Fan Fiction

I, Fry, am Spy
By Fryfan

I don't own Futurama or any of its characters. (Though their spy counterparts were my creations.)

Spy-O-Rama Main Title (Kind of James Bondish, but with an influence of Danny Elfman.)

Mission Title: I, Fry, Am Spy

Spy Tip #5 Get a spy sticker for your spy car to avoid getting a ticket.

(This story takes place right after "Jinx Full Throttle".)


(Opening Scene. Fry, Leela and company are right in front of the DOOP Headquarters.)

Leela: Agent C. Why are we called to DOOP HQ?

Hermes: They are having a ceremony for 014 and you.

Leela: Really, that is great.

Fry: What do you think, they'll give us? I hope it is a racing car.

Professor: No, 014! You'll each be getting a plaque that says how great spies you both have been.

Zoidberg: Will there be any food?

(They enter, but are shocked to see Ironfinger and Jinx holding the place hostage. Glab, the Head of DOOP can be seen.)

Glab: Oh thank God you spies are here, help!

Ironfinger: Aw, Mr. Fry, I'm glad you've made it.

Fry: Ironfinger!

Ironfinger: Jinx, now.

(Jinx pushes a button and that creates a force field covering our heroes. The force fields covers them from the shoulders down.)

Hermes: I can't move, and I have to use the bathroom.

Professor: I do too, oh wait, not anymore.

Leela: What are you two doing here?

Ironfinger: I'd be glad to answer that Agent 1BDI. I heard about you two getting this award, and I was mad that I wasn't invited. (Pulls out a bottle of beer and drinks it.) For you see if it weren't for me, you wouldn't by a spy at all, Mr. Fry.

(Everybody gasps.)

Ironfinger: So, I have brought with me, this. (Shows them a computer with a helmet and screen.) With this, I'll hook 014 up and we'll know just how he became a spy.

Fry: Neat, how does it work?

Ironfinger: I'll just place this helmet on you, (and he does) and turn on the machine. The machine will tap into your memories and we can view your past. Also, this machine is so good, that it can instantly tap into other people's memories, so it can provide multi-stories just like a TV show. That way it doesn't become boring. (He turns on the machine and the screen starts to turn on.) Well come on people crowd around, there is plenty of room. (Ironfinger moves everybody closer to see the screen better. We can see Old New York, the date is Dec. 31, 1999. Everything happens to Fry the same way from Space Pilot 3000, until we get to Fry on the floor where the tubes are. Fry walks down the hall and then hears gunfire and from out a door comes a man in a tux. He's been shot badly. Fry helps him.)

Fry: Are you alright sir?

Man: (With a Sean Connery accent, in a Roger Moore sort of way.) The name's Stone, John Stone. Look, there isn't much time, I work for the government, I'm a secret agent.

Fry: A secret agent?

Stone: Yes, they call me, Agent 014.

Fry: 014? Does that mean you are twice as better than James...

Stone: Please, I don't have much time. (He gives him a floppy disk.) Take this disk and go inside that room. In there you'll find a tube with its door open. Place the disk in there and leave, you got that?

Fry: But I have a pizza to deliver to a "I. C. Weiner". Crud.

Stone: Look, the fate of Earth depends on you.

Fry: Okay. (Takes the disk and heads inside the room. He sees all the tubes and finds the one with the door open.) I guess this must be it. (Just then he turns to look at the window and sees the clock going down from 3, 2, 1 and it is the year 2000. Then we see the desk chair being pushed by someone, "Think, The Why In Fry". The chair rams into Fry and he gets into the tube and is frozen. Then the door to the room opens and two Omicronians come in. They look around the room. One has a radio.)

Omicronian: Sir, we have a problem. (Lrrr is who they are speaking to.)

Lrrr: Did you get the disk back?

Omicronian: We found the human who took it, but he's dead and doesn't have the disk with him.

Lrrr: Bring the body back, odds are he's placed it somewhere that only probing can help us.

(The Omicronians leave and we see Fry still frozen. Pretty much the same thing happens from "Space Pilot 3000". When Fry looks at the wonderful future. The two scientists come in and they say their lines, from "Space Pilot 3000", but then two DOOP agents show up and take Fry by the arms.)

Fry: where are you taking me?

Agent1: Relax, everything is going to be fine.

(As soon as they leave Zapp shows up to talk to the scientist.)

Zapp: Excuse me, I was wondering if you had someone frozen for me. I need a sexy woman, by my side if I'm going to start my life as a super villain.

Scientist1: Let's see who we have. (Opens one tube and Michelle comes out.)

Michelle: Where am I?

Zapp: Well hello there.

(Cut to the agents that have Fry, they take him to go see the Head of DOOP at DOOP HQ.)

Glab: At last, I get to meet the legend.

Fry: Oh my God an alien?

Glab: Fear not, for I'm in charge of DOOP.

Fry: DOOP?

Glab: The Democratic Order of Planets. Let me be the first to say, welcome to the 30th Century, Agent 014.

Fry: Agent 014?

Glab: Yes, the great Agent 014 who froze himself in order to protect the key to saving Earth.

Fry: you mean this floppy disk?

Glab: Yes, with that and you working for us, the world will be a safer place.

Fry: Me, a secret agent? Wow, I'm going to be like James Bond and those other spies that ripped him off.

(Cut to him outside a door. Glab is with him.)

Glab: Well Agent 014 you've just completed your physical, now you'll need to have a crash course in Earth's history for the last 1,000 years from our specialist, Turanga Leela, also known as Agent 1BDI.

(Fry enters the room and sees a purple-haired woman staring at the window.)

Leela: hello, agent 014.

(Pretty much it is same thing at happens when Fry met Leela in Space Pilot 3000.)

Fry: Can I ask a question?

Leela: As long as it is not about my eye.

Fry: Okay...

Leela: It is about my eye?

Fry: Sort of.

Leela: Ask the question.

Fry: What's with the eye?

Leela: I'm a mutant, alright.

Fry: Cool, a mutant, do you have super powers and try to convince the world that you are a hero, not a monster.

Leela: No, I just work here. Now, I going to educate you on everything that has happened since you've been frozen.

(Fry notices the calendar and it reads December 31, 2999.)

Fry: Oh my God, I've been frozen for like a million years.

(Time passes and Leela exits the room to tell Glab Something.)

Glab: How did he take it?

Leela: He's not 014, he's just some moron from the 20th century, who took the disk and got frozen in the tube.

Glab: What!? You mean he's not 014?

Leela: Correct.

Glab: This is terrible, but at least the disk has what we want.

Leela: What shall we do with this guy?

Fry: (entering and trying to act like a spy.) Please, the name's Fry, Philip J. Fry.

Glab: Well sir, I'm going to have to tell you to go back to whatever job you had.

Fry: What!? I don't want to go back being a delivery boy in this time. Please, I'm willing to do anything to help my planet.

Glab: I'm going to allow this.

Leela: What!? How can you let this guy be a spy? You discharge Zapp for being incompetent.

Glab (just to Leela): Well this young man seems to have the heart and spirit, maybe not the intelligence but the heart and spirit of an agent. And besides he'll be expendable. I'm going to assign him a partner. (To Fry) Congratulations Agent 1BDI meet your new partner, the new 014.

Fry: Alright, we're partners. (Leela has a disappointed expression.)

Glab: Now, I'm going to assign you both to Planet Express, a cover for to one of our headquarters in NNY. According to Fry's DNA, he has one living relative there, Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth.

Fry: Who's he?

Glab: He's your great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, nephew.

Fry: Aw, how old is the little guy?

Glab: 160.

(Fry is shocked.)

Leela: (just to glab.) Ma'am, I don't want this moron to be my partner.

Glab: Look just do this one mission and whether he survives or not, I'll reassign you to someone else.

Leela: You better.

(Cut to PE HQ. Our heroes meet Hermes.)

Hermes: Hello, you two must be the new spies, I'm Agent Conrad.

Leela: The Head of DOOP said you've managed to gather the information from the floppy disk.

Hermes: Yes, along with the Professor,

(the Professor enters.)

Hermes: 014, 1BDI, this is Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth. He is a specialist in spy technology.

Professor: Look at my latest invention, the Fing-longer.

Fry: hello there, I'm your dear uncle Fry.

Professor: I don't have an uncle Fry.

Leela: Look, can we spare the family reunion for later?

Hermes: Fair enough, now here is your first mission. The disk we took from Fry contains plans of a dangerous weapon created by the a group of aliens known as the Omicronians.

Leela: What's the weapon?

Professor: A laser so powerful that it can blow up a planet.

Leela: Wait, if they had this laser for a 1,000 years, why haven't they blown up Earth?

Professor: A laser this powerful takes years to build, and plus they get distracted by watching a lot of TV.

Hermes: Sources tell us that the Omicronians have completed their 1,000 year building of the laser and they plan on using it on Earth.

Fry: How do they plan on doing that?

Hermes: Well, it is believed they have Earth allies, the Robot Mafia.

(Shows a picture on the computer screen. We see The Donbot, Joey Mousepad and Clamps.)

Hermes: These are the members of the Robot Mafia. We haven't been able to find proof that they are helping the Omicronians. You'll have to go undercover and gather evidence.

Leela: What about the giant laser?

Professor: It will take time to find the weakness of the laser, in the meantime, you'll need someone to help you get close to the Robot Mafia.

(Cut to them going to the basement.)

Professor: Now, 014 and 1BDI, this mission is dangerous and will require the help of a robot. I've had this one down here doing odd jobs, but I think he can help you. (Shows our heroes, Bender, but he has on a pair of gloves.) This one I have for you is a Bending unit. Tell them who you are Bender.

Bender: I'm Bender.

Fry: Hi.

Leela: Hello there.

Fry: Hey, how come you have gloves on?

Bender: (panics) What these gloves? Oh no big reason, haven't you heard of today's fashion. They are all the rage for robots.

Fry: Well, they look great. Can I try them out?

Bender: No!

Jinx (VO) Wait A Minute! Stop the picture.

(Cut to Ironfinger pausing the screen and everyone is wondering what's the matter.)

Ironfinger: What's wrong?

Jinx: You mean, you Ironfinger were that robot and helped our, now enemies?

Ironfinger: Yes.

Jinx: Why didn't you tell me?

Ironfinger: You've never asked.

Jinx: So how did you become evil?

Ironfinger: Just watch and you'll see.

(Plays the screen and it shows outside of PE HQ and we see the PE ship blasting off.)

Professor: Good luck, you agents you.

(Cut to inside the ship.)

Leela: Now Fry, this is my first mission and I want it to be a good one, and not have any screw-ups.

Fry: Hey, is this the radio? (The radio turns on and we hear, MC Hammer's "You Can't Touch This." Fry starts jamming as Leela turns off the radio.)

Bender: So, do you humans have any booze?

Leela: I think there is some in the mini-fridge. (Bender takes out a few bottles of beer and starts drinking them.)

Fry: Why would a robot need to drink?

Bender: I don't need to drink, I can quit anytime I want.

Leela: No you can't, robots need alcohol to function properly, otherwise they'd screw up their circuits.

(Bender starts smoking a cigar.)

Fry: Why is he smoking a cigar?

Bender: They make me look cool.

(Cut to them landing nearby a big building. We can see a whole bunch of people entering for a party. Cut inside the ship and Leela has a beauty red dress and Fry has a black tux. Bender has a tux of his own and still has his white gloves on.)

Fry: Wow, Leela you look great.

Leela: I know, I'm supposed to.

Fry: Seriously, look in the mirror. (Leela does and smiles knowing Fry is right.)

Leela: Come on, the Robot Mafia should be inside the building. Bender, you'll have to get close to them and Fry and I will search for clues.

Bender: Yes, ma'am.

(Cut to them entering the building and they see all sorts of robots, aliens and humans and we see the Robot Mafia, sitting at a table.)

Donbot: So how's that new worker sleeping with the fishes?

Mousepad: Oh he's doing great.

Clamps: Yeah boss, just ask him yourself. (Pan to see Zoidberg wearing is black suit and derby.)

Zoidberg: Yes, Master I love the tanks you let me sleep in, and the fishes, mmm good.

Donbot: I'm glad that you are enjoying the quarters we've offered you.

(Zoidberg uses his claws to get a fish and eats it. Bender enters.)

Bender: Hey Donny B. Mind if I sit here.

Donbot: Not at all, since you have some fancy gloves on.

Clamps: Hey, can I try them.

Bender: No! They look good with my outfit.

Mousepad: He's right.

Donbot: I like this guy, sit down.

(Bender does so. Cut to Fry by a table with beverages.)

Fry: Man, I love this party. I've drunk a martini shaken, not stirred and one stirred, not shaken and I can't decide which one is better.

Leela: Fry, come on and help me look for clues.

(Cut to them going into a back room and they search around for clues. Fry finds a magazine.)

Fry: Hey, pornography.

Leela: Fry, that is robot pornography.

Fry: Oh. (He flips through the pages and he still seems interested, until Leela snatches it away from him.)

(Leela searches and finds nothing, but then they are confronted by a robot.)

Robot: Who are you two and why are you in this room?

Leela: We're just looking for the restroom.

Fry: Hey Leela, I Think I've found something. (Pulls out a folder. The robot pulls out a laser.)

Robot: Give me that folder. (Leela kicks the robot, knocking him out. Fry and Leela are about to leave the room, but they hear more robots coming, so Leela pulls out a grappling hook gun and aims up.)

Fry: What's that?

Leela: Hang on. (She shoots up and the hook breaks through the glass ceiling and they are go up.)

Fry: Hey what does this button do? (Pushes a button on the gun causing it to detach rope from the hook and they fall and hit the floor. Leela just gives an angry look and places in another hook and they make it up the ceiling before more guards show up. Cut to Bender with the Robot Mafia.)

Bender: ...and that's how I got banned from the old folks home.

Donbot: Hey, do I like this guy or what? We could use you in the Robot Mafia.

Bender: Man, I've always wanted to move up to organized crime.

Mousepad: Hey boss, should we tell them about tonight's New Year's plan?

(Just then a few robots show up to whisper something in Donbot's ear.)

Donbot: (getting up) I'm sorry Mr. Bender, but I have to be leaving, I hope you can join us later on tonight on our party ship for the new year's party. (He and his henchbots leave.)

(Cut to a hotel room and Fry and Leela are at a stake out. The room has computers and other things spies use for stake outs.)

Fry: That was great, I so love this more than pizza delivery.

Leela: Fry, what are you talking about, you almost got us killed?! You people from the 20th Century think this is some game or movie?

Fry: But Leela...

Leela: Please, refer to me as Agent 1BDI. I can't wait until this is case is over, and DOOP will reassign me a different partner.

(Fry looks sad.)

Leela: Look, I'm going to get ice, please don't touch anything.

(Leela leaves and no sooner, Bender arrives.)

Bender: Hey Fry, I've managed to get some info on Donbot...what's the matter?

Fry: I messed up with Leela. I think see hates me.

(Fry then tells Bender everything that has happened since he first met Leela.)

Bender: Relax, the love bot will help you. (Gets Fry a contact lense and a small microphone.) Put this in your left eye and right ear. (Fry does and Bender does the same to himself and then gives Fry a watch.) Push that button on the watch. (Fry does and from his left eye he can see what Bender's left eye sees.)

Fry: Wow, this is awesome. I can see you and I can see you looking at me. I wish I had these back when I was taking classes and Coney Island Community College.

Bender: Now, I'll be in the other room and just say what I tell you to say.

(Bender goes into the other room and Leela enters.)

Bender: (In other room.) Hey Leela.

Fry: Hey Leela.

Leela: The ice machine is out of order.

Fry: Look Leela about what happened.

Leela: Fry, enough is said.

Fry: Look, about what happened, I'm sorry. I know it is tough for me being a spy and all. The only spies I've seen were in movies. I guess by watching them, I've always wanted to be charming and clever, but I always don't know what to say or what to do. But I have a feeling that if I become half a good a spy, it will be because of you.

Leela: Fry, that is a nice thing to say.

Bender: (In the other room.) Good now ask her...

Fry: So, what made you decide to become a spy?

Leela: Well, it goes back to when I was a baby. My parents were mutants, humans who were mutated from toxic waste exposure and are forced to live in the sewers. Mutants are not allowed on the surface.

Fry: Then how come you can walk on the surface.

Leela: When I was born, my parents said I was less mutated mutant ever born. My parents wanted a better life for me and not just be subjected to a life as a mutant. My parents left me at the door of an Orphanarium in hopes I'd pass as an alien. Before long I was picked on for my one-eye.

Fry: I'm sorry to hear that.

Leela: My outlet was martial arts and that caught the interest of DOOP. They were able to give me a good home and I did a few simple jobs; answering the call from spies and send back up for them and deal with the defrostees in educating them.

Fry: So this is your first assignment?

Leela: Yes.

Fry: What about your parents?

Leela: DOOP was able to locate them, as a favor to me for joining them. My parents are glad to see me as a spy and I'm just glad to know who I really am.

Fry: I'm glad you are happy.

Bender: Fry, I didn't tell you to say that.

Fry: I mean, you are lucky to see to your parents. Me, now in 30th century, I don't have anyone, except for the Professor, but he's 160 years old. Anyway, I was hoping I'd find someone who can make me not feel alone.

(They both stare at each other and then their intercom goes off. It is Hermes.)

Hermes: 014, 1BDI, I have news from the Professor.

(Cut to Fry, Leela and Bender now all in the same room and listening.)

Professor: I've analyzed the plans of the Omicronian laser and there is a way of destroying it.

Leela: How?

Professor: Right here, (Show a diagram of the laser) this little red button will self-destruct the laser and the Earth will be saved.

Bender: Donbot said that he's having a New Year's Party on his ship tonight.

Professor: Hmm, the Omicronians must be planning on using his ship to fire the laser from. You three have three hours before they use it. It is just like the Omicronians to ruin a good time like New Year's. Especially since we have a party right here at HQ. (Camera pans to see the Professor with a party hat and people are partying for the new millennium.) Good luck you three. (End transmission.)

Leela: Well Bender, you'll have to mingle with Donbot while Fry and me try to find the laser and destroy it.

Bender: Okay.

Fry: Let's do it.

(Cut to a spaceship shaped like the house from Scarface. Bender is seen talking with the Robot Mafia)

Bender: I'm glad at the booze you have, Donbot.

Donbot: Your honesty, pleases me. I'm more in favor of letting you in on my plans.

Bender: Cool, what are they?

Donbot: Tell him, Joey.

Mousepad: Well, we are planning to have the Earth destroyed.

Clamps: Yeah, it's going to be one Clamping New Year's Day for Earth.

Bender: How do you planning on doing that?

Lrrr: With the help of me. (Camera pans to see Lrrr and a few Omicronians and the party goers are either robots or Omicronian plus Zoidberg.)

Omicronian: Sir, we have something for you. It is an animal that we found while we visited Vergon 6. (Following him are two more Omicronian holding Nibbler.)

Lrrr: He doesn't look fattening enough to eat. Feed him large amounts of lard and bring me some salt.

Omicronian: I think it's full, we had a ship load of other animals, but this creature ate them all like one of us on the 4th of March.

Lrrr: Then it shall be our pet. (Omicronians put Nibbler down on the floor and walks around and walks up to Bender.)

Bender: Aw that thing looks cute.

(Cut to Fry and Leela sneaking on the ship and they are in a hallway.)

Leela: Fry, you go one way and I'll go another way.

Fry: Right.

(Fry walks down a hallway and enters a room and we see NdNd and she has a sleeping blindfold on and she's in bed.)

NdNd: Lrrr, is that you? Come to me. (Grabs Fry and takes him in bed and we can hear Fry's muffled screams. He accidentally pushes the button on the watch which turns on the eye camera. Cut to Lrrr and company.)

Lrrr: As you can see, it is close to Earth's New Years and we'll have completed our 1000 year plan.

(Bender starts screaming.)

Bender: Oh my god, what am I looking at? Oh, I mean cause that laser looks really great. (He has a disgusted expression on his face. He then looks at everyone looking at him, so he stops and presumes to listen. He manages to take out the lense and smash it. Cut to Fry finally leaving the bedroom.)

Fry: I know I was told that I'd have to do some uncomfortable things for my planet, but I never want to get near that thing ever again.

(Cut back to Lrrr.)

Lrrr: The time is near and soon Earth will meet its end.

(Leela enters.)

Leela: Not so fast! (She has a laser and is ready to use it.)

Lrrr: Foolish Earth female, your puny weapon can't pierce Omicronian skin.

Donbot: Clamps, Joey, Bender get her!

(Clamps and Joey walk up to Leela, she fires but they manage to dodge and knock the laser out of her hand and kick it across the room. Just then Bender has no choice and helps Leela. Donbot is angry and Bender is able to take down both Clamps and Joey.)

Donbot: Your betrayal shows me no respect.

Bender: yeah well, what are you going to do?

Donbot: This...(Pulls a lever and a rod lowers down to shock Bender and Bender falls down. Leela comes to his aid only to be surrounded by Omicronians. Cut to Leela and Bender strapped to tables. Bender finally wakes up.)

Donbot: I liked you, but you betrayed me. I'm going to enjoy plugging you, then unplugging you.

Clamps: And I'm going to give you such a clamp.

Lrrr: Enough with this, arm the laser and point it at Earth! (They proceed to aim the laser at Earth. We are but five minutes away from New Year.)

Donbot: Now that the Earth will be destroyed, I'll take my anger out on you, Bender.

Bender: Do your worst Donbot!

Donbot: I'll start by taking your gloves, since I don't want to mess them up. I'll start with the left glove

Bender: No! Don't take away my gloves. Please, kill me first or at least just take my right glove.

(Donbot is about to pull Bender's left glove off, but Fry enters to stop it.)

Fry: Alright, nobody move!

Lrrr: What is this: a solicitor? Get him.

(Everyone tries to get him, but Fry pulls out the Professor's fing-longer and uses it to press the self-destruct button and we hear a computer voice.)

Voice: Detonation in less than three minutes.

Lrrr: Oh No, we must abandon ship. (He and his men leave. Fry uses the fing-longer to press a button on Leela and Bender's tables, releasing their shackles.)

Leela: Fry, you saved the Earth.

Fry: Yeah, I don't believe it either, unless you count that time I beat the record on the arcade game back at my old job...

Leela: Quick, we've got to get out.

Bender: You two get on out, I'll stay to deal with Donbot.

Fry: But Bender.

Bender: No buts, just go!

Leela: He's right, let's go.

(Leela pulls Fry and they leave. Bender is faced with the Robot Mafia, Zoidberg and Nibbler.)

Donbot: Well, boys since we're going down then we take him out first.

Bender: Come and get me yourself, Donbot.

Donbot: Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me? (Rising his earing.) Now you were saying?

Bender: Make Acquaintance with my diminutive associate.

(Bender punches him and they begin to fight. Clamps, Joey, and Zoidberg just watch. Bender gets knocked down and it looks like Donbot is about to punch Bender's lights out, when Bender blocks it and punches Donbot right into the controls and Donbot gets electrocuted and shuts down.)

Clamps: He just clamped our boss.

Joey: We know what we must do...(They walk up to Bender and we see their shadows on Bender's face. Cut to Fry and Leela and they've reached the escape pods. They get in and ready the pod.)

Leela: Starting up the pod. (They begin the countdown, and it is the same countdown until New Years.) 10, 9...

(Random people continue the countdown until we get to Fry.)

Fry: Blast off!

(They fly out the ship as the ship begins to blow. We cut to Lrrr, who had already escaped in a pod. He along with his wife and men.)

Lrrr: We lost this time, but there is always next year. We must get back to our home planet, and watch the final episode of our favorite show.

NdNd: I can't believe that network, cancelling that show all those years ago.

Lrrr: Truly, one of the reasons why Earth must be destroyed.

NdNd: Well, at least tonight wasn't totally lost. (Puts her arm around Lrrr. Lrrr looks confused. Cut to Fry and Leela and they've made it to Earth and land next to PE HQ. Hermes and the Professor come out to confront them as Fry and Leela come out of the pod.)

Fry: We did it.

Professor: You've brought more wine?

Fry: No, we just saved the world.

(Glab shows up.)

Glab: Congratulations, 014 and you too 1BDI. As promised you will be reassigned a partner.

(Leela stares at Fry and turns to Glab.)

Leela: Actually, I think I'll stay with 014, it was he who destroyed the laser and we make a great team.

Fry: Do you really mean that?

Leela: I do. (Kisses him on the cheek and Fry likes it.)

Fry: Now that kiss was better.

Professor: Wait a minute, where's Bender?

(Fry and Leela looks sadden.)

Fry: He told us to leave, he must have blown up with the ship.

Leela: He was a brave robot.

(Then they all have a glass of wine. Fry gives a toast.)

Fry: To Bender.

Everyone: To Bender! (They all drink. Cut to another part of the world, Cancun actually. We see an escape pod crashed and we see Bender walk out holding Nibbler followed by Clamps, Joey, Zoidberg and we see Donbot still shut down.)

Bender: Man, it was lucky we all managed to get to this escape pod before the ship blew up completely. As for you little guy, I'll call you Nibbler. (Sees Nibbler nibbling on a bone.)

Joey: Man, I hope Donbot is okay.

Clamps: Relax, as soon as he reboots completely, he'll be clamping in no time. It is just the matter of how long that will take.

(Bender puts Nibbler down, and we see that his gloves have burnt off and Joey and Clamps can see his fingers.)

Joey: Clamps, look that robot has fingers made of titanium, but one is made of iron.

Bender: No! It is not what you think.

Clamps: Man, that robot is a freak.

Bender: (whines) Alright, I admit it! I have a finger made of iron. I was built this way and I was teased for it. All the other robots poked fun at me, so I put on this gloves in hopes I can be treated just like any other robot, and to a lesser hope start a fashion trend. But now that you two have found out, I know I can never hide what I am so I must have revenge on the planet that made me a freak, Earth.

Joey: We'd be glad to help.

Bender: Say what?

Joey: You shut down the Donbot and under the code of the Robot Mafia, that makes you our new boss or at least until the Donbot reboots.

Clamps: Yeah, we'd be happy to help you put a clamp on the Earth. Freak or no freak, you have a lot of ball bearings for taking out the Donbot.

Bender: Yeah you are right, and thank you for helping in fulfilling this deformed robot's dream.

Zoidberg: Can I help to?

Bender: Sure, why not?

Zoidberg: Hurray, I have a new master.

(Bender picks up Nibbler and pets him.)

Bender: From this day forth, it will be my quest to rule over the Earth and seek vengeance on those filthy bastards who made me this way. Now all I need are some more henchmen, possibly a sexy femme fatale and a new name to not only strike fear in my enemies, but make them know of my troubled past.

Joey: How about Dr. Bend? Or Dr. Clamps?

Clamps: Are you crazy, that's my name you idiot!

Bender: Shut Up! I want to pick my name. Man, this is hard, what name will best suit me to let people know that I'm mad and dangerous, what with my iron finger? (Gasps) That's it...from this day forward I shall be known as Ironfinger!

(Cut pan back to see this image of Ironfinger on the screen of the computer.)

Ironfinger: And the rest is history. There wasn't that a good story?

Jinx: I guess so.

Fry: All this time, you were once my friend?

Ironfinger: Yes, Mr. Fry. So you see, Mr Fry. It was I who made you a spy and I wasn't invited to this ceremony that is an outrage.

Fry: Look Ironfinger, I didn't know about this ceremony honoring Leela and me.

Ironfinger: You didn't?

Fry: No, I didn't.

Ironfinger: Oh, well I guess I'll just eliminate you then. (Pulls out a laser, but Leela says something.)

Leela: Not so fast. (We pan to see Leela using the fing-longer and she managed to get an arm free and uses the fing-longer to push a button on the computer that turns off the force fields. Everyone is freed.)

Fry: Way to go, Leela.

Leela: That story reminded me that I had the Professor's invention.

Hermes: Why would you have it?

Leela: I use it to turn on the microwave without having to enter the kitchen.

Ironfinger: Curses, Jinx let's go.

Jinx: But I haven't engaged in any martial art combat, today.

Ironfinger: You can fight another day. (Ironfinger drops a smoke bomb and he and Jinx disappear during the smoke screen.)

Leela: I think we should go after them, but I don't want to dirty my dress, so we'll let them go.

Glab: (holding two plaques) Here, these are for you 014 and 1BDI, for showing once again that both of you are the best agents that DOOP and Earth have.

(Fry and Leela accept the plaques and everyone cheers, well almost. We pan to see Zoidberg whose helped himself to the buffet table.)

Zoidberg: Hurray for the food.



Well I hope you enjoyed Season 1 of SPYORAMA.