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Avenging Angel (part 1 ...): This is what might happen if Fry got wings.
Over Her (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5): After Fry gets set on fire in, yet again, one of his silly accidents, Leela discovers that Fry is busy dating someone else. Will jealousy take hold of Leela?
Cornered: When Leela gets backed into a corner by an old nemesis from the orphanarium, Fry steps in with his shield Leela move, which again has profound consequences for both of them.
Broken Record: Leela and Fry try to sort things out after the opera and sometimes what's right for one is wrong for the other.
Sgt Wilco
Stargate: Futurama: After a humiliating return from a failed mission to Vergon Six, the crew is sent out on another delivery, this one to a small resort planet named "Atlantaea Four". Little do they suspect that their route puts them on a temporal collision course with another adventurous trio, this one hailing from a long-forgotten military outpost known as...Atlantis Base!
4ACV19: School of Hard Bolts: The crew go on a delivery to the Galaxy of Terror. However, while there, Bender gets into some mischief that results in his dismissal from Planet Express. So, what's Bender to do?
What Might Have Happened Next: Yet another "Devil's hands" epilogue. Hey there can never be too many, right?
The Other Side of Parasites: "Parasites Lost" from Leela's point of view.
A Thousand Summers: A mishap in the Professor's lab leaves Leela with a ... small problem to take care of
Untold Adventures: Zoidberg wants to be taken seriously, and not ignored like he usually is, so he volunteers to go on a dangerous delivery to Life Or Death Adventure Planet with Fry, Leela and Bender. While they're away risking their lives, Hermes and the Professor find that they, too, have their own life or death struggle at Planet Express, without Fry, Leela or Bender around to save the day. However, all the above is nothing compared to Scruffy's dark secret...
Leela's Return: Leela returns to Fry and Planet Express after leaving for her Home Planet ten years ago. She finds a lot has changed, Fry has grown responsible and is now head of Planet Express.
Fry's Return (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5): The Professor sends Fry and Leela on a mission to the 20th century to retrieve an in the 30th century extinct ingredient of Coka Cola which is needed for his newest invention.
Sine Wave
Biogenesis: A mysterious disease, a case of amnesia, and a battle over a lava pit - just anohter day at Planet Express. This fic was an entry in the 2007 writing competition at TSFFC.
The Poem (part 1, 2, 3): Fry racks his brain to compose a poem for Leela for Valentines Day. Little does Fry know that Leela has a suprise of her own.
Leela's Rewind: Leela hears a song on the radio that makes her come in contact with feelings she never knew she had.
X-mas Accident: Leela goes back into her memory box and relives the most tragic x-mas of her life.
Project Fry: When the Professor builds a replica of the Holoshed, Fry gets the idea to create a project as a suprise for Leela's birthday.
Mindless Attraction: Things go horribly wrong when a ship accident causes Leela to lose her memories of everyone she's ever known, including her boyfriend, Fry. A sequel to Project Fry. Promo Pic
On My Own: Leela's impaitence causes her to break up with Fry. While having second thoughts afterwards, she tells Amy a secret that she's too afraid to tell him. Bender, on the other hand, sets Fry up on a date with a city girl named Tara. Will Leela tell her secret to Fry before she loses him forever? A sequel to Mindless Attraction
Rescue Me: After a long space delivery, things between Fry and Leela change. Nine months later, they're bringing a baby home, but when Fry get's cocky about driving in a storm, things take a turn for the worse. An entry in the 2008 TSFFC Writing Competition.
Confession: A closer look at Into The Wild Green Yonder
Fry's Departure (Part 1, 2, 3, 4): Leela helps the Professor to test his new Mind-Reading/Lie Detector Machine, and the tape recording the results shows Leela's thoughts towards Fry which are on the one hand affectionate but also poisoned by Leela's arrogance. Fry sees the tape and is depressed into leaving the Planet express crew, triggering absolutely unheard-of consequences.
The Fry Files (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5): A five part series exploring the relationship between Fry and Leela at various moments in their life, and how it develops over time.
Haircuts, Teleporting, and Homicidal Snails (Part 1, 2): Fry decides a new hair cut is just the thing to impress Leela and the Professor supplies the crew with wrist watches that will teleport them, or kill them.
Darkness Surrounding: Fry and Leela go on a mission to deliver a small time machine prototype and they get sucked into a wormhole, which warps them to Earth 10 years later, where war has broken out...Read all about it in the beginning chapter of this epic Futurama series! Promo pic
Darkness Prevailing (Part 1): Set a month after Darkness Surrounding Fry and Leela cope with weird dreams and the loss of their son. Meanwhile a fuel shortage and sinister forces are casting further shadows across their path.
Leela's Quest: The Crew has to deliver a package addressed to Leela to the galactic core. As Leela is about to open it they are intercepted by Dark Ranger and have to save the Planet. This is a great Parody of pretty much every Sci-Fi Series/Movie ever made with great action scenes and good humor!
Sofie Fenwick
Leela's Affair: While trapped in a disappointing marriage with Fry, Leela finds someone else she can relate to; but what of their "special" relationship? (Note: This isn't one of those Fry/Leela romantic stories - it's actually a rebuttal towards that very viewpoint.)
Lazarus: Professor Farnsworth creates a machine to reverse the ageing process. However, this soon pricks the ears of Mom, who realises the great potential such a machine has for her own wealth and beauty. Now she needs to find a way to get to the professor's secret: Bender.
Falling Rain, Spilling Blood: When people in New New York begin to mysteriously disappear, Fry, Leela, Bender and Hermes are recruited as part of a secret covert ops team by the EIB (Earthican Information Bureau) to eliminate the threat to the human population. Inspired by the PlayStation 3 game Vampire Rain: Altered Species.
Breaking Communications (part 1, 2, ...): In this follow-up to Falling Rain, Spilling Blood, Fry and his team are tasked with destroying an antenna to cut off communications between their enemies. However, Fry runs into some unexpected problems on the way there...
Vengeance is Called Upon Thee: Fry, Leela, and Hermes go on a mission to terminate James Smith, the walker who killed Leela's mother in Falling Rain, Spilling Blood. However, James turns out to be nearly invincible. Can the team put an end to James's reign of terror? Or will James have the last laugh?
Nabbed!: When a member of Fry's team gets abducted by nightwalkers, it's up to the crew to pick up the pieces before it's too late. based on missions 10 and 11 of Vampire Rain. Special thanks to Trenton Sands for all of his help and support throughout the process of writing this fic.
Searchers in the Dark: Fry, Leela and Hermes take a route through the sewers to get to Edward van Dyke's lair and destroy him. However, their mission is thwarted by sewer residents who have become nightwalkers. Can they survive the onslaught?
Spot 439
Little Wonders: An experiment of the Professor's has two by-products, Andrew and Bender J.R. Now the two new little editions will go through the trials of life. Their parents find love and the story ends on a high note.
Just A Dream: When a pregnant Leela dies, the baby survies and Fry must take care of him. Along the way, Fry learns that he has a little peice of Leela with him.
Lost In New New York: Fry and Leela are living a happy life with their three year old son Xavier. However, when part of the crew get to go on a company vacation, Fry and son have to stay behind. Things go downhill when Fry loses Xavier.
Stephen Beer
All Rodents Lead To Home: Although Fry's pretty used to the future by now, there's one thing he miss; the rats. New New York just isn't New York with out them. After having sold a joke to Readers Digest Digest, he takes his friends out celebrating, and that's where he first here the story about the fate of the rats
Steven Gurman
The King and Fry: An invention of the Professor's causes Morbo the news monster's people to attack Earth looking for their lost king.
So Easy A Caveman Could Do It (Part 1, 2, 3, 4): Fry, Leela, and Bender make a delivery to Pluto where they discover a duplicate Fry frozen in a cave and penguins in armed revolt.
Anthology of Interest III: The What-If? Machine gets asked more questions: Fry asks what it would be like if he were a robot, Zoidberg wonders what being in charge would be like, and Amy queries about living with the mutants.
Fry Of Why: The gang is mourning the death of one of their beloved crew members, but is it true, is this crew member really dead?
More Less Than A Hero: The New Justice Team finds more miracle cream from an unlikely source and discovers the origins of miracle cream.
Steven Monroe
Prelude: Paxlon: A delivery to the planet Paxlon ends up with the Planet Express crew in jail, during a war that, while slowed down by diplomatic relations, is not over. And this little incident may be the only excuse that the Order of Aquarius needs to lauch a full attack against the Democratic Order of Planets...
Alien vs Planet Express: On a routine inspection of a planetoid moon, two company men discover a mysterious alien starship. After exploring the interior of the ship, one of the men are infected with an alien parasite. The captain of the DOOP starship Nimbus, Zapp Braniggan, is called in to rescue the remaining company men, but arrives in cryostasis secretly on board the Planet Express Ship. After arriving at the nightmarish planetoid, the Planet Express crew find only one survivor of an unimaginable alien threat and rescues him.... but they are not alone. One of the blood-thursty aliens has stowed away on the ship, ready to strike at anyone who crosses its path. With Leela's painful past haunting her memory, a horrifying killer monster on the loose, and company starship commander trying to keep the alien a secret and render anyone exposed to in expendible, its a deadly race for survival...
In Space, No One Can Hear You Do Anything.        Promo pic
Iron Starfighter: Fry discovers an arcade game that will help lead him to victory in a galaxy far away. Prepare for the ultimate space battle with an epic soundtrack!   Promo pic
Oh Wait I Do Need You: A thrilling tale of robbery and framing. Introducing robot eating wolves and Fry meets Derick in prison! Does Leela tell Fry how she really feels?
Robocalypse Now (Part 1, ...): A deadly robot revolution has begun in New New York and has dire consequences for Fry, Leela, and the Planet Express crew.
Super King
Risking it all: Fry is once again turned down by Leela and wants a chance to prove how much she means to him. And then, on the day's delivery, certain events happen...
The Pregnancy: Leela goes to the doctor because of an intestinal pain, and discovers that she's pregnant... and Zapp Brannigan is the father.
Zapp's Piratic Brother: While delivering a crate of dog collars to Taffy 6, the crew falls in the hands of pirates... led by Zapp Brannigan's brother.
The Wedding: Leela finally finds the perfect way to get Zapp off her life: marrying him.
Talora: The Earthican government imposes a tax on privately owned doomsday devices. The Professor sends his crew on a mission to relocate his private stash as a means to avoid paying the new tax. Unfortunately, other people have their eyes on the cargo in the Planet Express Ship's hold. The PE ship is ambushed and the doomsday devices are stolen. Now Fry, Leela, and Bender have to find them and get them back before it's too late.
The Leelazarus Effect (Part 1, 2,3, 4,5, 6): Leela is forced to go take a piloting exam at the DMV and ends up getting fired. Through a series of unfortunate events she ends up in the future and learns that something terrible has happened to the Earth. What follows is a universe-shredding, paradox-creating adventure through space and time as she tries to get home and save the day.
Disillusionment (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Epilogue): After Fry is dumped out of the Planet Express Ship at the end of The Cryonic Woman, he tries to rebuild his life. He gets a new job, a new apartment, and a new love interest. All goes well until Hermes lets slip that the Planet Express Crew never came back from a delivery. Fry and his new girlfriend Chelsea decide to search for them, and Fry soon learns that things are not quite what they seem...
Resident Leevil: A mysterious package addressed to Bender appears at Planet Express. When it is opened, chaos ensues, and Leela ends up beating the stuffing out of Fry over a pit of boiling lava. Also, there are zombies.
Green Storm Rising: The crew is exploring an abandoned space station on the way home from a delivery, and an accidental explosion causes them to start uncontrollably jumping back and forth between their timeline and a parallel one. Fry and the parallel version of Leela start a relationship, while Leela tries to prevent the city government from expelling the mutants from the sewer.   PDF version