Fan Fiction

Last Chance
By Frosty

[Leela was sitting in the lounge at Planet Express by herself after the universe was saved from Yivo. Since her apartment was destroyed by the scammers, and the whole deal with the rip in space, Leela had yet to find a new place to live. But right now she was still really pissed at Fry for hooking up with Colleen without considering her feelings. Then, when she rejected him, going right to Amy. Sure, she didn’t show that she cared about him, but it was hard for her. She thought everyone had already gone home, but she heard the door open. Looking up, she saw Fry standing there, his hands in his pockets.]

Fry: Leela, can I talk to you?

Leela: What? Did you bed another bimbo you just met?

Fry: No. I wanted to apologize for being with Colleen without thinking about how it would make you feel.

Leela: I just want to know how you couldn’t think about my feelings. I mean, you chase after me for years, then hook up with the first girl who comes along. Just what were you thinking?

Fry: Look, I’ve spent the last hour thinking of why I was with her in the first place.

Leela: And what were the reasons?

Fry: That’s the thing, I couldn’t think of any reasons. I guess I just wanted to try to get over you. But I realized, that’s never going to happen.

[She looked up and saw Fry sitting on the table. He ran a hand through the two front spikes in his hair.]

Leela: You know Fry, after Lars died, I thought we could-

[She stopped and looked in his eyes.]

Fry: (hopeful) Be together?

Leela: But after what you did….I mean, because of that, it makes me feel like you don’t have any feelings for me.

Fry: That’s not true! Leela, I-I love you.

[Leela looked down and stared at her feet. After a few minutes, she didn’t say anything, so Fry stood and put a hand on her shoulder.]

Fry: I’m so sorry. For everything.

[He walked out the door, leaving Leela alone. She heard the front door close and looked out the window, watching Fry slowly make his way home. Sitting back down, she felt her eye start to well up with tears. Wiping her eye with the back of her hand, she thought about how hard it must have been for Fry to tell her that he was sorry, and that he loved her.]

Leela: He loves me? But- why didn’t tell me before?

[She thought about it and it finally hit her. Feeling the tears run down her cheeks, Leela buried her face in her hands. ]

Leela: Because I never gave him a chance

[Leela sat there, crying and thinking about Fry. If it wasn’t for Yivo, she and Fry might be together. After she discovered that Lars was Fry, she was going to start warming up to him, hoping that he could be more responsible and just make her happy.]

Leela: What am I gonna do?

Amy: Kif, please, talk to me.

[Amy was standing outside of Kif’s cabin on the Nimbus.]

Kif: (OS) Why should I? You betrayed me and slept with Zapp!

Amy: I’m sorry, I thought you were dead. Believe me, I would never, ever do anything to hurt you.

Kif: (OS) Well you did.

[Amy sighed and leaned against the door. She knew she hurt Kif, and would take it back if she could. All she wanted was to spend the rest of her life with him. If Yivo didn’t show up, she and Kif would still be together. Kif wouldn’t of died and she wouldn’t of slept with Zapp. ]

Amy: (thinking) What am I gonna do?

[Fry was sitting on the couch at The Robot Arms all alone. Bender said that all the love that was going around was making him feel, feelings. So he went to find a hooker-bot. Fry, however, was feeling like he was never going to find someone. The only person he wanted to be with was Leela, but thanks to Yivo, he might of lost her forever. If there wasn’t Yivo, he wouldn’t of met Colleen.]

Fry: I told Leela I love her, but there has to be something else I can do. She didn’t say anything to let me know how she feels. Oh, why do I always have to be so stupid?! If only I could go back and change it so I never met Colleen! God. I feel like such a sleaze-bag!

[He sat there silent for awhile and finally leaned back in his seat.]

Fry: What am I gonna do?

[Kif was laying face down on his cot in his cabin. Amy was still pounding on the door, begging to talk to him. He didn’t know what to do. He wasn’t dead that long, and already she moved on. It didn’t occur to him that Zapp usually took advantage of women, and that he may of done that to her. He didn’t care though, she betrayed him. Amy was suppose to be his Fonfon Ru. If they didn’t have to try to destroy Yivo, he wouldn’t of died and Amy would still be his wife.]

Kif: (thinking) What am I gonna do?

[Leela finally got up from the couch in Planet Express and put on her jacket. Heading out the door, she began to make her way to the Robot Arms, knowing that it may be her last chance to show Fry how she felt.]

[Amy’s arm was getting tired from banging on Kif’s door and she sat on the floor. Reaching in her pocket, she pulled out a picture of her and Kif on their wedding day, then pulled out a pen. After writing something on the back, she looked at it one last time before slipping it under Kif’s door and leaving.]

[Fry was banging his head against the wall, trying to come up with an idea to make Leela love him. After a few times he fell to the ground and rubbed his head. Realizing what he should do, he ran out the door and jumped down the stairs to get there faster. But of course when there’s 26 stairs, its not gonna work. Fry flew through the air, and landed on his feet, but lost his balance, causing him to twist his ankle.]

Fry: Oh, damnit!

[Kif picked the picture Amy slipped under his door and flipped it over.]


I wanted to say I’m so, so, so sorry for what happened. I wish I could go back and fix this, but I know I cant. Just please, please, know that I love you, and I’ll always love you.


[Kif put the picture down and looked out the window. He saw Amy getting in her car and pull out of the parking lot where the Nimbus was. Sighing, he leaned against the door, and closed his eyes. Finally, he looked back out the window and saw that Amy was gone. He pulled on his boots and ran out the door.]

[Leela had started to sprint down the street to get to Fry as soon as she could. This was her last chance to let Fry know how she felt about him. She had to get there, before he left or did something stupid. Sure, he hurt her, but she didn’t care anymore. Leela loved him, and she knew that he loved her.]

Leela: (thinking) Oh come on, run faster!

[Amy finally pulled up to her apartment with tears in her eyes. Slowly she walked upstairs and once inside, threw herself down on the couch, and started crying.]

[Fry was still sitting on the stairs rubbing his ankle. He had taken off his shoe and looked at how red and swollen it was. His eyes became the same way and the tears began to fall, knowing that he couldn’t get to Leela fast enough. Until Bender got home, this is where he was going to be, waiting to be taken to the hospital.]

Fry: (soft/quivering) I’m sorry Leela.

[Kif was breathing hard by the time he got to Amy’s. Yeah, she hurt him, she hurt him badly. But he loved her and she loved him. He caught his breath and began to pace back and forth thinking of what to say.]

[Leela finally slowed down about three blocks away from Fry’s apartment. She was out of breath and she stopped, leaning against a building and there was pain in her side from all the running. But her adrenalin was rushing, she couldn’t stop. She caught her breath and continued sprinting towards Fry.]

[Amy looked at another picture of her and Kif that was on her table. They were so happy, but that was over. There was no way he would take her back now, not after what she did.]

Amy: Oh, I’m gonna grow up bitter and alone just like Leela!

[Fry was so upset by this point, he began to smack his head against the railing.]

Fry: Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

[He heard the door open and he looked up.]

[Kif was running upstairs to Amy’s and he tripped a few times but finally got there. Knocking on the door, he heard Amy’s voice.]

Amy: (OS) Who is it?

Fry: Leela, what are you doing here?

[Leela sat down next to him on the stairs and just stared at him.]

Leela: Fry,

Kif: Its me.

[He croaked it out, because his mouth was dry. He heard Amy run to the door and it opened.]

Kif: There’s something I have to tell you.

Leela: I want you to know,

Fry: What?

Kif: That-

Amy: Yes?

Leela: I love you, Fry.

Kif: I love you Amy.

Fry: You, you love me?

Leela: Yes. I’ve loved and lost so many times, that I was afraid. I was afraid to open my heart again because I didn’t want to get hurt again. But I realize that you would never, ever do anything to hurt me.

Fry: Of course I wont and I‘m sorry for being with Colleen .

[She smiled and took his hand.]

Leela: Aren’t you going to say it back to me?

[He chuckled and looked in her eye.]

Fry: I love you Leela.

Amy: Oh Kiffy!

[She jumped and threw her arms around him. After giving him a passionate kiss, she dragged him in her apartment.]

[Fry rubbed his ankle and Leela placed her hand on his red foot.]

Leela: What happened?

Fry: I was on my way to tell you that I’m going to change, and I’m sorry for anything and everything I’ve ever done to you. I-

[Leela put her finger up to his lips and he stopped.]

Leela: Just shut up and kiss me.

[She gently brought his face closer to hers and kissed him for a long time.]

Leela: How long have you’ve been waiting for that?

Fry: Way too long.

[She laughed and stood.]

Leela: Come on, lets get you to the hospital.

[She helped him up and he placed his arm around her shoulders to help him keep his balance.]

Leela: So, you were on your way to talk to me, and you fell down the stairs?

Fry: Not exactly. I sort of jumped to get down them quicker.

[Instead of yelling at him like he would of thought she was going to do, she laughed.]

Leela: (teasing) You know, I don’t think you did it just to get down the stairs quicker.

[He actually got that she was joking and played along.]

Fry: Oh yeah? Then why did I do it?

Leela: I think, you knew I was coming to tell you how I felt, and you knew you could use this as an excuse for me to stay with you until you‘re better.

[Fry looked at her and smiled.]

Fry: (teasing) Yeah, that’s why.

[Leela smiled and they made their way to the hospital.]

[Fry was sitting on the couch in the Robot Arms with Leela resting her head on his shoulder. There were crutches at his side and his foot was propped up on a pillow. Bender was still out of the apartment and they didn’t expect him to be home anytime soon.]

Leela: At least you just sprained it.

Fry: Yeah, I’ll be back on my feet in a week.

Leela: Yeah, then we can go look for a apartment.

Fry: What?

Leela: You really didn’t think that I’d just go back to living at Planet Express after you’re better, did you? And I’m not staying here with Bender, so there’s only one other option.

[Fry smiled and Leela kissed him.]

Leela: But you have to tell me, on a scale of 1 to 10, how bad is your pain right now?

Fry: Only about a 3. Good thing they gave me some shots of pain killers. (pause) Why?

[She handed him his crutches and walked into the bedroom, she pointed to her eye and blinked.]

Fry: Are you winking or blinking?

[Still confused at what she was doing he watched as Leela sat down on his bed. He finally hobbled his way into the room after Leela‘s tank top had covered his face.]

[Kif and Amy were laying on their sides in Amy’s bed. Kif was staring into her eyes and took her hand.]

Amy: Oh Kif, I’m so happy we’re together again.

Kif: So am I, and I have some news for you.

Amy: What?

Kif: Because I was “dead“, I was released from the DOOP.

Amy: You mean?

Kif: Yes, I never have to go back and I can stay here with you. Forever!

[Amy squealed and wrapped her arms around him. After a hour like that, they finally fell asleep.]

[Fry and Leela, like Kif and Amy, were laying in bed together. Fry was on his back, with his foot now propped up on a pillow. Leela was on her side, with her head rested in the crook of Fry’s arm, and her hand on his chest. Fry’s other arm was behind his head, and his (non-injured) foot was sticking out from under the covers, being tickled by Leela’s feet.]

Fry: (laughing) Stop! That tickles!

Leela: Oh yeah?

[She started blowing raspberries on his chest and neck causing him to laugh uncontrollably.]

Fry: Leela, stop! I mean it! Oh my God!

[She finally stopped and they laid there laughing. Leela rested her head back on his arm and Fry met her gaze.]

Leela: I love you Fry.

Fry: I love you too.

[They kissed again as the door opened.]

Bender: Oh…your…God!

[They sat up, and Leela wrapped the blanket around her. Bender was standing in the door way, rudely pointing.]

Bender: So, you’re just moving from one bimbo to the next? I like your style Fry.

[Out of nowhere, a lamp hit Bender in the face and he fell to the ground.]

Bender: Ow!

[Leela smiled devilishly and Fry looked at Bender who was sprawled out on the floor.]

Fry: Nice aim!

Leela: Thank you.

Bender: (OS) Oh, I need medical attention.

[They heard him crawl out of the room and Fry laid back down.]

Fry: You know what I figured out today?

Leela: What’s that?

Fry: That I’m the luckiest guy in every universe.

[Leela smiled as she laid back down and closed her eye.]

Leela: Good night Fry.

Fry: Good night Leela.

[Fry reached over to turn off the light, but not before looking at Leela one last time. He smiled and fell asleep.]