Fan Fiction

I Dream of Amy
By Fryfan

I don't own Futurama or any of its characters.

I Dream of Amy


Futurama Main Title Theme: "Order It Now"

Roadrunner Cartoon


(Opening scene and we are at a restaurant, it is called Danny's. Fry, Leela and Bender at a table reading the menus.)

Leela: This is the restaurant I was telling you guys about. This is the perfect place for a well balanced breakfast.

(Old waitress enters.)

Waitress: What can I get you guys? (Coughs rather hard.)

Leela: Um I'll have the breakfast special.

Fry: I'll have the same.

Waitress: Some nice good choices.

Bender: I'll have three beers and some pancakes with oil syrup.

(Waitress leaves. We see on the table next to them, there is a kid right behind Bender and starts using a pea-shooter to hit Bender. Bender merely turns his head around and spits oil from his mouth right in the kid's face. Time passes and the crew has yet to get their orders.) 

Fry: Man, this is taking too long. I'm glad it's Sunday.

Leela: Good food, takes time.

Fry: Well, I'm getting to bottom of this. (Storms to the kitchen.) Hey, I want to talk to the chef? (The chef is HG Blob.)

HG Blob: What the Hell do you want?!

Fry: (scared) Nothing. (Heads back to his table. Later we see the crew finally eating and we see Amy come in and she's wearing a white tennis outfit and it is very short.)

Leela: Hey, Amy.

Amy: (happy) Leela, Fry...(Disappointed) and Bender.

Bender: Hey, how you doing? (Smokes a cigar.)

Leela: So Amy, what are you doing?

Amy: I just stop by to get a smoothie and head to the gym to practice some tennis.

Leela: Sounds nice. How was your breakfast, Fry?

Fry: It was good, Leela. I want to thank you for taking me to this place. (Leans over and they kiss.)

Leela: Thank you, Fry. That food really hit the spot, I'm stuffed.

Fry: I'm still hungry.

Amy: Then why don't you try their donut section. (Leads Fry to a part of the restaurant where they sell donuts. Fry looks around and sees average looking donuts. A guy walks and asks to the lady.)

Guy: Let me get a live one. (Lady hands him a donut and he pays.)

Donut: No, please don't. (The guy bites and the donut screams until, the donut is gone and the guy leaves.)

Fry: That looks good.

Amy: Trust me, you don't want one of those. They're genetically altered based foods.

Fry: Okay. (To Donut Lady.) Do you have anything that is more quieter and less guilty to eat?

Lady: We don't you two lovebirds try this donut.

Fry: (embarrassed) Oh we're not dating, we're just friends.

Amy: (embarrassed) Yeah, we're just friends. (Amy helps herself to the donut and eats it.) Chmmm, and the best part is that it's low fat. Try one, Fry. (Fry looks around, Amy gets another donut and offers it to Fry.)

Amy: Here try this one.

Fry: Hmm, this one has some neat sprinkles on it. (Eats it.) That was good, thanks Amy.

Amy: No problem, what are friends for? (Amy's cell phone rings and answers it.)

Amy: Hello...what? You can't make it? I understand. (Hangs up and looks disappointed. Leela walks up.)

Leela: Who was that?

Amy: It was my partner, she's come down with something.

Leela: Was it Joan Rivers Syndrome?

Amy: She didn't say. Gluck, and I was looking forward to playing some tennis. Leela could you take her place?

Leela: Sorry, but I need to go home and take care of Nibbler, he usually gets restless without his daily ham. (looks at Fry) Maybe, Fry can help you out.

Fry: You don't mind?

Leela: Of course not, after all, you and Amy are just as good friends as she and I are.

Bender: Hey, what about me? I'm a good friend to Amy.

Amy: You stole $50 from me yesterday.

Bender: Hey, I left you with $10.

Fry: Well Amy, I'd be glad to help you, but I'm not good at tennis.

Amy: Don't worry, I just need somebody to help me look good.

(Cut to them at the gym from "Why Must I Be a Crustacean in love?". We see Amy and Fry. Fry is in tennis clothing and in an indoor tennis court. Amy serves the ball and Fry is able to return, but Amy is quick and hits the ball back to Fry and Fry misses.)

Voice: You have to be more quick. (Pan to see that it is Serena Williams's Head.)

Serena: Like my father always said, second is not good enough. Why do you think I beat my sister back in 2002?

Amy: Calm down Serena, Fry is trying and any event you are the second black woman ever to win a Grand Slam singles title in tennis.

Serena: You didn't have to go there and besides that is only because I wasn't born back in 1958.

Fry: Thanks Amy, Serena's pep talk isn't help.

Amy: Hey after losing twenty times already, I think you deserve some comfort from Serena's pep talk. (Looks at her watch.) Glosh, look at the time, I better get home and shower.

Fry: Planning anything?

Amy: I have a date with Kif tonight.

Fry: Well good luck with your date.

Amy: Thanks, you know Fry, you really are a good friend.

Fry: Oh it was nothing.

Amy: I mean it, out of all my former boyfriends, you have managed to keep in touch with me to just be friends. My old dates were mostly rude, they'd complain that I'm still in their house in the morning.

Fry: Yeah, right.

Amy: Anyway, I'm glad you aren't like that.

Fry: Well, we do work at the same job and any event, I can say the same for you.

(They both laugh and Amy walks away. Next Scene. Robot Arms Hotel and Fry is ready for bed. He has a picture of him and Leela on his night table.)

Fry: Yup, a lovely girlfriend, a low-paying job, a home in a robot's closet and good, loyal friends. For the first time in my life, things are starting to go right. (Gets in bed and falls asleep. He dreams and he's in the tennis court and he's playing hard, trying not to lose. He's sweating from his forehead and it is revealed he's naked and the person he is playing against and Amy and she's naked. Fry makes one last hit and beats Amy.)

Fry: I scored.

Amy: It wasn't the first time. (Walks up to Fry and she's blinks her eye.)

Fry: I must say, you played hard.

Amy: Like I always do. (She leans towards him and they kiss and this is a long one. Then, since they are dressed for it, they drop to the floor and make out. The dream ends and Fry wakes up screaming and gets up. Bender rushes into the room.)

Bender: Fry, I heard you scream, did you cut yourself on the edge of the bed, again?

Fry: No, I had a bad dream.

Bender: The same one you had last time?

Fry: No, this was worse than the one where, I was Don Knotts from Three's Company.

Bender: What was it?

Fry: It was...(Hesitates)...nothing.

Bender: Alright, I'm going to log out, so if you need to talk, call someone on the phone and take it in another room so I can get some sleep. (Leaves, Fry is trying to get a grip.)

Fry: Calm down, Fry. It was just a dream, just one crazy dream and it is over.

(Lies down and tries to sleep. Next Scene. Morning at Planet Express, Fry is in the kitchen and he's trying to get a cup of coffee and he looks tired. Just then Amy arrives.)

Amy: Hey, Fry.

Fry: (Scared) Amy! (Calm) Nice to see you.

Amy: Can I get some coffee? (Fry realizes he's hogging the coffee pot.)

Fry: Sure, here let me pour you a glass. (Fry is shaking, feeling nervous. Leela enters.)

Leela: Morning Fry, morning Amy.

Amy: Morning Leela.

Fry: Leela! Oh I'm so glad to see you. I missed you, how long has it been since we last saw each other?

Leela: It was only yesterday.

Fry: And it felt like a lifetime.

Professor: (enters) Good news, everyone, you all will be delivering a box of white out to Ink 4, the ink planet.

(Cut to the PE ship and we see Fry in his bunk room and is in his hammock.)

Fry: Well, we succeeded in another delivery and now for some much needed rest. (Falls asleep. We are in his dream and we see Fry at Elzar's and he's naked again and this time with a collar and tie on. He's waiting for someone and then Amy shows up and she's naked.)

Amy: Hello there, I missed you so much.

Fry: And I missed you, too. (Elzar shows up to their table and he's naked.)

Elzar: I hope you two are enjoying your oyster special.

Fry: We are.

Elzar: If you excuse me, I'll bring your dessert and your banging big bill. (Leaves, and Amy just stares at Fry.)

Amy: Remember this. (Shows him the scar on her left shoulder from, "Put Your Head On My Shoulder".) I told you that every time I look at this scar, I'd think of you. And I've always thought you.

Fry: I know, it was wrong of me dumping you, please forgive me.

Amy: Yes, but I am little disappointed that you didn't choose me for your anti-time skipping room, when Earth was suffering him Time Skips.

Fry: It was a mistake.

Amy: I was so jealous when you got married with that cyclops, Leela.

Fry: You were jealous? But how could you know, it was during the time skips?

Amy: Something inside me just made that scene, not right, but I was happy after you both were divorced. But I was still mad at you, that I lied that you aren't a fantastic lover.

Fry: So, I really was good?

Amy: Enough talk, (removes all the stuff on the table) let's cut to dessert. Want to try some of my cookies? (They both kiss and then Fry wakes up screaming.)

Fry: Oh My God...

Leela: Fry, wake up. I heard you screaming.

Fry: What's going on?

Leela: You were sleeping after I ordered that we should rest up since Earth is a day away. You were probably having a bad dream.

Fry: Man, it was terrible, I was at Elzar's and I was naked making love with...(realizing it's Leela, he's talking to)...you.

Leela: You dreamt we were having sex naked in front of people? That is strange and perverted.

Fry: I know.

Leela: Did you eat that old burrito in the fridge before we left?

Fry: No, Dr. Zoidberg beat me to it.

Leela: It must be the prolonged space travel then. Try and get some sleep, you'll need it for tomorrow.

(Cut to Fry talking to Bender.)

Fry: ...and that is when I had to lie and say to Leela it was her that I was having naked sex with, in the dreams.

Bender: Hmmm.. This seems strange, I feel like I should be concerned with this.

Fry: I don't get it, why am I having naked sex dreams with Amy? I don't like Amy in that way.

Bender: Maybe it has to do with that time Leela got hit on the head and became your slave.

Fry: No, she's over that, as am I.

Bender: Or maybe you still have something for the Chinese chick.

Fry: But how? Why? I mean, we hardly ever did anything together after we broke up.

Bender: Perhaps, she hasn't gotten over it and your guilt is getting to you?

Fry: But Amy seemed okay with us breaking up.

Bender: Then you figure it out, here I am coming up with possible explanations and you complain. (Bender turns away on his hammock. Fry still seems confused and worried. Cut to PE building, Fry was at the couch and Amy enters.)

Amy: Hey Fry, would you like to try some of my cookies.

Fry: What?!

Amy: The cookies I baked for Kif.

Fry: But you never bake cookies.

Amy: I know, but I want to try baking, since Kif says he loves chocolate chip. Here please try some and tell me if they are good.

(Fry looks nervous, but decides not to be rude. He takes a bite of one the cookies.)

Fry: It tastes good.

Amy: Thanks.

Fry: Amy, can I ask you something?

Amy: Sure.

Fry: Remember when we used to go out and I broke up with you?

Amy: Yes.

Fry: You were okay with that right? I mean you knew that I just wanted to be friends, right?

Amy: Of course, if we never broke up, then I'd never met Kif. Why would you ask me that question?

Fry: Oh nothing, just making conversation.

Amy: Okay. (Leaves with a strange feeling.)

Fry: I can't have a romantic thing for Amy, can I? I mean sure she's cute, sexy and fun to be around with and I like her hair style and she looks great in that pink sweatsuit. I wish Leela would wear...What am I saying?! I LOVE LEELA. I just like Amy as a friend.

(Cut to Amy's apt and we see Amy and Leela sitting at a table. They are both dressed for a date.)

Leela: It was nice of you and Kif to invite us to this home dinner.

Amy: I know, Kif and I have always wanted to double date and we were wondering when you'd by with Fry.

Leela: I think it is good for Fry, he seems a little uneasy.

Amy: How do you mean?

Leela: He's seemed really tensed ever since our last delivery. He says it was from a dream he had.

Amy: What dream?

Leela: That he's been having dreams of being naked and having sex with me.

Amy: That is so typical of men.

Leela: Yeah, but he seemed like he didn't like them very much.

Amy: Fry, has been acting strange, just today he was asking me if I was okay with him breaking up with me back when we were dating.

Leela: Why would he ask you that?

Amy: I don't know.

(Cut to the kitchen. Kif and Fry, Fry dressed for a date and Kif is in his DOOP uniform.)

Fry: This punch you made Kif taste great.

Kif: Thank you Fry, but they aren't as good as Amy's cookies.

Fry: Yes, uh Kif, you really love Amy, right?

Kif: Of course, Fry, she's my other half.

Fry: Just like Leela and I.

Kif: I guess so.

Fry: Then what if you been having dreams of being naked with another women?

Kif: Excuse me?

Fry: I mean let's say you were having naked dreams of Leela, how would you deal with it?

Kif: What are you saying?

Fry: Look Kif, I can't take the guilt, I have been having dreams of being naked with Amy. I feel bad about it, but in my dreams I enjoy it and I don't know how to explain it. What do you think? (Kif starts to strangulate Fry.)

Fry: Kif, what are you doing? This isn't like you, at all.

Kif: You are having dirty dreams with Amy, and you are questioning me?

(Fry screams and they both fall into the other room and Amy and Leela are shocked as Fry lies on the floor being choked by Kif.)

Amy: Kif, what are you doing?

Leela: Lt. Kroker, control yourself.

Kif: (Stops choking Fry and as Fry is gasping for air.) This man has a perverted mind, he's been having dreams of being naked with you Amy.

(Amy and Leela are shocked. Fry stares with a guilty look at Leela. Leela looks into Fry's eyes hoping that it is not true.)

Leela: Are you sure it was Amy, and not me in an Amy mask? Or how about me looking like Amy? Or just me with two eyes?

Fry: I'm sorry, Leela.

(Leela looks sad, and she fights the urge to cry, but a tear comes down her one eye and she walks out. Kif and Amy just stare at Fry as Fry looks ashamed. Just then Bender enters.)

Bender: Well, I brought the booze and I managed to ditch Zoidberg, where's this fancy home cooked dinner?

(Zoidberg enters. He's panting.)

Zoidberg: Bender, I'm so glad I finally caught up with you. I was all with the running and trying not lose you.

Bender: Ahh crap.

(Next Scene. Outside of Leela's apartment and Fry is knocking on the door.)

Fry: Leela, please let me in, I can explain. (The door slides open and Leela appears with a mean look on her face.)

Leela: Explain what? That you lied about having naked dreams with me and really having naked dreams with Amy?

Fry: I didn't want to hurt you.

Leela: Well Fry, you did.

Fry: Leela, you have to believe me, I don't love Amy that way.

Leela: That is just what my old boyfriend Sean would say. He'd say that he had no interest in another woman, but it turns out he did, because he said he was bored with me. That broke my heart, and Fry you just did.

Fry: Leela, I'm not like him.

Leela: Then why are you having dreams of having sex with her?

Fry: I don't know why, I'm freaked out by it as well.

Leela: Maybe, you are just hiding you real emotions from her and yourself.

Fry: NO!

Leela: Fry please, let's not let this ruin our friendship. I think it would be best if we separate for a while, just until you handle your dreams.

Fry: Leela please...

Leela: (starting to cry) Fry, I've had my heart broken by other men in the past because they got bored in just dating me, but I never thought you'd...

(Starts crying so she closes the door and Fry looks sad as we hear Leela crying in her apt. Cut to Fry on the street and he's crying in the rain while the song, "All Out Of Love" by Air Supply is playing. Just then Smitty and Url show up.)

Smitty: Alright buddy, moping around on sideway is not allowed without a permit. Beat It!

(Fry gets up and leaves with his head down. Next Scene. Fry seems to be talking to someone for advice.)

Fry: ..so there you have it. The girl I love dumped me because I'm having naked dreams with another female co-worker. I'm at a lost, and I still don't understand why?

Voice: I wouldn't worry about that...(Pan to reveal it was Amy and they are both naked in bed.)

Amy: I forgive you. (Leans to kiss Fry, and they both kiss and make out again. Fry wakes up from that dream and finds himself in a waiting room to see a therapist.)

Receptionist: The doctor will see you now, Mr. Fry.

(Cut to Fry on a couch talking with the therapist. The therapist is really a lizard like alien and sort of resembles Ben Stein. His desk has a photo of his wife and kids.)

Fry: So there you have it, Dr. Reptilia, I don't know what to do?

Dr. Reptilia: Hmm it seems you are struggling with some inner conflict. You seem to have a romantic interest with two of your female co-workers.

Fry: What about the dreams?

Dr. Reptilia: Your dreams are simply your mind trying to tell you something.

Fry: What that I love Amy?

Dr. Reptilia: Probably, or maybe it has to do with something you don't notice in the dreams?

Fry: I don't know, I need to take a walk. (Gets up and leaves.) Thank you, doctor.

Dr. Reptilia: No problem. (Sees a fly and uses his tongue to eat it. Fry walks out of the office.)

Fry: Hmm, so my dreams are just trying to tell my something, I know what I must do.

(Cut to Fry on his couch drowsy, he has all sorts of coffee, bags of sugar and is watching TV. Bender enters.)

Bender: Hey Fry, keep it down the TV is keeping me up.

Fry: I can't help it, I haven't slept in three days. I can't so I won't dream about being naked with Amy.

Bender: Well, pipe down, I want to be up and early to be late for work. (Heads back to his room.)

Fry: Must stay awake. Must stay awake. (Time passes and Fry is fast asleep.)

Fry: Where am I? (Realizes he's naked.) Oh right.

Amy: Hey Fry.

Fry: (not surprised) Hey Amy. Well, let's get this over with since so I can wake up screaming.

Amy: Silly you, aren't you going to ask me why I'm in your dreams?

Fry: Okay fine, why are you in my dreams? Don't you know I love Leela? You are ruining my relationship with her. I thought we were friends?

Amy: We are and that is why I want us to be together.

Fry: Why? What about Kif?

Amy: Kif is cute, but not as sexy as you.

Fry: I'm sorry, but I don't love you that way.

Amy: Oh Fry, I know you want me, but there is something you need to do before we can be together.

Fry: What is that?

Amy: I want you to kill Leela.

Fry: What?!

Amy: Once she's out of the picture then we can be together.

Fry: I won't do it. And you can't make me. (Fry wakes up and in a zombie tone.)

Fry: I must kill Leela. (Next Scene. PE building and Amy and Leela meet by the coffee pot.)

Amy: Leela, I want to say, I'm sorry about you and Fry and I really don't know what else to say. This has me shocked as well.

Leela: I'm sure you are sorry, since you seem to enjoy being in Fry's dreams.

Amy: Hey? You can't blame me for what dream Amy does with Fry.

Leela: You're right, I'm sorry. I'm just so depressed about this.

Amy: I mean, I can't believe Fry would be having dreams of being naked with another woman.

Leela: He has the notion to say he doesn't know why he's having those dreams as if I was a moron or something. Honestly, sometimes I wish Fry could be a little more smarter instead of coming up with dumb excuses like that.

Amy: You mean like the time when he was a smart, strong, loving person when he had those worms?

Leela: Yes, sometimes I wonder what would happen if he had kept those things?

(Just then Fry arrives and he has something behind his back.)

Leela: Good Morning, Fry.

Fry: Hello Leela, I have something for you. (Reveals it is an ax and tries to chop Leela, but she ducks. Amy backs away scared.)

Leela: Fry, what is the matter with you?

Fry: (Trance) I must kill you, so I can be with Amy.

(Tries to chop her again, but again misses and hits a table. Leela then is able to kick the ax away from Fry and gets into fighting stance.)

Leela: Fry, I don't want to hurt you, but since you've become insane. (Tries to kick Fry, but Fry amazingly blocks it, like he has good coordination all of a sudden.)

Leela: Fry, how could you block those blows? Just last week you couldn't catch a frisbee when Bender took you to the park.

Fry: Nothing will stop me from killing you.

Amy: (Stepping in) Please Fry, you've gone Fatal Attraction and you need to stop. Leela is your friend and she's my friend, though the fact that a guy would kill for me is a little flattering.

Leela: Amy!

Amy: Sorry. (Fry just grabs Amy pushes her out the room.)

Fry: Now that my Amy is safe from harm, nothing can stop me from killing you. (Walks closer to Leela when Bender comes in and nails Fry in the back of the head with chair.)

Bender: That's for taking my ax.

Leela: Thanks Bender for saving me and stopping Fry.

Bender: Saving you?...Yeah, I meant to do that.

(Cut to Fry strapped on a table and trying to break free. We see the Professor, Leela, Amy and Bender looking on.)

Fry: Must kill Leela. Must kill Leela.

Leela: What is wrong with Fry? (Professor has a brain scanner and is examining Fry's brain.)

Professor: Hmm it appears his brain waves are more abnormal than usually. Has Fry been sticking his head in the microwave again?

Leela: I don't know. First he's having dreams of having naked sex with Amy and now he wants to kill me?

Bender: He's crazy, maybe we should take him back to the Robot Asylum.

Professor: No wait, perhaps this is a chance to try out my newest invention.

(Cut to Fry out cold and with a helmet on his head.)

Leela: Are you sure it was a good idea to put him to sleep that way, why couldn't you have used sleeping gas?

Professor: That would've cost money and besides you can beat a good old fashion mallet. (Holds it and then puts it down.) This is my newest invention, the dream machine, it allows me to view people's dreams for my amusement.

Amy: Neat.

Bender: So we can see Fry's naked sex with Amy? Where's the VCR on this thing?

Leela: Bender!

Bender: What? My website needs to be more exciting due to lack of hits.

Professor: Let's turn this thing on and there. (We seen on a TV screen Fry's first dream and he's playing naked tennis with Amy.)

Professor: (Looking at naked Amy.) Oh my.

Leela: What are we looking for?

Amy: (mad) Yeah?

Professor: Anything that may explain Fry's recent madness.

Leela: Wait a minute pause this, I think I saw something. (The image pauses.) Can you zoom in on this? (The Professor zooms in.) Now, focus more on the tennis court net. (The Professor zooms in more on the image and we start to see something.)

Amy: Leela's right, there is something there.

(The Professor manages to get the image to zoom much closer and we see worms, and they look like the ones from "Parasites Lost" and they are dressed like they are filming a movie scene.)

Leela: It's those worms, from when Fry ate that egg salad sandwich.

Professor: Fascinating, they appear to have entered Fry's subconscious and seem to be controlling the part of the brain that creates dreams.

Leela: They must be responsible for Fry's naked dreams, then that means Fry really doesn't have feelings for Amy.

Amy: Hooray! (Looks happy, but has a little bit of sarcasm in her expression. Professor gets another image on screen and it is Fry's second dream at Elzar's. Fry and Amy are naked and eating and we see the worms in the salt and pepper shakers. We cut to Fry's third dream and while both Fry and Amy are in bed, we see the worms on the night table. And we see Fry's fourth dream and while Amy is telling Fry to kill Leela we see the worms with one of those TVs that provide lines and the lines read out what Amy has said throughout this dream.)

Leela: The worms told Fry to kill me.

Bender: Interesting, but how pray tell did they get inside Fry to do this? Wouldn't Fry have to have eaten something?

Professor: Yes, he would have.

Amy: Wait. (Flashback and we are back at Danny's. Fry looks around, Amy gets a donut and offers it to Fry.)

Amy: Here try this one.

Fry: Hmm, this one has some neat sprinkles on it. (Eats it, but we have a closer look at the donut and the sprinkles are actually the worms.) That was good, thanks Amy.

Amy: No problem, what are friends for? (End Flashback.)

Leela: The worms must have been hiding in that donut Fry ate and that is how they got in Fry's body.

Professor: This is horrible, if we don't get those worms out of him, then I'm afraid he be completely lost to us. It is just a good thing he's not a postal worker.

Leela: We have to get those worms out.

Professor: They only way is for us to go inside Fry and make them leave.

Leela: I'll do it, alone.

Amy: No Leela, there are too many of those worms, you can't fight them all by yourself. I'll go with you.

Leela: I can't allow that.

Bender: Since when do you care, about risking your life rich girl?

Amy: Well first of all, it is my fault that Fry has the worms and also I like Fry as a friend. I mean when I was just an intern I looked at Fry and rest of you as just co-workers, since Hermes and Professor told me not to get attached because they expected the three of you to be dead the first month.

Professor: You all have broken the staying alive record

Amy: However, since you all survived this long, I've grown to like each of you as a friend.

Leela: That is thoughtful Amy, but Fry is my boyfriend and I feel bad that I didn't believe him about the dreams and for being mad at you and I feel worse now that I was wrong about Fry getting rid of the worms in the first place. Professor, I'm ready.

(Cut to the Professor using the same micro droid machine and makes a mini verison of Leela and we see Leela in her net suit. The Professor using tweezers to pick up mini Leela and shoves her in Fry's left ear, and Fry is still out cold.)

Professor: Good Luck, Leela.

(We see Leela now in Fry's body and she's running in the ear tube and manages to get to the brain. And it looks much like from "Parasites Lost", but more of a Hollywood studio feel. We see a worm dressed in a director's chair and he is the worm who was ruler from "Parasites Lost".)

Director: Alright, listen up, Fry is fighting the urge the kill. We are going to do another dream of Fry being naked with the Asian girl telling him to kill, now where can we place them?

Worm1: A bathroom on an airplane?

Worm2: A cabin on a snowy mountain?

Worm3: How about them on a beach?

Director: Beach? I like the sound of that.

Leela: Alright, shows over. (Worms look at Leela and they are prepared to fight.)

Director: What are you doing here?

Leela: I'm asking you the same question. What are you doing making Fry wanting to kill? I thought you worms were simply interested in making Fry smarter, stronger and more perfect?

Director: We still do, but we can't as long you are still alive.

Leela: What do you mean?

Director: When Fry entered his own body, he demanded we leave to prove that you loved him, for himself and not what we did. He got rid of us for you and that pissed us off, do you know how long it took for him to swallow all those forks so we could build our homes?

Leela: Fry got rid of you worms for me?

Director: Yes, if it wasn't for you than we would still be inside him. Once we eliminate you, then he will have no reason to part with us. Men, seize her.

(The worms are about to gang up on her when she starts to use her martial arts. The scene pays homage to the classic 1960's Batman TV show. The worms come up to her with stuff to hit her with, when Leela gives them a pow, slam and such. The Director worm just looks on with fear that his worms aren't able to finish off Leela. The Director looks up at the lighting rig and sees that Leela is directly under it. He grabs a sword and throws it up, it cuts the cable and it falls. Leela manages to move, but not completely. The worms have her. Cut to outside of Fry's body and Amy and Professor notice the way Leela looks in the net suit.)

Amy: Leela looks like she's in trouble, what do we do?

Professor: How should I know? I can't think of everything. What do I look like a scientist? (Realizes he has his lab coat.) Oops. (Cut back to inside Fry's body and the Leela is tied to a chair.)

Worm: Yes, any moment we are going to have Fry break free from his prison and since you are just a micro droid of yourself, your real self is busy and totally defenseless. Once you are gone, we can focus more on perfecting this lousy excuse of an organism.

(Just then Amy comes in with a laser gun and blasts the cameras and sound systems the worms have. She makes it over to Leela and unties her.)

Leela: Thanks Amy.

Amy: Don't mention it. (They huddle over to the worms and the push the director in front of them.)

Director: Please, we'll do anything you want.

Leela: Good, now leave Fry's body once and for all.

Director: Deal. (Worms are unhappy, except one.)

Worm: It is a good thing, his stomach region hasn't been the same since he invented Taco Night.

(Cut back to the PE building and we see Professor, Amy, Fry and Leela at the conference table.)

Professor: So Fry how do you feel?

Fry: I feel great, I haven't had a naked dream with Amy since the worms have been gone. Leela, Amy, I want to thank you both.

Leela: No problem.

Amy: Think nothing of it.

Professor: Oh sure no one thanks the scientist for finding out the problem. (Walks away mad.)

Leela: Fry, I want to apologize for not believing you.

Fry: You don't need to apologize, you would never have known.

Leela: And I also want to apologize about what I did when you first got rid of the worms. I know now that you shouldn't try to change someone you care about. All that matters is we both are happy. (They both kiss and then Bender enters with a pot of something.)

Bender: Greetings meatbags, I have dinner for you guys, robot stew with white beans.

(Offer bowls and pours some stew for Fry, Leela and Amy. Fry grabs a spoon and scoops up some soup and looks at the beans.)

Fry: Well it looks good. (We see that one of the beans has eyes and we hear "dum dum dum".)




Well I hope you enjoyed this Fry/Amy. Note. I read the reviews and people were confused as to Fry and Leela dating and being a couple in this story. The story takes place between "The Stepford Leela" and "PE Angels". All my regular Futurama fanfics, dated after Aug 10, take place after the final episode of Futurama. I try to have my fanfics connected with each other and with the show, except for my SpyOrama fanfics.


Acknowledgments: I want to thank the following people, since it is almost my one year anniversary since I started visiting ff.net and started doing fanfics of my own.

I want to thank Matt Groening and David X. Cohen first off for creating the show. You two are geniuses

Eric Horsted for writing the episode, "A Flight to Remember" which gave us fans the first look at the idea of seeing Fry and Amy together.

Ken Keeller for writing the episode, "Put Your Head On My Shoulder" and going even further in pleasing fans with the idea of seeing Fry and Amy together.

And I also thank Eric Kaplan for writing the episode "Parasites Lost" which gave me the idea in using the worms for my story.

I also want to thank the following fanfics writers for inspiring me to write the fanfic, "I Dream of Amy":

Kryten for writing stories like "The Oyster Syndrome", "On A Wong and A Prayer", "Secret and Eyes III" and "Catastrophe" (Still waiting for it to be finished). All were good stories, and showed the friendship between Fry and Amy to the level that I'd say Matt and David would want.

Demon of the Sky for writing the story, "Love Hurts" (Still waiting for it to be finished). It was great and it gave Futurama fans the idea of "what if Fry and Amy were allowed to get together on the show."

Officer 1BDI for writing the Rama Trilogy. (Still waiting it to be finished.) I enjoyed the scene where Fry asked Amy to be his date, only to make Amy mad when they danced and Fry kept looking across at Leela.

The Frylight Staff at FSAC for writing "The Frylight Zone" stories. (Also waiting for this to be finished.) If Futurama was going to have a spin-off with Fry and Amy working together as a team, this would be it. This series reminds me of the Irwin Allen 1960's show The Time Tunnel, even though I never really watched the show. I just heard about it on some documentary talking about the career of Irwin Allen.

 Also, want to thank all the other good writers that I've placed comments on for their fanfics. Their stories are good as well. I also thank you all for reading my stories and liking my spin-off SpyOrama. It is almost been a year for me and you ain't seen nothing yet...