Fan Fiction

Fry And Leela Happy Endings From Bender, Part 2
By Rush

Announcer "Part Two. Is brought to you by*Powdered Swamp Root* It makes you irresistible to the opposite sex. Warning may cause serious harm to someone who truly loves you, by giving him or her a heart attack or sending him or her into a coma or even death. So make sure you have an ambulance on stand by, when you use it."

Narrator "Enough ads! Anyway moving on, now showing some times in this Fry's Life.

Scene Orphanarium. Both Baby Fry and Leela crawl down a corridor up at the Up-Stairs-Hallway. Leela nearly falls down the stairs. Morris's arm comes out of the wall and turns her around, but unfortunately for Fry, he falls down the stairs.

Vogel shouting from down stairs "God damn it Fry! If you keep falling down them stairs, your go an lose you're delta brain wave, or just maybe you didn't have a delta brain wave to start with."

Fry's and Leela's first words.



Orphanarium-Kids-Playground everything is broken the kids stand around young Leela, pointing and chanting.

Kids chanting "One-eye! One-eye! One-eye!"

Fry felling that he should do something.

Fry"So what if she's has one eye? It makes her unique,beautiful and more then that makes her beautiful and-"

Kids chanting" One-eye lover! One-eye lover! One-eye lover!"

Fry punches one of the kids in face knocking him to the ground.

The kids gasp, then they turn angry looking and advance towards Fry. Fry swallows from being scared but lucky for Fry comes an angry looking Vogel comes to stop Fry from being dogpiled on.

Vogel"What did I tell, for standings up for your friend or quite possible future wife like that."

Fry"I'm em-

Vogel drags Fry away by the ear and Leela looks at Fry with loving in her eye and sighs.

Sometime later.

Scene Orphanarium Up-Stairs-Hallway Fry looks down at his feet nervously and Leela stares at him.

Leela softy"Fry, that was really nice of you."

Fry looking up at her now"Aww, it was nothing."

Leela"It was not, nothing!"

Leela runs over to Fry and kisses him on the cheek.


Leela giggling with her right hand on her mouth.

Leela"What you don't like kisses?"

Fry"No there gross!"

Leela"Who kissed you first?"

Fry"You were my first kiss and you kissed me every time we play, Lets Get Married"

Leela giggles and tries to give him another kiss but Fry is having none of it.

Fry"No don't kiss me. Stop!"

Leela"Can I at least hold your hand?"

Fry rolls his eyes.

Fry"Well, ok,then."

Leela takes hold of Fry's hand. They hold hands for very long time.

Vogel"You two love birds. Go to bed now!"

Leela"Good night, Fry."

Fry"Good night, Leela."

They both start to walk off to their rooms. Leela who is about to enter her room, she stops and calls out to Fry.

Leela"Fry wait, one more thing!"


Before Fry know it, Leela was right in his face kissing him on the lips.

Fry"Hmm? Ew! Leela save that in your game, Lets Get Married, when it comes to you may kiss the bride, well in other words, you may kiss me.

Leela looking down cast sad"You don't like that game, do you?"

Fry wraps his arms her hugging her.

Fry softy"Leela, Leela, I'll do whatever it takes for to be happy and see you smile okay."

Leela crying on his shoulder"Your so nice to me Fry, I don't know what I'd do with out you"

Fry"I always here for you Leela, I won't let anyway hurt you or call you names."

Leela"Its about time, I started doing the same for you and-"

Vogel"God you two again!"

Fry and Leela both pull out of the huge.

Vogel"Go to bed now!"

Leela"Good night Fry."

Fry"Good night Leela."

Scene Orphanarium Fry's Room. Young Fry sits at a desk studying, he finds it too hard and gets mad.

Fry"I cant do this, its too hard!"

Leela walks in.

Leela"Here, let me help you."

Fry"I Don't need help, I'm fi--"

Leela"Let me help you, I've done my studying anyway."


Leela"I got a box of cookies, I found mysteriously on my desk in my room."


Leela"Yes and I'd like to share some with you, if you let me help in your studying."


She sits down next to him and starts helping him in his studying.

Scene New New York City Street. Teenage Fry and Leela walks around the city wearing party hats and Sean walks up to them.

Sean"Come on, go out with me Leela!"

Leela"Leave me alone and get lost!"

Leela takes Fry hand.

Leela"I'm with Fry."

Fry smiles.

Sean"What him?"

Leela"Yes him why?"

Sean"Let me see he's--"

Leela"I don't really care what he is, as long as he loves me. Do you love me Fry?"

Fry"I love you Leela."

Leela"See,now get lost!"

Sean leaves but not before saying.

Sean"Your making a big an mistake."

Fry"Hey look Leela!"


Fry"A present."

At the end of the pavement to cross the road there is an present.

Leela"Lets pick it up them."

They walk up to the present and pick it up Leela reads the "Happy Birthday Leela" message.

Leela"I don't think this is Sean's."

Fry"I disagree to disagree with you."

Leela"So you agree then?"


Leela laughs and takes back hold of Fry's hand.

Leela"Come on, lets make-out in the park."

Fry"Were not going to play, Lets Get Married, like we used too?"

Leela"No, but I hope we do it, for real someday."

Fry"Me too."

Scene Photos.

A picture of an very happy looking Leela with Fry and his arm around her at the Senior Prom.

Family Photo 3008 In Planet Express Attic Room, the room is set up and decorated for Xmas. A Fry who looks very much he always looked, with his arm around a still fit looking Leela. Leela who has a two eyed baby boy in her arms who looks exactly like Fry only that he has Leela's nose, Morris has his arm Leela too. In the back around of the picture, Munda looks like shes shouting at a naked,confused looking Farnsworth, Roberto playing pin the tail on the moon maggot,some one eyed 4 or 5 years old girl with her arms crossed, looking bored sighing, who would look exactly like Leela only that she has Fry's nose and some little girl who looks 7 or 8 years old with orange hair who looks exactly like Leela and that has only one eye, siting down reading a book.

Narrator"It is technically possible however unlucky that you have read this badly written book to this point, anyway stay tuned for more Tales Of Not That Much Interest!"

To be continued