Fan Fiction

The Kroker Chronicles, part 6
By Daniel Leicester


A Top Secret Base somewhere in the Nevada Desert

Leroy Quicksilver was the head of a top secret facility deep underground. It's purpose was to conduct time travel experiments.

Leroy walked down a white corridor and into a huge chamber that had a huge device in the centre that looked like a mini Death Star.

He walked over to two scientists that were operating two consoles in front of the Temporal Communication Transmitter ( the Death Star shaped thing)

The two scientists were a young scientist from the Institute for Temporal Anomaly Research in Colorado Springs, Eli Morton, 26. The

other was an older scientist from the European Temporal Investigation Office in Paris, France, Stephen Baker, 77.

Doctor Baker glanced up from the console he was working at. 'Ah, Leroy, I was wondering when you would get here.'

'What is it that you want?' asked Leroy. 'We have detected some unusual readings coming from the controlled anomaly

that we created.' said Eli. 'We think something might be trying to get through.' added Stephen. 'From the past or the future?'

asked Leroy. 'We do not know,' Stephen said 'we must try to stablise the Displacement Field before we can make an accurate guess.'

'Let me know when you do.' Leroy turned to leave. 'Where are you going?' asked Stephen. 'I have been summond to see Mr B.'

'What does he want? Is he going to cut our funding?' 'I'm not sure.'

Mr B was the only name by which they knew their boss and primary benifactor. The project

was running into finacial problems a few years ago when along came 'Mr B'. Mr B's only conditions

where: annominity and a daily report of the projects progress. 'I am a business man with an interest

in time travel.' was all the response they got when asking him questions about why he would do this.

Leroy stood in the communication chamber, a large room with a huge video screen in bedded in one of the walls.

A face was on the screen, it was shrouded in shadow, it was an old man with a long

pointy nose, he was completley bald, his skin was a pale yellow.

'You wanted to speak with me sir.' 'Indeed I do, Mr Quicksilver. I understand

that there is someone trying to get through the time portal.'

'I....how did you know?' 'Let her through,' 'Her?' 'Am I speaking in a

another language? Yes, 'her' let her through.' 'Who is she? How do you know

that she was coming?' asked Leroy, trying to keep a demanding tone out of his voice

'That is none of your concern.' was the cold reply. Indignation filled Leroy 'I think it is, this is my facility after all,'

'And who is holding the purse strings? Thats right, now let her through.'

Portal Chamber, a large room with a time portal in it, think Stargate SG 1

Stephen and Eli stood at the console 'I dont like this, what if something goes wrong?' Eli said nervously.

'Nothing will go wrong, worst case scenario is the whole universe will be distroyed.' said Stephen.

'Thanks Steve, you sure know how to put my mind at ease.' The safety technicians were on stand by in

their yellow overalls, Anomaly Containment Guns at the ready. This did nothing to calm Eli's nerves.

Leroy was stood in the centre of the chamber, in his long labcoat over sky-blue overalls. 'Open

the time portal. Let's see who our time-traveling gate-crasher is.' Eli and Stephen began to de-activate

the containment field. 'Stephen, do you think there's a heaven?' 'God I hope not, life is stressfull enough

without another one after it.' There was a loud ZAP and a flash of bright light and a middle aged woman in

pajamas, dressing gown and slippers tumbled out of the portal. The woman stood up slowly.

'Where am I?' she said at last. 'In an under ground laboratory in Nevada.' Leroy said, walking over to

hold the still woozy woman. 'I'm...still on Earth?' 'Yes.' 'What year is it?' 'First tell us what year your from.'

'2007, I'm from 2007.' 'Ok, this is going to be a bit of a shock, but it's the year 2064.' ' Twenty-Sixty....'

the woman almost fainted. 'Real tactful, Leroy.' said Eli. Leroy gave Eli a glare and turned back to the woman.

'Whats your name?' 'My name?' 'Yes, your name.' 'My name is Yeardley Smith.'

Eli and Stephen were stood outside the Medbay where Yeardley was being checked out.

'So...' Eli said said slowly 'who is this Yeardley Smith woman anyway?' 'She was the voice of a

character in 'The Simpsons' , a popular cartoon series in the late 20th-early 21st century era.'

Eli nodded his head slowly 'I see. So, any theories as to what a sitcom actress was doing in our anomoly?'

'None come to mind at the moment, I'm sure we will find out soon enough.'

The Medbay door opened and Marlowe Farnsworth, the Head Doctor for the facility came out.

At sixty years old, Marlowe was the second oldest person working at the facility ( Stephen was the first)

'I am pleased to announce that Miss Smith has a clean bill of health.' He said, but something in

his face told Stephen that something was troubling him. 'What is it, Marlowe?'

'Well....by all accounts she should be dead a temporal anomoly like that is enough to

tear a human being to their component atoms.' 'Any theories Doc?' asked Eli.

Marlowe shrugged 'I got nothing. That's your department.' 'We have no idea's either.'

said Stephen. 'Doctor Stephen Baker has no theories, not even a postulation? That is un settleing.'

Marlowe said, grinning. Baker grinned back. 'Anyways, I gotta take Miss Smith down to Mr B's chamber,

he wants to talk to her.' 'Why.' 'Beats me.'

Mr B's chamber was dark and vast. His dim figure was on the comm screen again.

Yeardley entred, escorted by Doctor Farnsworth. 'I brought Miss Smith for you,

Mr B.' 'Good, leave us.' 'Sir I dont think-' 'I do not pay you to think, Mr Farnsworth!

I pay you to ensure the health and well being of my employees now get to it!'

Marlowe left. 'Well, Yeardley, I dont suppose you know who I am?' 'Who are you?

What is this all about?, why am I here?' 'So many questions, to answer

all of them, I'm going to have to take you back an unimaginable amount of time ago

to before this universe even existed there was another, the one from which I myself

am from. The only record of my universe ever having existed is in the form of the cartoon

series that you yourself worked for.' 'Your telling me the Simpsons are real?'

'Long ago there was an alien race called the Vur'aanx, they were convinced that

the entire universe was a giant code that contained the secret of life itself.

When my universe was distroyed by the Brain Spawn in it's year 3003, the Vur'aanx

thought it was due to an error in the code. So they created a new universe-this one-and

corrected the error by adding the Prophecy Code. A man who will be able to defeat the

Brain Spawn will be born-has been born- and he will defeat them in this universe's 3003.

And you must stop him.' 'Me? How? Why?' 'To answer your first question 'You will find a way.'

and your second 'What the Vur'aanx have done is a abomination unto fate, reality and all that it is to be mortal. You

alone have the means at your disposal to do this task and I am sure you will rise to the occasion.'

'What if I refuse?' 'Your consent has little to do with it.' Mr B said, smiling unpleasently.

'Who do you think you are, buddy?' 'You mean, you have not guessed? My dear, I apologise

for my impoliteness. My name is Charles Montgomery Burns.'


Marlowe was disbeliving 'This whole time we were working for a cartoon character?'

He, Eli, Yeardley, Stephen and Leroy were all stood in the Medbay.

'That does explain the yellow skin.' said Eli thoughtfully. 'and his

penchant for saying 'exellent' alot.' 'But what does he want with this whole

time travel thing? Where do we fit into this?' asked Leroy 'We have been

used, lied to, manipulated.....BY A FRIGGING CARTOON! I mean being screwed

over by a live-action villan is one thing, there is some dignity there but by a cartoon villan?

We'd never live it down!' 'I think I had better explain myself also.' Marlowe

said with a touch of apprehension in his voice. 'Huh? Why?'

Marlowe sighed '117 years ago my grandfather, Cid Farnsworth was a member

of a group called the Majestic 12, this group would monitor alien activity on Earth.

On Febuary 20 1947 a race known as the Bloogians came to Earth in order to hide a device called

the Ultronium Stone, my grandfather was in charge of the group assigned by the US Goverment to

protect the Stone from an enemy race called the Durgians, who would use the Stone to controll the universe.'

Thr group all stared at Marlowe. A long pregnant pause followed whilst the group absorbed

what Marlowe had just said. Finally, Leroy spoke up, 'Marlowe, what in God's name are you talking about?'

'Do you remember, back in 2059, when we were first given this project? Mr Burns took over the next year and shortly afterwards

I was hired, do you think that was a coinincidence?' Marlowe asked, staring intently at Leroy.

'I errr-' 'Listen, I know this is is giing to sound strange but my whole family from Cid (1917) to Mryron (1955)

to Cedric (1985) (my father) to me (2004) have been involved in this.' he opned a draw in his desk and held up some documents.

They were brittle and yellowed with age and lamenated but the words were still readable in the cover:

The Futurama Prophecies

Leroy frowned 'Futurama? Isnt that the science fiction show that Matt Greoning made?' Eli's eyes lit up.

'Oh I love that show! With the robots and the space ship's and the light-hearted attitude towards casual sex!

It was truly a show before it's time. Still there's allways hope.' 'Hope?' Stephen said 'The last episode aired

sixty-one years ago! It's cancelled, get over it!' Marlowe coughed impatiantly 'If we could please get back to

what I was talking about. Thank you. Now, I was first contacted by Mr Burns in 2051 I was a Medical Officer working

on a space station orbiting the moon. Burns told me that he knew about me and my family and that he could make me

an offer I couldnt refuse. I must admit, ever since I found out about this little bit of infomation about my family I

have been intrested in time travel.' Leroy blinked 'Errr whoah there Marlowe, old boy, what little bit of infomation?'

'My grandfather Cid was visited by a man from 3046 in 1947. He gave him the infomation that is in these documents.

It was the infomation from these documents that was used to make a TV show called Futurama.'

'Hold on there,' Yeardley said 'I have been recently propelled 57 years into the future, had a conversation

with Mr Burns about the nature of existence but there is no way in HELL that you can sell me the story that Futurama

is real. I mean I know Matt, I've known him since 1987, Futurama being real is something he would tell me.'

Marlowe fixed Yeardley with a knowing look ' I am afraid that Matt Greoning is much much more than a simple cartoonist from

Portland, Oregon. He, his father and Uncle were all members of the Piory Of Promeitheus.'

Marlowe said the last three words with the air of a guy revealing something shocking.

When the group continued in their failure to look shocked he explained,

'The Priory is a group dedicated to saving the world from alien invasions,

interstellar death plagues, Ayn Rand, supernatural enities and other such unpleasent things.

But their long term aim is to protect a secret. A secret that, if revealed at a point that humanity

is not ready for it, could end life itself.' 'Is it who shot Mr Burns?' asked Eli 'Because we allready know the answer:

it was Maggie.'

'It's not who shot Mr Burns.' 'JR?' 'NO!' 'Kennedy?' 'The secret is about life, the fundemental answer to the meaning of

all creation.' 'Hate to brake this to you but Douglas Adams beat you to it, it's 42.' 'Shut up Eli. The reason that POP exists is to

protect the greatest secret known to man. But Matt felt that the time was right to reveal, they were entering a new millenium and

humanity was entering a new period in spiritual enlightenment.' 'Were those Matt's exact words?'

Cape Idlewild Space Port, Florida (night)

The hover truck pulled up to the gate. The guard-bot looked over the truck suspiciously. Leroy tried his best sourthern accent 'Well

hey there Mr Robot! I'm just taking these here spare spaceship parts up to the maintenance wing, need to keep them there spaceships

in tip top shape.' he laughed nervously. 'We we'rnt expecting any spare parts.' said the guard bot 'Well all I knows is that I've got a crate

full of nuts and bolts that need a'deliverin' so if you dont mind lifting the barrier and letting me through?' 'No. You wait here I go call my boss.'

Leroy sighed and whipped out a ray gun type thing and zapped the robot with it. The robot went stiff and fell to the floor.

Leroy turned to Eli 'An EMP gun, never leave home without one.'

Leroy pulled the truck up to the space ship hangar, he then got out and opened the back doors Stephen and Yeardley got out.

'Why do I have to go to Mars?' asked Yeardley 'Because there is someone there who can help you. Plus, if what you told me is true

then as long as you are on Earth then you will be in great danger.' They walked over to a large spaceship and got inside it.

Inside space ship

Inside the cockpit, Stephen looked concerned. 'Are you sure you know how to fly a space ship?'

'How hard could it be?' said Leroy and he pushed a button. There was a crashing sound and the crew

were thrown around as the ship hit the hangar wall. Everyone got up and stared at Leroy.

'Heh heh, that was....just a practice. Here we go now!' he pressed another button.

Another crashing noise came as the ship crashed through the ceiling.

Leroy stared at everyone looking at him 'Hey, we're outside arnt we? Next stop Mars!'

To Be Continued (For those of you scratching your heads wondering what the hell this has to do with the parts that came before it, dont worry, all will be explained in part 7. Till then: YOU'VE READ IT YOU CAN'T UN-READ IT STAY TUNED FOR MORE...................................................FUTURAMA FANFICTION!!!!!!!!