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Captain Default
The Running Manbot: Bender is selected to be the next participant in the popular tv game show "Cheese It!", a violent show where criminal robots get a chance to win 500000 dollar in life-and-death combat with killbots. All the while Farnsworth finally pass the thin line, and need a new brain.
Bad Dream: when not all is as it seems, maybe you're just having a bad dream.
Cat1-Leela fan
The Day Love Stole Leela (Part 1, 2): A follow-up from Into The Wild Green Yonder
Chris Wilson
Rock And Rolls: In this season opener, Fry and Leela help out Dr Zoidberg when he signs up for a 250 date rock tour while pretending to be mysterious rocker: The Zoid thanks to his new shell. Also Bender gets a new toy in the form of Amy in a wheelchair due to Amy breaking her nail!
Mom's Friendly Slaves: Bender goes on a sober Bender while making a delivery and when he to drive the ship home, he crashes the ship into Mom's Hair-Shaped Satellite orbiting Earth. So Leela, Fry and Bender get 800 hours community service each for the actions that happened. But when they start doing their community service, it turns out the things they are delivering for Mom are more than packages.
Futurama: The Soap Opera: This is a soap opera, and as all soap operas it will involve multiple plotlines, intrigue, intertwining stories and shocking revelations. Naturally it's impossbile to give a summary of this setting, so just jump in there and enjoy.
Chris Wood
Christina Nordlander Dawson
Son of the Ashes (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7): During a recon mission, the Nimbus is boarded by the soldiers of the Evil Empire, and Captain Zapp Brannigan is taken prisoner. His trusty second-in-command, Kif, manages to escape and pass on a distress call. However, this is only the ouverture to a saga of war and oppression, love and treachery, that will shake the galaxy... and, not least, the world of one Planet Express employee.
The Age of Capricorn: Whilst on an archealogical dig Fry discovers an ancient White Cadillac, resulting in him unwittingly commiting a heinous crime against artifical intelligence and forcing him to flee for his life!
Red Sleigh Rising: It's Xmas time again, and nobody wants Santa to appear this year. That's why both Professor Farnsworth and Wernstrom travel to Neptune in order to try and put the muderous robot out of commission, once and for all. Meanwhile, Fry leads the rest of the crew in carolling the streets of New New York, in order to bring back the spirit of his time's Christmas to their time's Xmas.
Anthology of Interest III: The What-If? Machine returns, with another three questions posed: What if Leela met the perfect man? What if Fry was smart and the Professor was stupid? And finally, What if Scruffy didn't exist?
Bender After Dark: When a schism tears the Temple of Robotology, Bender gets caught in the middle. And what is the secret of the toasters?.
The Garden of Forking Pasts: Joint winner of the 2007 Groening Fanworks Central Writing Competition, this short story sees Fry discovering a link not only to his past, but to a parallel universe as well.
The Mute and the Norm: An alternate-universe Futurama tale which explores events in the episode "The Cyber House Rules" and looks at how things would have been if Adlai Atkins and Leela decided to have a biological child instead of adopting.
Chug a Bug
A Hole Lot of Trouble Going On: When Fry disposes of one of Nibler's "steamers" in the trash compactor, it cause a hole lot of trouble that has the PE crew running in circles.
Boned To The Future: Fry's life is devastated when the love of his life is taken from him. To what ends will he go to get bring her back and is he prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice?
The Fryish Revolution: The crew get sent back in time to 1955 and land in the midst of the Cuban revolution. Fry and Leela are captured by the 26th of July Movement and are great danger.
The Real Decoy: Set after ‘The Devil’s Hands are Idle Playthings’. Fry and Leela aren’t technically going out, but they are much closer than they’ve ever been. Some time has passed, and Fry himself is a little bit more mature and worldly… not much though. And just so it doesn’t confuse you - he and Leela have taken to calling each other ‘red’ and ‘purple’ on occasion... kind of like pet names.
The Hero of Bot-any: This fic is set after the events of ‘The Real Decoy’, but not directly related to it except that Leela and Fry are now a couple. It's based on the Firefly episode ‘Jaynestown’… Fans of the show will recognise some of the scenes.
A River With Currents: When a horrific tragedy strikes the crew of Planet Express, Fry is forced to undertake a desperate gambit that lings him through the furthest reaches of history in a fight against time itself to save the woman he loves. But to prevent history repeating itself, he must first surmount impossible odds as he comes face to face with his own fate. Be prepared for surprises and high adventure, not to mention a few familiar faces.

This is the sequel to 'The Hero of Bot-any', which was the sequel to 'The Real Decoy', but you don't really need to have read the others to get what's going on - it can stand alone.

"Time is fluid ... like a river with currents, eddies, backwash."
-Spock. Star Trek: The Original Series, 'The City on the Edge of Forever'.
The Morning: Leela is shocked when she wakes up alongside Fry, and is forced to confront her feelings for him.
Blame It On The Brain (part 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8): Years have passed since Fry defeated the evil Brainspawn, and his forgotten heroism remains a blank page in history. However, the Universe will soon face a new menace. Old enemies are astir. And Fry, the Mighty One, must step forward one last time... | PDF version - view or download this story in it's entirety in PDF format. 3.3MB
A Red Letter Day (Part 1, 2, 3, 4): Rana Fry never knew her father who died mysteriously before she was born and her mother, Leela, doesn't want to tell her about it. So when an opportunity to travel anywhere and anywhen in time presents itself, what's a girl to do?
Beneath A Chrome Sky: Based on a line in Archonix's Parallel Lives, this fic explains where the flying toasters came from, how one escaped into a parallel universe, and how they affected the lives of a certain delivery boy and the cyclopian mutant he loves.
The First Day (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5): December 31, 1999 - After accidentally getting knocked unconscious while on a crank delivery to Applied Cryogenics, Philip J. Fry finds his life turned upside down and inside out when his girl friend throws him out of their apartment and by the sudden and unexpected appearance of a beautiful time traveling mutant from the future.
Tranquility Lost: It's a quiet day at Planet Express, and Captain Turanga Leela is relaxing with a cup of coffee and a magazine. Or she was, until Fry and Bender and some explosive duct tape disturb her tranquility.
Fry the Road Warrior: Essentially following the plot of the second Mad Max film, this fic is an action packed fantasy romp set out in the middle of nowhere played out by slightly grungier versions of the Futurama characters we all know and love, but cast into this strange new world where the interactions and relationships between major and minor characters are completely different. It's not so great if you like a lot of shippy stuff with the standard Futurama romances ... or is it?
A Slow Day at the Office: Fry and Leela find themselves stuck at work on a slow day with nothing to do but sit in front of the television with a beer.
Breaking The Wall: When the writer crosses the line, Leela breaks the fourth wall. A tale of one-upmanship.
Another Day at the Office: It's another slow day at the office and Bender and Fry have nothing to do but sit in front of the television with a beer and get into a philosophical discussion about the nature of theater.
CosmicF and Rush
Fry's Feeling Hand: What if Fry was not so nervous in "A Leela of Her Own"?
Craig Williams
Futurama, The Fifth Season - Episode 1: Angela: Leela is left deafened following the events of "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings", and after losing her captaincy retreats to the sewers to live with her parents. How will her replacement cope with a raider attack on the PE ship? Meanwhile a Presidential election is called after the Robot Devil headnaps Richard Nixon.
Futurama, The Fifth Season - Episode 2: Deaf Like Me: Leela and Fry have problems communicating due to Fry's inability to learn sign language, so he tries to buy a speech/text translator. One problem - it costs $100,000! Meanwhile Amy is plagued with guilt after causing a car accident that injures a child.
Futurama, The Fifth Season - Episode 3: Earthican Idiot: A mission of mercy ends in tragedy after another raider attack. Hermes searches for another staff doctor after Zoidberg's sudden disappearance. And the PE crew learn about Angela's religous background.
Futurama, The Fifth Season - Episode 4: Pieces of Amy: Yet another PE mission goes awry when space pirates board the ship, abducting Bender, Amy and Lucy, and stealing the priceless Quantum Gemerald. Can Angela, Fry and Cubert rescue their comrades and retrieve the Gemerald, and how will this latest catastrophe affect Fry and Leela's planned dinner date?
Futurama, The Fifth Season - Episode 5: Smile and the Whole World Smiles With You: A look back to 2996 and Leela's first day on the job at Applied Cryogenics.
Break Away: It's been one year since Bender died but as long as Fry doesn't move on, he'll keep on seeing Bender wherever he goes.
Risk It or Back Out: One card game. Two friends. Lots of Nixonbucks at stake and a robot willing to do anything to win.
Safety First: After this, Leela will never sneak in Fry and Bender's apartment at three AM...EVER AGAIN.
Ticket to your heart: This is a friendship fic between Leela and Bender in which Leela has always wondered if Bender cares about her like she cares about him. Luckily, she's just about to find out the answer to that question.
Countess de la Rocca drabble: A drabble (100 word story) about the Countess
Flexo and Angleyne drabble: Angleyne tries to provoke some Bender-like banter out of Flexo
Mrs. Mellinger drabble: Mrs. Mellinger recalls her favorite pupil
Trisolian drabble: An embarasing inciden on Trisol
Curt Evers
The Dimension (Part 1, 2): Fry has gone missing from Planet Express after going a bit loopy and doing all sorts of insane things, some quite cruel. However, Leela still frets about him, but she also has strange dreams involving Fry killing her. Are these a prophesy for terrible events to come?
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