Fan Fiction

The Kroker Chronicles, Part 4
By Daniel Leicester

part 4

August 29 1953

Navada Desert, Earth

The jeep made its way across the barren landscape. It drove towards a large crater that was over a meter accross. Gustav Simmerman was stood on the edge of it. He turned at the sound of the jeep pulling up behind him. Two men got out of the jeep. 'Cid!' Gustav said, smiling 'Nice to see you could make it! Who is this?' He asked, For a balding middle aged man had exited the jeep also. He dusted off his labcoat and held out his hand. 'Proffessor Herb Groening, University of Portland.' Gustav didnt shake Herb's preoffered hand instead he stared at Herb. 'What are you doing here Proffessor Groening?' he said rather coldly 'To investigate this flying saucer crash. Assuming of course that is what it is.' 'Excuse me, Mr Groening, myself and Proffessor Farnsworth have some business to discuss.'

Gustav waited untill they were some distance from Herb before rounding on Cid. 'What were you thinking off, Cid? Involving a civilian scientist into our midst?' 'He is a Priory member.' 'He's a WHAT?' 'A member of the Priory of Promeitheus. I thought he might be able to help us.' Gustav frowned 'Very well, we will let him in on our- project, but just for the record: I do not like this one bit.'


Titan Penal Colony, Titan

Earth President Dwight Conrad's Executive Starcruiser, the Exelsior Prime touched down and Dwight decended the boarding ramp. Vernon Zennor, Bryan Fleetwood and Devan Tilton were waiting in the hangar for him. The three men were very apprehensive.

Conrad looked pissed off. 'Well?' He barked suddenly so that the three all jumped. 'Do you have any thing to say for yourselves?' 'Sir you dont understand-' Fleetwood began but Conrad cut him off. 'What is there to understand? You sent a convicted mass murderer into the past, doing Garp knows what to the space time continuum. To say nothing of ten centuries worth of history.

And all because of something written on a stone tablet by a Bloogian Elder 2,000 years ago. Have I got it right so far?' Fleetwood blanched. 'Yeah....thats pretty much it.' 'And you three are all members of this secret agency within the DOOP that has existed since the the mid-2800's?' 'Yep, thats us to a T.' A long pause ensued. The three men all tried to look anywhere but at Conrad's face. 'I want a report,' he said slowly after a while. 'on this Department 13 or Priory or whatever you call it, on my desk. I want it to be thorough I want it to be consice. You have-' He glanced at his watch '24 hours.' The three all nodded, numbley. Dwight, turned on his heel and marched towards the Exelsior Prime. 'Well,' Fleetwood said bleakley 'You guys heared the man. Lets get to work.' 'But what about the fate of the universe?' Tilton asked 'Right now we should be more worried about the fate of our asses. We need to talk to Sheldon Vougle.'

January 1 2000

Applied Cryogenics, New York City

Yancy Snr's blue Chevey pulled up at the Applied Cryogenics Headquarters. Balphazar, Dewport, Yancy Snr, Yancy Jr and Lola Fry all entered the large chamber. 'Did you remember to tie Nibbler up and lock him in the trunk?.' Balphazar asked Dewport. 'Yes, I still have the marks on my arms from when he scratched me.'

'Ok, you evil alien communist, where is my son?' Demanded Yancy Snr. 'In here, I,' 'STOP RIGHT THERE BALPHAZAR!' They all turned to see Nibbler standing in the doorway, the remains of ropes traling behind him. 'I cannot allow you to continue this treachary.' 'Treachary?! You are the one who is the traitor! You and the Eternian High Counsil!' 'Hold your tounge, Grand Spokesperson, lest you be sripped of your title.' 'I will not allow you to ruin this poor boy's life, just so he can act as your pawn!' 'Pawn!? He is the Chosen One the one who will save the universe and bring peace and prosperity to the cosmos!' 'Says who?! Some dipshit prediction that would make a fortune cookie writer incredilus? How do you you know you iterpreted it correctley?' 'Hold up,' Yancy Jr said 'How do you know that this 'chosen one' guy isnt me? Or mom, or dad? In the car, you told me that the prophesy referred to 'the one called Fry' as being the one who will save the universe. How do you know that it isnt any of us?' 'The human brings up a fair point, Nibbler' Balphazar said 'Whos to say that you are correct in your reading of the prophecy?' it was then that Eternian Guards teleported into the room. 'It was about time you got here, teleport the Fry's back to their house and have their memories erased.' 'Roger that.' 'You,' Nibbler said turning to Balphazar and Dewport 'are going to stand trial by the Eternian High Counsil for violating the Eternian High Counsil Protocol Regarding Prophesey Forillment. May the Five Gods Of Mercy have....errr mercy on your souls.'