Fan Fiction

I'll Be Seeing You
By Frosty

[Its been 5 years since Leela was killed in a hit and run accident. She had gone out for a walk after work and that’s when it happened. She actually asked Fry if he wanted to go but he wasn’t feeling good, and she said they would go another time. He felt like if he was there, he could of saved her, or at least, tell her how he felt. He promised he would get revenge on who ever did this, and everyone knew he would spend his whole life trying to figure out who it was. Even if it killed him. His whole behavior had changed, he began to smoke, and drink heavily. He snapped at people for no reason, but at other times said nothing. Stating out at all hours wandering the streets, passing her apartment, and going to her grave. Every day he put flowers on her grave, sitting there for hours, crying and asked himself the same question; why couldn’t it have been him?]

[Fry was sitting in a bar by himself, with a beer in front of him. He took a long drag on his cigarette, and exhaled with a cough. His hair was a mess, and he had a five-o’clock shadow across his face. The door opened and Amy walked in, scanning the room looking for Fry. Once she found him, she took a seat next to him. She looked tired and worn out, like she had been looking for Fry for a few hours.]

Amy: Hey Fry.

[He didn’t say anything, he just took a drink and continued smoking. She sighed and looked at him.]

Amy: Fry, you have got to stop this. You’re gonna kill your self.

Fry: Good. Every day I wish I was dead.

[His tone was bitter, and Amy looked down. It had been 4 years. 4 years of him grieving. 4 years of him drinking and smoking. 4 years of she and Bender trying to help him. But she was done now. Everyone was through with him.]

Fry: I’m so tired of everyone telling me what to do. If this is how I want to live, then this is how I’m going to live. I have nothing to live for now, Leela’s gone, and now I can never be with her.

Amy: She wouldn’t of wanted this Fry. You and I both know that.

[With that she got up and left him. His face hardened and quickly he finished his beer. Asking the bar tender for another one, he lit up his 3rd cigarette of the night.]

[Hours later, Fry walked into the Robot Arms, tired and numb. Finding Bender sitting on the couch, he looked at him. Bender stood and threw a gym bag at him.]

Bender: Pack up your stuff and get out.

Fry: What?

Bender: You heard me. I’m sick of your attitude, now pack your stuff and get the hell out of here.

Fry: What’s your problem?

Bender: Its been 4 years Fry! And nothing changed! Nothing’s ever going to change! She gone, and she’s not coming back. You need to stop this Fry. I know you really cared about her-

Fry: Well obviously you don’t know how much I cared about her! None of you do! I loved her Bender, I loved her with all my heart! And now she’s gone and I can never tell her!

Bender: But you need to accept that she’s gone.

Fry: I do accept that! I wish it wasn’t true, but I accept that! But some one killed her Bender, and I’m gonna get my revenge on them no matter what!

[He didn’t say anything, but just opened the door to Fry’s room.]

Bender: Get your ass out.

[Fry quickly packed all his belongings and stormed out of the apartment. “Some best friend” he thought. Not knowing what to do, he walked around for hours, just letting his legs take him where ever. Once again he went to the graveyard and sat in front of Leela’s grave. Touching the stone, he started crying.]

Fry: Oh Leela. I miss you so much. Why couldn’t it have been me? I wish I went with you, and I could of saved you. Or at least, let you know how I feel.

[He took a deep breath and wiped his eyes.]

Fry: I want you to know that I love you, more than anything. I’ll never meet someone like you, and I know I’m going so spend the rest of my life alone. If you can hear me, please give me a sign that you’re okay and I’ll stop acting like this.

[Nothing happened and he stood up, placing a hand on the stone.]

Fry: I love you Leela, I always have and I always will.

[Forcing himself to leave, he once again wandered around. Around 11:00 he arrived at Planet Express, and walked in the door. Making his way to the ship, he fell asleep on his hammock. But not before crying while looking at a picture of Leela.]

[Fry was walking down the street, watching the wind move the branches on the trees. In front of him, he saw Leela waiting for him.]

Leela: Hey Fry,

Fry: Hi Leela.

Leela: You ready to get going?

Fry: Yep, lets go.

[He watched Leela step out into the street, and saw the car hit her. He screamed…]

[Fry woke up screaming, and his face covered in sweat. He shot up from his hammock, and fell on the floor hitting his head.]

Fry: Ow!

[He got up and looked at the picture of Leela by his hammock. Sighing, he laid back down.]

[The next morning, Fry sat at the conference table, knowing that no one was going to talk to him today. They were all sick of him moping around the office. But what was he suppose to do? He lost the love of his life, and never got to tell her how much he cared. He closed his eyes, and sighed. For a second he thought he was waking up from a horrible dream, and Leela was right there beside him. But it wasn’t true, he felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up. Darian, who had replaced Leela, was standing next to him. She had blond hair pulled back in a pony tail and wore a grey shirt with blue jeans.]

Darian: Hey Fry, how are you doing today?

Fry: The same way I’ve been doing for the last 4 years.

Darian: Listen, I know that she meant a lot to you, but you’ve got to let go.

Fry: Why does everyone keep telling me what to do?!

Darian: Because this isn’t healthy. Why don’t you go see a physiatrist?

Fry: Forget it, I’m not paying $700 to hear some guy tell me the same thing you guys are telling me.

Darian: Well, why don’t you go do something that can help you vent your feelings. You could take walks along the pier, or write in a journal. Just do something that can help you. Okay?

[he didn’t say anything. He only shook his head.]

Fry: I’ll try, but I cant make any promises.

Darian: That’s all I want you to do, and if you need some one to talk to, you can always talk to me.

Fry: Thanks.

[She left and Fry looked at his watch. He had sometime to kill, so he went back on the ship and pulled out a notebook. He started writing a letter to Leela, just as if she was on a trip. Saying that he missed her, and loved her. How he wished she was with him. He felt a little better, but still felt dead inside.]

[Fry kept writing letters over the next few weeks and he mostly avoided everyone. Then once the day was over, Fry pulled out a file that he made after she was killed, from his cabin and began looking through it. After writing down some notes, he put on his jacket and went to the same corner where she got hit.]

Fry: Let see, she was walking this way, and the car came from the east.

[Looking at the surroundings, he noticed there was a house behind him, and remembered standing there when the police interviewed the couple living there. Although he remembered it, he couldn’t remember what they said, he was too up set. But he had to find out who killed Leela, so he went up to the door and knocked. A young woman with brown hair, wearing a green shirt and khakis answered.]

Woman: Can I help you sir?

Fry: Maybe. My name is Phillip Fry, my friend Leela was killed in a hit and run 5 years ago in front of your house and-

[He took a deep breath and the woman looked at him]

Fry: I was wondering if you knew anything about it.

Woman: Are you with the police?

Fry: No. I just need to find who killed her.

Woman: (pause) You loved her didn’t you?

Fry: Is it obvious?

Woman: Only some one in love would do this. Let me get my husband, and we’ll tell you everything.

[Minutes later, Fry was sitting across from the young couple. They had been married for 2 years before Leela was killed, and had just moved in the house a few weeks earlier. The woman’s name was Kelly and the mans name was Jon. He had short blond hair with glasses and was wearing jeans with a white tee-shirt along with a blue collar shirt that was unbuttoned.]

Jon: Now, what would you like to know?

Fry: Anything. Neighbors, if you saw the car, anything.

[They began to tell Fry that they heard some tires squeal around 7:30 and then a thud. Fry gasped at this, and they instantly apologized. Jon looked out the window after a few minutes, when he heard the car speeding away, and then saw Leela on the ground. He told Kelly to call 911 and he ran outside to look at Leela. He knew she was dead as soon as he got out there. The police arrived, and it was shortly after that Fry got there.]

Kelly: I remember you now.

Jon: So do I. I’m so sorry for your lost.

Fry: Thank you. But I was wondering what type of car it was.

[Jon closed his eyes and rubbed his temples.]

Jon: It was a, green, Ford. That’s all I know. It all happened so fast.

Fry: Well, thank you two so much.

[He shook their hands and left the two.]

[Fry spent another night wandering the city. He came to the pier, and stood leaning against the railing, staring out over the sun set. He couldn’t believe that 5 years had gone by since he had last seen Leela. Wishing he could go back in time, just at least to say good bye. That was what was making him so miserable. A gust of wind tousled his hair and clothes. Closing his eyes, he became overwhelmed in a sense of calmness. Then he heard a voice.]

Voice: Fry?

[It was so familiar, but so strange. He remembered it, but from where? He heard it again.]

Voice: Fry? Its me.

[Goosebumps covered his body and he instantly recognized the voice.]

Fry: Leela?

[He turned around, but didn’t see anyone, but he still heard the voice.]

Leela: Yeah, its me. I miss you so much.

Fry: I miss you too. Where are you?

Leela: I’m right here.

[He turned but didn’t see her.]

Fry: Where?

Leela: I’ll always be with you Fry. I’m never going to leave you.

[He finally understood what she meant.]

Fry: Like, be my guardian angel?

Leela: Sort of.

[He looked at the sun setting over the water.]

Fry: Leela, I want you to know that I love you.

Leela: I know, and I love you too. I just wish I got the chance to tell you.

Fry: So do I. Why didn’t I come with you that night? I could of saved you.

Leela: Don’t beat yourself up. Its not your fault. But I don’t want you to keep being like this, I want the old Fry back.

Fry: And I want you back.

Leela: Don’t worry, I know that we’ll see each other someday. I promise.

[He smiled]

Fry: But what do I do until then?

Leela: Just think of my love being like the wind. You cant see it, but you can feel it.

[He felt the wind again, and laughed.]

Fry: Was that you giving me a hug?

Leela: Yes,

[He laughed again, and looked up at the sky.]

Fry: Can I ever talk to you like this again?

Leela: Yeah, just come out here, and stand in the wind like you are now. But remember, I’m always here Fry.

Fry: Okay, I’ll do that.

Leela: Bye Fry. I love you.

Fry: I love you too Leela.

[The wind stopped and Fry remained at the pier for a few more minutes. He then ran to Robot Arms, and knocked on the door. Bender answered and stood in front of Fry with his arms crossed.]

Bender: What?

[Fry told him what had happened, and said that he was going to change. He finally got the sign he needed.]

Fry: Will you forgive me for being such a ass these last few years?

Bender: Are you going to stop moping around all the time?

Fry: Yes, now that Leela knows that I love her, I feel so much better now.

Bender: Are you going to stop looking for whoever killed her?

[He didn’t say anything, and Bender sighed.]

Fry: Bender, you know that I cant. Its something I promised I do, and I intend to keep that promise.

[Bender rubbed his head.]

Bender: Is that what she would want?

Fry: (soft) Probably not.

Bender: Not “probably not“. You know, she would never want you to be living like this.

[Fry just shook his head and looked up, tears in his eyes.]

Fry: (voice breaking) I cant help it.

[He walked away and Bender didn’t stop him.]

[Fry walked in the police department and saw Smitty sitting at the desk.]

Smitty: Back again, Mr. Fry?

Fry: Yes, I wanted to know if you found anything.

[Smitty gave a sigh and looked up.]

Smitty: Mr. Fry, we told you; its over. There’s nothing we can do, its been 4 years.

Fry: 5 years.

Smitty: If we haven’t found anyone then its hopeless. Just let it go.

Fry: I cant, I need to find out who did it.

Smitty: Listen, if I find you looking around for the person who hit her, I’ll throw your ass in jail. Understood?

[Fry sighed and walked out.]

[He sat at a desk at Planet Express, looking through the file. He didn’t care if he was arrested, he needed to find the person who killed her. Staying up all night, he went over the clues again and again.]

[The next morning, Darian found Fry sleeping at the desk, his head rested on the file. She gently shook his shoulder.]

Darian: Fry, wake up.

[He stirred and lifted his head up]

Darian: Why are you doing this?

Fry: I don’t know.

Darian: Fry-

Fry: Don’t. Don’t tell me what she would of wanted. Don’t tell me what to do. Just leave me alone!

[He jumped up from his chair, letting it fall to the ground. Storming off, he packed up his stuff, left a note saying he quit, and left.]

[A week later, Fry was working at the car dealership with Victor and Malfunctioning Eddie. After his shift ended, Fry walked to the pier, to see if he could “talk” to Leela again. Once there, he felt the wind and smiled.]

Fry: Hey Leela.

Leela: Hi Fry.

[Her tone was a little bitter]

Fry: Are you okay?

Leela: I’m a little disappointed with you.

Fry: I’m sorry, I just don’t know what to do any more.

[He sighed and felt a big gust of wind. It stung his cheeks and he looked up.]

Fry: Did you just slap me?

Leela: Yes. Just forget about who ever did this to me- to us.

Fry: Leela-

Leela: I mean it Fry. Don’t you remember when you wrote those letters, and how you felt so much better after?

Fry: Yeah,

Leela: Do that, send them out in the sea. You know I’ll get them.

[The wind stopped and Fry closed his eyes.]

Fry: (soft) I’m sorry,

[He made his way back to the apartment and began to write a letter to Leela. After he finished it, he found a bottle, and put the rolled up paper in it.]

[The next morning, he threw the bottle in the sea, and watched it float away.]

[Fry didn’t know, that someone was watching him. A man was sitting in his car, looking at a grieving Fry throw the bottle into the water. He knew he had caused him this pain. You see, he was the one who was driving the car that night.]

[Of course he didn’t mean for Leela to get killed. It was just an accident, but he was so shaken up about what happened, he just left the scene. It haunted him these last 5 years, he knew he should of stayed and told everyone what happened. But he didn’t, and now Fry was paying for it.]

[He was coming home from work, tired and starving. He worked all day, didn’t get to take a break, and was ready for dinner and bed. He was concentrating on the road because it was getting dark, and didn’t even have the radio on. Then out of no where, Leela stepped out into the road, and he hit her. Stopping the car he took a deep breath, and looked out the window. He saw Leela, lying on the road, her body twisted along with blood stains on the ground. Scared out of his mind, he drove away. Three miles away, he parked the green Ford on the side of the road, and began to walk home.]

[In the weeks following that morning when he sent out the first bottle, Fry had been recovering by sending Leela letters, and finally went back to Planet Express to apologize. They all stared at him when he walked in. Fry noticed the new delivery boy, who happened to be Darian‘s brother. His name was Patrick, and he had black hair, and glasses with jeans and a black tee-shirt.]

Fry: I-I wanted to say I’m sorry for the way I’ve been acting these last 5 years. You guys tried to help me, and I was too proud and stupid to accept it. But I’ve realized what Leela would of wanted me to do, and that’s just to be happy. Can you guys forgive me?

Amy: Are you going to move on?

Fry: Yes, I know that’s what she would of wanted me to do.

[Bender stood up and put a hand on Fry’s shoulder.]

Bender: Welcome back buddy.

[They all gave him a hug, and Hermes gave Fry his job back. After going on a delivery, they all stayed at Planet Express, having a party in honor of Leela. They all reminisced everything about her, and comforted Fry when he became upset.]

[After everyone was gone, Fry wrote a fair-well letter to Leela, and put that in a bottle. He knew it was time to finally let go, its what Leela would of wanted. She would want him to be happy. He walked to the pier, and stood watching the moon. He heard someone behind him. Looking around, he saw Patrick standing with Darian behind him. Her eyes were blood shot, like she had been crying, and he saw Patrick pull up his jeans, to prevent them from falling.]

Fry: What are you guys doing here?

Darian: Patrick has something to tell you.

[She nudged him forward, as he took a deep breath and looked Fry in the eye.]

Fry: What is it?

[Before Darian and Patrick came to see Fry, Darian was sitting on her couch at her apartment reading a book. She was glad that Fry was doing better, because she really liked him. There was a knock at the door, so she put her book down, and answered the door. She saw Patrick standing on the other side.]

Darian: Hey Pat, what are you doing here?

Patrick: I need to talk to you.

Darian: Is something wrong?

Patrick: (sigh) Just, sit down.

[She did, and Patrick sat next to her.]

Darian: Are you in trouble, or what?

Patrick: What do you know, about the night Leela was killed?

[She looked at him, not really knowing why he had asked that. She saw him adjust his shirt. It finally dawned on her, how skinny he was. The last few years, he lost tons of weight, like something bothering him was causing him to lose his appetite.]

Darian: Why? Do you know something?

Patrick: (horse) I know who was driving the car that night.

[Darian finally got what he was trying to say. Shaking her head, her eyes began to fill with tears.]

Patrick: (whisper) It was me, Darian. I killed her.

[She gave a small laugh, like he was playing a terrible joke on her. But she knew he wasn’t kidding.]

Darian: No, no. You didn’t have a car that night, it was stolen-

[She realized that, after he hit her, Patrick dumped his car off some where, and said it was stolen. She couldn’t believe it, he was 19 years old when it happened and had killed some one.]

Darian: Come on, you know what you have to do.

Patrick: I’m so sorry. She was just walking down the street, and a dog came out and chased her. Leela jumped out of the way, but right into the street. I didn’t see her until it was too late.

[They were still at the pier, and Patrick was afraid of what Fry was going to do to him]

Fry: A dog?! You expect me to believe that?! You ran her down and killed her!

Darian: Fry, he didn’t mean to! He was only 19, you can understand, he was scared.

[Fry threw the bottle in the water, and stormed off.]

[Patrick and Darian sat at the pier for along time, and she told him what he needed to do. He had already caused Fry so much pain already, he needed to make it right. Patrick left Darian there, and went back to his car. But before he pulled out, he looked at his sister, hunched over, her face buried in her hands, crying.]

[Fry sat in front of Leela’s grave, looking at the flowers. He noticed that someone had also been visiting her grave, and putting flowers along with his. He heard someone behind him, and looked. There stood Patrick.]

Patrick: (soft) I didn’t know what to do, I was so scared. Believe me, I would never do something like this on purpose. I didn’t know Leela, but I know that you loved her. I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused you, and that’s all I can say.

[Fry stood there, confused, angry, sad, but at the same time, he felt sympathy. Here was this young kid, who hit some one with his car, and didn’t know what to do. Fry looked at him and back up at the sky. Feeling the wind and the tears in his eyes, he knew what he had to do.]

Fry: (voice breaking) I forgive you.

[Patrick smiled and the two embraced. After saying good bye, Fry stood alone at Leela’s grave. Closing his eyes, he felt the wind, and knew that Leela was right there with him. And she was never going to leave him.]

[Fry opened his eyes, and realized he wasn’t at the graveyard anymore, but he was at the hospital, lying in bed. Looking up, he saw someone sitting next to him, crying with their head on the bed and their face buried in his hand. He couldn’t believe who it was.]

Fry: Leela?

[She looked up, her eye was red and puffy. Once they saw each other, they both had looks of disbelief.]

Leela: Fry, you’re awake! Nurse! Someone, he’s awake!

Fry; What happened?

Leela: We went for a walk a few weeks ago, and I stepped out into a street when a car was coming. I didn’t see him coming, so you pushed me out of the way, and got hit. You’ve been in a coma for 5 weeks!

Fry: Wait, so you didn’t get hit?

Leela: No, if you weren’t there, I would have been killed. You saved me Fry.

Fry: I cant believe this. I was having this dream that you got killed in a hit and run accident and I was going crazy. Drinking, smoking, staying out all night, and alienating everyone around me.

Leela: No, I’m fine. I was so scared that you were going to die. They didn’t think you were going to make it.

[The nurse and the doctor came in and Fry couldn’t believe it; it was Darian and Patrick.]

Darian: I cant believe you’re awake!

[They checked him out, and Darian shook her head in disbelief.]

Patrick: We thought you were a goner!

Fry: This is so weird.

Patrick: Lets go tell everyone! This is a miracle!

[They left and Leela took Fry’s hand.]

Fry: So, you’re okay?

Leela: Now that you’re awake.

Fry: How long have you’ve been here?

Leela: 5 weeks.

Fry: You stayed here the whole time with me?

Leela: Yes,

Fry: Why?

Leela: (pause) I talked to you the whole time, and I don’t know if you heard me, but, I love you Fry.

[He smiled and sat up.]

Fry: Really?

Leela: Yes. I’ve wanted to tell you for so long, and I almost didn’t get to.

Fry: I love you too Leela.

[She kissed him, and Fry knew that they would be together forever.]

Leela: (soft) You’re my angle, Fry.

[Fry’s eyes filled with tears, and Leela’s eye did the same. She kissed him again, and buried her head in his shoulder.]

Leela: (whisper) Please, don’t ever leave me.

[Fry smiled and promised…]

Fry: (whisper) I wont, I’ll always be here.

[The End.]