Fan Fiction

The Kroker Chronicles, part 8
By Daniel Leicester


Martian Refugee Camp, Luna Vista, Luna

Leela, Yancy and Clancy walked through the vast hangar. 'Mom? What are we doing?'asked Yancy.

'Hitchiking.' Leela replied.

'You have any idea where Dad could be?' asked Clancy.

'Last I heard he was on Titan so-'

'Your husband is no longer on Titan.'

Leela turned to where the voice was coming from. It came from Merlyn Mac Intire.

'Leela Fry, we meet again. And these are your children? They have your.....eye.'

'What do you mean, 'your husband is not on Titan'? Where is he then?'

'Roswell, New Mexico.'

'Roswell?! What are they doing there?'

'You know of it.'

'I've...... visited there once.'

'In 1947?'

'Yes I- How did you know that?' Leela demanded.

Merlyn shook his head. 'I will explain all later, but first, we must leave for Earth, post haste.'

The bridge of Merlyn's ship, the Promethius, was small and basic. All the walls were bright yellow and the control panels were framed in red. Leela resisted the temptation to wrinkle her nose.

'Yeugh!' said Yancy who had not inherited his mothers tactfulness 'This place looks

like it hasnt been re-decorated since the McNeale Administration!'

Leela sushed him angrily, but Merlyn was busy shaking awake a purple coloured robot who was slumbering in the pilot's chair.

'Stanley! Wake up! We have to get going!' the robot opened his eyes and stared agrily at Merlyn. 'Can't a guy get some shut eye around here? And whats with the Family Cyclops?' he added upon seeing Leela and the kids.

'That is Leela Fry and her two children, Yancy and Clancy. And I would thank you

to treat her with the respect due to her if you please!' said Merlyn peevishly.

'OK OK. Jeez! Don't get an aneurysm about it! Oh, by the way, we have a guest.'

'A guest? Who?'

'Some doctor guy. Has a really dorky sounding voice, he's waiting for you in your

quarters.' but the door opened and the 'guest' entered. It was Adeli Atkins.

'I'm sorry, Stanley but I cant just stand around waiting all-' he saw Leela and the twins.

'Leela? Why are you here?'

'I told you, I'm looking for my husband.'

'But you cant leave the compound!'

'I've been given permission from Emperor Gore himself.'

'As have I.' added Merlyn.

'You?' Adeli yelped 'Why would Gore grant you clearence?'

'The Lunar Emperor and I share....certain intrests.' said Merlyn enigmatically.

'Really, Adeli what is it? Why have you come all the way down here?'

'As if you didnt know. You were responsible for my parents' death!' yelled Adeli.

Leela began to get the sinking feeling that she wasnt going to be leaving very soon.

The Planet Eternium, January 3 2000

The Eternian High Counsel members sat in their chairs in the vast Counsel Chamber.

'Bring in the accused.' Elder Ken said.

Two Eternian Guards entered escorting Balphazar and Dewport.

'Balphazar Jenkins and Selvin Dewport,' said Ken, 'You stand accused of violating the Eternian High Counsel Protocol Regarding Prophesy Forfillment, a crime punishable by up to 3456 years imprisonment at the Sunnyville High Security Penal Colony.'

'Isnt that a little harsh?' asked Dewport.

'Quiet, you!' snapped Fiona.

'How do you plead?' asked Ken.

'Not guilty, of course.' said Balphazar.

'Very well,' said Ken. 'Bring in Lord Nibbler.'

Nibbler entered, he briefly glanced at Balpazar and Dewport before addressing the Counsel.

'Greetings, I am Lord Nibbler, Dark Matter Guardian Of Vergon 6, Supreme Adviser To The High Counsel and-'

'Thank you Nibbler!' said Ken impatiently. 'Just tell the court what happened on the night of December 31 1999.'

'Very well, I was carrying out my orders to freeze the Mighty One so that he could fulfill the prophecy and defeat the Brain Spawn. However, before I could, I was delayed by a time-travelling Balphazar and Dewport, they said that they had traveled there from 3030 to stop me. Then I was seized by a time-traveling Fry. He had apparently learned of our plan and had entered the past to prevent me from freezing his 1999 counterpart. After a few moments debate, I convinced him not to alter the timeline and he returned to his own time and then I had a heated discussion with Balphazar and Dewport about the prophecy, then they attacked me and

tied me up and stuffed me into a bag. After that I blacked out but when I came to I was in the trunk of a car. I called out to them but they ignored me. I managed to get out of the bag and untie myself and using my laser lockpick I got out of the trunk. When I saw that we were back at Applied Cryogenics I knew what they were doing, I sent a call to Eternium for backup and raced into the lab.......'


It was night, rain pelted down on a remote private space port and on the space craft that was waiting on the runway.

A black hovercar pulled up. Desmond Atkins and his wife Bianca De Charles got out, followed by Merlyn Mac Intire and Sheldon Vougle.

'Should we be doing this now?' Bianca anxiously asked her husband. ' What about Adeli? He is only 10!'

'We are doing this for Adeli.' Desmond said firmly 'Listen, sweet heart, Merlyn has assured me that we will not be harmed by the Syndicate where we are going.'

'You trust him still?' said Bianca frowning. 'I would trust Merlyn to the end of the universe.'

'You still haven't said where we are going.' said Bianca.

'To a planet that few people know the existence of.' Merlyn said.

'And we are just going to abandon Adeli?'

'I know it'll be hard for you, Bianca,' said Desmond softly 'But the less Adeli knows about us the less chance that the Syndicate will consider him a threat.'

Bianca stared down at her feet. 'I hate this!' she said, fighting back tears.

'It is time,' said Sheldon to Merlyn.

'Indeed it is.' said Merlyn and he turned to Desmond.

'For the Priory?' he said.

'For the Priory.' replied Desmond.

Merlyn turned to Bianca. 'For the Priory?' He said.

'Screw you.' replied Bianca.

Bianca and Desmond got onto the boarding ramp and walked into the space ship. Then the space ship took off down the rain soaked runway and into the dark sky.


The bridge of Merlyn's ship, the Promethius

Adeli stood in silence. Merlyn was stroking his chin thoughtfully.

'Well?' demanded Adeli.

'I am trying to pick the right words.' Merlyn said 'This is a story I have dreaded having to tell for 50 years. You must understand that your parents left you to protect you. They were Priory members. If the Syndicate found out who they were then they would be killed, along with you.'

'So thats why you faked the story about my parents being mauled to death by Altairian Mountain Gorillas?'


'Where are they now?'

'On a planet in a galaxy far way. I cannot tell you any more.'


'Because it would be too risky, we cannot risk the Syndicate finding the planet.'

Adeli sighed 'Very well.' he said.

'But I am coming with you and Leela, you'll never know when you will need a doctor.'

'Fair enough' said Merlyn, he turned to Stanley.

'Activate the engines.'

'Where are we going?' asked Leela.

'Why, Roswell, New Mexico of course.' Merlyn replied.

Inside a bunker in Roswell Army Base, 1947

The Cid Farnsworth of 2000 crept down the dark corridor that lead to the chamber where the Ultronium Stone was being kept. Suddenly he heard voices. He ducked behind a filing cabinet. When the voices got closer he realized that one of them was his own. From his hiding place Cid stared as a younger, brown haired version of himself walked down the corridor talking to a scientist

in a white lab coat. '......conduct some more research on the alien that we captured. Truman said he wants results.' his younger self was saying.

'I'm not a superhuman, Cid. I think Truman needs to realize that.' said the scientist peevishly.

'I understand that, Godfrey. Harry can be a little overbearing sometimes but this is a most unprecedented case.'

They got to the filing cabinet that older Cid was hiding behind. Cid heard the top draw open and then close.

'Here,' he heard Godfrey Perkins say 'These are all the reports on the Stone that the Bloogians gave us.'

'I think Truman is a little preoccupied by this alien spaceship affair right now.' Younger Cid said testily.

'Better safe than sorry.'

They walked back up the corridor. Cid waited until Godfrey and his younger self were gone before getting up and walking towards the chamber door.

'I hope I can remember the code.' he said to himself as he stared at the keypad infront of him. '01283732304DE655GP' he said as he typed. There was a beeping noise and the door opened.

'Huzzah!' he exlaimed. Then, realizing, he glanced around to see if the coast was clear. It was. Cid went inside the chamber.

A prison cell in the Sunnyville Penal Colony, 2000

Dewport was sat on his bunk as he watched Balphazar pace back and forth.

'I cant believe we are gonna spend the next 3,000 years in this penal colony just because of some stupid prophesy' said Balphazar.

'Oh I dont think we are.' Dewport said, a sly look on his face.

'What do you mean?'

Dewport whipped out a small ray gun type thing.

'A Molecular Displacement Gun.' Dewport said.

'But those wont be invented until the mid 3020's how did you-'

'I brought it with us before we went back in time. We can use it to dig out of here.'

'Dewport you are a freaking genius! I could kiss you!'

'Thats the second date.'


Eternian Penal Transport Ship (cockpit), space

Dewport was sat in the pilot's seat, Balphazar was standing up.

'Hold her steady, Mr Dewport.' said Balphazar.

'Never call me that again.' Dewport said.

'Uh oh.'

'What is it Dewport?'

'Eternian Guard Cruisers, hot on our tail!'

'How many?'

'Three. Taking evasive action.......Any use?'

'No. The Cruisers are still staying on our tail.'

'Divert all power to the engines, get us out of here Dewport.'

'Gee really? Gosh I haven't thought of that!'

'Less sarcasm, more evasive action.'

'Engaging Hyperspeed.'

The transport ship blasted away from the Cruisers.

'Set a course for Earth, Dewport, I have an idea!'

Earth Orbit

'We are in Earth orbit, now what?' asked Dewport.

'We slingshot around the Earth, thus creating a gravity flux that could, if we time it right propel us into 3030.'

'Are you sure this will work?'

'Positive.' Dewport sighed.

'Let's do it then.' he said reluctantly.


Soon they were zooming around the Earth at a dizzy-making speed. The ship was shaking, alarms were going off and Dewport was screaming.



The ship vanished with a flash.

Roswell, Earth, 1947

Cid hurried across the chamber. The Ultronium Stone was in the middle on a plinth with a glass dome over it. Cid gingerly lifted the lid. No alarms sounded. Cid sighed with relief.


'You dont have to point that thing at her you know.' Fry said angrily to Harris, who was pointing his Laser Rifle at Amy.

Fry, Bender, Harris, Lele, Teki, Armin and Gary were all stood behind a wall of sandbags. Gary turned from peering over the wall to check the coast was clear.

'Now now, lets be nice now. There will be plenty of time to fight after we save the universe.'


Oslo, Norway, Earth

Olaf Svensson was sat in his office. He was the National Governor for Norway. He was a respected figure in Norway's political circuit. He was, however, unpopular with the World Government because of his policies regarding their interference in

Norway's affairs. Today was one such case. It was January 5th 3030. The front page of The Oslo Informer for that day was sat upon his desk, 'Unidentified Alien Space Ship Crash Lands North Of Oslo'

It was then that his door opened and Jason Singer, the Investigator for SCI entered.

'Invesigator Singer, nice of you to drop in, I trust you have examined that spaceship that crash landed near here a few hours ago?'

'Our report shows that, according to the Orbital Data Records, the ship collided with a stray comet and crash landed north of here. It is made of a metal not found anywhere in the Galaxy.'

'I see, any possible risk to the people of Oslo?'

'None that occur at the moment. But we are quarantining the area just in case.'

'Good, well keep me posted.'

Singer nodded and left. Olaf's vidphone then rang. Olaf pressed the 'answer' button and Sheldon Vougle's face appeared on the screen. He looked worried. 'Olaf, are you there?'

'Yes I am here.'

'Olaf I am afraid that I have some bad news, the POP has been infiltrated.'

'By who?'

'The Syndicate.'

'What?! The Syndicate has not been in existence for over 700 years! What makes you think that-'

'The Syndicate is alive and well I'm afraid, they just got better at covering their asses. You know about the spaceship that crash landed in your country? Well that was no comet that brought it down! It was a DOOP Security Cruiser! I checked the Orbital Logs myself, they have been edited by someone high up in the DOOP!'

'But surely Bryan Fleetwood would have heard something about this if that were the case?'

'You set too much store by Mr Fleetwood I'm afraid, he has his own career to worry about. He and Vernon Zennor are in enough Buggalo dung with Dwight Conrad breathing down their necks. No, I am afraid that we have to deal with this ourselves.'


'Dont worry, I'll contact Gewnth Bosworth, he knows someone who can give us new identities. We can dissapear and noone will ever find us again.'

'Now wait just a fijording minute! I cant just leave, I have a country to run!

and besides, where would we go?'

'Dont worry, Gwenth knows a place. You just leave everything to me. I'll be in touch again soon.'

'Wait! How will this solve-'

'Relax, Olaf!' said Sheldon firmly 'I'll explain more later.' Sheldon Vougle's face vanished from the screen, leaving Olaf alone in his office, wishing that he had become a goat farmer like his father.


Fry, Bender, Lele, Teki, Armin, Harris, Amy and Gary stood behind the wall of sandbags, listening to the distant bangs of the Planet Express Ship from 3002's attack on the base.

Cid ran up to where the rest were hiding. 'I've got the Stone!' he cried jubilantly.

'Good.' said Bender 'Let's blow this popsicle stand!'

'Not so fast.' said a voice behind him. Everyone turned to see Thaarg standing there, Atomizer Rifle in hand. Harris pointed his Laser Rifle at Thaarg.

'You?' Fry gasped 'But how?'

'Humanity is not the only race to have developed time travel technology.' Thaarg said simply 'Now, hand over the Stone and the Weapon and I'll be on my way.'

'Bite my shiny metal....' Bender started but the catchphrase was finished for him by an other Bending Unit head that was falling out of the sky.


'What the....' said Thaarg but the Bending Unit head hit Thaarg's with a dull 'thunk' and Thaarg fell over unconscious.

'Three cheers for pre-destination paradoxes!' cheered Bender.


They walked through the desert outside Roswell towards the cave were Harris had hidden the Time Pod.

'I'll go fire up the time-pod.' Harris said. 'Come on you, your coming too.' he said to Amy. Amy rolled her eyes and followed him.

A muffled voice came from the bag that Cid was carrying. 'Let me out of here, poindexter!'

Cid obliged and took the head of 3002 Bender out of the bag. He also took the Ultronium Stone out of the bag.

'What are you gonna do with that?' asked 3030 Bender.

'Well, I cant bring it into contact with Amy as it would cause a time paradox. So I'll have to hide it here in 1947.' said Cid.


'In your head.'

'Say what?'

'Or, rather, in the head of your 3002 counterpart.'

'Dont I get a say in this?' asked 3002 Bender.

'You will be responsible for saving the universe. Isnt that a noble cause?'

'I aint sitting in a hole in the dirt for a thousand years buddy, evil intergalactic conspiracy or no evil intergalactic conspiracy.' 3002 Bender said stiffly.

'I will turn your cognitive circuits off-line and program them to re-activate in 3002 in time for your friends to dig you up.' said Cid.

3030 Bender nudged Cid. 'I was a bit of a shady character when I was younger,' he whispered 'You might wanna erase my memory of all this so that he doesn't pawn the Stone for booze-money.'

'Gotcha.' said Cid.

'When did I become such a square?' asked 3002 Bender, who had evidently heard

his older self.

'It's called 'maturity' jackass, I realized that there is more to life that binge drinking and whore-mongering.' said 3030 Bender coldly.

'Are you sure you're me from the future?' 3030 Bender rolled his visual sensors and turned to Cid who was digging a hole. 'Could you hurry up with that hole?' he said.


Bender and Cid finished burying the head of 3002 Bender in the New Mexico desert. They returned to the Time Pod where the rest were waiting.

'So, is it 2880 next?' Fry said reluctantly.

'Yes,' Cid said, not meeting Fry's eyes. Everyone knew what would happen if they convinced the then Earth President in 2880, Ernst Rowenbaum, not to begin the nanobot project, the result would erase the mutants, including Leela, from history.

And by extension, his four children. In fact 30 years of Fry's life would be altered. Then, a beeping sound broke the tension.

'It's the Trans-Temporal Communicator,' Cid said. 'Someone from the future is calling us.'

Cid pressed the 'reply' button and a automated female voice said. 'Will you accept a collect call from January 5 3030?'

'Yes.' replied Cid.

A gruff voice came over the comm. 'This is Admiral Smedley S. Dinklemeyer, you are all under arrest, return to 3030 immediately.'


A DOOP Military Base outside Oslo, Norway, Earth

Balphazar and Dewport were sat in a dimly lit interrogation room. They sat in a tense silence. Balphazar decided to break it.

'I didnt know we would crash.' he said peevishly.

Dewport sighed heavily 'Balphazar, as soon as this is all over, I'm going to ask the Counsil to re-assign me.'

'What!? Why? Because of this? Too much time paradoxes?'

'I'm......I'm sorry Balphazar. I cant do this any more, you dis-believe the prophecy-I do. I cant work for someone who wants to undermine all we have worked for for the last thousand years.' Balphazar stared at his old friend, his eyes narrowed.

'Very well,' he said coldly 'We will part ways after this is all over. Assuming of course the Counsel does not try you for treason.'

The door opened and Jason Singer walked in.

'Well, my little Eternian friends. You seem to be in a little trouble back home, your government wants to try you for-' he glanced at the datapad in his hand. 'Violating the Protocol Regarding Prophesy Fufillment.'

Singer smiled at Balphazar. 'Listen, We at DOOP Security have been covering your furry little asses for the last century, we made sure no one else knew about your existence so you could save the universe and fulfill the prophecy bla bla bla. We cant do that if you keep crashing your spaceships all over Earth.'

'Dont be so Hyperbolic, this is the first time this has happened.'

'And last, I hope.' said Singer.


A tense silence hung over the Time Pod.

'What should we do?' asked Bender nervously.

'We have to return to 3030.' said Harris firmly 'If we are under arrest then we have a duty to answer to the charges.'

'I aint going to jail!' Gary yelled. 'I mean look at me, they'll eat me alive!'

'No, Gary, we cannot live our lives as fugitives from the law. Harris is right, we must answer to the charges.'

Roswell, New Mexico, Earth, 3030

With a zap the Time Pod materialized in the New Mexico Desert of 3030. Although so little was different that for a moment they thought they were still in 1947. However, the date on the temporal coordinate display panel of January 5 3030 was confirmed for them when a large yellow spaceship descended from the sky and landed

next to them. The boarding ramp descended and Leela, Yancy, Clancy, Merlyn, Stanley and Adeli came out.

'Welcome back.' said Merlyn 'How was Customs?'

'Dad!' yelled Yancy and Clancy in unison and the ran to embrace their father.

'Fry!' exclaimed Leela and she ran to embrace him too. 'I thought I'd never see you again. I thought you were on Titan.'

'I was, but then they sent me on this time-travel mission. Oh, by the way, the DOOP wants to try us for treason.'


'If that is true,' Merlyn said gravely 'then we must act quickly. Everyone into the spaceship.'

'Where are we going?' asked Bender.

'Durg.' Merlyn replied.

'Oh, how I hope you mean Durg, New Jersey.' Bender groaned.

'No, I mean the planet.'

'Why are we going there?' asked Fry. 'I'll explain on the way now hurry!'


The Promethius soared through the blackness of space. They were all assembled on the bridge.

'A question occures,' Adeli said 'How are we to get past the Durgian blockade? There are ships in orbit around the planet. If their sensors detect any non-Durgian ship entering Durgian space....' he made the sound of an explosion with his mouth.

'That wont be a problem with....this!' Merlyn said, and fished out a large grey-colored spherical devise that had antennae sticking out of its top.

'A...model of the Death Star from Star Wars?' Bernder said, puzzled.

'This,' Merlyn said 'is a Durgian transponder-signal generator. The Durgian ships will detect the signal and if all goes to plan, they will think we are a Durgian ship and let us through.' 'And if all doesn't go well?' asked Bender.

Adeli made the sound of an explosion with his mouth.


Several light years from the Durgian border

Merlyn paced up and down the bridge in front of Bender and Stanley.

'OK,' Merlyn said 'You have the paint?'

'Yo!' said Bender and he held up the cans of paint that he was holding.

'Right then' Merlyn said 'If this ship is supposed to be a Durgian battle cruiser then it had better look the part. I want you to get out onto the hull and paint this ship to resemble a Durgian battle cruiser, here are some reference photos,' he handed them some photographs of some Durgian military ships.

'Where did you get these?' asked Bender 'A top secret government website?'

'No. Google.'


Bender stood back to admire his work, 'Not a bad job if I do say so myself-and I do.'

He and Stanley were standing on a hover platform on the side of the ship.

Bender's wrist comm buzzed 'Yo!' Bender said.

'You had better get a move on,' said Merlyn's voice 'We are approaching the Durgian border.'

'Roger that. Yo, Picasso!' He yelled at Stanley, who was busy painting a facsimile of the Durgian Imperial Alliance insignia. 'Hurry it up will ya? We are approaching Durgian territory!'

'I'm painting as fast as I can, Bender!' said Stanley, nettled 'You tell Merlyn that an artist cant be expected to work under these conditions!'


'We are approaching the Durgian border.' Stanley said.

He was sat at the navigation console. Fry, Bender, Lele, Teki, Armin, Harris, Cid, Merlyn, Gary, Leela, Adeli, Yancy, Clancy, Stanley and Amy were all standing on the bridge.

'A Durgian battle cruiser is approaching.' Stanley said.

'Range?' asked Merlyn.

A look of utter uncomprhention crossed Stan's face.

'Huh?' he said.

Merlyn rolled his eyes 'How. Far. Away Is. It?'

'Oh! Less than a parsec. It's closing in on our position.'

'If this doesnt work...' Adeli said gravely.

'It will work.' Merlyn said firmly he turned to Fry. 'Fry, pass me that datapad over there.'

Fry handed the pad to Merlyn.

'What's on it?'

'Alien Language Database. Munda Tarunga gave it to me, she is quite an expert in that sort of stuff.'

'You know my mother?' Leela said.

'Oh yes, back in the 2980's I worked in the Mutant Leasion Office at the Central Bureaucracy. She worked as a secretary at the Leasion Office in Loowater Springs.'

A beeping sounded. A guttural voice sounded over the inter comm 'QWEERG XARGK ORK ZASS ZOB!!!!' it said.

'Identify yourselves!' Translated Merlyn.

'Stan say 'qaaarok duur vook Durgiark xoogbog'.'


'It means 'this is a Durgian millitary ship.''

'Stanley sighed and repeated Merlyn's words over the comm.

'Goraark?' the voice said.

'registration?' Merlyn translated. 'Say Durgiak Vaargik Zaxooor Kaaarj: Naarloth (Durgian Imperial Alliance Battlecruiser: Naarloth.)'

Stan repeated Merlyns instructions.

'Zaaqerrgon?' the voice asked.

'Cargo?' translated Merlyn 'Say, 'N'tuur vark zhellther buurook.'

'What's that?' 'It means 'I'm bringing the daily supply of porno-mags.''

Stan repeated Merlyn's words, soon after that they were quickly ushered through the blockade.

'Perverts.' Bender said derisively.

'Youre one to talk!' Fry said.

'The porno I enjoy is tasteful when compared to Durgian porn.'said Bender 'Ever seen Durgian porn? Its sick!'

'As much as I hate to interrupt this discussion on alien pornography,' Merlyn called tersely, 'we are nearing Durg.'

A Durgian Monastery high up in the Zxarog Mountains, the planet Durg

Hnaak was meditating in his private chambers when suddenly Fry, Bender, Lele, Teki, Armin, Harris, Cid, Merlyn, Gary, Leela, Adeli, Yancy, Clancy, Amy and Stanley walked in.

'Are you the guy in charge of this place?' Merlyn asked.

'I am the High Priest yes.' Hnaak said. 'What brings you fine people to my

monastery, and how did you get through the blockade?'

'Long story, listen could you tell us what you know about an alien race called the Eternians?'

At Merlyn's mention of the word 'Eternians' Hnaak grew cold. 'Why do you want to know about them? Who are you people?' he said sharply.

'I am.....a member of a group of people, who...want to stop Thaarg's war machine.' Merlyn said.

Hnaak snorted 'Good luck, people have gone up against Thaarg and lost. And by 'lost' I mean 'been killed'.'

'Yeah, we kinda figured that.' said Bender.

Hnaak looked at the large group of people intently. 'Why do you want to know about the Eternians? How much do you know about all this?' he asked.

'Enough.' said Merlyn impatiently 'We need to know if Thaarg has had relations with the Eternians. What part do they play in this?'

Hnaak paced the floor, he stopped and then stared hard at Merlyn. 'Thaarg has destroyed this planet.' he said. 'There was a time when you could be proud of being a Durgian, we were once a race with morals, honour, pride. During the 2970's we were ruled by an honorable Emperor, Blavarak. Under him our planet prospered. Then along came Thaarg. Thaarg was the Minister For Defense, he wanted to make Durg a more militarized race, Blavarak objected. Blavarak soon had a 'heart attack' and died and Thaarg was elected in his stead. I was Minister For Religious Affairs at the time, I publicly denounced Thaarg as a traitor to Durg. His Minions hounded me out of the capital, I sought refuge here. You say you want to stop Thaarg? You have no idea what you're dealing with!'

'No idea?' Amy said sharply 'Thaarg destroyed my home planet! He killed my husband. Don't say that we don't know what we are dealing with because we zarking well do!'

Hnaak looked at Amy then turned his eyes to Merlyn. 'Go to Nevada, Earth there is a Facility there, I don't know if its operational still but it's the only place I can think of that had a Priory member on its team, Marlowe Farnsworth.'

'Farnsworth? Is he my ancestor?' asked Cid.

'His father was Myron Farnsworth.'

'Thats my son! Good Lord, I had no idea that my family was so involved in all this.'

A Secret Base under the Nevada Desert (the one we saw in Part 6), Earth

Fry, Bender, Lele, Teki, Armin, Harris, Cid, Merlyn, Gary, Leela, Adeli, Yancy, Clancy, Amy and Stanley all walked through the vast chamber. The huge Temporal Transmitter stood, off-line, in the center. The place was dark and desolate, their footsteps echoed through the eerie silence. Bender walked over to a console, he turned it on, the light from the screen illuminating his face and providing the room with a little light.

'According to this doohicky, this facility was decommissioned 966 years ago.'

Merlyn walked over to the console.

'Does it say why?' he asked Bender.

'Nope. Just says that it was taken off-line.'

'Bender,' Merlyn said 'Perhaps you could hack into the computer, go through some of its restricted data files.'

'I don-t know, maybe I should buy it a drink first.'

'Bender, some important information could be in this computers database. If we have any chance of beating Thaarg then it lies within this system.'

'How can you be sure that crazy ass Durgian hermit was right?'

'I don't but I have spent my whole life taking chances like these, such is the nature of working for the POP. If there is something here that can assist us then it is here and-' Merlyn was cut off by a shimmering of light emanating from the Temporal Transmitter.

'So,' a female voice said its booming voice echoing around the vast, empty chamber. 'You have finally arrived. After centuries upon centuries of waiting the moment has finally come. Would the one called 'Fry' step forward?'

Fry gingerly stepped forward.

'Y-you wanted to speak with me?'

'Yes, you, you are the Mighty One are you not?'

'That depends on how you define 'mighty' because I-'

'Silence!' the voice barked suddenly cold 'I have waited a long time for this and now, I have the Mighty One and my new vessel and now I will finally have my revenge!'

Cookieville Orphanarium, Earth

Fleetwood made his way to Sheldon Vougle's office. Sheldon was sat at his desk.

'Ah, Bryan what brings you here?'

'I think you know zamn well what. You knew more about this project that you let on. Why did you not tell us about Leela being a weapon?'

'How did you...?'

'I had a little talk with Munda Tarunga. Why did you not tell us?'

'Because the POP has been infiltrated by the Syndicate. If you knew, they would know.'

'That doesn't explain your silence for the last 56 years!'

'Yes it does! I was protecting Leela, I didn't want to burden her with the truth!'

'Yes well it is time you stop being so zamned secretive and tell us all you know about Hermes Conrad.'

Nevada, Earth

Fry was at a loss for words. 'Err....revenge?! For what, I dont even know you!'

'No, but you are the reason that I was ripped from my physical body and trapped inside this sphere!'

'Say what?'

'SILENCE! The time for talk is at an end. You will deliver unto me that which I desire or persish!'

'There is such a word as 'please,' you know.' said Bender.

A bolt of energy shot out of the sphere and hit Bender in the chest. Bender was flung halfway across the chamber.

'I'm OK.' he said weakly.

'OK listen up,' Leela said angrily. 'I dont know who or what you are but no one beats up my friends!' and she delivered a karate kick to the Transmitter.

'YEAARGHH!' Leela screamed, hopping around cluching her injured foot.

'FOOL!,' barked the glowing sphere 'Mere brute force cannot defeat me! Now prepare to be crushed puny mortal! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!'

Cookieville Orphanarium

'Hermes Conrad, you know about him?' stammered Sheldon.

'I know that he and Feinnman were involved in the Durgian nanobot project.' said Fleetwood.

'Were is Hermes Conrad now?'

'Ravingwood Mental Hospital. He was sent there after Planet Express went bankrupt in 3010.'

'Planet Express still exists, it is one of the largest interstellar delivery companies in the galaxy.'

'Yes but when Hubert Farnsworth died in 3010, Planet Express declared bankruptcy. Then the former company doctor, John Zoidberg inherited a large fortune from his cousin Zoidfarb when he died in 3012. Zoidberg donated the money to help Fry get Planet Express up and running again. They bought the property at 19 Conglomerate Avenue and the rest is history.'

'But no one has told Conrad, though?'

'I'm afraid PE's initial bankruptcy sent him over the edge. Conrad was always a bit of a loose cannon, this was just the straw that broke the buggalo's back.'


Leela dodged as yet another bolt of energy sailed towards her.

'Hey,' Fry yelled 'Leave my wife out of this! Its me you want!'

'Silence mortal! You and your wife are both dire threats to my very being you must perish if I am to rule the universe!'

And another beam shot out and hit Fry but Fry started to glow red and a bold of red energy flew out of him and collided with the sphere.

'GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU FOOL! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!' screamed the sphere that was now glowing red.

'I-I dont know.' stammered Fry who had stopped glowing and was just as puzzled as the sphere was. There was a huge red colored explosion and the sphere gave one

last scream and was gone.

'What the hell was that?' asked Bender.

'I dont know,' said Fry 'I think I must have some sort of power that makes me immune from crazy ass homicidal transmitters!.'

'It is your lack of a Delta Brainwave.' said a voice. Everyone turned around. An old looking Eternian was standing there. 'Hello, my name is Balphazar.' he said.

To Be Continued........

Yes, I know I said that this would be the last one, but my computers harddrive had other ideas. Don't worry, the next one WILL be the last one.

No, really, it will.