Fan Fiction

Fry And Leela Happy Endings From Bender, Part5
By Rush

A time-line of the Roman empire.

57BC. Approximate time 3:15 PM, Time Of Year Summer, Weather Sunny.

Scene some somewhere in France formally known as Gaul.

There is an flash of light,Future_Bender appears on a stone road, between two forests,right in front of a marching, heavily armored, Rome legion. Bender has his back to them, he does not notice they are there.

Future_Bender: "Oh crap! What year is this? Oh how come, I'm not getting any porn or spam? From the Internet. I like porn and spam. Is there any, Internet at all?"

Roman-Centurion: "You there, tin man, get off the road!"

Bender turns round to look at you said that and the only reason Bender is ably to understand him, is because he has his translator on.

Future_Bender: "I find that offensive, calling me made out of tin. I'm made out of 30% Iron, 40% zinc, 40% dolomite, 40% titanium, and 0.04% nickel impurity. And I find it especial offensive calling me a human and--"

The Roman-Centurion makes a hand signal to his soldiers. The soldiers raise their pilums, ready to throw and kill. Bender sh**s a brick , opens his chest cabinet, picks up the brick and puts it away inside.

Note a pilum is kind of javelin spear used by the legions of Rome, there are many types of javelin spears, used by Legionary of the Roman Empire.

Future_Bender: (scared) "Wait! What if I give you, The Step By Step Guide, How To Use, Where To Find The Stuff You'll need For Making Guns From The Stupid Ages, Book, In Latin."

The Roman-Centurion makes a hand signal to his soldiers and his soldiers lower their pilums.

Roman centurion: "Let my see that book."

The Roman-Centurion walks over to Bender, accompanied with around a dozen legionary,who run over and surround Bender.

Future_Bender: (scared) "Your not going to kill me, are you?"

The Roman-Centurion stands now stands close to Bender, right in front of him.

Roman-Centurion: (quietly) "No, not necessarily, unless you give me that book you spoke of."

Future_Bender opens his chest cabinet,takes out the book and hands it to the Roman-Centurion.

Roman-Centurion: "Thank you! Now get off the road! Curr!"

Future_Bender walks to the side, off the road, onto the grass.

Roman-Centurion: "Let us move with haste men, to the camp and give this book to Julius Caesar."

The Legionary turn around the opposite direction where they were heading and run back to camp.

Roman-Centurion: "Faster men, this must not full into are enemies hand's!"

Sometime later. Bender sits on the grass.

Future_Bender: (quietly) "Roman jerks!"

Bender says the new time paradox code and a flash of light happens and he disappears.

Scene Planet Express Attic Room.

Zoidberg: "I'm so, alone."

Zoidberg gets on to the stairs and starts walking up them, making his way up to the balcony.

Zoidberg: "As the candy hearts poured into the fiery quasar, a wond--"

Zoidberg's sentence was cut short, by Bender sneaking up on him and hitting him over the back head, with a brick, he fulls to the ground out cold.

Future_Bender: "Good thing, I crap bricks."

He throws the brick a side, on to the ground and scratches his ass.

Future_Bender: "Might as well put you, back in your dumpster."

He drags Zoidberg by the claw-feet down the stairs.

Meanwhile on the the Planet Express Balcony.

Fry moves his hand on to Leela's hand and she smiles. Fry just simply keeps his hand placed on Leela's hand for quite sometime.

Sometime later.

Leela: (softy) "Thank you for saving my life back there Fry."

Fry: (nervous) "Ahh, it was nothing."

She narrows her eye.

Leela: "Why would you say that for?"

She stares at Fry waiting for his reply.

Leela: "Well?"

Fry's heart at this point was beating 150 miles per hour and going very red in face.

Fry: (nervous) "I--Ah--Um--Ah--Um--I don't know--Um--Em--"

Leela: "Fry you're sweating!"

Fry: (nervous) "You --want-- me--to take my ha--"

Leela: "No!"

Leela takes a deep breath.

Leela: (softy) "Just relax, Fry."

She puts her arm around Fry's waist.

Fry: (thinking) "This is it, come on, get one of them things, a headache with pictures say something romantic. But don't every time I say something romantic, I end up saying the wrong thing? Well, I'll be more of loser, if I don't try at least."

Leela: (softy) "Are you ok, Fry?

Fry: "Yeah. Leela can I say something?"

Leela:"Sure, you just said something to me right now."

Fry: "Look Leela, I know this annoys you to no end, to no ends Leela, but-- please give me a chance! I can try and change! I'll be less immature. Just please give me a chance! Will you?"

Leela: "You will try?"

Fry:(nervous) "Yes. And I, I ,I--"

Leela: (softy) "Yes, Fry?"

Fry: "I love you, Leela!"

Fry turns his head away from Leela, looks down at his feet,takes his hand off Leela's hand, knowing what he said was stupid,he expects to receive, a ass whopping or with luck just to be shouted at but to his surprise, he didn't receive either. Fry received another arm around waist.

Leela: (softy) "Say it again, for me Fry."

Fry (quietly) "I love you, Leela."

Leela pulls him closer her lips just inch away from Fry lips.

Leela: "I love you too, Fry."

Fry dares to put his arms around Leela, She does not reject, him with his arms round her in fact she gives him a gently squeeze. Leela stares into Fry's eyes for a minute and Fry does the same, she then kisses him, lightly at first and then more passionately.

Narrator: "Woo this Fry looks like he's going to get lucky tonight and for so many other nights after and maybe after a while with luck even marriage! Ahem! Sorry about that! The romantic rays, truly worked this time round. With out being interrupted, by some stinking lobster, by the name of Doctor John Zoidberg! Sorry for the racism there."

To be continued