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Ralph Snart
Demons From the Past (Part 1, 2, 3): A year after Fry's holophonor performance in the episode The Devil's Hands are Idol Playthings, he is still without Leela. However, what he has got is the desire to better himself, both physically and mentally. Will Leela notice Fry's effort to change for the better?
Ramon 51
Galactic Agent Gal: Leela's in a snow mobile racing across a boulder strewn snowscape. Behind her are three other snowmobiles, chasing after her erratically. No, she's not in an Alpine race, they are firing at her, wanting her dead. During this escapade, Leela says to herself, "How did I ever get into this business?" Which is exactly what the reader would want to know, too.
The Recruit: This Fan Fiction is the continuation of Ramon 51's "Galactic Agent Gal". It occurs right after Leela has decided to become an Intelligence Officer with the Galactic Intelligence Agency, and continues through her initial training, where she meets some friends she will have for the rest of her life... however long that may be!
Double Jeopardy: This Fan Fiction takes place shortly after The Recruit. Fry heads to Mars on vacation, while Leela begins her operational life as Agent Solo of the GIA and has her first real mission.
Gladiatrix (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5): This a continuation of Ramon 51's fictions with Leela as an agent of the Galactic Intelligence Agency. The year is 3006, and Leela is now a full-fledged GIA agent, with a number of successful missions behind her. Unbeknown to her, she is about to become a female Gladiator (properly known as a Gladiatrix) for the honour and glory of the New Space Roman Empire.
These Mist Covered mountains: Picks up where Gladiatrix left off. It's kind of a tribute to Ramon's fallen comrads in the Speical Forces.
Futurama/Band of Brothers Crossover (Part 1, 2, 3, 4): The Futurama crew get into some difficulties while testing out one of Professor Farnsworth and Cubert's inventions, finding that time has changed from the thirty-first century to the Stupid Ages. More accurately, though, the period of time you'd find in the Band of Brothers, with war and all that jazz.
Married With Children (Part 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8): Picks up where Band of Brothers leaves off. Fry and Leela get married, adopt Sally, and eventually defeat Zapp Brannigan's evil plot to destroy them. This story also brings a few new characters into the story, most of them are related to Leela. In a way, this story is about Leela finding her roots.
The Leela Diaries (Part 1, 2): Leela's diary entries, December 30, 2999 to ???
Your Cold, Cold Heart: When Fry and Leela have a fight, Fry heads for the bar to drown his sorrows, and when a blond woman in a red dress plays an old Hank Williams song on the juke box, our hapless (and rather inebriated) delivery boy suddenly finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place.
Crazy: A continuation of Your Cold, Cold Heart with some more music, some therapy, and a surprise.
Prairie Rose: The adventures of Philippa Fry (the female Fry from Graham Dawson's A Different View.
One's On The Way: A sequel to Crazy. Fry and Leela are just getting adjusted to living together when an unxpected visitor from another world shows up, threatening to destory everything they've built together.
Futurama/Band of Brothers Crossover II - Bastogne: While doing some research on their previous time travel misadventure, the Professor sends Leela and Fry back to December 1944 and the Battle of the Bulge just as the sauerkraut is hitting the fan.
Run Silent, Run Deep: It's War! And Leela, Fry, Bender, and the rest of the PE crew along with some other innocent bystanders get drafted into the “silent service”
He's Dead Jim (with Flounder): Fry and the guys remind us that great art is always underappreciated. Uh huh.
Razer Cannon
The Ghost of Shipping Future: Set 2 weeks after Bender's Big Score, Leela is visited by a “ghost” that shows her glimpses of the future. This fic spans all four movies and reconsiles the characters reactions therein.
The Pirates Of Cyberia (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13): Set immediately after Wild Green Yonder as the PE ship exits the wormhole, the crew discover that they are a very long way from home. Before they can really begin to get a handle on their situation, they are attacked by unknown unfriendlies, destroying the wormhole and endangering an nearby planet in the process.
Fry's Destiny (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7): Fry's true calling is revealed after he crashes alone on a planet with some interesting inhabitants.
Eight Hours to Earth: On a long flight home, Leela comes to terms with her feelings for Fry.
Learning Curve: Picks up where Eight Hours to Earth left off and follows the first few days of Fry and Leela's new realtionship and it's first challenges, both large and small.
Terminal Velocity: A delivery to a war zone, Fry's cuckoo clock, and Bender's magnetic personality keeps life interesting for the PE crew.
Event Horizon: A boundry ... beyond which ... communication is impossible.
Fault Line: In deep space, it pays to have live friends and dead enemies.
Das Schiff: Hermes wants to send Fry on an inconsequential courier run to a backwater world, but Leela gets wind of it and won't let Fry go alone. After she "convinces" Hermes to let her go along, a seemingly simple job quickly gets much more complicated than anyone bargained for.
The Acid Test: Bender hatches a scheme to make a fast buck and a waitress at the Pub sets her sights on Fry.
The Ride of a Lifetime: Fry has a new love and a new job.
Interlude: An unscheduled stop ...
Ten Years After: A painfull separation, a painfull reunion.
The Evening: What might have happened the evening before The Morning.
The Phone Call: This is not your classic Futurama fan fiction. It's not set in the future and none of the characters appear in it. It was written solely as an April Fool's joke.
In A Pig's Fry: An expirement of the Professor's turns Fry into a guinea pig and Leela gets stuck taking care of him. 3rd place winner of the 2007 GFC/TSFFC writing competition.
Critical Mass: Set in the aftermath of Bender's Big Score and Beast With A Billion Backs, Fry and Leela have some issues to work through. The very first post-BWABB fan fic.
Michelle Shock: Fry and Leela have been happily married for almost three years and are expecting their first child. But when a pregnant Michelle shows up at Planet Express claiming Fry is the father, it falls to Bender to try to prove his innocence. 2nd place winner of the 2008 TSFFC writing competition.
Fryscape: The Planet Express crew are in for a busy night when an incident with a package causes Fry to leave a trail of duplicity and confusion. Winner of the 2009 TSFFC writing competition. Promo pic by kaspired.
Collision Course: This fic is based on the end of Overclockwise when Fry and Leela are reading about their future and they slap each other. I got to wondering what kind of event would cause that, and how might they use this information.
Robert Stewart
The End of Futurama: some pathos and passion, and music too.
Yes, There are 2 Interns: Now that Amy has her doctorate, PE is in need of a new intern. Trouble is, they end up with two which turn out to be a bit troublesome for Leela and Kif.   Cover art by Gulliver 63
Let's Fix Time: A security guard with a bad personality complicated the lives of the PE crew
And a Hero Comes Along: The Professor hires a new bodyguard after too many damaged deliveries, and Fry takes an interest in her, making Leela see red.
Return to the Deep: Sequel to And a Hero Comes Along set a year later, with the Planet Express crew having to deliver a package to Atlanta: the home of their latest member.
Love in the Times of Slurm: When Leela is injured during a routine repair on the Planet Express ship, Fry show a whole new side of himself, and she's impressed. Later, when Fry and Leela are stranded on a doomed planet together and they start talking about their true feelings.
Miscarriage of Justice: The sequel to "Love in The Times of Slurm". Fry and Leela are on their honeymoon on the planet Starova. Leela isn't feeling well when they arrive, but are better the next day, adn ready to tour the island. Fry is more interested in taking it slowly and stay at the beach. Leela is idsappointed, and they spend they day seperate from each other. When Fry come back to the hotel he's told Leela have been taken to the hospital.
Rye Guy
The Other (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23): This story is based on the following dialogue from the episode "The Why of Fry" (Rye Guy's favorite episode):

Nibbler: Well now it's your choice: is there nothing in the future worth saving?
Future Fry: Leela. But she doesn't think much of me.
Nibbler: Ah, she must be the other.

This fiction starts off with Leela wondering about Fry. However, in the meantime, Fry is beginning to have doubts about whether he'd ever win her heart, considering the amount of rejections he's received from her. Then again, it seems the Nibblonians have a hand to play... Promo picture
How Bender Snatched X-Mas: For the Xmas period, and beyond, Rye Guy has come up with a parody of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".
A Long Night: After receiving a sweet New Year's gift from Fry, Leela agrees to go on a date with him to Times Square to welcome in the year... but only as friends. However, the date doesn't turn out as expected...
An Even Longer Day: This is a sequel to Rye Guy's "A Long Night", which is meant to explain what happened after that long and unexpected night. Leela awakes to find that she's naked, has a pounding headache, Fry's jacket is in the room, and she can't remember a thing about the night before. In her confusion, she wonders if Fry had slept with her and then abandoned her. The only way to find out what happened the night before is to confront Fry.
The Heavy About Love (Part 1, 2, 3): Everything is grand, Fry and Leela are in love and enjoying it. However, suddenly Leela starts to gain weight. No, not just a few kilos here or there, but a massive increase to obese proportions and beyond. Will Fry still love her tomorrow?   Promo pic
Rose Keeling
The Kroker Family (part 1, 2, 3, ...): Twenty years after Kiff gives birth to his and Amy's children, they return to his ancestral swamp to bring their family home.
From Here To In Country: Fry and Leela fall through a time door built by Professor Farnsworth and end up at a US Marine base in Veitnam on the eve of the Tet Offensive. Warning: this story has some violent spots in it.
The Devil's Microphone is an Idol Comedy Thing: Bender helps Zoidberg in his lifelong dream to be an comedian and other random stuff.
Fry And Leela Happy Endings From Bender (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6): This story takes place in 3005 and has nothing to do with BBS well it kind of does and kind of does not at the same time, by the way this is also the back story of the The Devil's Microphone Is A Idol Comedy Thing. Should not be taken that seriously by anyone.
Scare The Brick Out Of Bender: Set in a parallel universe a few weeks after the Opera, Fry and Leela are in a loving relationship and are very happy together, but that's not what is important in this story; it's the movie they're going to see and how it will affect Bender.
The True Happening After The Opera: What really happened after the opera.
A New Parallel Universe End to Parasites Lost: Just what the titles says - Fry still looses the worms, but this time ...
I Can Hear You: An alternate universe end to The Sting which asks the question "What if Leela missed the bee with the jar in some other parallel universe?" and then proceeds to answer it.
Last T-P-D Of The Benders: An alternate universe end to Bender's Big Score. What if Bender did the job right, putting the time code on Fry's ass in some other parallel universe, plus a few other complications?
Anthology Of Interest Unknown Number: Set in the aftermath of "The Beast With A Billion Backs" this is as random as hell and does not have to make sense.
Universe Junping Bender (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6): Bender is jumping from universe to universe, but not of his own free will. And his sudden appearances are sometimes having strange and unusual effects on some of the dimensions he passes through.
After The Horizon: Just a little what if scenario with a deleted Fry asking out Leela scene.
Luck Of The Stars: An alternate universe end to Time Keeps on Slipping. A little what if scenario about Bender not missing out in becoming a Globetrotter alongside with some other minor complications because of it.
Denied Deliveries: After the opera, Fry and Leela are now dating. But can their relationship stand up to the Professor's expirements with teleportation and an encounter with the What-If machine?
Unbound From The Future (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12): Some extraordinary events take place around the night of Fry's opera.
Good Old Rock-Paper-Scissors: A funny short educational lesson about Decapodians.
The Prophecy With No Prophecy: What if Bender was caught in the act trying to become Pharaoh in Pharaoh To Remember, plus some other things?
Frozen Bark: In an AU of the Futuramaverse on January the 1st 2000, Seymour Asses (aka Philip J. Fry's dog) is sent to the future (aka) year 3000.
Rush's Added Scenes: Additional scenes to seven eipsodes.
The Three Little Bending Units: A parody of The Three Little Pigs
Unfortold Story Of The Ramaness (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7): A few days after the Opera, Fry still feels depressed after his advances towards Leela being rejected, and feeling as if it was a waste of his time. But not for long though as a series of unexplained events come to play. Warning - contains spoilers if you have not yet seen Bender's Game.
The Future Looks Bleak: Fry and Bender are spening an evening watching TV. When there's nothing good on, Fry starts to what-if about Leela and the ever-helpfull Bender offers his opnions.
The Calm Before Anomaly's Beast Within Reveals Itself (Part 1, 2): Picks up a bit after what happened in Universe Jumping Bender, part 5 when Bender changed history in The Beast With A Billion Backs by falling from the sky landing on Colleen when she first met Fry, and then Bender told Fry to make his move on Leela, changing history in such away Fry and Leela had gotten together...but right now there's other things afoot.
Dawn Of The Tentacle: Sequel to The Calm Before Anomaly's Beast Within Reveals Itself.
Luck With Them Old Stars: A little what-if scenario based on Time Keeps on Slipping, asking what if the stars were moved just ever so slightly out of range ...?
To Let Go Or Not To Let Go?: Based on the picture from Godfellas where Bender is hold Fry over the edge of the Statue of Liberty, only this time ...
Fry's Fateful Choice: Fry returns to The Infosphere. What had happened to him? Is he dead or alive? Let's try and find out in my very possibly invalid theory.
Jumping Through A Wormhole: Alternate universe scene to the aftermath of Into The Wild Green Yonder and based on the three-minute animatic preview of 6ACV01.
Unforetold Story Of Thoughts: A look at the thoughts going through the minds of the PE crew members during this scene from Bender's Big Score.
A Red Xmas Tale: It's Xmas Eve 3006 with true horror awaiting Fry, Leela, and Bender who have; an impossible, stupid suicidally dangerous mission.
The Why of Return: Related to “The Why of Fry” - It'll make more sense if you've read Universe Junping Bender first.
Misdeeds Of The Hot: Alternate universe scene to Crimes of the Hot
Bender and the Beanstalk: A retelling of the childrens story Jack and the Beanstalk Futurama style.
Brick-O-Rama: A big mix up of The Beast With A Billion Backs.
Conrwood's Saviour: A crazy twist to the end of Bender's Game.
Bending Wars (Part 1, 2): Bending Units go back in time to Medieval Europe to form their own nation in all out total war over domination of Europe. Warning: possible mild violence and other messed up stuff.
Bend Em Up: Two weeks after the Opera, Fry still hasn't won Leela's heart. And when he and Bender go visit an unusual shop,.it starts a chain of events that has far reaching consequences for all of them. Warning, may contain some mild violent content.
Parasites Revealed: An alternate universe ending to Parasites Lost
The Button of Boned: A universe jumping Bender pops in an pushes a button he should have and they're boned!
Beelzebot's Hands Are Idol Playthings: Unthinkable events come to pass during Fry's Opera.
Watching Nothing: About one week after Fry's Opera Leela, Fry and Bender watch static on TV on a Friday evening after work.
Foghat Grey Benders vs Golden Benders: A straight into medieval combat short fan fiction, with no back story to the fighting what so ever unlike that other fan fiction of mine Bending Wars.
Giant Carrots: Fry and Farnsworth talk about giant carrots ...
Love's Labours Found In Space: An alternate universe events to Love's Labours Lost In Space featuring Univer Jumping Bender.
A Bigger Ship: An alternate ending to In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela.
Looking Up at the Stars: Dealing with the aftermath of In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela.
Hot Problem: A few weeks after the Opera the crew are heading home from a delivery when they find a warm recption waiting - warmer than anyone would like.
Meaty Love: a small follow up on Proposition Infinity (contains spoilers)
Forever 'Rama: Sequel to Hot Problem, Universe Jumping Bender comes to an unusual universe, even by Futurama standards.
Awkward Meeting (and other stuff): An embarasing question about a certain incident during time travel gets asked in a staff meeting. Since this is one of the shortest fan fics on record, it also includes two othre unrelated short scenes.
Eye Problem: Set a day after the events of In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela, Fry sits in the ship's basement watching TV when he really should be up on the flight deck, watching for billboards.
Going On A Bender: A few months after the Opera, Fry asks Leela out after returning from a delivery on a Friday evening.
Rubbish Ball: An alternate universe events to A Big Piece Of Garbage.
Wingus' And Dingus' Fun: The evening after the events of How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back Fry and Bender watch TV in their apartment ... and more.
Killer Eye-Phone: An alternate universe events to Attack of the Killer App.
A Loud Night: Sequel to “Rubbish Ball”, a year later New New York is infested with Zombies. Warning may contain violence, horror, and other Zombie related stuff so if you don't like that kind of stuff don't read this fan fiction.
Shippy Ship: A few weeks after the Opera, on board the Planet Express nearing Earth coming back from a delivery Fry apologizes to Leela for his failed advances through out the years they've known each other.
Impending Announcement: The PE staff wait for Farnsworth to announce his latest invention.
Rain of the Bending Units: A spin-off of Bender's “What if I was 500-feet tall?” question to the What-If Machine from Anthology of Interest I.
Xmas in the Futurama: Xmas at Planet Express, maybe in a parallel universe (or then again, maybe not).
Baconated Grapefruit: All the Planet Express staff sit watching the news on TV, when things get really weird . and I mean REALLY WERIRD!
Bent Down: Bender walks down a New New York alley late at night. What he finds there really sets the sparks flying.
Pink Love: What if Earth made a better stand against the Beast?
The Robot In Red: What I think Robot Santa does with most of his time throughout the year till Xmas before he goes on his brutal rampage on Earth.
Dogs For Rama: Sequel to Frozen Bark and a complete rewrite of the series.
Lost Adventures: The lost adventures Of Universe Jumping Bender.
Home System: Sequel to Watching Nothing. On the way home to Earth, Fry, Leela, and Bender on board the Planet Express Ship are bored.
Home World: Nearing Earth Fry, Leela and Bender play “I Spy” a few weeks after the opera. But Bender asks a loaded question.
On The Way: An alternate universe events to The Duh-Vinci Code.
War Is The A-Word: An alternate universe events to War is the H-Word.
Absent: The daily Planet Express staff meeting is about to start and Fry is missing. What is a bureaucrat to do?
Electric Mucous Ship: Nearing Earth, Bender asks Fry and Leela a nasty question.
TV Time: With no deliveries or missions today Farnsworth, Fry, Leela and Bender are sitting around in the Planet Express lounge watching TV.
Lost Adventures of U-J-Bender II: More adventures of Universe Jumping Bender. Fortunately for reality, he never stays too long in any one.
War Were Declared: Another alternate universe version of War is the H-Word.
The Alphabet, Futurama style: The title pretty much says it all.
I Like Beer: Morbo and Linda tell the news.
Unforgotten: A few weeks after the opera Farnsworth invents a new and improved memory ray, which he tests on his employees, who start to remember things they otherwise would of never remembered.
Rama Guy: Bender asks the What-If machine what if life were more like Family Guy?
Blinding Flash of Light: Universe Jumping Bender pops into a Universe where things are a little different.
Disturbing Advertisment: Fry, Leela and Bender watch a very disturbing advertisement about Suicide Booths (warning: dark humor).
Electricity and Magnetism: Bender shows everyone his new girlfriend during a meeting at his workplace.
Flashy Appearance: Universe Jumping Bender pops into Egypt.
Remember Me Bender: A sequel to Unforgotten. The title doesn't really tell you anything it's just a reference to Bender's statue in A Pharaoh to Remember.
The High South: Alternate ending to The Deep South.
Bender's Bad Idea: Late at night a few hours after the events of "Benderama", Bender has yet another idea with the Banach-Tarski Dupla-Shrinker.
Meeting In Destruction: Sequel to Bendrer's Bad Idea.
The Chronicles of Universe Jumping Bender: Yet more universe jumping adventures from Universe Jumping Bender.
Darkness From The Light: An alternate universe to Bender's Big Score
Hermes Hatred: Zoidberg asks Hermes why he hates him so much.
Humanity Reminder: Alternate universe to Insane in the Mainframe.
Improbable Invention: A few months after Fry's Opera, Farnsworth announces his latest invention, which seems quite improbable.
LOTR rama: U-J-Bender now really screws things up in The Lord Of The Rings universe.
That Darn Fox: Amy forces Fry and Bender to watch Justin Bieber. Now where did that title come from?
The Continuing Of The U-J-Bender Madness: More Universe Jumping Bender madness.
The Forgotten Tales Of U-J-Bender: More lost adventures of Universe Jumping Bender, which may effect your universe in a weird way.
The Marvellous Misadventures Of U-J-Bender: More brief parallel universe visits from Universe Jumping Bender.
The Yonder Times: Alternate events to The Late Philip J. Fry
Three Logical Flaws: Three alternate universes to the three scenarios of The Futurama Holiday Spectacular.
TV and Video Games: Based after the events of The Mutants Are Revolting, Fry, Amy, Leela and Bender watch a very old game on TV.
U-J-Bender and God: U-J-Bender meets the God Galaxy Entity, and asks him a few questions.
A Shocking Time: While Frank Grimes gone insane The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant gets a visitor from Futurama.
That's One Lucky Fry: U-J-Bender pops into an universe where he meets a really lucky Fry, and I mean A REALLY LUCKY FRY. It's one of those fan fiction that's not meant to be taken too seriously.
The Eye Blinding Tales Of U-J-Bender: More U-J-Bender stuff (If this was animated it may result in blindness).
Needless Debate: The Planet Express staff along with Nixon and Zapp debate who should fly the stealth fighter during the events of In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela. Also something weird happens.
The Journey Home: Fry, Leela, and Bender on the way home to Earth.
The Multiverse Madness: More Universe Jumping Bender madness.
Weird Workplace: The PE staff acts very weird
Who Else But Bender: Bender has one of those bad ideas again.
Forced Love Feelings: Alternate universe to I Second That Emotion where things go just a little differently.
A Little Discussion: Leela and Amy have a little discussion about each other's "girls" while showering in the Planet Express Locker Room.
Bender's Good Food: Bender cooks something nice for once.
Nosy U-J-Bender: U-J-Bender is very nosy.
Ramaing Down The O-Rama: A day at the Planet Express....
Sleeping Drinky: In 3004 a few months after the opera Fry finds it difficult to sleep with Bender making so much noise in his sleep.
Journey To Work: Fry and Bender encounter some obstacles along the way to work.
Mad-O-Rama: Mad things happen at Planet Express.
Rama Light: U-J-Bender bashes Twilight.
Round And Round Through Time: Based a day after the events of The Late Philip J. Fry in some parallel universe where Farnsworth has got another time machine invention.
Trouble In Space: Fry, Leela and Bender are stuck in traffic in space, but there's more than that annoyance.
Aroo-O-Rama: Farnsworth is angry with his employee, followed by other weird stuff.
Bender's Genie: Bender finds a genie in his beer.
Grey Booths: Bender get angry with a Suicide Booth.
Lotr Gets The Rama Again: Some multiverse travelling visitor from my Futurama fan fiction messes things up in The Lord Of The Rings Universe. Who could that multiverse travelling visitor possibly be?
Scruffy's Very Own Fan Fiction: It's Scruffy's very own fan fiction.
Short Trip: Fry, Leela and Bender await to be briefed for their next delivery or mission for about a second.
Sparkly Shiny: Bender looks on the Internet and finds something that he would like to give a try.
U-J-Bender High Up A Mountain: U-J-Bender finds himself appearing at the top of a mountain, that isn't Mount Everest for once.
The Legend Of The One Bender Of Wealth: The three foghat grey Bending Unit nations; Pirates, Vikings and Knights in some truly weird parallel universe search for “The Legend Of The One Bender Of Wealth” as any true Bender would.
Shiny Metal Fun: Fry watches TV while Bender is gone out for reasons unknown.
Angry Omicronians: The Omicronians invade Earth yet again for some reason.
The Katz's Fear: An alternate universe shortcut of the episode That Darn Katz
Armoured Fortress For Xmas: Planet Express is more than ready to hold off against Robot Santa.
Whispering Among The Forgotten In The Screeching Winds: Fry's universe is turned upside down, two week after the events of The Devil's Hands are Idol Playthings.
The Looming Terror: Across the universe many black holes have been appearing seemingly out from nowhere and stars that are far too young have been reported suddenly becoming red giants, and a looming terror has yet to reveal itself.
Rama's Bane: Sequel to The Looming Terror. Warning: This story will be very dark, scary, and violet. Not for the faint hearted.
The Bane of All: Sequel to Rama's Bane. And just as dark, scary, and violent as before.
A Lost Dusty Tale Of Yonder: A short sequel to The Legend Of The One Bender Of Wealth.
Chicken: Hyper-Chicken along with other members of his species protest outside a KFC. And I came up with this fan fiction while I ate a chicken sandwich for lunch on the 06 Jan 2012.
Darn Wormholes: On the way home to Earth Fry, Leela and Bender are dragged into a wormhole.
Fry's Sacrifice: A theory of Nibbler's thoughts towards the Fry who sacrificed himself to save Leela.
Hundreds Of Years Backwards: The Westboro Baptist Church visits Planet Express, which annoys the staff of Planet Express greatly.
Insane: Morbo interviews a woman with some controversial views on men.
Leela Warrior: Leela runs into a little trouble on the way to work.
Questions In Space: While on the way home to Earth Bender and Fry ask Leela some questions.
Shiny Metal Trip: Bender wants to make watching Everybody Loves Hypnotoad even more enjoyable, with disastrous consequences.
The End of All Bends: Bender's worst fear comes to pass.
Smelling Zoidberg: which doesn't sound like a great idea.
In Spaceship Movie: Fry, Leela and Bender are bored on a long journey home to Earth, but fortunately Bender has got some movies, most of which Leela doesn't seem to like very much.
A Whole Lotta Leelas: A clone of Leela awakens in the sub-basement filled with many more clones of herself.
Fry The Fan Fiction Writer: Fry writes an All My Circuits fan fiction, and Bender voices his opinion.
Nature And Awkwardness All Around: The Planet Express staff wait to hear Farnsworth reveal his latest invention.
Awkward World Of Nature: Sequel to Nature And Awkwardness All Around based a year after those events in some parallel universe where similar events came to pass.
Killbots Vs Zombies: How Futurama would deal with a zombie apocalypse.
A Ship Traveling In Dark Space: On the way home to Earth Fry and Bender are asleep leaving Leela alone to her thoughts, except she is soon interrupted.
Happy Footcups: Fry and Bender argue about what they want to watch on TV.
Past Weird Happening: Something really weird happened when Fry was born in this parallel universe.
Pride Breaking: Fry has a bad pride breaking advertisement dream.
U-J-Benders Are Everywhere: Fry tries to convince his coworkers that U-J-Benders are real but no one seems to believe him.
Hair Drying: Some things are slightly different during the events of I, Roommate when Fry used the Planet Express Ship's engines to dry his hair.
Futuremon (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9): Fry asks the "What If Machine" what if life was more like Pokemon? Contains truckloads of dark humour and moderate violence.   - Promo pic by Umbreon
Overbending: Bender overreacts from finding out something on the Internet.
Ramabrations: Somethings go slightly different during The Beast With A Billion Backs.
Slightly Delayed: Things go slightly different during Space Pilot 3000 when Bender is in front of Fry in the queue to the Suicide Booth.
World of Ramacraft (Part 1, 2, 3): Bender gets addicted to a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.
Caffinated Bacon: Weird stuff happens at Planet Express.
Space Cow-O-Rama: Farnsworth has an idea during A Farewell to Arms. Note: For future reader and future fan of Futurama of some unknown time in the future possibly after I've long since been dead, this was written before A Farewell to Arms even aired, being scrapped together from video previews and news info.
Good News on TV: The staff watch a news report on TV.
Happy Working: The PE crew are excited to get off of work today.
Bendytubbies: The Teletubbies Futurama style.
Magical Shiny Land: Fry goes to sleep and wakes up in Equestria.
Green Love: Farnworth talks to Amy about her relationship with Kif.
Rama of Doom: Farnsworth sits alone at the conference table thinking.
Universe Jumping Bender Forever: he Multiverse journeys of U-J-Bender continue.
U-J-Bender Returns To Twilight: Sequel to Rama Light. Universe Jumping Bender returns to the Twilight universe.
Last Night's CCTV: Farnsworth looks over last night's security recordsing.
Questions of the Rama: Fry asks Bender a lot of questions.
Legion: Bender has become depressed and seeks answers to the meaning of his existence.
Shiny-O-Rama: Bender goes on an epic adventure of madness!
Bender's Shiny Adventure: Bender goes on a wild adventure with a USB stick.
Attack Of The Ponies: New New York is attacked by giant Ponies! -   Promo pic
Brony-O-Rama: Bender is horrified to find out everyone at his work place have become obsessed with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
Interruptions Of Doom: The morning Planet Express staff meeting is interrupted several times.
Mass-O-Rama Ending Redo: The Lord Of The U-J-Benders was so disappointed of the ending of Mass Effect 3 he has made plans to change it using some certain elements.
The Shadow Of The Bieber: Justin Bieber Clones torment the universe.
The Space Lobster Controversy: Zoidberg upon arriving at work is shocked to see what his "friends" are doing.
Annoying Visitor: Bender get visited by a certain annoying multiverse traveler while watching TV
Bane Of Nixon: Alternate parallel universe ending to Decision 3012
Dreams Of The Rama: We look into some of the dreams of the Futurama characters.
Fry Breakfast: While Fry has his breakfast a visitor from another universe pops in
Out Of Rushes: U-J-Bender visits his creator who is out of ideas
Ponies And U-J-Benders: Giant My Little Ponies and Giant U-J-Benders aid the Mass Effect universe in the fight against the Reapers
Universe Jumping And Beyond: Universe Jumping Bender meets another multiverse traveler
Yonder Visit: A certain multiverse traveler visits Farnsworth during Into The Wild Green Yonder
Harbinger Of Waffles: Weirder than usual stuff happens in the Futuramaverse.
Parallel Anger: Bender makes someone from another parallel universe very angry.
Farny's Doomsday Device: Fry walks in to see Farnsworth working on his latest doomsday device.
Bender's Yonder Logic: Bender finds something a little illogical in the year one billion during The Late Philip J. Fry.
My Little Rama: Science Fiction Is Magic: Weird stuff happens in the universe even by Futurama and Ponies standards.
Rainbow Dash Fires Lightning At Bender: Bender from Futurama falls asleep to wake up in Equestria, and does something that annoys a certain rainbow Pegasus so much she fires lightning at him. Unfortunately that lightning didn't seem to hurt Bender in any way at all .... In fact Bender seemed to enjoy the lightning.
Bender Wants Bender Waffles: Bender wants Bender Waffles along with some weird stuff happening at Planet Express.
Bending The Bank: Bender robs a bank with a very powerful weapon
The Day Equestria Was Bent: Bender Bending Rodriguez is sucked into a vortex sending him to Equestria.
Farnybrations: The Planet Express staff await for Farnsworth to announce his latest invention.
Important Meeting: The Planet Express staff have an important meeting about who is best Pony.
Ponyrama: Pinkie Pie the Pony enters the Futuramaverse and messes with one of Farnsworth's Doomsday Devices.
U-J-Bender Vs Ponies: U-J-Bender confronts his creator about all this Pony stuff in his fan fiction.
Farnsworth Wants Fry's Blood On Pancakes: Farnsworth wants Fry's blood on pancakes along with other madness.
Bender's Epic Adventure To Save The Universe: It's meant to be badly written.
Rama Rangers: Fry asks the What If Machine what if life was more like Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers?
Zoidberg is Hungry: Zoidberg is hungry and madness ensues.
Scruffy's Manly Tears: It was just a normal boring day for Scruffy the janitor, until tragedy strikes.
Bricks: Bender builds a brick wall in the lounge.
Drinking and Flying: Leela was drinking while flying the Planet Express Ship (this fic was conceinved and written under similar circumstances)
Anonymous Omicronian: During the events of The Problem With Popplers an Omicronian buys some Popplers.
The Bending Tide: Bender's antivirus kicks in during the events of Bender's Big Score, with nightmarish consequences that no one could predict.
Do You Believe In Beer?: Bender has a drink at a bar, but then weird things happen.
Heavy Ship: While on the way home the Planet Express Ship is strangely heavier than normal.
Cheeseburger Apocalypse: Planet Earth is attacked by giant flying Cheeseburgers.
The Power of Beer: Weird stuff happens at Robot Arms Apartments (and no alochol was harmed in the writing of this fic)
Attack of the Shipper: An all powerful entity called "The Shipper" forces the Futurama Characters into relationships they don't want.
Manly Pops: Fry eats a new breakfast cereal called “Manly Pops” and madness ensues. Warning: Reading this fan fiction cause you to spontaneously grow a beard due to exposure to sheer raw manliness. Alcohol WAS harmed in making of this fic.
Bender Wants Cake: Bender wants cake followed by weird stuff happening at Planet Express.
Kill Bots: Leela is angered by Zapp's tactics on defeating Kill Bots during Love's Labors Lost in Space.
Final Message: Farnsworth discovers an ancient machine that tells the fate of it's creators.
Leela's Solution:An annoying creature appears in the Planet Express Ship. Fortunately Leela has an idea.
The Looming Terror: Wrong Universe: The Looming Terror enters the wrong universe and meets his match.
Rama End: Bender rants about the end of their show.
Bendanthrope: Bender annoys Farnsworth with his misanthropy.