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Mad Arcane, Green Gesus and Ripshaw
Dandelion Wine: Pleased with the crew for working overtime during various holidays, Farnworth have a special surprise for them. Some of them overdo it a bit.
Three Little Worlds: While fighting a fire in the engine room of the Planet Express ship, Fry, Leela and Bender each has a close encounter which involve a making a decision.
Love, Lust and Leela: Leela is in a loving relationship with Amy, yet she wants to mother a child. At the risk of putting a strain on their relationship, Leela goes in search of a man who would father this child... with dire consequences! (The subject matter may well be seen as difficult, but it's been done in a serious manner, as well as with some humour, too.)
María M. Salazar
Lost Time ( Part 1): A DNA test reveals that Fry has a twin brother living in New New York. After several days of agonizing over it, Fry decides to visit his long lost relative.
Tiempo Perdido (Parte 1): Un análisis de ADN revela que Fry tiene un hermano gemelo viviendo en Nueva Nueva York. Tras varios días de cuestionarse, Fry decide visitarlo. (Spanish version of Lost Time).
Untitled Leela Fan Fiction: Leela challenges an old "friend" into a delivery race. The prize? To see the face of the loser, and its entire crew, in the cover of the "Complete Idiot Magazine". Sure, Fry might deserve it, but...
Sex, Lies and Aliens: Leela's new boyfriend pays her a visit to Planet Express. If the workplace doesn't scare him away, her coworkers... well, you get the idea.
Two Guys, a Girl and a Robot's Apartment: Leela's apartment has been infested by owls. Are Fry and Bender her only choice for a home away from home?
The Fu-trix (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5): Leela gets sucked into a 128 bit video game. This is horrific for her, as she's used to 4096000 bit video games. Only Fry, who was in the 128 bit era, can save her.
The Ice Cold Building: This is the story of Leela when she was 23-years-old. Yes, it's set before she meets Fry. It's a story with sex, drugs, lies, and all the other cool stuff - except the videotape.
Re-booted (Part 1, 2): When Bender picks up a virus from a Hookbot and Fry is shot with a poisonus bullet, Leela is sent on a mission to find the cure for both of the problems. But as you would expect, it isn't easy... there are druggies, killers, and Zapp Brannigan out to stop her.
A Stupid Proposal: "Morning, all. My name is Mr. Murdoch, and I hear that we need to cancel out our best show and replace it with one that sucks. I have come forward to help you deciding which show will go and which one shall stay."
Guardian Angel: On a delivery to Dog Doo 3, Fry is killed. After the funeral, Leela finds out that Fry has come back as her guardian angel. He is sworn to protect her from all threat, but will he be able to save her from the neweset threat - the evil co-operation known as FOX?
Planet Express: The Final Story: The Planet Express crew find themselves as Mom's prisoners. However, to spice things up, she bargains that the one who survives a fight to the death amongst the crew, a la the film Battle Royale, will be allowed to leave with their life. So, the question is: who will live to make the deliveries? This fic contains some violent scenes, so those who get easily upset should avoid it rather than complain.
Turanga Leela's Diary: Take a look through Turanga Leela's diary. Discover what really goes on in Leela's mind when she has time to write about her experiences of life and love... or lack of. This fiction might cause offence due to its adult scenes and wording (nothing that bad, though, swearing is asterisked out)
Being Turanga Leela: Fry dates a woman who turns out to be a total lunatic, while Zoidberg, forced to clean up his office, finds a mysterious tunnel...
A Mind of his Clone: Leela and Fry make a delivery to the fantasy planet, while Cubert becomes the object of the Farnsworth/Wernstrom Feud. While this story isn't exactly Leela-centered it qualifies for TLZ because... well, read.
Max Bellamy
The Fry-trix (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6): The crew are off on a special delivery to "The Matrix", meeting some interesting characters along the way. This fic is not a spoon.
Resident Leela (Part 1, 2, 3): Leela awakes in an anti-chemical shower and finds out that she's in a world that she can't remember being in. Not only that, she soon finds out that others have awoken from a deep sleep, too. No matter, life has to go on... even if in a confused and worrying way.
The Fry-trix: Rebooted (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6): This is a sequel to Max's "The Fry-trix". It starts with Fry and Leela wishing to tell the crew that they've been hitched for a year, but Bender's brashness about it makes them have second thoughts. However, after they turn Bender off in order to save their "embarrassment", they relent and decide to reboot him again... and that's when the fun starts.
Max Bellamy, Soulkid2000, Mattybwoy and Rye Guy
The Fry-trix Has You (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6): A series of short parodies of the movie series of The Matrix with a Futurama style flavour to it and based on Max Bellamy's previous stories, The Fry-trix and The Fry-trix Rebooted, co-written by various authors.
The Fry-trix Still Has You (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6): Another series of short parodies of the movie series of The Matrix with a Futurama style flavour to it and following The Fry-trix Has You, co-written by various authors.
Ghost of Xmas Past (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5): When his last best chance to win Leela fails, Fry runs away and starts over. But a lot can happen in eight years. What happens when his past starts catching up with him?
The Ties That Bind (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6): After the time skips, Fry decided to move on with his life. He left Planet Express and New New York to start over elsewhere, away from "her". Now, seven years later, Fry discovers that distance alone isn't something that can free him from his past.
Ten Years Gone (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6): For the last eight years, the DOOP has been at war. The only hope for freeing the Earth is a small group of commandos led by Fry and Leela. But, the cost of freedom may be more than Fry can bear.
Meeting Of The Mind: During the crew's misadventures in Universe 1, Fry gets some advice about dealing with Leela from an expert source: himself.
Stygia (part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9): A trip through a wormhole is the first in a long line of surprises for the last sane man on a deserted planet: Philip J. Fry.
Amazing Grace (part 1, 2, 3): While doing a tax-deductible charity delivery, another woman finally drives Fry and Leela apart. But, after being arrested by the DOOP and an attack by pirates, Leela finally realizes just what he means to her. But it may be too late...
It's Moidah: In a world where nothing is black and white, except when it was on the movie screen, then it was all black and white, follow the adventures of private detective Philip J. Fry and his rough and ready crew: Leela, a wanna-be actress working as a maid; Bender, a bending unit and small time hustler; Zoidberg, talent agent, dumpster dweller, and alleged mansion designer; and Kif, a master of disguise. Follow the crew as they fight the evils of police corruption, poverty, and scorning lovers, all the while trying to clear their names ... names sullied by a charge of MOIDAH!
The Day Off: Fry and Leela fight a demon bag, a rude chef, and poor mutant hygiene during their day off.
Three Days and Two Nights (part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5): The Professor wins a "free" vacation to a tropical paradise and brings the whole crew along as a reward. Bender gets a new slave and fails at the casino but succeeds at robery and running for his life. Fry and Leela have misadventures with food, a boat and mostly naked female aliens. Amy indulges in her various lusts and fights a racist kangaroo, both with disastrous consequences. Zoidberg is happy his “friends” are paying attention to him and is more happy when an old enemy comes to try and settle the score. The Professor succumbs to low pressure sales tactics. And everyone seriously hopes that Hermes is just covered in mud.
Michael-John Derges
Green Fry (Part 1, 2, 3): Fry attends a Green Day concert and wins a chance to appear on stage. But it may not be Fry's lucky day because someone has it in for him.
The Creation of Robo-Christmas: A Xmas tale about the beginnings of Robo Santa Clause.
Delicious Surprise (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25): Lilah Fry has always thought her businesslike, practical mother as being sort of boring. Though she knows of her adventurous past, Lilah's never heard the whole story..the reason why Turanga Leela-Fry opted out of her job as one of the world's most daring spaceship pilots. Can Leela reclaim her old adventurous self, while encouraging her daughter to become a stronger woman, and without damaging her relationship with Fry?
Measured: Set during "The Sting", this fanfic take a closer look at what thoughts went through Fry's head while Leela lay unconscious.
How It Ends: Ever wondered what happened after Fry's crude and cute holophoner end-scene in "The Devils Hands Are Idle Playthings"? Here Missy give us her version of the story.
In Practice: Leela has just rejected Fry's chilly touch. She's looking for someone to talk to, and the person she finds is the one she's least-likely to listen to.
History Repeating (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10): When Lisa Simpsons dissapears from her hospital bed in the midst of a grave illness, her family couldn't possibly imagine that she had been brought to the future through a wild missunderstanding, which would end up having far-reaching consequences for all.
Bend or Bender: When a ragingly sober Bender asks the Professors' What If Machine what his life would be like if he'd married the Countess DeLaRoca, he doesn't receive an answer...which provides an answer in itself...
Cyclopes Mama, Martian Mama: Stuck in the Planet Express Ship's loading bay thanks to Bender's negligence, Amy and Leela must find a way to face the yawning chasm of boredom.
All Full Of Stars: Leela is forced to make a life-changing decision when the Professor’s lack of foresight and Fry’s lack of guile threaten to destroy the moon (and thus the planet Earth).
The Ash Storm, The Blernsball Game, And Other Things: Fry and Leela go on their first date, and things get off to a slightly rocky start.
Date Night: Fry and Leela are going on a date! A Fry/Leela Valentine's Day fic.
FutureKid: Leela and Fry's children are watched by Bender for the evening. This is, perhaps, not the brightest idea Fry and Leela have ever had...
Once Around: Just some basic, sweet, post-series Fry/Leela fluff.
Learning Grateful: Leela feels under-appreciated, but a talk with Amy - and some help from Bender and Fry - boosts her spirits.
A Beautiful Team: Zoidberg, Fry and Leela find themselves swept up in a life-or-death game of battleship when Leela's superior playing skills attract the attention of a sentient Star Destroyer who will not allow himself to be bested.
Looped: Leela and Fry find themselves reliving a very familiar series of events.
Robo-Leela: Leela's brain is mistakenly downloaded into a robot's body. Bender teaches her how to adjust to being a robot while Fry and Amy remind her how a human sees the world.
New Year’s Nightmare: Leela has plans for New Year's night, so has Bender, while Fry just wants to eat at a newly opened lobster restaurant, but hasn't the money to do so. However, all that is interrupted when Professor Farnsworth has a new delivery for the crew to complete, along with a new, faster ship to deliver with.
The Future Is Now: A sequel to Mitch's earlier fanfiction, Robo-Leela. Bender proposes to Susan just as Fry and Leela are expecting a permanent visitor...
Trick or Terror: On Halloween, the crew responds to an invitation to a haunted house. Meanwhile, Amy is left at Planet Express just when strange things begin to happen...
Thanksgivin': The crew goes to find a peacock for the holiday of Thanksgivin'. Meanwhile, Kif deals with being the unsung server of Zapp's celebrity Thanksgivin' party.
Xmas 3003: It's just a few days before Xmas 3003, which means that Robot Santa will soon be on his way to spread fear and loathing amongst the people of Earth. The Planet Express crew, along with their families, decide to take to the ship and escape his terrible Xmas reign. However, while up in space, they have to find something to keep themselves occupied in a crowded ship in the middle of nowhere, and it seems that Fry has something special he wants to do to spread some Xmas cheer. However, in the dark murky depths of Robot Hell, the Robot Devil looks upon Robot Santa's reign in jealousy. Maybe it's time to see who really is boss between the two of them.
New Year 3004: Leela goes to Times Square on New Year's Eve to celebrate alone, but that is not how it ends up.
The New Captain: Leela is dimensionally replaced by another tough female space pilot, Galaxy Police Detective First Class Kiyone Makabi. The viewpoint switches between Kiyone (first person) and Fry (third person).
Heart Awareness: When a worried Leela confronts an unusually reclusive Fry, it leads up to an actual date between them. Menwhile, Kif and Amy try to change to adjust to each other.
Robot Hell Rises (Seriously, It Does): Two mysterious teens named Kim and Ron join Planet Express as they make a delievery to an enemy from the kids' past.
Finale 3004: Coffee, a popular excuse for sex, has vanished from the Earth. Leela, Fry, Kif, and Amy go to solve this mystery as well as settle some things between each other.
Follow that Bender: Due to another time-travel mishap, Fry, Leela, Kim, and Ron must rescue Bender, who has been captured by the Bebe fembots. Also, Kim's foe Shego fights Leela.
Future Foursome (Part 1, 2, 3, 4): On a night when Leela's parents are visiting Planet Express, Fry asks the What-If machine what would happen if some of the crew gained Superhuman powers on their first mission.
The Full Circle (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6): In a place beyond time, when reality itself is in flux, the Planet Express crew and Team Possible soon meet individuals whose very existence they wouldn't have imagined.
Yet Another Damn Futurama Outtake Reel: Well, the title should make it obvious, but this "fic" is set like an outtake show, where Aaron Allerman (mtvcdm) and Leela are hosts, showing the mistakes and stuff that didn't get shown on the show proper.
Last Shot: Desperate to make one final effort to show Leela how much he loves her, Fry seeks the aid of RomantiCorp. In exchange for their expert help, he offer them access to some of the professor's new inventions. Will this last effort of Fry's be a succes, or will he once more find he's shooting blanks?
First Time: A look into Leela's mind, and thoughts about her own life. This story is somewhat related to Mysteryman's first fan fiction "Last Shot" (so you might want to give that one a read first), since it retell parts of it from Leela's point of view.
Error from the Year 2000: Waking up in a familiar room Fry finds himself surrounded his family, who tell him he's only been frozen for a month. Remembering everything from his "life" in the future Fry is uncertain what to believe. Was it all really just a dream?
Mz Kroker
Broken Hearts Can Lead To Better Things (Part 1, 2): After two months without seeing Amy, Kif finally gets a chance to see her when Zapp Brannigan makes a stop at a New New York hotel. Leaving Kif to his own business, he invites Amy to the hotel, where they decide to go out and eat. After the meal, though, Kif has to do a chore for Zapp, leaving Amy at the hotel. Will Amy wait for him? Will Kif return? What's Zapp doing in New New York? Read on to find out.