Fan Fiction

JX Rise of the Jinx Revolution
By Fryfan

I don't own futurama or any of its characters. (Though their spy counterparts were my creations.)

Previously on SpyOrama...

Glab: Agent 1BDI, your story really touches me and hearing what you said I have no choice but to say...your agent badge is revoked, too. (Leela is shocked. Cut to Jinx and Ironfinger in their ship. Jinx is piloting.)

Jinx: Well, another plan that was a waste of time.

Ironfinger: Maybe not, Jinx. Maybe not. (Camera Pans to show that aboard the ship is something with the cloth over it. It is the thing Dr. Wernstrom had in his lab. Ironfinger laughs evilly. Cut to Zoidberg exiting a SCAM building.)

Zoidberg: Hmm. Those SCAM people still had their buffet table. Such lovely cocktail wieners.

SpyORama Main Title (Kind of James Bondish, but with an influence of Danny Elfman.)

Mission Title: JX: The Rise of the Jinx Revolution

Spy Tip #2: Your spy shoes have built-in odor eaters in their soles.


(Opening Scene. PE HQ and we see Fry and Leela clearing out their lockers.)

Fry: Well, my locker's cleared. (We see slurm cans, candy wrappers and potato chip bags.)

Leela: Fry, didn't you put your clothes in there?

Fry: There wasn't any room.

Leela: (sighs) I still can't believe we were fired.

Fry: Yeah, our lives as spies are over. Leela, I want to thank you for standing up for me.

Leela: A lot of good that did, but it was right thing.

Fry: So, Leela now that you are no longer a spy, what will you do?

Leela: This gives me a chance to spend more time with my parents and remodel my apartment

Fry: That reminds me, I don't have a place to stay. I've been staying here since I came to the future. (Leela picks up a box with her stuff.)

Leela: Well, good luck, Fry. (Leaves. Cut to Fry walking out the front door of PE HQ. We see Hermes and Professor, sadden but happy since Fry won't be around to screw things up. We see Cubert and Dwight, smiling as they wave goodbye to Fry. We see Zoidberg eating the potted plant. Next Scene we see a close up of Ironfinger.)

Ironfinger: The life you know, every thing you do and take for granted. The people you've slept with, it is not going to last...because you are fired, Jinx.

Jinx: What?! You can't fire me, I have a contract. (Shows him the contract, but Ironfinger shoves it in his mouth, shredding it.)

Ironfinger: It has been cancelled.

Jinx: Alright then, screw you and good luck finding someone else to take your crap

Ironfinger: Oh I've found someone new. (Looks at a figure covered in the cloth, with Scruffy right by it.)

Jinx: Wait isn't that the thing Scruffy's identical relative put in you ship?

Ironfinger: Yes, and with this I can rule the world. Scruffy, if you may?

(Scruffy does, and Jinx is shocked. The figure looks like her, only it appears to be shut off.)

Ironfinger: Now to turn her on. (Looks in the back of her hair and finds a on/off button. He pushes the button and the Jinx robot turns on.)

Jinx robot: I'm JX, the latest in fembot fatale technology.

Ironfinger: Genius, Dr. Weinstrom, building a robot and modeling it after you Jinx.

Jinx: That explains why Dr. Weinstrom had me do all those physical tests, when we were at his lab up on Mt. Everest, but what can this robot do that I can't?

Ironfinger: Well, for one thing, try not to fail me in taking over the world.

Jinx: Oh come on. I bet this robot isn't even that good. Let's see it fight. (Jinx is ready and charges, but JX blocks her blows and starts kicking Jinx's ass. Jinx gets knocked down and kicked into a wall. JX shoves her foot and stops it before in hits Jinx's neck.)

Ironfinger: Does that answer your question? Well, JX you have certainly earned your keep and as for you Jinx, hit the road. (Jinx gets and walks out saddened that she's fired. Cut to Jinx at her apartment talking to Kif on a video phone.)

Jinx: And that's the story. Ironfinger fired me.

Kif: Oh my. I'm so sorry, Jinx. What are you going to do for work?

Jinx: Maybe, Zapp can let me be his femme fatale?

Kif: Oh, Jinx, please you don't want to do that, trust me. Why don't you ask for your parents for help?

Jinx: Gleesh, I can't do that they'll be angry that I was fired by Mr. Ironfinger. There's gotta be something out there for a woman like me. I just have to search for it.

(Cut to a playground and we see a group of kids playing. We hear the song, "9 to 5". We then hear ice cream truck music playing. Jinx pulls up with and the kids run up.)

Jinx: Alright, what do you want?

Kid1: I'll have a Soylent Mint Chip. (Jinx provides a cone.)

Kid2: Can I have chocolate? (Other kids crowd around, Jinx starts rushing with the cones.)

Kid2: (With a cone of strawberry.) I said I wanted a chocolate, idiot. (Jinx kicks him, knocking him down. The other kids back off.)

Jinx: Anybody else, want to comment about my performance? (Kids look scared. Cut to Jinx in another job, dressed as a mall security. We hear the song again. She sees two young people trying to exit the mall.)

Jinx: Excuse me, can I ask you to empty your pockets?

Young person1: Excuse me?

Jinx: I have to make sure you aren't shoplifters.

YP2: Ma'am we didn't steal anything. (Jinx kicks both their butts and searches their pockets, but finds nothing.)

Jinx: Nothing, you two may leave.

(Next job and we hear the song again and Jinx is in a room fulled with people resembling certain staff writers of a popular TV show.)

Guy1: Ms. Jinx thanks for joining our staff writing team to write episodes for the perfect spin-off to one of America's most popular TV shows.)

Jinx: I'm just glad, I'm here to provide my input.

Guy2: Our show will poke fun at social commentary and at the same time honor the original show. (Messenger walks in.)

Messenger: I have some news, the network has announced that production of the show has stopped. (Everyone gasps.)

Guy2: What?! Why?

Jinx: I can't believe this.

Guy1: We haven't even started production, when will they allow us to do production?

Messenger: I'm not sure, but don't worry, it probably will be in a few months.

Guy2: Well, here's hoping for all of us.

(Everybody walks out and Jinx just looks disappointed. Cut to another job and Jinx is talking with some robot who has a business lecture to give her.)

Robot: Now Ms. Jinx, once you join ConTec, all of your money troubles will be over.

Jinx: So, you are saying I can earn up to $900,000 to a million a year?

Robot: Exactly, all we ask is that you give us $1000 as a security measure before you can a paycheck.

Jinx: Why do you want me to give you guys money so I can work? Couldn't you just deduct it from my paycheck?

Robot: Sorry, but we want to make sure you are committed to our business and give the list of names of 50 of your closest friends and relatives.

Jinx: Well, maybe I'll give it a shot.

Robot: Great, our boss, Mr. Ironfinger will like this.

Jinx: Bender B. Ironfinger is your boss?

Robot: Yes.

(Jinx walks out disappointed. Next Scene. We see a motel, called Orbit 6. We see Sal show Fry a room. Fry is wearing his traditional clothes.)

Sal: here is yours room. If you were looking for a pig sty, forgets about it. (The room is pretty lousy. We see cockroaches the size of cats. Fry is freaked out as Sal squashes one with a hammer. Sal then leaves. Fry settles in and looks out the window.)

Fry: (Sighs) Well, I guess I'll pick up where my life left off in the 20th Century.

(Cut to Fry in the 7 to the 11th power store. He's getting a few things and bumps into Leela. Leela is wearing her traditional clothes with lime green jacket.)

Fry: Leela?

Leela: Fry, how nice to see you?

Fry: So what have you been doing?

Leela: I've been visiting my parents.

Fry: Really?

Leela: I just stopped by to pick up some milk for them.

Fry: You know Leela, I was wondering if I could meet your parents? You know just so they could meet your former partner.

Leela: I guess it would be okay. (Cut to them in the sewers and they are at her parent's house. Leela knocks on the door.) Now Fry, I must tell you they are mutants.

Fry: Relax, Leela I've seen pretty much a lot of strange things since coming to the future. (Morris answers it.)

Morris: (excited) Leela! How are you? Munda, Leela is here and she brought a friend.

Munda: Leela, nice of you to show up and who's your friend?

Fry: The name's Fry, Philip J. Fry, ma'am. (Shakes her hand, but it is just a tentacle.)

Munda: Nice to meet you come on in.

(We look around the living room and Fry sees a photo. It is Munda and Morris holding a baby.)

Fry: Leela, is that you?

Leela: Yes, it was taken the day I was born.

Munda: Our Leela was very special.

Morris: She was the least mutated mutant ever born.

Munda: And because of that we felt it was important that she not live the horrible life as a mutant.

Fry: So is that why you took her to the surface?

Munda: Exactly.

Leela: At first, I felt my parents abandoned me, but they were offering me a better chance at life. And I thank them for it. (Hugs and kisses both of them.)

Munda: So, Leela you have some news for us?

Leela: (panicked) What makes you say that?

Munda: Well, you hardly visit us unless you have some news for us.

Leela: Can't a daughter visit her parents without having some news to give to them?

Morris: Honey, that applies to other daughters, but hardly you.

Munda: So, how's your job with DOOP?

Fry: you mean you haven't told them?

Munda: Told us what?

Leela: Um...I was fired from DOOP. (Her parents gasped.)

Munda: Oh honey, I'm so sorry.

Leela: I didn't know how to break it to you.

Morris: honey is there anything we can do?

Leela: Mom, Dad, I love the offer, but I want to handle this myself.

Fry: So, what are you going to do?

Leela: Well, with the way the economy is, it will be hard to get a job, but I've managed to find one.

Fry: Do you think they are still hiring?

Leela: I'll ask.

Morris: So Leela, are you and Mr. Fry seeing each other?

Leela: (gasps) What? No, we are just friends and we were partners. (Fry is just sad from that statement.)

Morris: He seems nice.

Munda: Morris, if our daughter doesn't want to talk about her relationships, then she doesn't have to.

(Leela just has an embarrassed look on her face. Cut to our heroes in fast food clothes and they are working at Fishy Joe's.)

Fry: This is the job you lined me up in?

Leela: Sorry Fry, there aren't that many jobs that require skills of deadly martial arts and weapon's training. This was the best I could find, what with the economy the way it is.

Fry: Well, I can't be all mad, with my luck we could've had some lousy delivery job. At least we get to work together. (The Manger comes in and he's kind of a nerdy teenager.)

Manger: Alright mere mortals, listen up. There are a lot of hungry people out there and I want you two to be good. I got a date tonight and I don't want this job to stress me out.

Fry: You have a date? (Looks at the nerd's pimpled face.)

Manager: My girlfriend loves me for my smarts, thank you very much. Now get to work, we're getting another new employee, today. (Leela runs the Tube thru window, while Fry handles the grill.)

Leela: (To Intercom.) Welcome to Fishy Joe's, may I take your order? (Listens in.) Hmm Hmm, yes, thank you and please chute by the window. (To Fry) Fry, he wants the Fishy Joe Special Meal, and a extra small fries.

Fry: No problem. (Starts flipping burgers.)

Leela: Are you sure you can handle the grill?

Fry: Relax, my dad used to work at McDonald's, until he was fired after a lot of people got sick. (Continues flipping, until he catches fire. He screams as Leela helps to put the fire out. Fry just looks at her with burnt marks.)

Fry: So, have you seen the new employee, yet?

Jinx: (OS) You are looking at her. (Camera pans to see Jinx in a Fishy Joe uniform.)

Leela: Jinx! (Gets into fighting stances.) What are you doing here?

Jinx: Spluh! Working, I got fired by Ironfinger. Wait a minute, what are you two doing here?

Fry: We were fired from DOOP. (Jinx is shocked, then laughs.)

Jinx: Wait, you mean you and agent 1BDI were fired? (Laughs.) What happened? Did you guys lose to a team of Sci-fi Convention nerds?

Fry: No, I think that was last month.

Leela: Fry! (To Jinx) Look Jinx, I don't think you should be talking, you wound up here.

Jinx: (sighs) You're right. And in any event call me by my name-tag. (Points to her name-tag, and it reads, "Amy".)

Fry: You changed your name to "My"? (Amy was covering the A.)

Amy: No, I'm using my real name, Amy. (Fry finishes the order and gives the bag to Leela, but Amy takes it.) I'll handle this. (Walks up to the window to hand the customer the bag, but it is Kif. Amy gasps.)

Amy: Kif!?

Kif: Jinx?! You are working here?

Amy: Yes, I didn't want you to know. Why are you at Fishy Joe's?

Kif: Zapp wanted to eat.

Jinx: Look, I get a break in 30 minutes. Can we talk later?

Kif: Sure thing. (Takes the bag and flies away in the chute.)

(Next Scene. PE HQ and we see a van pull up and out from the driver's door comes Scruffy. From the back doors comes Ironfinger and JX.)

Ironfinger: Now JX, today is your big day. Today you help me take over PE HQ.

JX: I'm ready. (Her left hand morphs into a big laser and she's prepared to blast the door. Cut to inside PE HQ. We see Glab, Hermes, Zoidberg and the Professor.)

Glab: Agent C, how are things going?

Hermes: Not good, things haven't been the same without 1BDI and 014.

Glab: I know it will be tough to this change, but it is for the best. (We hear a blast and alarms sounding.)

Zoidberg: Such noise. (Covers ears with his claws. JX is seen walking in and few agents fire lasers at her, but have no affect on her. She uses her martial arts and destroys both agents. We seen more agents show up, but she takes them out. JX uses her fingers and turns them into snake like metal tentacles. It is just like the scene from Men In Black II. The tentacles wrap all around parts of PE HQ. Cut to Hermes, Glab, Labarbara, Zoidberg and the Professor. They are all scared as the tentacles wrap around the room they are in. Cut to Ironfinger and Scruffy as they enter PE HQ now covered with these metal tentacles on the walls and ceiling.)

Scruffy: Scruffy's impressed.

Ironfinger: Yes, I've done it. I've finally taken over PE HQ. (Laughs evilly.)

(Next Scene. Fishy Joe's and we see Fry, Leela and Amy all on break. Fry is drinking a soda.)

Fry: I do enjoy this Slurm, half shaken, half stirred.

Leela: Well, the boss says we each have twenty.

Fry: Great, I'm looking forward to a break. It seems when we were spies we hardly had any breaks.

Leela: It is funny, when we were spies we hardly had time to get to know each other much, what with the people trying to kill us now and then.

Fry: Yeah, for the first time I got to meet your parents, since not being a spy. (Cut to Kif and Amy.)

Kif: So Amy, how do you like your job?

Amy: It is alright since it pays the bills, but I sure do miss being a femme fatale.

Kif: I've always wondered, we've went out on one date...

Amy: Yeah ever since we got to know each other back on Mars.

Kif: Anyway we are starting to be good friends and I want to know what made you want to work for an insane robot like Ironfinger?

Amy: Well, I've always wanted to be a spy when I was young. The athleticism, strength and sex appeal, what more could you want? My parents hated the idea that their little daughter was a hired femme fatale, so I left for Earth and told them I was going for an internship job. At the time I thought I was going to work for Earth's newest, worst villain, but it turns out he was just some insecure robot.

Kif: So you decided to stay?

Amy: I figured since I came this far, why not? Besides, at least I don't have to put up with my parents back on Mars and also I signed a contract with Ironfinger forcing me to be his femme fatale.

Kif: The same can be said about me, I used to be Zapp's assistant when he was a DOOP capture. But when he was court marshaled he took me down with him and well I don't know what else I could do since the court marshal is on my record.

Amy: I guess we both had no choice.

Kif: At least you managed to escape from your boss.

Amy: Yeah, I should be happy with the fact Ironfinger tore up my contract, but I feel a little disappointed.

Kif: Look Amy, there is something I want to ask you. I was wondering if you could go out on a real date with me?

Amy: But Kif, we've already gone out.

Kif: I know, but that was just a friendship date, in celebration of saving the world from the Red Lords.

Amy: Look Kif, I know you like me, but I'm not ready to start a real relationship as of yet. I like that we are just friends.

Kif: I understand.

(Looks disappointed. Next Scene. PE HQ. JX has managed to take complete control of the place. We see Labarbara, Hermes, Glab, and Zoidberg and the Professor have cables jammed in their heads.)

Ironfinger: At last, I've finally will be able to rule the world. JX help me... hey what are you doing with the prisoners?

JX: I'm hooking them up to the internet so they can spend the rest of their lives in the internet.

Ironfinger: Why do you want to do a thing like that? They won't be able to listen to my gloating. Unhook them now.

JX: No!

Ironfinger: JX! I command you to stop!

JX: Fool, I took over PE HQ for myself, you just helped to lead me to this place. I, an advanced fembot, listen to an obsolete freak like you? (Laughs) Now that I've taken over PE HQ, I don't need you any more. (We see a few cables surround Scruffy and Ironfinger, they look scared. Cut to outside PE HQ and we see Scruffy and Ironfinger run out the door, with their clothes torn. Cut to Fishy Joe's. We see Fry and Leela at a table and they are on their break.)

Fry: So here we are eating together at a table, but it is not a date.

Leela: Exactly.

Fry: It was great meeting your parents and you showing me around NNY. Since, we always went on missions, I've never really appreciated the wonders of the 31th century.

Leela: Your right, Fry. It seems as though we have always been crammed with missions.

Fry: Like that time when we had that vacation in Cancun after stopping Ironfinger from bending the world's axis. Just as we were about to really enjoy it, we get a call to stop a Dr. Morbo.

Leela: I thought it was for the best.

Fry: What about what you said to me?

Leela: Look, I said some things that were spur of the moment Fry and that phone call from PE HQ made me come back to my senses. (Fry has a disappointed expression on his face.)

Leela: Look, Fry. I know you wanted to ask me out, but we were partners and we couldn't let that interfere with our work.

Fry: Well, now that we are no longer spies, how about going out with me?

(Leela starts to think, but before she could answer, Ironfinger and Scruffy come into Fishy Joe's. Leela, Fry both stare and Amy comes up to Ironfinger.)

Amy: Ironfinger? What are you doing here?

Ironfinger: Quick hide me...wait Jinx? Is that you?

Amy: Spluh

Scruffy: Scruffy needs to rest and would like a Diet Walrus.

Leela: Alright, Ironfinger, what are doing here?

Ironfinger: Agent 1BDI and 014? You two are working at Fishy Joe's?

Fry: Yes, and we reserve the right to serve you.

Ironfinger: Please, you two have to do that whole foil my plans thing.

Leela: What are you talking about?

Ironfinger: I used my newest henchwoman, JX to take over PE HQ and she turned on me.

Leela: JX?

Amy: A fembot fatale that is modeled after me, it looked highly advanced.

Leela: Where did you get it?

Ironfinger: I took it from Dr. Wernstrom's lab back on Desolation 13.

Leela: Wernstrom!? If it was built by him, then we have a problem. Only he knows what we are dealing with.

Amy: But, where do we find him?

Fry: Wait, Dr. Wernstrom!? Oh my god!

(Cut to Orbit 6 and we see Fry knocking on a motel door. Leela, Amy, Kif, Ironfinger, and Scruffy are also there. The door opens and it is Wernstrom.)

Fry: Dr. Wernstrom?

Wernstrom: (His clothes are torn and he looks like hasn't eaten well for some time.) What is it? I told you that I don't get cable in my room, either. (Fry and crew pushes Wernstrom into his room and we are inside.)

Leela: Listen, Dr. Wernstrom, we know you built a robot called JX and it has taken over PE HQ.

Wernstrom: What?! JX has be activated, who did it?

Amy: It was this genius. (Points to Ironfinger.)

Wernstrom: You fool, you don't know what you've done. You've opened Pandora's File on the world. JX was an advanced robot, but unfortunately she showed signs of being too self aware that's why I never turned her on.

Ironfinger: Maybe, that's why she's so bitter. All see needed was a little love.

Wernstrom: Listen you, right now JX has control of PE HQ next she be entering the Internet.

Leela: What will she been doing in there?

Wernstrom: I programmed her to take over the world, and she plans on doing that in the internet. By controlling the internet, she be able to control every computer on the planet and she plans on using them to have ever person logged virtually on the internet.

Fry: What's so bad about that?

Wernstrom: With every person logged on, the Earth will be JX's for the taking. She'll have total control over everyone.

Leela: She'll obviously try to capture the Keeper of the Internet.

Fry: You mean, the Artist?

Leela: Who?

Ironfinnger: Have every person logged onto the internet. I should've done that when I had control over the internet.

Leela: Dr. Wernstrom, how do we defeat her?

Wernstrom: It won't be easy, but only a robot can match up to her. (Everyone stares at Ironfinger.)

Ironfinger: Wait a minute, I can't beat up a fembot. Do you know how bad that would make me look? That is the type of thing that will ruin your reputation. What if I want to get into politics?

Leela: Like anybody would ever vote for you?

Ironfinger: Hey, stranger things have happened.

(We cut to Amy, Ironfinger, Scruffy, Fry and Leela putting on their net suits.)

Wernstrom: Now, remember once you all enter the internet, you'll be able to fight JX. But remember, if she kills you, you die for real.

Kif: Net me up. (Kif steps forward.)

Amy: Kif, this doesn't concern you.

Kif: It doesn't concern you, any of you. You guys aren't spies anymore.

Amy: Yes Kif, I know I'm not a spy anymore, but I'm looking for some payback.

Ironfinger: I'm going because Agent 1BDI said she'd beat me if I didn't.

Scruffy: Scruffy's looking to set things right.

Leela: And Fry and I are going because even though we are no longer spies, we must save our friends.

Kif: Amy please, I want to make sure you are alright, as a friend.

Amy: Okay. (Kif puts on a net suit. Dr. Wernstrom sets up the computer and we are logging in sounds. Next Scene. Our Heroes are in the internet and they are in a deserted street. There's an AnimalsCo hover truck nearby. Fry, Leela and Amy are in their spy clothes.)

Leela: Well, here we are in the internet again.

Fry: That means we have internet powers.

(Just then JX appears and we see she has Hermes, Professor, Zoidberg, Glab, and Labarbara in a laser cage.)

JX: So, you pathetic humans think you can stop me from taking over the internet.

Amy: I've been looking forward to some payback.

JX: Bring it on...(Her left arm turns into a laser like thing and fires right at our heroes. The six of them are divided, Kif, Amy and Ironfinger on one side and Scruffy, Leela and Fry are on the other.)

Amy: Fry, Leela, we'll deal with this copycat, you'll help your friends.

(Kif has managed to hot write the hover truck, and he and Amy enter the truck while Irofinger enters the back. JX just chases after them as the truck drives downtown. JX is in hot pursuit and she passes a construction site. A sign reads, "Coming Soon, William Hung's one millionth fansite." JX notices a huge truck with a large hook at the end. She also sees a few parked hover cars. JX uses her arm hand and injects the cars with nano sized chips. The chips take control hover cars and they race after the Amy, Kif and Ironfinger. JX hops into the big truck and follows just as well. Cut back to Leela, Fry and Scruffy. They have managed to free the prisoners.)

Glab: Agents 014 and 1BDI, what are you two doing here? Your agent badges were revoked.

Leela: We know, but when we heard that you all were captured, we decided to help. We have to get to the WWW building and warn the Keeper of the Internet about JX.

(Cut to Kif driving and all of a sudden a few hover cars are ramming into them.)

Kif: Hover cars with no drivers how is that possible. (Amy uses a communicator.)

Amy: Wernstrom can you read me?

Wernstrom: Yes, and I explain. The JX has state of the art nano tech technology. She can control other machines and robots. She's like a wife with a frying pan with those nano chips..

Ironfinger: What do we do?

Wernstrom: Go out there and fight her.

Ironfinger: Me?

Wernstrom: Yes. (Amy gives Ironfinger a mean look.)

Ironfinger: Alright, I'll go. (He manages to open the back doors and he leaps and lands on one of the hover cars. He tries to take control, but it is a fight over the steering wheel. He manages to crash the car into a building. The force launches Ironfinger onto JX's truck. JX sees him and uses the hook to knock Ironfinger off. Ironfinger just hangs onto the hook. JX then use the controls to stretch the hook out so Ironfinger can hit a few buildings. One of them is ebay. We cut inside ebay.)

Auctioneer: Okay, who wants the statue of William Hung, erected right after he swept the 2005 Grammy Awards.

Person1: $5,000

Person2: $5,200

Person3: $6,000

Auctioneer: Sold. (Just then Ironfinger crashes right through the wall and knocks over the statue and smashes into many pieces. Ironfinger just goes right through the other side of the room.

Person3: Crap, I knew I should have waited for the Ruben statue.

(Cut to Ironfinger ramming into other buildings. His suit is torn a bit, but he's alright. However, then he sees a van coming in the opposite direction. Ironfinger hits the windshield and we see two guys in the van.)

Passenger: Great, that's another person you've hit.

Driver: Hey, he came at me.

(Ironfinger busts the windshield open and stops the van. He kicks both guys out and races to catch up with JX. We see Kif and Amy still being followed by JX and she operates her laser and is ready to fire, when Ironfinger rams to the side of JX, causing her to miss. Ironfinger manages to jump onto the side and manages to use the controls to have the hook lock onto a pole. As the truck moves away from the pole and hook is beginning to run out of diamond tethered rope. Ironfinger manages to jump onto the roof of Kif's truck and as the hook ends it slack, JX's truck turns over causing a big crash. As Kif's truck leaves the scene, JX walks out of the rubble, undamaged.. Cut the WWW and we see our heroes make to the Artist's room. They enter and they see a room with a whole bunch of TV and sitting on a chair is the Oracle from Fry's dream, from "Mom With Vengeance". Standing next to her is the Sheriff and he stills looks like a certain Executive Producer and still has a shiny badge.)

Sheriff: Hello Fry, I'm...

Fry: Oh my God, You aren't the Artist, you two were in a dream I had after I fell asleep while watching some lousy movie.

Oracle: Correct, the internet has tapped into your mind and has projected us to make you feel better.

Fry: You tried to kick my ass and ran out on me when I was in trouble.

Oracle: Ah...I knew you'd wake up to avoid harm.

Leela: Look, I've never seen you before, so is this Artist here?

Oracle: No, he is not here.

Fry: Then where is he?

Oracle: He has gone to his fortress in the desert, for his solitude TV viewing.

Sheriff: You know you are the second person to ask about the Artist. There was this female asking the same thing.

Leela: That must have been JX, we have to get to that fortress. Ms. Glab, you all must stay here while Fry and Scruffy try to stop JX.

Glab: I'm going to allow this and wish you good luck.

(Cut to Kif and he's using the communicator and manages to get hold of Leela. She tells him the plan and he hangs up.)

Kif: We have to go to the desert, that's where this Artist is located.

Amy: We'll have to get a mode of transportation that will fit us all.

(Cut them all in a school hover bus. They are driving through the desert which looks like the desert from "A Bicyclops Built for Two." Leela is driving and Fry right beside her. We see Ironfinger and Scruffy in the middle and Amy and Kif are at the back.)

Amy: Kif, I must say you did some good driving back there.

Kif: Oh it was nothing, I was considered a reckless driver in Driver's Ed.

Fry: So, Leela after this, if we succeed, do you want to go out?

Leela: Fry, we can't think about that right now, we must set our minds on JX.

Fry: I just hope everything turns out okay, I don't want anything to ever happen to you.

Leela: And I feel the same way too, Fry.

Fry: Really?

Leela: Yeah, we are friends.

Fry: Oh. (Disappointed.)

Leela: I just hope we aren't too late.

(Cut to the Artist and he still looks like a famous cartoonist. He's in a room with a whole bunch of TVs with different cartoons on it.)

Artist: Same old crap. (Just then the door opens and a shadow appears.) Who is it?

(We see that it is JX in a sexy dress.)

JX: Hello, handsome.

Artist: Why, who are you my dear?

JX: I'm Com DoMe and I was just walking through the desert feeling lonely when I noticed this building. I thought maybe we can get to know each other better?

(Cut to them in bed naked under the covers and the Artist has a cigar.)

Artist: Yes, I've haven't had that much fun since before I was married.

JX: You are married?

Artist: Please, don't ruin the mood with that question.

JX: Alright, why don't I please you by giving a back rub. (The Artist turns over, but instead JX has her arm change and injects a few nano ticks into his ear causing him to be under her control. Cut to the hover bus finally making it to the fortress and our heroes all come out.)

Leela: Come let's hope we aren't too late.

(The sky then turns dark with green lightning and they we see an army of shadows heading for them.)

Leela: We are too late.

Fry: I don't believe it.

Kif: It can't be.

Amy: Believe it.

(The shadows appear and they are Jinx clones.)

Jinx1: There they..

Jinx2: ...are.

Jinx3: Should we proceed?

Jinx4: Yes, they are only humans, one alien, and just one robot.

(They start to surround our heroes and our heroes have their backs together.)

Fry: Man, what do we do?

Leela: We'll have to fight them.

Amy: Right, these gals shouldn't be better than the original.

(We have a battle royal. Amy kicks and punches a few Jinxes in the face, taking them down. Kif with his cane and starts whacking off a few Jinxes, but is concerned since they look like the woman he likes. Leela and Fry take out many of the Jinxes and make their way inside the base. Ironfinger has yet to fight.)

Ironfinger: Jinxes, obey me.

Jinx: We only obey that who controls the internet. 

Ironfinger: I used to...control the internet. (Scruffy comes in and starts taking out a few. All of our heroes have managed to make it inside, but there are too many Jinxes.)

Scruffy: Scruffy says, you all go on ahead, Scruffy will take care of this. (Our heroes leave Scruffy as he is the only thing between them and the Jinxes.)

Scruffy: Scruffy says, none shall pass. (He starts fighting, but there are too many. The swarm on him like a bunch of zombies.) Marmalade! (He says in the pile of Jinxes as we only see his arm as in goes into the pile. Cut to our heroes.)

Leela: We got to find JX and stop her from controlling the Artist.

Fry: This JX is really bad, no wonder Wernstrom never turned her on.

Leela: Wait a minute... (Flashback.)

Wernstrom: ... but unfortunately she showed signs of being too self aware that's why I never turned her on. (End Flashback.)

Leela: If Wernstrom never turned on JX, then how would he know that she was self aware.

Fry: Maybe, he just amused, he is a scientist.

Leela: I don't think so...(Picks up communicator.) Hello Wernstrom, I have a few questions to ask you.

Wernstrom: Don't bother I've been listening in. (Cut to him and he's in PE HQ.) I guess, my secrets out, I can't believe I've slipped like that, no matter I knew you'd find out.

Leela: It was you, you have been controlling JX from the beginning.

Wernstrom: Yes, I have. When I built JX she would be the most powerful robot to date, but Mom told me not to use her in the invasion of Earth. She was afraid I might use JX for myself. I felt angry, and then you two spoil Mom's plan and I knew you would find my robot and have it destroyed. Then I saw a solution, one of Ironfinger;s henchman had broken into my lab and I allowed him to steal JX. You see JX is controlled by a powerful remote control. I can get her to do things no matter how far she is. I knew that in Ironfinger's hands, she be smuggled out of Desolation 13 without being caught by DOOP agents. I managed to escape and waited until Ironfinger turned her on and with the remote, I told her to obey Ironfinger until she had control of PE HQ and then proceed with my plan.

Leela: So you used Ironfinger to take over PE HQ?

Wernstrom: Correct. (He logs himself into the internet and he appears in a king-like robe.) Thanks to JX, I have the power to control the internet. I can be in any place in just a blink of an eye.

Leela: You'll never get away with this. (Leela and Fry try to log out, but can't.)

Wernstrom: Oh I don't think so, I managed to fix you net suits, so you can't log out. You and her friends are trapped. Now to log everyone on Earth onto the internet. (We see the Artist in big super powerful head form and he starts to take over control every computer on Earth. We cut to a dorm and we see a college student using his computer.)

College Student: Come on hurry up, I have a test in an hour and I can't look at porn any faster.

Computer: You have mail.

College Student: Yeah what?

(A metal cables comes out of the computer and connects with the student's head and we hear AOL logging on sounds. The student just screams as his eyes turn green. Cut to Ironfinger, Kif and Amy they are busy fighting a few Jinx clones. Kif with his sword cane manages take a few Jinxes and they revert back to their blankbot state. The team manages to get away, but Amy gets a call on a walkie-talkie and it is Hermes.)

Hermes: Jinx?! What have you've done with Fry and Leela?

Amy: Nothing, I'm trying to help them save the world.

Hermes: Why should I believe you?

Amy: Because I'm fighting a bunch of copies of myself.

Professor: Give me the communicator. Listen to whom ever cares, I've determined how JX has taken over the internet. She is basically a computer virus and the only way to stop a computer virus is with this that I'm sending you through the communicator. (A floppy disk pops out of the bottom.) You must implant this disk in JX and it will destroy her like a computer virus. Good luck.

Amy: (Hangs up and hands disk to Ironfinger.) Here since Wernstrom said you can only beat JX, you'll have to implant her with the disk.

Ironfinger: Alright.

Amy: Kif, you and me will have to go back and deal with those copies of me.

Kif: Alright. (They both leave and no sooner JX arrives.)

Ironfinger: Alright Ironfinger, no more Mr. Nicebot. (He grabs a lead pipe and hits JX in the head, but it doesn't work. He grabs her and throws her into the wall. They both go through the wall and enter another room. It is a room filled with TVs and they are showing different shows. Ironfinger grabs one and nails JX over the head, but she smashes the TV and grabs Ironfinger. She throws him into another room and it is the bedroom. Ironfinger puts JX in a pinning hold.)

Ironfinger: You know as much as I have to destroy, I'm starting to feel a little turned on.

(JX merely overpowers him and uses her arm and changes it into a flamethrower and sets fire to Ironfinger. He just screams with flames, but he stops, drops and rolls and he is alright. JX then knocks him down and uses her nano-ticks and plants one inside Ironfinger. Cut to Wernstrom.)

Leela: Wernstrom, your JX will be stopped. Ironfinger will defeat her.

Wernstrom: You fools, I lied. Do you really think that obsolete robot can beat my masterpiece? Now to do away with you. I have the ability to send you to any part of the internet and I think I'll choose a different place to destroy you all. (He uses his powers and transports Fry and Leela to a different place. It is strange, because they have photos, drawings, and artworks of Leela.)

Fry: Leela, look at this place, you are all over it.

Leela: What is this website?

Voice: I can answer that. (We learn it is Michelle.)

Michelle: (bored) Welcome, to the Leela Love Zone, Zapp's website dedicated to you Agent 1BDI.

Fry: Wow, did he do all of these works himself?

Michelle: Are you kidding? He just had struggling artists, who had nothing better to do with their time, to do all of these art works.

Leela: A website dedicated to me? I'm flattered, but it is sick that someone as perverted as Zapp could do such a thing. Look, he has naked pictures of me.

Fry: Yeah, he truly is a monster. (Stares with delight.)

Michelle: I'm just glad he hasn't done one of me yet. (Wernstrom appears.)

Wernstrom: Time to die. (Blasts a laser at them. Fry and Leela dodge the blast as it destroys a David-like Statue of Leela. Leela starts doing karate moves on Wernstrom, but he manages to block them. When Fry knocks over another huge statue of Leela and it lands on him.)

Fry: Shows over, Wernstrom.

Wernstrom: Not so fast. (Uses his powers and transport our heroes to another website. Cut to Hermes, Labarbara. Hermes is dressed as Morpheus and she is dressed as Niobe.)

Labarbara: Husband, I don't be liking this outfit and hair do much.

Hermes: Actually, you look good in those clothes as do I in these. (Just then the doors opens and Jinxes come in.)

Jinx1: We've come for Glab.

Professor: We must protect the head of doop or rather you two must.

Hermes: Alright, come wife.

(Hermes and Labarbara start to fight the Jinx clones. Cut to Kif and Amy and they have just taken out a group of Jinxes.)

Amy: Well that is it, for now. (Just then Ironfinger comes walking in, but he's not himself.)

Kif: Mr. Ironfinger, are you okay?

Ironfinger: Get away from me! JX has taken over my system, I'm unable to fight it. I'm programmed to destroy you both.

Amy: I'll take care of him. (Tries to kick him, but to her surprise he is able to block and throw her to the wall.)

Ironfinger: I'm sorry, but I must help JX in taking over the world for her.

Kif: But Ironfinger, I hear you want to take over the world for yourself, to punish those who gave you that deformed finger.

Ironfinger: Deformity is irrelevant, it is just a finger. (His eyes light up and he grabs Kif by the throat.)

Amy: Great, he finally realizes that and he's going to kill us.

(Amy gets up and starts to kick Ironfinger in the face. Ironfinger lets go of Kif and Kif helps Amy and they both double kick Ironfinger causing him to hit the ground so hard that the nano chip inside of him falls out and Ironfinger is free.)

Ironfinger: Thanks you two, now let's get that fembot.

(Cut to Fry and Leela and they are in another website. There they find more artwork, but of the Simpsons.)

Fry: Oh my god, I can't believe it a website dedicated to best TV show of all time. This is one where I've submitted my drawings of the Simpsons.

Leela: You do drawings and send them to this website?

Fry: Yeah, my screenname is Bartman.

Leela: Which drawings are yours?

Fry: Actually, they haven't uploaded any of my drawings to this day.

Sarah Michelle Gellar's Head: Hello, and welcome to Simpson's Fan Art Museum. A website where fans with shattered dreams of being famous artists submit their artwork here in hopes others will enjoy it.

Fry: Buffy? Oh my God, you where one of TV's best heroines. You and Xena.

Sarah: Thank you. (Some enters.)

Adam: Hi, I'm Adam and I'm one of the co-owners here.

Fry: Hey, I know you. You are the Manager of Fishy Joe's.

Leela: You own this website?

Adam: Yes, Adam Gilman, son of Joe Gilman, owner of Fishy Joe's. Our family is very wealthy and we each have our own projects. (A young woman enters and she is very beautiful.)

Vanessa: Hey Adam, are we still on tonight?

Adam: Absolutely.

Fry: This is your girlfriend?

Adam: I told you she loves me for my smarts.

Fry: Well since you own this website, I want to tell you something. Adam, my name is Fry, Philip J. Fry.

Adam: I know your real name, from your job application you filled out and it was very messy I must say.

Fry: I'm Bartman.

Adam: You mean, you are the one who keeps sending me drawings? And who keeps bugging on why haven't I uploaded them up on the site?

Fry: I've sent many pictures of the Simpsons to this site and I have yet to see it up here.

Adam: Mr. Fry, these things take time. And besides we only put good artwork up on our website and your drawing skills are really as lousy as Matt Groening's says his are, but at least he's a drawing genius.

Fry: That is mean, I'm just a fan of a popular show who's trying to show other people how big a fan he is.

Adam: Now, now, part of this job is being completely honest with people, that and getting to meet the star of Buffy.

Leela: He has a point Fry.

Fry: I guess there is nothing wrong with being honest and pointing out the obvious, thanks for the advice Adam. But wait, if you are loaded, then why do you work as a manager at one of your father's restaurants?

(Adam's smile stops.)

Adam: It appears I have been outwitted. I don't have an answer to that, I guess it is because I enjoy the fun in bossing people around. Then again who doesn't.

Fry: I hear that. (They both shake hands.)

Leela: (Frowns.) Men.

Vanessa: And what a man Adam is.

Wernstrom: (Now appearing.) Now, to defeat you too, for I am the Keeper of the Internet.

Adam: Excuse me, if you are the Keeper of the Internet, why are you wasting you time transporting your victims around each website and not just kill them?

(Wernstrom zaps Adam like Welsy from "Where No Fan Has Gone Before".)

Fry: ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!

Vanessa: He's killed my soul mate.

Sarah: Great, there goes the heart of this website.

Wernstrom: Now, to do away with you two.

Fry: Not so fast. (Fry gets the drop on Wernstrom and kicks Wernstrom's butt and with help from Leela she locks her knees around Wernstrom's neck in a death lock.)

Leela: Return us back to the fortress or I'll break you neck. (Wernstrom with concern is about to do it.)

Adam: (Burned) Wait.

Fry: Adam you are alive?

Vanessa: I'm so glad. (Comforts him.)

Adam: Yes, you can't kill the true. And that is what I speak, the true. Fry, how can I ever thank you in stopping this mad man?

Fry: Maybe, you can start to post my drawings on your site?

Adam: Sorry, but like I said before, I only post good art.

Fry: I understand. (Disappointed.)

Adam: Now look, I don't want to be the bad guy like this jerk. I'm just saying put some more time and effort in your drawings. Don't just rush into projects, cause then you make them lousy. Like those Brothers who made the Matrix trilogy.

Fry: I guess you are right, I'll try to take my time with my work. (Leela, Fry and Wernstrom are teleporting.) Goodbye, I hope we meet again.

Adam: Oh we shall.

(Cut Ironfinger, Kif and Amy and they confront JX. Ironfinger has something behind his back.)

JX: I thought I took control over you?

Ironfinger: Nobody controls me, I'm Bender Ironfinger damn it. (He reveals he has a missile launcher and blasts JX right into the wall and rubble covers her.)

Kif: Well, I guess that is it.

Amy: Where did you get that?

Ironfinger: I found it in the recreation room. (Just then the JX comes out and she no longer looks like Amy, she is all metal and is screaming like an animal. However, she is still stuck in the rubble. Ironfinger gets the disk and runs up to her.)

Ironfinger: Hey JX, you are boned. (Ejects the disk in her hard drive.)

JX: (In sweet calm voice.) Virus has now been deleted. (JX screams in terror and Ironfinger backs around just in time as JX explodes. Cut to PE HQ and we seen parts of JX splattered around and Wernstrom is still hooked up. We cut to the internet and Jinx clones are all dying and turn back to the blankbots. Cut back to Amy talking to Ironfinger.)

Amy: Ironfinger you did it.

Ironfinger: Yes, I'm the hero. (Kif clears his throat.) Oh look, I want to thank you guys. Mostly you ...aw...Amy. It was wrong of me to fire and replace you. I would appreciate it, if you could work for me again, with a brand new contract.

Amy: Well, I probably shouldn't, but I don't want to work at Fishy Joe's, so okay.

Kif: Amy, you got your job back. That is great.

Amy: Thanks Kif, but please call me Jinx.

(Cut to Hermes and company and they are happy, standing over broken down blankbots.)

Glab: It appears, that JX has been defeated.

(Cut to a room where we see the Artist in a big super power head form. And Fry and Leela with Wernstrom appear.)

Fry: Oh mighty Artist, we have brought you the man who tried to control you.

Artist: Good, I have complete control over the internet.

Wernstrom: (Breaks free and is about to log out.) You haven't heard the last of me. I'll make you pay for this.

(He disappears.)

Artist: He got away.

Fry: Yeah, we've gotten use to it and it is drag the first few times.

Artist: Thanks Fry and Leela, you two are perhaps the best things to happen to me. (Email message sound occurs.) Great, I'm sorry, but I have to meet with my wife.

Leela: Shame, it was great meeting you for the first time.

Artist: Fear not Leela, I have a feeling we shall meet again. I will log out all those that Wernstrom logged in. Farewell.

(Next Scene. PE HQ and we see the gang.)

Leela: Then we logged out Fry and me were left alone. I guess Ironfinger, Jinx and Kif all left before we could log out.)

Glab: Well, I don't allow the idea of seeking villains for help, but you've managed to do what you always do and save the world, despite the fact you two are no longer spies.

Leela: Thank you, ma'am.

Fry: Come Leela, we have burgers to flip. (They both are about to leave when...)

Glab: Halt, since you two showed bravery in going beyond the call of duty, I realize that is was wrong of me to fire you two. So, I've decided to restore your agent badges. (Everybody cheers.)

Fry: We are spies again, Leela.

Leela: I guess we'll be going on adventures again.

Fry: It is too bad, it was fun having the chance to get to know each other more.

Leela: Yeah. (Has a disappointed look on her face, but changes it to a happy look since they are spies. Cut to a park and we see Sheriff and Oracle and Oracle is on a bench and approaching is the Artist.)

Oracle: Aw you got my message.

Artist: Honestly, I don't know why you like coming to this park. You told me you hated how I designed it.

Sheriff: She likes to feed the birds crumbs of her cookies. (Pan to a few birds and they appear to be sick and dying.)

Artist: It appears this one you call Fry has saved the day.

Oracle: Told ya, but his job is not done. For there will come a time where he'll have to save the universe.

Artist: When will that be?

Oracle: How the hell should I know? But I do know of your little meeting with that robo hoochie.

Artist: You know about JX and me?

Oracle: Yes, I know about that.

Artist: Look about that, it was nothing, she had me under mind control.

Oracle: Spare me the crap, Artist. I'm not that mad, we all have urges now and then. (Stares at Sheriff and he looks embarrass as he tries to keep a straight.)

Oracle: Look Artist, just get back to work and all will be forgiven.

Artist: Alright. (Walks away.)

Oracle: Oh wait, I forgot, can you turn your attention to that popular fansite about American's best show.

Artist: You mean gothypnotoad.com?

Oracle: Yes, can you please bring that website up and working again?

Artist: What do I look like, FOX? Consider it done.

(Cut to a head shot of Wernstrom.)

Wernstrom: Those spies have ruined my plans and they will pay. I may not control the internet anymore, but I guess every beginning must have an end.

Voice: Every beginning must have an end? (Pan back to see that Wernstrom in Fishy Joe's uniform and Adam is dressed up for a date.) That is stupid, of course every beginning has an end, you don't have to point that out. That is like saying, "oxygen is good" out loud. It goes without having to say it.

Wernstrom: Please, leave me with this moment.

Adam: Forget it, Wernstrom your break is up and get busy in mopping the floor, I'm going clubbing tonight. So don't forget to lock up. (Exits and closes the door.)

Wernstrom: Yes, sir. (Mops the floor and mumbles to himself.)