased to meet you.

RAY: Morris and Munda how are you?

MORRIS: Pretty well, Ray.

MUNDA: Very well, Ambassador. How have you been?

RAY: So, how should I be? (Laughs) I'm Fine. (Beat.) I look forward to dining with you tonight. (Leela and her parents exit the line).

RAY: Lieutenant Bender. Staying out of diplomacy lately?

BENDER: What the? How did you know about that?

(Ray reaches into his pocket and pulls out what looks like a car key fob. He presses it and the rounded end of Bender's antenna begins to blink red.)

RAY: Stay loose. I'll speak to you later.

BENDER: Damned patriotism chip! (Bender exits the line, muttering to himself)

RAY: Dr John Zoidberg. So, how's business?

ZOIDBERG: Oy! If I was selling hats, babies would be born without heads!

RAY: What can you do?


RAY: John, I should like that you meet my sister, Virginia.

VIRGINIA: (Says "Charmed" in Decapodian.)

ZOIDBERG: Such manners! You do your parents credit, young lady! (Zoidberg exits the line)

RAY: (To Virginia.) Now, the cast is complete. Let's make things happen.

VIRGINIA: Certainly, brother.




Scene Six: Dogfight over the snow. The camera focuses on the snow speeder skimming along the snow. The camera pulls back and rotates to show that the three Marauders are coming up from behind and above the speeder. The Marauders look like flying Manta Rays. Each Marauder has a missile slung under each wing.

The scene moves to the cockpit of the speeder.

AMY: They are trying for missile lock!

LEELA: (Into head mike) Fry, are they in range?

FRY: Not yet.

LEELA: Amy, if they pop a missile, hit the music.

AMY: WILCO. (Beat) (In a tense voice) They've got a lock! Multiple missiles inbound! (Amy punches a series of buttons and the Song "Highway to the Danger Zone" begins to play.)

The Marauders each launch a single missile. At first, the missiles fly straight and true. As they approach the speeder, they begin to behave erratically. The first simply explodes well short of the speeder. The second pitches up, then down, and explodes on contact with the ground. The third begins to spiral crazily before it finally explodes in mid-air.

AMY: Woo-hoo! Take that! (Beat) Bogies closing fast Leela! Looks like they won't waste any more missiles on us.

FRY: I've got one of them in my sights, Leela!

LEELA: Fire! (The speeder resounds with the crackling sound of positron cannon fire.)

FRY: Got him!

The lead Marauder begins to smoke and lose altitude. It pancakes into the snow, flipping over several times before coming to a rest in a smoking and twisted heap. The other two Marauders return fire. The camera pulls back to show the Marauders pouring positron fire at the twisting speeder. The turret of the speeder is firing back…keeping the Marauders busy. Suddenly, one of the Marauders scores a hit on the turret. The scene switches to inside the speeder's cockpit.

(Sound of a LOUD explosion)

AMY: We're hit! (Curses in Cantonese) (She looks at the lights blinking on the panel in front of her) They got the turret.

Wisps of smoke begin to drift into the cockpit.

LEELA: Fry! Report! (Beat) (With anxiety in her voice) Fry! Are you OK? (Beat) Amy, hang on, I'm going to deploy the air brakes and those bastards will fly right by. I'll fire the cannon, you toggle the missiles as soon as you get a tone.

Amy: Got it!

Leela hits a button on the console and the speeder abruptly decelerates. The Marauders overshoot the speeder. Their actions show they are experienced pilots. One breaks right and the other breaks left in a desperate attempt to get back onto the speeders tail.

AMY: Targeting right bogey! (Beat) I've got tone. Firing!

LEELA: Roger.

Amy fires two missiles at the Marauder banking to the right. Leela wrenches the speeder into a tight left turn and pours laser cannon fire at the other Marauder. The first burst misses, but the second shears the Marauder's left wing in half. It goes into an uncontrollable spin and impacts into the ground with a shattering explosion.

LEELA: (With a quick look at the crashed Marauder) Burn, you bastard!

The remaining Marauder is desperately trying to shake the two missiles. One missile misses the target, while the other explodes off the Marauders right swing. At first, nothing seems to have happened. Then, black smoke begins to pour out of the right engine. The Marauder begins to lose speed. Leela maneuvers the speeder directly aft of the Marauder. At only 100 meters, Leela fires the laser cannon again. The Marauder explodes in a fiery ball through which the speeder flies…emerging unscathed on the other side.

LEELA: Amy, check on Fry.

AMY: On the way.

LEELA: Why did I ever expose my friends to this kind of danger?




Scene Seven: The approach. The crew is seated at the one of many round tables arranged throughout the cavernous main hall at DOOP Headquarters. They have obviously just finished dinner. At the head of the table is Ray GunZ. Starting to his right are Turanga Leela, Turanga Morris, Turanga Munda, Zoidberg, Bender, Fry, Virginia GunZ ,the Professor, Cubert, Dwight Conrad, Hermes, LaBarbara, Kif Kroeker (In DOOP uniform), Amy and an unidentified woman. The woman looks just like Morgan Proctor except that she wears her shoulder length red hair loosely. She is wearing a low cut green dress.

AMY: (To the woman on her right) I'm sorry, but how do you pronounce your name again?

WOMAN: (With a slight foreign accent) No need to apologize. Mariana Putin…it's a Russian name.

RAY: (To Amy) Mariana is one of my top business agents.

AMY: Really? Wow!

MARIANA: (Laughing) Ray gives me too much credit. I'm just one of the many who help run his business empire. But tonight is for celebration, not for business.

The camera focuses on Ray.

RAY: (To Leela). Captain Leela, have you ever been to the Cygnus system?

LEELA: No, Ambassador.

RAY: Please, call me Ray.

LEELA: OK…if you'll call me Leela.

RAY: Absolutely. (The band begins to play "Wish You Were Here" by Gregorian) Leela, would you care to dance?

Leela looks toward Fry and sees he is already escorting Virginia onto the floor.

LEELA: With pleasure.

Ray leads Leela onto the floor and they begin to dance. They dance silently for a moment. Leela keeps glancing at Fry and Virginia. The way they are holding each other is certainly not like they are newly acquainted. Virginia's skin is showing silver highlights that seem to pass over her in waves. Ray notices how distracted Leela seems.

RAY: Leela, are you upset about Fry dancing with Virginia?

LEELA: (Almost shouting) No! (More quietly) No, not at all. (Squinting while looking at Virginia and Fry) She looks like she is shimmering.

RAY: The silver shimmer is an involuntary Cygnian sign of attraction….much like human blushing. May I ask you something?

LEELA: Go ahead.

RAY: Have your parents ever told you what they do for a living?

LEELA: What an odd question. Well, no they haven't.

RAY: To make a long story short, they have worked with me many times on classified government projects over the past twenty years. Your mother and father are two of the most brilliant people…each in their own field…that I have ever met.

LEELA: (Laughing) Stop teasing me.

RAY: No, I'm serious. Leela, because of their service and because of your record, I would like to discuss a proposal with you. And tell you more about your parents,

LEELA: (Smiling.) Here on the dance floor?

RAY: (Laughing) No. Tomorrow, let's meet for lunch at the Café across the street from Planet Express. They have a meeting room that I use from time to time. Around 11:30. What do you say?

LEELA: (Pausing to look at Fry and Virginia) Sure, why not?




Scene Eight: Up and away. The camera focuses on Leela in the speeder cockpit.

(OC) AMY: (Shouting) He's OK! Just a little stunned and singed!

Amy climbs into her seat and straps herself in.

LEELA: (Relieved) I should have known.

AMY: His intercom went out. He was busy trying to get the turret gun back into commission.

LEELA: Well, we'll be out of here soon.

The camera pulls back to show the Planet Express ship dead ahead of the speeder. The PE Ship has the cargo bay hoist fully down. Bender is standing in the bay. He is holding a set of the paddles used on Aircraft Carriers to give pilots visual instructions for landing. Bender does a few wig-wags. Then, Leela maneuvers the speeder into the bay for a perfect landing.

The camera view switches to the interior of the speeder cockpit.

AMY: All systems powering down, Leela.

FRY: (Climbing down from the turret) (His hair is frizzed out like an Afro and he is extremely sooty) Man, all that exposure to positron radiation sure makes me thirsty! (Sees reflection in window) Oh crud! I look like Lamont!

Leela and Amy both laugh. Fry joins in as well.

LEELA: Let's go home.

AMY and FRY: (Simultaneously) Yes, Captain!

They proceed to the PE Ship Bridge, where Mariana Putin is at the helm.

MARIANA: Prepared for liftoff, Captain.

LEELA: OK, let's get out of here, Mariana.

The camera switches to an exterior view and watches as the ship lifts off, heading into space. For once, no one seems to be following them.

LEELA: Take us home, Mariana by the shortest possible route. I suggest we all change into our regular clothes. Fry, you take a shower and for Pete's sake, comb your hair. We'll debrief in one hour. Mariana, you have the helm.




Scene Nine: The pitch. The camera focuses on Leela as she exits the Planet Express building. She crosses the street to the Café. Ray is nowhere in sight. She selects a seat near the street and glances at her Wristamajigy.

(OC) RAY: Hello, Leela.

LEELA: (Turning to face Ray.) Ray, where did you come from?

RAY: That is a trade secret.

LEELA: (Smiling.) Oh, a man of mystery! I am just dying to hear your proposal.

RAY: Let's go into the Café. As I said, there is a private room where we can talk.

Leela rises and follows Ray into the Café. They go behind the counter and enter a storeroom. Ray bends down and lifts a trap door. They descend into what looks like a well furnished office.

RAY: Here we are! Leela, I won't beat around the bush. I promised to tell you a bit more about your parents and make you an offer as well. As you know, your mother has a PhD in Alien Linguistics. What you may not realize is that your father is a PhD Quantum Mathematician. Together, your parents have served as the greatest code breaking team in the 500 year history of the Galactic Intelligence Agency.

LEELA: (Surprised and shocked.) What?!

RAY: It's true. They probably saved DOOP a dozen times. I admire them more than any of the people I have worked with in my past 40 years with the Agency. Because of their service and your talents, I'd like to make you an offer. Would you like to come to work for the Agency?

LEELA: (Surprised) Me? Work for the Agency? Doing what?

RAY: I believe you'd make an excellent Intelligence Officer.

LEELA: But I can't leave Planet Express…what would the Professor do?

RAY: You wouldn't have to leave. I've been the Hubert's silent partner for a year now. Since that time, Planet Express has been an Agency front company. We ran it for a year without performing any intelligence work to make sure no one suspected our involvement. Your job as a Space Captain in a delivery service gives you perfect cover to travel throughout the Galaxy.

LEELA: (Doubtfully) I don't know.

RAY: You'd draw an additional salary of three thousand bucks a month, plus expenses.

LEELA: Where do I sign!?




Scene Ten: Home Again. The camera shows the Planet Express ship approaching Earth. The camera then zooms onto the bridge. Leela is piloting. Fry and Bender are on the couch. Mariana is at the astronavigation panel. Amy is standing next to Leela.

AMY: Some trip.

LEELA: All in a day's work. (Beat) (Frowning) Do you think it is worth it?

AMY: Spleesh! Are you kidding? This is the coolest work in the Galaxy.

LEELA: Fry could have been killed today. If that had happened, I'd never forgive myself.

AMY: Leela, why worry about things that haven't happened?

FRY: Yeah, Leela. I've never worried about that sort of stuff.

BENDER: You meat bags always worry about dying. What's the point?

AMY and LEELA: (In unison.) Shut up, Bender!

The PE ship lands in the Planet Express Docking Bay. Everyone disembarks. As the group they meander to the conference table. Fry stops to get coffee. Bender pulls out a bottle of "Olde Fortran" as he sits down. Just as everyone sits down, the Professor enters from the direction of the lab.

PROFESSOR: Good news everyone!

BENDER: Aw, crap! I don't like the sound of that.

AMY: We just got back.

FRY: Crud! Not another delivery!

PROFESSOR: Oh my, yes.

LEELA: OK Professor, where are we off to now?

PROFESSOR: You are going to deliver a several crates of burn cream to Urectum. It's a mission of mercy.

LEELA: Well…at least it's a short trip.