Fan Fiction

Fry And Leela Happy Endings From Bender, Part 4
By Rush

Scene: Titanic Wheel Room. The comets outside fly very close to the ship.

Kif"Sir, remember your course correction?"


Kif"Well it's proving somewhat more suicidal than we'd initially hoped."

Zapp"Kif, old friend, I don't know which disgusts me more. Your cowardice or your stupidity! We'll simply set a new course for that empty region over there. Near that black-ish hole-ish thing."

There is a flash of light, Future_Bender appears, with a red one-handed-lightsaber, holding it, in both of his hands.

Zapp" What, is the meaning of this? You cant just come in here, of your own record! Only hot woman like Leela, can come in here, of their own record however unlucky and-- "

Future_Bender"Eat crap and die, Zapp Brannigan!"

Future_Bender jumps into the air,slices Zapp Brannigan clean in half down words, starting from the head down to the, well the wing-dang-doodle and beyond. Mutilating him and creating a very violent scene which I will not describe, I'll leave to you and my somewhat imagination if any.

Kif"Oh, monkey crap nuts! You killed him! You killed him! I'm going to go to jail for this"

Kif starts crying with his hands on his face, Bender turns off his lightsaber and puts it away in his chest cabinet.

Future_Bender"Jeese, relax, you green piece of crap!"

Kif"No, I'm going to jail--"

Future_Bender"Okay ,Okay. I'll just put down on his corpse, this confession note that. Doctor John Zoidberg, did it."

Future_Bender opens his chest cabinet , takes out the confession note and places down on the corpse of Zapp Brannigan, the confession note written on it. On the bottom of the paper "From The Desk Of Bender Bending Rodriguez, A.F-M.R.1" is printed.

Kif"But that won't be enough evidences."

Bender"Okay, what if I put on his corpse, Zoidberg's genetic material?"

Kif"Ok. Thats sounds like a good plan. Do it!"

Future_Bender opens his chest cabinet, takes out a jar marked Zoidberg's Genetic Material. While he pours its contents allover the corpse of Zapp Brannigan, he whistles the Globetrotter tune.

Bender"There. Now get the ship back onto a safe course, the new captain!"


Meanwhile Fry and Leela at the Titanic Deck.

They are looking down at the couples on the decks below and see Hermes and LaBarbara,Past_Bender and the Countess, Mr. and Mrs. Wong, Farnsworth and Hattie, but Fry and Leela don't notice Zoidberg being dragged away on the ground,by two full in uniform DOOP soldiers, from his date, who is a jellyfish like alien.

Leela"Looks like everybody's got somebody. Except me."

Fry"And me."

They gaze into each other's eyes and lean in to kiss, The ship does not shake this time round. Fry and Leela come tougher in a deep and passionate kiss,Fry wraps his arms around Leela and she does the same, they remain that way locked in a kiss for quite sometime.

Sometime later.

Leela pulls out of the kiss.

Fry"Leela, I, um,I,uh."

Leela softy"Yes, Fry?"

Fry"Will, you go out with me?"

Leela"Yes, but do you love me?"

Fry nervous"I-I do, I'm just so, so--"

Leela"Don't be nervous."

She hugs him. Holding him tightly and with her lips only an inch away from his lips.

Leela"Fry, as long as you try and be less immature and tell me you love me everyday, I say this relationship between us would work. Can you try , to be, more mature? For me."

She stares at him with a loving look in her eye.

Fry"I'll try, Leela."

She kisses him lightly on lips and Fry makes a smile.

Leela"Now, do you love?"

Fry"I love you, Leela."

She love bites him on the neck.

Leela"Now lets head down to our room and spend some quality time tougher."

Fry dares to take Leela's hand, Leela does not reject, they walk off holding hands and make their way down to their room.

Scene: Titanic Fiesta Deck Room. Future_Bender justs stands at the door smoking a cigar .

Future_Bender"Why did I come in here for?"

Future_Bender hears Fry and Leela like voice bur cant make our what they are saying.


There is an flash of light and Future_ Bender disappears.

24th of December of the year 3000. Approximate time 4:20 pm something after that.

Scene: Earth Sky Upper Atmosphere.

There is a flash of light, Future_Bender appears in sky and starts free falling.

Future_Bender falling"Aaaaaa,damn, you Professor and your new stupid time paradox, coooooooooooode-----Invention!"

Followed by endless screaming.

Sometime later Future_Bender shill free falling and not screaming anymore.

Future_Bender bored"Falling, and somehow, I'm still able to smoke, even though, there is no oxygen up here."

He puffs his cigar and scratches his ass.

Meanwhile somewhere lower in the Earth's Atmosphere. Robot Santa flies through the clouds in his sleigh and hums casually.

Robot Santa"Ho ho ho, ho ho ho--Huh!?"

Future_Bender while free falling, extends one of his arms with his lightsaber grasped in it.


Future_Bender slices Robot Santa's head off,explodes and he falls to pieces.

Future_Bender turns off his lightsaber, he retracts back the arm with the lightsaber, opens his chest cabinet with his other arm and puts the lightsaber away.

Future_Bender "A0?20?30106080?700?k005?00200?4o0?0g0?0r0z000?11?409."

There is an flash of light and Future_ Bender disappears.

Meanwhile down below in New New York City Street. Fry and Leela walk out of the Digital-Clock tower building.

Leela" You didn't need to buy me a present, Fry."

Fry"I just wanted to do something to make you happy. I mean, I miss my family but you never even had a family."

Leela" It's OK. You're lonely and I'm lonely. But, together, we're lonely together."

They hold hands.

Fry"Merry Xmas, Leela."

Leela"Merry Xmas."

Fry and Leela simply walk together holding each others hands for quite sometime.

Sometime later.

Leela"So Fry, where is this, present you got for me?"

Fry"Well, it sort of flew off on me, it was parrot."

Fry looks away from her and looks down at his feet.

Fry quietly"I'm sorry, I screwed up."

Leela"Fry! It doesn't really matter! Its, the thought that counts."

Leela gently squeezes his hand and Fry looks back at her with a smile on his face.

Sometime later. Fry and Leela are still walking down the street holding each other's hands.



Leela"Did you ever think about having kids?"

Fry"Um, thats a big hard question, isn't it to be asked?"

Leela"Fry! Did you, or did you not, ever think about having kids?"

Fry"Well, I kind of did, but I think I might be sterile,from Bender when he pointed, The F-ray at me, on my p--"

Leela"Don't worry about it! You can get stuff to regrow your sperm in your local blackmarket."

Fry and Leela are so preoccupied talking to each other, that they don't notice that they have stumbled in the very same alcove with the mistletoe, where the famous Scene where Fry and Leela almost kissed amongst us Futurama Fans .

Fry"Thats good, you know I--Hey look were under the mistletoe!"

Leela looks up and they both look at each other---They come tougher in a deep passionate kiss.

Narrator"Truly, things look good for this Fry. Anyway moving on."

Scene: Planet Express Ship Cargo Bay. Sometime around The Time Skips.

There is an flash of light and Future_ Bender appears in front in Past-Bender and Past-Bender gasps

Past-Bender"How the? What the? Huh? Who are you, a cheap uncool copy of me?"

Future_ Bender"Well your right about the uncool part. I got a compassion chip installed."

Past_Bender not listening"Yeah whatever, who are you?"

Future_ Bender opens his chest cabinet and takes out a robot porn magazine. 

Future_ Bender"Here take this, "Fembot Exposed Exhaust Fan Mag" and stay in the toilet." 

Past_Bender"You got it!"

Future_Bender hands Past_Bender the porn magazine and Past-Bender runs off to the toilet.

Future_ Bender"Pervert!"

Future_Bender walks off to the Cockpit.

Scene: Planet Express Ship Cockpit. Bender walks in, dusting his hands.

Future_Bender" Well, the doomsday device is ready. Maybe blowing up this quadrant of space into a hell storm of flaming nothingness might cheer me up a little."

Leela"OK. Let me just take the ship out to a safe distance."

She is about to sit down when she sees Fry still looking down sad.

Leela"Actually, I think I'll go down and prep the detonator. Fry, why don't you take the helm?"

Fry smiles and sits in the chair. She leaves.

Fry" She's so great. I feel like I can almost remember the magical thing I did to make her love me. But I guess I never will."

Future_Bender"Sorry, buddy. I too sort of know what it's like to have a dream I'll never achieve, but you'll never know, sometimes divine intervention can give you hope to find out how you did it and also for The Other."

Future_Bender walks out, slowly whistling the Globetrotter tune.

Scene: Planet Express Ship, Cargo Bay. Leela is getting the detonator ready.

Future_Bender"Hey, let me do the detonator and you look out that window over there."


Leela walks over to the window and Future_Bender walks over to the detonator.

Bender"Have a good time now!"

Over to Leela looking out the window, she gasps what she sees.


Leela presses her face against the glass. As the ship gets further away from the nebula she sees the stars around it form an "O" in a huge message that reads "I Love You, Leela".

Leela with tears filling her eye"Fry didn't trick me into marrying him! Thats what he must of done, he moved the stars themselves to write me a love note in the sky."

Future_Bender on intercom" Detonation in three, two, one."


Leela runs towards Future_Bender.


Future_Bender"I just did it."

Leela punches Future_Bender in face knocking him to the floor.

Future_Bender in pain"Ow!"

Leela runs off to the Cockpit.

Scene: Planet Express Ship,Corridor. Leela running down the Corridor, she stops in her tracks, when she sees Past_Bender coming out of the toilet dusting his hands.

Past_Bender"Holy buggalo, that porn mag, got a lot of my, male oil, outta me!"

Leela"How is this possible?"

Past_Bender"What do mean, how is this possible?"

Leela"I justed punched you in the Cargo Bay and knocked you to the ground and--"

Past_Bender"What! Can't a robot not ja**o*f from time to time? You humans do it, when you have not had sex for quite sometime!"

Leela"Thats not what I was referring to! I was to referring----Oh never mind!"

Leela continues to run down the Corridor to the Cockpit.

Scene Planet Express Ship, Cockpit. Fry at window, is staring at the empty void, Leela rushes in.


Fry"Did you--"

Fry's sentence was cut short, from Leela diving on top of him, knocking in over onto the floor and with her tongue down his throat.

A few hours later Fry and Leela stand before Judge Whitey in court.

Whitey"So you two mean to tell me, that you want to remarry and you only been technically divorce, for like a few hours?"

They both say yes.

Whitey"Remarriage is final!"

He bangs his gavel.

Fry"So, Leela you like to have kids don't you?"


Narrator"Again, It is technically possible however unlucky that you have read this badly written book to this point, however stay tuned for more Tales Of Not That Much Interest!"

1. A.F-M. R. Stands for Alcoholic Foul-Mouthed Robot.