Fan Fiction

The Kroker Chronicles, part 9
By Daniel Leicester

Nevada, Earth

Everyone stared at the creature called Balphazar. 'Nibbler?' asked Leela. 'No, I am not Nibbler but I am of his race.' said Balphazar.

A groan issued from under the remains of the Temporal Transmitter. A woman wearing pajamas, a dressing gown and slippers got up from underneath. She stared at the people gathered in the chamber. 'Where am I?' she asked. 'Nevada.' replied Merlyn.

'I'm back?' she wispered. 'Ma'am?' 'Last thing I remembered was being transported to the Titan Penal Colony. Then.....'

'What year was that?' '2094. What year is it now?' '3030.' replied Merlyn. 'Who are you?' asked Fry.

'My-my name is Lena Quicksilver.' 'Lena Quicksilver?! You tried to kill me in Amy's body!' Fry said angrily.

'I-I didn't-I don't.....remember....' and she became so tearful and upset that Fry felt a little sorry for her.

Only a little though, she did try to kill him.

The Eternian space ship was large for Eternian standards, but rather cramped by human standards.

'I apologize for the lack of....ah headroom.' said Balphazar as the human passengers tried not to hit their heads on the low ceiling. 'Oh, Mr Fry, I picked up one of your children on the way here.'

Sure enough, seated in the ships lounge and sporting a few bumps on the head from

encounter with afore mentioned low ceiling, was Charlay Fry. 'Hi Mom, Dad, nice to OW!'

his head connected to the ceiling again. Charlay lowered his head and held out his hand.

'Good, to see you, Charlay.' Fry said, smiling and shaking Charlay's hand.

Leela then ran foward and embraced her son. 'I thought I'd never see you again!' she half-wailed.

'I gotta say,' Charlay said seriously 'when, I heard about you being taken to the Titan Penal Colony I wanted to fly up there and see what the hell was going on. But my coach insisted I stay and practice for the new blernsball season. Is it true you were on Mars when it exploded?' Fry turned and glanced at Amy who had entered the room at that moment followed by a very surly looking Harris Dumfermline.

'Err, yeah.' Fry didn't want to talk about Mars in front of Amy. Charlay saw Amy and seemed to get the message.

'Madam President, I'm so sorry about Kif.' Charlay said. 'President? Of what? A cloud of rocks?' Amy said.

'I'm sorry.' Charlay said 'No, I am, I'm just a little tense what with G.I Joe here pointing his pistol at me everywhere I go!' Harris glared at Amy but lowered his Disruptor Pistol. 'I'm going to bed.' said Amy

'Balphazar said there were sleeping quarters down here. Is that OK?' she added hotly to Harris.

Harris nodded grimly. 'Why is President Kroker being followed around by that DOOP Security guy?' Charlay asked Fry.' Is he her bodyguard?' 'Err no, look Charlay, its a very long story but thinking about it all makes my head hurt so...errr....ask your mother.'

Balphazar walked into the cockpit where Newton was sat in the pilot's seat.

'Newton, set a course for the Titan Penal Colony.' said Blaphazar. 'Why, sir?' asked Newton. 'There is someone there I need to talk to. Someone who could very well hold the key to this universe's salvation.'

Titan Penal Colony, Titan

Zapp Brannigan was asleep in his cell he jerked awake when a guard came in. 'You have a visitor.' the guard barked and left. A shadowy figure in a long trenchcoat and hat walked in.

'Mr Brannigan, we need to talk.' the figure said. the figure then toppled and fell over. Balphazar clambered out from under the trenchcoat followed by Newton. 'I told you I should have been the head!' snapped Newton. 'My voice is less nasal than yours.' said Balphazar. He turned to Zapp Brannigan who by now had pulled up the blanket up to his nose. 'What are you? Some kind of evil space gremlins? Are you here to eat my face?' 'No and no.' replied Balphazar 'Myself and Dewport here-' 'My name is Newton.'

Balphazar looked slightly upset for a moment but recovered 'My mistake, myself and Newton are members of an ancient race called the Eternians. I'll cut to the chase, Mr Brannigan, in 2122 your ancestor, Clyde Brannigan was entrusted with a device that could be the key to ending this war and saving the universe to boot. This device is called the Paradigm Code Module. It was to be passed down through the generations in your family until it is needed and it is needed now. Where is it?' 'You mean the little round ball thing my dad gave me? I thought it was some sort of alien rubix cube. I hid it in my quarters on the Nimbus. In a secret compartment underneath the giant solid gold statue of me.' 'That all I needed to know.' said Newton and he pressed his teleporter and vanished.

'What the?' yelped a startled Balphazar. But before anyone could say anything else alarm klaxons sounded an a voice came over the intercom 'ATTENTION! DURGIAN ATTACK SHIPS ENTERING SATURIAN SPACE! ALL PERSONALL TO PROCEED TO THE EVACASHIPS IMMEDIATLEY!'

The Nimbus was placed in a parking orbit around Europa after its decomissioning.

Newton materialized in the 'Lovenasium' aka Zapp's quarters. He looked around the darkened and dust covered room until he found it, the golden (and suspiciously well-endowed) statue of Zapp Brannigan.

Whipping out his Gravity Gun, Newton lifted up the statue.

Sure enough there was a secret compartment there. A sign on it read 'Captain Brannigan's Secret Stash Keep Out, This Means YOU Kif!' Newton set the statue down at the other end of the room and opened the door to the compartment. There, sat upon a stack of porn magazines, was the Paradigm Code Module.

'At last the master will be pleased!' Newton said and began to laugh an evil laugh that would scare the crap out of Hannibal Lecter.

Balphazar's ship sped through space at breakneck speed. Leela was sat in the pilot seat.

The seat was small so she had to pull her legs up. Balphazar was at the navcon.

'We are approaching Europa.' 'ahhhh,' Zapp said 'I look forward to seeing the good old Nimbus again.

Like meeting an old flame.' Leela rolled her eye. Feldman Birch, Zapp's lawyer was not happy.

'Mr Brannigan, as your attorney I must ask you to consider you actions. You have just escaped from prison.

This is defiantly going to harm your case.' 'Will you stop whining? Jeez, you bitch more than Kif.' Zapp then burst into tears.

'Oh, Kif! I miss him so much! He gave the best darn footrubs this side of the Horsehead Nebula!'

The Nimbus's airlock hissed open and everyone stepped onto the Nimbus. Gary Gygax drew in a low whistle.

'Wow, this place is like being on the set of Star Trek!' he said. Their torches lit the way through a maze of corridorsto the Lovenasium. Zapp lead the way. 'We are here!' Zapp said at last. 'The most sexiest place in the known universe.'

The door hissed open and Zapp looked around with horror. 'They took my painting of myself! Those traitorous bastard former crew members of mine cleaned me out!' Balphazar sighed 'Mr Brannigan, we don't have time for this, we need to find the Code Module.' Bender walked over to the large window. 'Errr, little space monkey-thing? Someone's stealing your space ship.'

'WHAT!?' Everybody ran over to the window only to see that Balphazar's Ship was indeed being stolen. It had dis connected itself from the Nimbus and was flying away. 'We have no time to lose! To the bridge!' said Zapp.

Zapp sat in the command chair. Feldman stood at the helm, still looking mutinous.

'Feldman, de-activate the Docking Beams.' instructed Zapp. 'Mr Brannigan, I am a lawyer, not an engineer. Also, I must object to being forced to take part in your law-breaking.

Have you never heard of the phrase 'aiding and abetting'?' 'Have you ever heard of the phrase 'shut the hell up?'' Bender's voice then came over the com. 'If you guys want I could hack into the Docking Station's Central Computer System from the conduit here in the engine room.'

'Sure..... OK. Do that thing.' said Zapp. A few moments passed and the computer said 'Docking Beams Disengaged.' 'Nice going there Bender! Now fire up the engines and lets get that Para-hicky Whoozitz Module and save the universe!'

The Nimbus was in hot pursuit of Newton. 'Sir, I'm detecting a large Durgian Detroyer dead ahead. It would seem our furry little friend is heading towards it.' said Feldman.

'That treasonous swine!' snarled Balphazar 'He is betraying us all!'

'Maybe we should fall back?' asked Feldman nervously.

'Why? We can take them!' Zapp said. 'No, we cant,' Feldman said testily 'This ship is over 30 years old, its a miracle we got out of Europa in one piece.'

'Feldman is right, Zapp we must fall back and consider our options.'

'You gotta be kidding me!' came Bender's indignant voice from the intercom

'You expect us to just sit here while that furry little nutcase gives the power of the universe to the Durgians?' 'I know how you feel, Captain Rodreguez, I am not happy about this either, but we have no choice-'

'Balphazar,' said Feldman suddenly. 'I'm detecting another ship, a space freighter-and its hailing us.'

'On screen.' said Balphazar. The screen showed the face of Raul Neubauer 'I knew I wasn't seeing things!' it said 'Zapp Brannigan? I thought you were stripped of command in 3009? Aren't you the janitor for Planet Express now?'

'I dont know where you get your information, buddy,' Zapp said angrily 'but I'll have you know I'm not just a janitor.

I'm also the guy who fixes the snack machines and re-fills the coffee maker!' 'Never mind him,'

said Balphazar 'Can you help us? The person in the smaller ship has the Paradigm Code Module,

a device that controls the matrix of reality its self.' 'You mean that thing actually exists?!' asked Raul, incredulous.

'I thought it was just one of my brothers idiotic conspiracy theories!' 'Your brother?' asked Balphazar.

'Yes, My brother was Rudiger Neubauer, the 'Grand Templar of Infinity'' 'Of course....Neubauer.'

Balphazar said slowly 'In 1953 a flying saucer crash-landed in Nevada. One of the scientists who was sent to investigate the crash was a Doctor Harlen Neubauer!' 'So?' asked Bender's voice 'He has the same last name as a geeky scientist a thousand years ago. Whats your point?' 'My point, Bender is that it was rumored that Harlen found a mysterious device that could control time, space even bring the dead back to life!' 'I hate to interrupt this episode of Exposition Theater, ' Feldman interrupted. 'But that, Durgian Destroyer I mentioned earlier? They are heading towards us.' Sure enough, the Destroyer was heading directly for them.

'All power to the ship's shields.' Zapp said. 'Mr Brannigan, at the risk of sounding like a broken record I must point that this ship is over 30 years old, spaceship technology has moved on since the early 3000's.' 'Whats your point, Feldman?'

'His point,' said Balphazar 'Is that the Durgian weapons will slice through our shields in less time than it takes a tourist in Amsterdam to find a brothel!' 'They are firing!' Feldman yelped. The ship rocked as a volley of ultronium cannon fire blasted through the ship's shields. 'We will have to evacuate to Raul's ship.' Balphazar said he turned to Zapp.

'Does this ship have an emergency teleport system?' 'Sure, its right next to the Mess Hall past the Candy Machine. You cant miss it!'

Teleporter Room

The crew all walked onto the pad exept for Feldman who paused. 'Are you sure this thing is safe?' asked Feldman. 'Quit your bellyaching and get on the pad!' Zapp said. Feldman rolled his eyes and stepped on the the pad. 'Computer,' said Zapp 'Engage Teleport.'

Raul's Space Freighter

With a flash of light they materialized on the bridge of Raul's space freighter. Raul smiled when he saw them but then his smile faded.

'Where's Zapp?' he asked. It was then that they realized that Zapp hadn't teleported with them. A transmission then came over the comm. On the screen was Zapp. 'Dammit, Zapp what the hell are you doing?' Leela said angrily. 'Something I should have done a long tome ago, Leela. I spent my entire life being nothing but a coward, a boyishly handsome coward but a coward nonetheless. I was quick to take credit for other peoples success but quick to lay the blame on others because I liked being in command. I knew Kif hated me but I still cared for him not in a gay kind of way but in the way a scout master cares for one of his scouts. But I took him for granted, and now he is gone I can never tell him how I really felt. But I can make it up to him and you. Right now. Fare thee well Leela, my love I bid you adoo. Oh, and Mr Fry, take care of her, she's a keeper this one.' 'I will.' said Fry. 'Zapp...' Leela started but Zapp held up a hand to silence her 'My mind is made up and I have destroyed the Nimbus's teleporter so you cant come back for me. Good bye and......good luck.' And with that, Zapp blew Leela a kiss and ended the transmission. The screen then turned to Main Viewer and it showed the Nimbus heading on a suicide run towards the Destroyer.

A huge burst of light blinded all on the bridge.'He did it.' Leela said 'He really did it.' Balphazar nodded. 'He sacrificed himself to save us.'

16 years later.

It had been 12 years since the Battle Of Earth in 3034. Morcian Sinclair, former Vice President of Earth and now Thaarg's puppet ruler of Earth launched a final assault on all DOOP facilities that were still operational in the Solar System. The Neptunian Military tried to make up for the DOOP's retreat but they were hopelessly out gunned by the huge Durgian Warships. By Febuary 3035 Neptune had fallen to the Durg. The planet that had lived under the (literally) iron fist of the Despotic Cybernetic Santa Claus Robot was once again under the control of a brutal dictatorship.

Another explosion rocked the cockpit of the Neptunian Battle Fighter. Elzar stared frantically at his navcom screen only to yell in dismay as he saw the two Durgian Destroyers closing in on him fast.

'I'm takin' evasive action! My shields are down 40%!' Elzar half-screamed. 'We are getting back up to you as fast as we can, Spiceweasel One,' said the voice from the subspace comm 'Just hold out until we get there.'

'OK, take your time! Dont mind me!' Elzar said sarcastically 'It's not like I'm the last hope for the System Liberation Alliance or anything! Oh wait, I am.' 'Just try to lose those Durgian Destroyers, Spiceweasel One. And the attitude.'

Elzar cut off the transmission and turned the Battle Fighter to face his pursuers. 'OK, Time to knock it up a notch!

Computer, arm all Ultronium Warheads and prepare to fire on my mark!'

Supreme Intendent Of Earth Morcian Sinclair sat in the command chair on the first Durgian Destroyer.

Durgian Minions sat around him at consoles. One of them said ' Intendent, the Neptunian ship is turning around. I think its going to attack us.' 'He is either insane or suicidal or both.' Sinclair said with a derisive tone.

'Open a channel.' he said to the Minion who did. 'Channel open.' said the Minion. 'Attention Neptunian ship. This is Morcian Sinclair, Supreme Indendent of Earth and-' 'Personal puppet of Emperor Thaarg.' came a sarcastic voice from the comm.' 'Elzar Alstar isn't it? What made you want to join the band of interstellar vagabonds who call themselves the System Liberation Alliance?'

'Lets just say I have a problem with people invading my home planet. I, unlike you, dont sell out my own people just for a little power.' 'SILENCE! I am the Supreme Intentent of-'

'The only thing youre Intendent of is being a jackass. Eat warheads.'

Elzar cut the transmission. He stared up at the cockpit window at Sinclair's ship.

'I hope you're hungry cause I made some whoopass stew! Computer, fire all warheads!'

A multitude of warheads screamed through space towards Sinclair's ship.

Sinclair hastily gave orders to his men to take evasive action. The Destroyer swerved to the right but two warheads met their mark. the left rocket booster disintegrated. Red Alert Lights flashed on the bridge. 'Evacuate! All personal to the escape pods!'Sinclair yelled over the klaxons that were blaring.

Elzar smiled as he saw the ship disintegrate and blow up. Several Escape Pods flew past him. Sinclair's angry voice came over the comm: 'This isn't over, Alstar not by a longshot!' 'Aw, quit bein' a sore loser, 'Intendent'' Elzar giggled. The remaining Destroyer Turned tail and was heading back toward Earth. Elzar wasn't sure if he was relieved or disappointed. Then another army of ships, a mismatched fleet of cruisers, PlanEx Corp Delivery Ships, heavily modified space freighters and captured Durgian Battle Cruisers flew into Elzar's view.

Elzar smiled sardonically and opened up a channel. 'Oh, *now* you show up.' 'Now now,' said SLA Fleet Commander Leela Fry 'We tried to get here as fast as we can. The System is crawling with Durgian Patrols you know.' 'Yeah yeah I know.' 'Do you have the Code Module?' 'Yes, almost cost me an arm to get hold of it though.' 'Well, you'd still have three left.' 'Har hardy har, like I havent heard THAT one before!' 'hey!' said the voice of Captain Bender Bending Rodreguez of the SLASS Ureboned II 'Are we gonna head home yet! I'm hankering for a martini and the ships minibar is all out!' Aboard the bridge of the SLASS Brannigan Leela smiled and said 'OK back home everyone!'

System Liberation Alliance Base, Titan

The vast hangar was filled with spaceships, rockets, flying saucers, space freighters and interstellar spacebuses all modified and bedecked with all the sophisticated weaponry Bender's connections to the interstellar arms market could buy. Teki Kroker, his wife Lele and their ten year old son Kyle were all working on modifying the Brannigan's Dark Matter Torpedoes. 'Take good care with the Spatial Stabilization Field there, Kyle' Teki was saying 'We don't want this ship to wink out of existence.' 'No, sir!' Kyle said and gave a brisk salute to his father. Leela walked up to Teki 'Teki, have you seen Fry?' she said 'In the bar I think, Mrs Fry.' Leela thanked Teki and turned to walk away Lele went after her 'Mom,' she said 'Does Dad really have to do this?' 'You know the answer, Lele, your father

is a child of destiny he-' 'Screw destiny! What about us? Do the Eternians give a zamn about us? Do we have to live without a father just because some space-monkies said so?' 'Why do you think we are fighting this war? For fun? We are fighting to save the universe and if your father does not go back in time it will cause a time paradox that will destroy the universe and all of this will have been for nothing!

Is that what you want Lele, is it?' Lele stared at the floor. 'Its not fair.' she said. Leela softened 'I know. This is hard on me too. But think of how hard it ison your father.' Lele sighed 'I know.'

New Lone Spacer Inn

The New Lone Spacer Inn was a make-shift canteen left over from when the base was a DOOP installation. Bruce Ogden and Archie Blatt were tending the bar. Fry sat at the bar glumly staring in to his glass of Altairian Whiskey.

Bruce glanced at him 'Mr Fry, you ok?' Fry looked at Bruce and said 'I have the choice of abandoning my family or create a time paradox destroying the universe. No, I'm not OK.' Leela walked in. 'Fry,' she said 'It is time.'

Fry turned and stared at his wife 'Pre-destination paradoxes are a bitch aren't they?' he said as a lame attempt at humor.

Leela burst into tears 'Lele is right! This isn't fair!' she sobbed. Fry got up and embraced his sobbing wife.

'It'll be OK.' he soothed 'I'm from the Stupid Ages remember? And this way history will not be altered.'

'To quote the late Professor Farnsworth 'Screw History!' you're needed here! The SLA needs you.....I need you.'

'If I stay, the universe will end, you know that.' Leela sighed. She did know that. But that fact didn't make it any easier to accept. A voice behind them spoke 'We must go, Mighty One, the Temporal Displacement Chamber is ready.'

Leela turned and saw Nibbler standing in the doorway. Leela never thought the day would come when the sight of Nibbler would invoke feelings of hatred but right now, Leela wanted to pummel the little runt.

Nibbler must have seen the look on Leela's face because he said 'I know how you feel, Leela, but your husband will be forever remembered for his noble act of sacrifice.' 'F**k you.' Leela snarled.

Temporal Displacement Chamber

Technicians were busy doing last minute checks on the TDU. Devan Tilton, Vernon Zennor, Merlyn Mac Intire and Cid Farnsworth were all waiting for Fry and Leela and Nibbler as they walked in. Tilton handed Fry some money. 'No thanks,' Fry said

'You don't have to tip me for this.' 'This isn't a tip,' Devan said 'These are some 1940's dollar bills for you to get some basic essentials when you arrive in 1947.' 'Oh....thanks.' Cid walked up to Fry 'This is surreal, for me we last spoke half an hour ago but for you its been 16 years.' 'Thats temporal physics for you.' Fry said. One of the technicians walked up to them and said 'We are ready now Mr Fry.'

Fry sighed 'Ok, lets go.' the technician handed him a watch type thing. 'This is a portable displacement unit. Or PDU. It uses the same technology as time-sphere.' 'Right' Fry said, not really listening. Cid then said: 'Oh, I almost forgot!' he handed Fry an envelope and some

documents 'Give the younger me the letter before anything else. ' Cid said 'It'll explain everything.' Fry nodded. 'It is time.' Nibbler said.

Fry walked into the centre of the platform. With one last look at his sobbing wife he pressed a few buttons on the TDU and vanished with a flash.

Roswell High School Gym, New Mexico, 2047

The All Robot Breakdancing Contest was in full swing. Denziel, the captain of the New Mexico Robot Breakdancing Team stared disdainfully at his crew as they practiced their moves. 'Darn it, Carson!' he yelled as the robot in question burst into flames for the third time. Denziel picked up a fire extinguisher and sprayed it at the flaming robot, who then stared at him ruefully from under the foam. 'It isn't my fault! I keep telling you my gyros aren't cut out for these kind of moves!'

'We are never gonna get to the finals in Santa Fe with THAT attitude!' said Denziel. There was a loud zaping noise followed by a flash.

Thinking another of his teammates had exploded again Denziel turned and was shocked to see a elderly man with balding grey hair, a large crooked nose and wearing a suit and tie standing amid his shocked teammates. The man only seemed slightly surprised at his surroundings. He turned to Denziel 'Excuse me,' he said 'this is gonna sound a little strange, but where am I and what year is it?'

'Err....Roswell, New Mexico and its 2047.' said Denziel somewhat taken a back. 'Crap.' the man said to himself 'a hundred years too late.'

The man then pressed a few buttons on a watch type thing on his wrist. 'I was never good at math.' he said. He tuned to Denziel again '100 years from 2047 is 1947 isnt it?' he asked 'Yes.' said Denziel 'What are you doing?' 'Saving the universe, don't worry about it, go back to your

break dancing.' Denziel stared at the man 'Who are you?' he said at last. 'Phillip J. Fry.' the man said 'Bye now.'

He pressed a few buttons on the watch thingy and with a zapp he vanished. A long silence followed. Finally Denziel composed himself.

'Well! What are you all standing around for? Have you forgotten about the finals in Santa Fe? Lets get dancing people!'

Roswell High School Gym, New Mexico, 1947

Fry materialized in the gym again. Well, technically for the first time since the bit with Denziel was in 2047 and this is before that happened so.......

Lets do that again shall we?

Fry materialized in the gym. He glanced around. No breakdancing robots he was not in 2047 anymore then. There was however several workmen who were busy renovating the gym who now stopped to stare at the strange apparition that had....appeared. 'Is this 1947?' Fry asked one of them. The man nodded nervously.

'Thank God I got it right this time.' and with that he ran out of the gym. The workman Fry had spoken to turned to the others. 'I wasn't the only one who saw that right?'

Fry bought a map of Roswell from a local store and made his way to the army base. He realized then that they were now two other Fry's here.

The Fry from 3030 and the Fry from 3002. He had to make sure he didn't encounter either lest he cause a paradox. He came across a diner and walked in because he was feeling hungry. 'Cant save the universe on an empty stomach' he said to himself. His future grandmother, Mildred Bryant was waiting tables. She smiled as she saw him come in. 'Can I help you sir?' Fry looked at a clock that was on the wall. The Planet Express ship had crash landed three hours ago. The Fry from 3002 was on the army base trying to get Bender's body back. Leela and the Professor were looking for a microwave. 'Sure.' he said not meeting her eyes. Though it technically hadn't happened yet, he was uncomfortable about looking at the woman he made out with especially when the woman in question was his grandmother!

He sat down at a table and Mildred came over with a notepad and paper in hand. 'I'll have a chilie dog and some Freedom Fries.' said Fry.

'err...don't you mean 'French Fries?' asked Mildred. 'Oh, yeah, right.' 'And to drink?' 'Slurm.' 'I beg your pardon?' 'Oh right. I mean root beer.'

'Ok. Coming right up.' she went away and Fry glanced out the window and saw his 27 year old self and his would-be grandfather, Enos walking towards the diner. Fry hoped that 40 years worth of aging was enough to make him un recognizable to his 27 year old self. as it was, the other Fry was more concerned with Enos's safety than his surroundings. 'Thank god I got you off that dangerous army base.' his younger self was saying to Enos as they sat at a table behind older Fry. 'Wow.' 3046 Fry thought to himself 'was my voice really that nasal?'

'See that waitress there?' Enos was saying 'Yowzer! I know what *I* want for desert!' young Fry said. Older Fry winced at the immaturity of his younger self 'No wonder Leela wouldn't date me.' he thought to himself. 'Heck *I* wouldn't date me....you know.... if I was into that sort of thing.'

'Thats my fiancée, Mildred.' Enos was saying 'Grandma Mildred?!' younger Fry said in horror and older Fry felt a kind of savage satisfaction.

'No desert for me thanks!' young Fry said hastily to Mildred 'just coffee!' 'Okey Doky. And for you snuggums?' she added to Enos.

'I'll have a pie with a fried egg on top.' Mildred kissed him on the forehead and walked away. 'She sure is pretty,' Younger Fry said

'You oughta marry her and father some children right away.' 'Yeah, folks say that.' Enos said distantly 'But do you ever get the feeling your only going with girls 'cause youre supposed to?' 'WHAT!?' young Fry all but screamed 'DONT YOU EVER SAY OR THINK THAT AGAIN! Please, just concentrate on staying alive!'

A flame shot up from a burger a cook was flipping. 'FIRE! LOOK OUT!' yelled young Fry and he jumped up to protect Enos, knocking the table as he did so,causing a knife that was on it to slide off and impale itself in Enos's chair inches away from his....well you know.

'You almost got neutered!' said young Fry aghast. 'Well ain't as bad as getting killed.' Enos said dismissively. 'For me it is!' young Fry said.

He then grabbed Enos and dragged him out of the diner. Mildred sighed as she saw her fiancée and his new friend leave. She turned to Older Fry

'Your food is almost ready.'she then glumly returned to the kitchen. Fry felt for her, she had no idea that she would never see Enos again.

He felt a little bad for just sitting there and let her would be husband be lead to his death but he couldn't alter the time line. He was here to allow the story of the Mighty One to be told, to ensure that everyone knew the sacrifices that had been made to protect the universe yada yada.

'Here you go.' Mildred said and put a plate of chilie dogs and Freedom-sorry-French Fries in front of him and a glass of root beer.

'That'll be $2.45.' Fry rummaged in his wallet and took out his credit card. Mildred stared at it. 'You don't take Earthican Express?'asked Fry.

'I'm sorry?' Fry suddenly remembered where he was and fished out some 1940's dollar bills that Devan Tilton had given him. Mildred took the money and gave him the change. Fry thanked her and she walked away. The door to the diner then opened again and a young Cid Farnsworth walked in. Mildred looked up and smiled when she saw Cid. 'Hi there Cid! How is Philo?' she said 'He'll live.' Cid said in a tone that suggested that he had been asked this question many times before. 'Is he still living with you? I know his house burned down recently.' 'He is, I'm still finding empty whiskey bottles all over the place. He keeps denying they're his though. He is still denying he's got an alcohol problem.' he sighed and sat on a stool at the counter 'I'll have a coffee, no sugar.' 'Okey dokey. Hey, you want this pie and fried egg? Its free of charge.'

'Sure, you know me, Mildred, I never pass up a free meal.' 'Ok, but if my boss asks, tell him I charged you extra for it.' 'I'll tell him that you hideously overcharged me if it'll help.' Cid said grinning. Mildred laughed and Fry started to doubt if he was really his own grandfather.'Na,' he thought 'Cid doesn't strike me as the sleazy type. No one who eats a pie with a fried egg on top could possibly be that much of a ladies man.'Then Fry remembered his lack of the Delta Brainwave and he decided that his father is indeed his son. (Man! What an episode of Jerry Springer that would make!) Fry thought. Then Fry remembered his reason for coming here.

'Cid Farnsworth?' he called. Cid turned and frowned 'I suppose you're going to ask me if I am related to the guy who invented the television? Well, yes I am and no you cant have his autograph.' Fry walked over to were Cid sat and took a seat next to him.'Look,' Fry said 'I know this is going to sound a little far fetched but I am a time traveler from the year 3046 I'm here because I want you to help me tell a story of a vast intergalactic battle for the fate of the universe that hasn't happened yet.' Cid stared at Fry for a few minutes. Then he said 'Well you did warn me that it would sound far fetched. Who put you up to this? Was it Perkins?' 'Perkins? No, listen, I have something that will convince you. Fry fished in his pockets and took out a letter and handed it to Cid. Cid stared at it.

'This is my handwriting! But how...?' 'Just read it.' said Fry

'Dear Younger Me;

[Cid read]

I know you are reading this, because I remember reading it at the age of thirty. Don't try to figure out how that is possible, it'll just make your head hurt. If all goes to plan ( and it will, because it already has) you will get this letter on July 9 1947. Fry's ['That's me.' said Fry'] claims might be hard to swallow but I assure you that they are the truth. I know because I was there. The documents that Fry gave you

['Oops!' Fry yelped and hastily fished a large wad of folders out of a bag he was holding and placed them on the counter next to Cid.]

should help shed some light on this whole issue. I know how unnerving this must be for you ( because I remember feeling unnerved reading this letter) just think of me as a distant relative. In 1996 you must give these documents to a man called Matt Groening.

I know you've never heard of this man, thats because he wont be born for seven years! Just trust me on this.

Good luck

Yours Sincerely, You age 82'

Cid looked up at Fry 'Your saying I wrote this letter in 1999?' '3046 actually, its kinda a long story. Look I gotta go.'

'Wait! Will I ever see you again!' 'In about 50 years time, yes.' Fry walked out of the diner. Cid stared at the documents for a while then Godfrey Perkins rushed through the door. 'Cid! Truman wants to talk to you. The Eternians have arrived.'