Fan Fiction

Hold On
By Frosty

[Six months passed and Leela started getting bigger. Because of the time she would be taking off for her maternity leave, Leela began to work late every night. Knowing that she would like him home, Fry talked to the dean so he could have two weeks off to stay home with Leela after she delivered. They were sitting on the couch on a Saturday night, about one week before Leela’s next ultrasound, and Fry was reading a science magazine while Leela was reading a novel. After finishing the article he was reading, Fry put down the magazine and stretched his arms as he groaned. Leela giggled a little and he looked at her.]

Fry: What?

Leela: Nothing, it was just funny.

Fry: How was that funny?

Leela: I don’t know, it just was.

[Fry stared at her until she put her book down.]

Leela: Now what?

Fry: Nothing, I’m just trying figure out why you found that funny.

Leela: Do you have a problem with me teasing you?

Fry: No. I’m just doing this to annoy you.

[He turned on the TV and Leela shook her head. She was about to pick up her book again, but thought she could annoy Fry. She sat closer to him and pointed her finger inches from his cheek. His eyes shifted to the side and he grinned.]

Fry: What are you doing?

Leela: I’m not touching you.

Fry: Well, stop it.

Leela: Okay.

[She poked his cheek and he flinched.]

Fry: What are you doing now?

Leela: I said “I’m not touching you” and you said “Stop it.” So I did.

Fry: But you’re touching my face.

Leela: Well, I wasn’t touching you before.

[Instead of getting annoyed, he seemed to be confused.]

Fry: What do you want from me?!

[She laughed and kissed his cheek.]

Leela: You’re cute when you don’t know what’s going on.

[He chuckled and adjusted his glasses.]

Fry: I’m always cute.

Leela: You sure are.

[She kissed him again and Fry smiled.]

Fry: So, what do you want to do for dinner? You wanna order in or go out?

Leela: Lets go out, we haven’t done that in a long time.

Fry: Alright. So where do you wanna go? Any where you want to.

Leela: Lets go to Buffalo Wild Wings. I’m having a craving for chicken wings.

Fry: Whoo! Chicken wings and beer!

[He ran upstairs to change and Leela laughed. A few minutes later, Fry came down in a black tee-shirt and light blue jeans.]

Fry: Lets go!

Leela: Okay, hold on, let me go change.

[She went upstairs and Fry sat on the arm of the couch fiddling with his keys. He looked up at their wedding picture and smiled. Hearing Leela come down the stairs, he threw on his jacket and helped Leela with hers. He opened the door and stepped out of the way.]

Fry: After you milady.

Leela: Why thank you.

[He chuckled and locked the door before going out to the car.]

[Fry and Leela were sitting at a table in Buffalo Wild Wings with their menus. The waitress walked up to them and Fry put down his menu.]

Waitress: What can I get you folks?

Fry: We’re going to split a large order of fries and boneless wings.

Waitress: Okay, and what to drink?

Leela: I’ll have an ice tea.

Fry: And I’ll have a light beer.

Waitress: Coming right up.

[She took their menus and walked away. Fry reached across the table and took Leela’s hand.]

Fry: Are you getting ready for the ultrasound?

Leela: Yeah. I cant wait to see their arms and legs, and watch their heartbeats.

Fry: I know, but I’m ready to bring them home from the hospital.

Leela: Me too. I’m so excited.

[He squeezed her hand and smiled.]

Leela: (teasing) Are you still gonna think I’m cute when I’m 9 months pregnant?

Fry: Of course! I’ll always think you’re beautiful.

Leela: I cant believe how big I’m going to get. I mean, I knew I would get big, but now with twins, I’m gonna be huge!

[Fry laughed and the waitress set their drinks in front of them. Leela reached into her purse and pulled out a little black case. She handed it to Fry and he sighed.]

Leela: Come on, take your blood sugar.

[He pricked his index finger and put a drop of blood on the test strip. Putting his finger on a napkin to soak up the small droplets of blood on his finger, the meter beeped seconds later. After writing down the numbers down in a little book, he handed the case back to Leela who placed it back into her purse. But not before looking at the number he wrote down and smiling, obviously satisfied.]

Leela: You’ve been doing a really good job with keeping you’re blood sugar at a healthy level. Plus, you’re eating well, you haven’t stopped exercising, (pause) you’ve changed a lot these past years.

Fry: Come on, I’m still the same guy, I just realized it was time to grow up. If I was gonna go anywhere with my life, I knew I had to changed. (pause) I just wished I did it when we were still at Planet Express, maybe- maybe we could have been together sooner. Then, you wouldn’t of gotten hurt by Chris and-

Leela: But then we wouldn’t be here right now, and I wouldn’t trade this for anything.

[Fry smiled and squeezed her hand.]

Leela: I mean, we’re married, we both have great jobs that we love, a nice house, and we’re gonna have two kids soon.

Fry: You’re right, nothing could make my life better.

[After dinner they went for a drive along the pier and finally went home. When they walked in the house, Leela pinned Fry up against the wall and kissed him, then took his hand and led him upstairs to their room.]

Fry: You know, I was actually wondering what it would be like when you got big.

Leela: Well, lets find out.

[She pushed him in the room, letting him fall on the bed before closing the door.]

[Later, Fry walked out of the room with his robe on, and wearing a dazed expression.]

Fry: That was awesome!

[Leela, who was laying in bed already in her pajamas, laughed.]

Fry: You want some water?

Leela: Please.

[Fry walked downstairs and quietly picked up the phone. Dialing Bender’s number, he talk to him in hushed tones. A few minutes later, Fry was walking upstairs with two glasses of water. After handing it to Leela, he sat down.]

Leela: Hey hon?

Fry: Yeah?

Leela: Don’t tell Bender about our sex life again.

[Fry was holding Leela’s hand, both smiling, while the doctor was showing them the ultrasound the next day.]

Doctor: There’s the head of the one, (pause) and then there’s the other ones head. Now, there’s its arm-

[He looked up at the sound of a ring tone and Fry pulled out his phone.]

Fry: I’ll be right back.

[He kissed Leela’s cheek and went out into the hall. Leela looked back at the screen and smiled.]

Leela: Go on, I’ll tell him what he missed.

Doctor: Now, there’s an arm, hands, and if we move over here, we’ll find out if this one is a boy or girl.

Leela: Wait, we don’t want to know.

Doctor: Alright, then lets see, here’s-

[The doctor got closer to the screen after pausing and began moved the wand over one spot on Leela’s stomach. Adjusting the brightness of the screen, his shoulders slumped and he shook his head.]

Doctor: Uh-oh.

Leela: “Uh-oh”? Why did you say “uh-oh’? You’re not suppose to say “uh-oh”!

Doctor: Excuse me for a second.

[He put the wand down and left the room, leaving Leela. Fry was standing in the hall arguing with Bender on the phone. He had been driving the couple crazy by telling them what they should name their children.]

Fry: For the last time Bender, we’re not naming our kids after you! (pause) No, not even one of them.

[Leela sat up and looked at Fry in the hall. He turned around, facing the room and rolled his eyes at Bender‘s persistence.]

Leela: Fry! Go after the doctor, he said “Uh-oh”!

[Fry looked at her and his eyes went wide.]

Leela: Go!

Fry: I gotta go Bender.

[He hung up his phone, put it in his pocket. Walking down the hall, he saw the doctor pacing back and forth.]

Fry: What’s going on?

[The doctor looked at him and motioned for him to sit down.]

[Leela placed a hand on her stomach and her eye was brimmed with tears.]

Leela: (thinking) No, it was a mistake, nothings wrong. He was just talking about the machine, the babies are fine. Everything is fine.

[Fry’s eyes were wide as the doctor spoke slowly to him.]

Fry: You’re saying that you have to perform surgery on our children while their still in the womb?

Doctor: It’s called Polyhydramnios. It’s a very rare pregnancy complication that can be fixed with surgery. There’s too much amniotic fluid and we need to drain it. But you have to understand, if we don’t fix this,

[He took a deep breath and Fry felt his heart sink.]

Doctor: There’s a chance you could lose them.

[Fry leaned his head back and sighed heavily.]

Doctor: I know this is hard to hear, but it’s our only hope of saving them.

[Fry wiped his eyes and placed his head in his hands.]

Fry: What about Leela? Will she be okay?

Doctor: She should be, we’ll just have to see how the surgery goes.

[Fry sighed, and the doctor put a hand on his shoulder.]

Doctor: Lets go talk to your wife.

[Fry shook his head and they made their way back to the room.]

[Leela’s eye was filled with tears as Fry held her hand, tighter than he ever had. The doctor had just told her what was wrong and that she was going to need surgery.]

Doctor: If everything goes fine, then you’ll have to give birth by having a C-section, and then we’ll just have to see what happens.

[Leela wiped her eye, and Fry put his arm around her.]

Doctor: We’ll have to perform the surgery as soon as possible.

[Leela was sitting in a chair in the babies room by herself in the middle of the night. She couldn’t sleep, not after the day they had. Once they got home from the hospital, she and Fry barely spoke all day. Both were too upset for anything. Her eye was red and puffy, she hadn’t stopped crying, and just sat there all day with Fry holding her. Looking around the room, she kept forcing the thought that they may not be able to use this room for awhile from her mind. But it didn’t work. All she could think about was loosing their kids. Their kids, who weren’t even born yet, who they never got to meet.]

Fry: (OS) Hey,

[She turned her head and saw Fry standing in the door way. He had his plaid pants on with a grey shirt, his glasses were back on so he could see, but they intensified his bloodshot eyes.]

Fry: You couldn’t sleep either?

Leela: (soft) No.

[He walked in, feeling the soft white carpet under his feet, and sat on the arm of the chair, putting his arms around her. He sighed and kissed the top of her head.]

Fry: Everything’s gonna be fine. I promise.

Leela: How can you promise that? We don’t know what’s going to happen.

Fry: How can you say that? Leela, it’s like you’re just giving up.

[She put her head in her hands, not wanting to talk about this. Fry stood from the chair and then kneeled in front of her, placing a hand on her knee.]

Fry: (gentle) Look, it’s true no one knows what’s going to happen. But you have to have hope. If you don’t, then you have nothing.

[He moved her hands and lifted her head up.]

Fry: I love you. You know that.

[She shook her head and threw her arms around him.]

Leela: (crying) I love you so much Fry.

[Fry held her tight as she cried on his shoulder. Her tears soon soaked the sleeve of his shirt, but he could care less about it. Leela was still sobbing, while Fry basically held her up as the seconds dragged on, each one making it more painful for Fry to see her like this. The seconds became minutes, and as they dragged on, Leela seemed to calm down. Finally, an hour later, Fry felt the steady rise and fall of her chest, and the hushed sounds of her breathing. She had fallen asleep, and carefully picking her up, Fry carried her back into their room, not wanting to wake her. This was probably the only time she’d be able to sleep all night was the first thought that crossed his mind as he laid her down on the bed. Pulling the covers over her, Fry gently moved a strand of hair from her face and smiled. Kissing her cheek, he tip-toed around the bed and laid down. Rolling on his side, he could just see Leela’s sleeping figure in the darkness, wishing that there was something, anything, he could do to make her feel better.]

[Leela’s eye opened and she looked at the clock on the night stand. It was 9:30 in the morning and the sun was peaking through the window of the bedroom. Sitting up, she looked around to see that Fry was no where in the room. She guessed he went to work, but then heard something from down stairs. After getting out of bed, she put her robe on to keep her warm from the cold morning air, and she walked downstairs. She saw Fry, still in his pajamas, sitting at the dining room table with the phone in his hand and a pad of paper on the table. When she finally made it to the foot of the stairs, Fry hung up the phone and crossed something off of the paper. The floor creaked under Leela’s feet, causing Fry to look up. He smiled and after putting the phone down, he gave her a small kiss.]

Fry: How are you feeling?

[She didn’t answer him, just as Fry expected, but really, what could she say at a time like this? Her hand went to her stomach as she smiled weakly.]

Fry: I called your boss. He said you can work from home for as long as you need to, but to make sure you rest. Then I called the school, and they said they’ve got a sub to fill in for me until you’re home from the hospital.

[Leela’s smiled broadened a little and Fry took her hand.]

Fry: Come on, lets get you back upstairs. I’m putting you on house arrest until you’re done recovering from surgery.

[Slowly, he and Leela climbed the stairs and he helped Leela get comfortable in bed. He went over to his dresser and opened a box he had on top of it. He usually kept things like his wallet, keys, cell phone, and watch in there. Normally, things he used everyday. After picking his phone out of the box and turning it on, he turned to face Leela.]

Fry: I’m gonna go fix you some breakfast, and if you need anything, here’s my cell phone. Just call me downstairs.

Leela: Thank you Fry.

[He kissed her again before leaving the room and going down stairs. Soon the smell of eggs, bacon, and toast filled the kitchen and made it’s way up to the bedroom. Since she lost her appetite yesterday, Leela was starving and couldn’t wait for Fry to bring her breakfast. After what seemed like forever, Fry came upstairs with a tray in his hands. Smiling, he set it on Leela’s lap and took his plate off of it along with his coffee mug. Sitting on his side of the bed, Fry placed his mug on the nightstand next to him and looked at Leela, who had already wolfed down half of the eggs.]

Fry: Babe, slow down. The last thing we need is you getting sick.

[She remembered all the times she had told him the same thing and laughed.]

Leela: Sorry, but you’re sounding like me now.

[He laughed and took a sip of coffee. Feeling it warm his throat, he sighed contently and continued eating his breakfast in bed with Leela.]

[A while later, Fry and Leela were watching TV as they laid in bed together. He had showered and changed into some loose jeans and a white tee shirt. Leela also showered and changed, but into black sweats and one of her old tank tops.]

Fry: I haven’t seen you in that in a long time. It reminds me of when we worked at Planet Express.

Leela: I have to say the same about you. Just one thing.

[She took off his glasses and tilted her head. He looked so different without them on, since she had gotten so use to him wearing them all the time. Putting them back on his face, she smiled.]

Leela: I think you look better with them on.

[He smiled and looked back at the TV. Stretching out on the bed, his head became level with Leela’s stomach, and he gently placed his hand on it. Then, he felt something kicking, he looked up at Leela, who’s jaw had dropped.]

Fry: (soft) Wow,

[Leela placed her hand on Fry’s.]

Leela: You feel that?

Fry: Yeah,

[He put his ear against her stomach and Leela moved her hand onto his head. He could hear the babies kicking and he chuckled softly.]

Leela: Fry,

[He looked up at Leela, who was smiling.]

Leela: Those are our babies.

[He smiled and rubbed her belly.]

Fry: Yeah, they are.

[He took her hand and squeezed it.]

Fry: And they’re going to be fine.

[A few days later, Fry and Leela were at the hospital for her surgery. Fry was sitting on the edge of her bed, holding her hand. Neither of them had slept much the night before, and Leela‘s eye was blood shot from lack of sleep and crying all night.]

Leela: I’m so scared Fry.

Fry: Don’t worry, you’re going to be fine, the babies are going to be fine. It’ll be over before you know it, and I’ll be right here when you wake up. I promise.

[He kissed her cheek and looked in her eye.]

Fry: I love you.

Leela: I love you too.

[There was a knock at the door, and the nurse came in with Leela’s doctor.]

Doctor: We’re ready for you now Mrs. Fry. And don’t worry, everything’s going to be fine.

[Leela shook her head and looked at Fry. He hugged and kissed her one last time before they took her into the OR. The doctor put a re-assuring hand on Fry’s shoulder before he left. Fry sighed and sat down in the chair that was next to Leela’s bed. Knowing she would be in surgery for a few hours, he brought his laptop with him, hoping he could get some work done. But he realized that wasn’t going to happen. So he was just going to sit there for the next few hours.]

[About thirty minutes after they took Leela back, Fry began pacing around the room. It seemed like they should already be bringing her back, but there was still a lot longer to go. Not knowing what else to do, he made his way down to the cafeteria for some coffee. After paying for his drink, he decided maybe some fresh air would help him relax. Unfortunately, all the patients who were smokers were outside enjoying a cigarette.]

Fry: (thinking) Now there’s a sight. Hospital gowns, IV’s and cigarettes.

[He went back up to Leela’s room, and found Bender sitting in one of the chairs.]

Fry: Hey, what are you doing here?

[He shrugged and leaned back in the chair.]

Bender: Thought you could use some company.

[Fry smiled and sat down in the chair next to Bender.]

Fry: Thanks buddy.

[Having Bender there made the time pass quicker, and Fry soon saw the doctor walking down the hall. He entered the room and Fry and Bender stood.]

Doctor: Everything went fine. The surgery went fine, the babies are fine, Leela’s fine.

[Fry breathed a sigh of relief.]

Doctor: Your son and daughter are fighters Mr. Fry.

[Fry looked at him and his eyes went wide.]

Fry: Son and daughter?

Doctor: Oh, I’m so sorry, I forgot you didn’t want to know.

Fry: No, it’s fine.

[He smiled and the doctor patted his shoulder.]

Doctor: Congratulations.

Fry: Thank you.

[The doctor smiled back at Fry and looked out the door.]

Doctor: They should be bringing her back soon, she’s in recovery right now and-

[He stopped and looked at Bender, who was smoking a cigar.]

Doctor: Excuse me sir? You can't smoke in here.

[Bender just glared and blew a puff of smoke in his face. Fry coughed along with the doctor and Bender rolled his eyes.]

Bender: Alright, I’ll put it out.

Doctor: Thank you. Now as I was saying-oh here they come now.

[The nurses brought Leela back into the room and Fry sat down next to her. She was still sleeping, but was stirring a little.]

Doctor: She should be waking up soon. I’ll be back to check in sometime.

[He left with the nurses and Fry took Leela’s hand.]

Bender: I’ll see you meat bag.

[Bender patted his friends shoulder and left. Fry felt Leela’s arm move and her eye stared to open. He traced small circles on her hand with his thumb and she opened her eye fully.]

Fry: Hey there.

Leela: Hi,

[She looked around and then back at Fry.]

Leela: It’s over?

Fry: It’s over. And everything’s fine.

[He paused and sat on the edge of the bed holding Leela’s hand.]

Fry: Our son and daughter are fine.

[Leela gasped and her hand came up to her mouth.]

Leela: Really?

Fry: Really.

[Leela smiled and Fry kissed her.]

To be continued