Fan Fiction

A Long Night
By Rye Guy

December 31, 3003...

Leela relaxes alone in the lounge watching Linda and Morbo on TV.

Linda turns to the screen. "Tonight there is expected to be the largest New Year's party in decades. And it is in the middle of New New York Time Square. The party's host, a clone of the late Slurms McKenzie, will be promoting a new alcoholic version of the popular soft drink Slurm called Slurmeiser. Countless New New Yorkers are expected to attend."

"May this New Year bring pestilence upon the heads of Morbo's enemies!"

Linda chuckles and Leela turns off the TV.

"Another year over," she says to herself.

The door opens and Fry steps in with his hands behind his back. "Hey Leela."

"Hey. Whatcha got there?"

He grins. "It's a secret. Close your eye." She does and then feels him set something down in her lap. "Okay."

She opens her eye and sees a small box wrapped in purple paper with a pink bow in her lap. "What's this for?" she asks with a smile.

"It was four years ago today that we first met."

"This is so sweet, but I didn't get you anything."

"I don't need a gift from you. Just seeing you smile is all I want."

She blushes and begins to open the package. Inside is a gold heart-shaped locket necklace. She opens it and sees a picture of her parents and Fry on the right side. On the left side is an engraving that reads 'Your parents love you very much, and so do I. Love, Fry.'

"It's beautiful!"

"Here." She hands it to him and turns. He clips the strap around the back of her neck and she turns back to him caressing the locket between her fingers.

"I have to do something to thank you."

"You just did. Your smile says everything."

She blushes again. "Still, I want to do something for you." She thinks for a moment and her eye trails over to the TV. "How about you and I go to the big New Year's party tonight?" A huge smile graces his face. "As friends," she quickly adds.

He slumps a little bit but still keeps his smile "Of course...look, I gotta go. But I'll meet you here later."

"Sure. Bye."

"See ya." He gets up and walks out the door. It closes behind him. He sighs and leans back against it, his head hung low. "I saw that look in her eye. It was the look I've been longing for, but still she only likes me as a friend." He angrily stomps his foot "What do I have to do? I've already done more for her than anyone ever has!"

Amy cautiously steps out from around the corner. "Um, hi..."

"How long were you there?"

"A while... Listen, I know this probably won't help but it's just that she's confused about her feelings for you. She doesn't exactly know what to think."

"How do you know?"

"We always talk to each other about stuff like that. What you think 'girl talk' is all about?" she asks rhetorically.

"So you two talk about me?"

"Yeah, well she does more. Anyways, all I can say is 'be patient'. I can tell you're starting to grow on her."

A smile manages a place on his face. "Thanks Amy."

"No prob. Well, I'd better head on in. She'll probably be wanting to show off that locket."

Fry continues on down the hall as Amy joins Leela in the lounge. Leela is standing, facing the window and admiring the locket; still hanging from her neck.


She quickly turns to Amy with a tooth filled smile. "Look at what Fry gave me!" she exclaims, literally jumping over to her.

Amy opens the locket, reads the engraving, and sees the photo. "Wow!"

"I know! Isn't it lovely?"

"Sure is. So, you gonna do anything special for him?"

"I'm taking him out tonight."

"Oh, a date?" she asks already knowing the answer.

"NO! I mean, of course not. We're just going as friends..." she looks down apprehensively to her boots.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes...no...I don't know..."

Amy rolls her eyes "Smeesh! What's the problem? Just go out with him already! Look, he can obviously give you what you want; why can't you do the same for him? Is it really that hard for you to just open up and trust your feelings?" she asks, almost yelling.

Leela, shocked, steps back. "Amy? What's gotten into you?"

She calms herself down. "Sorry; it's just that I'm getting really tired of seeing you hurt him so much."

"I don't hurt him!"

"You do too! Hell, he was almost crying just a minute ago! And that's not the first time I've seen him cry over you! Have you ever stopped and wondered why he keeps on even when you reject him all the time? Because he-"

"-loves me...I know...and that's where the problem starts...because I love him too."

Amy gasps. "Well, if you do then why don't you just tell him?"

Silence as Amy awaits a response. "I know what he wants and I can give it to him. But that's why I can't tell him."

"Leela, you're not making sense. If you know what he wants then you should give it to him. It's what he's been doing for you all this time, right?"

She shrugs "Yeah, I guess you're right. Thanks."

"Don't mention it."

Later that evening...

Fry stands out front of the Planet Express building. He looks at his watch; it's 10:30 p.m. "Okay Fry, don't be nervous," he says to himself. "Besides, you're just friends. It's not like anything's gonna happen."

He hears footsteps from down the empty street. Peering over the corner, he watches as the lonely Leela draws closer. Unaware of his watching; she strides, almost dancing on her tip-toes and humming. His curiosity grows. "Whoa, she seems happy. Wonder what's up..." he smiles as he continues admiring her under the street lights. She suddenly looks up and sees him, he ducks behind the corner and she giggles.

She rounds the corner to see him leaning nonchalantly on the wall. "Hey Fry."

"Oh, hey," he responds acting surprised. He smiles when he notices that she is still wearing the locket.

She looks up to him. "You ready?"

"Let's go."

They walk closely together down the street to Time Square.

Time Square...

The clone of Slurms McKenzie stands atop a large cylindrical object shrouded in a blue tarp. "Hey dudes!" he yells into the mic. The crowd cheers loudly in reply. "Well alright! Whimmy wam wam wozzle! Now, be sure to buy plenty of our new Slurmeiser!" He jumps bringing the tarp down with him revealing a large Slurmeiser can. The crowd applauds.

Fry and Leela are stumbling their way through the swarm but are being pushed around like rag dolls. One guy jumps from the top of a car and knocks Leela down as he lands. Fry quickly gets on his knees and takes her arm.

"Oh God, you okay?"

She rubs her elbow as they stand. "Yeah, I'll be fine. But that's more than I can say for him."

Unconcerned, the man just continues dancing wildly. She grabs him by the shoulder and turns him to face her.

"What're you doing?" he yells.

"You knocked me down. The least you can do is apologize."

He scoffs, "Yeah right! Whatever, one-eye!" He turns and begins to walk away.

Fry goes after him. He grabs the guy by the arm and forcefully pulls him back. "You really should apologize!"

He pushes Fry. "Screw you!"

Fry's fists clinch. Leela gently puts her hand on his back. "Fry, just let it go."

His hands relax and he looks into her eye. "But, he knocked you down and insulted you."

"I know, but that's no reason for you to go and get yourself hurt. Now let's just forget about it and enjoy ourselves." She takes his arm. "Come on."

They make their way through the mass and wind up out front of Ozorgnax's Bar. They go in and manage to find two empty booths side by side right at the bar.

"What'll it be?" asks the bartender.

"Two Slurmeisers," replies Fry.

The bartender slides two cans of Slurmeiser down the bar to them. They pull the tabs.

Fry raises his can. "To four years of friendship."

Leela does the same. "And to many more."

They toast and sip their drinks.

"Leela! Over here!" calls a familiar voice.

She turns to see Terry waving to her from across the room. She waves back "Hey!" She looks back to Fry. "Excuse me a sec."


She heads over to Terry and the two shake hands.

"Hope I'm not interrupting your date, Leela."

"Oh it's not a date."

"I see...Well, hey it's been a while. How ya' been?"

"Really good. You?"

"Great! I've found the love of my life! I unfroze her a few months back and we've been together ever since." He reaches into his wallet and shows her a photo of a young woman with curly brown hair and thin framed glasses.

"Well I'm happy for you."

"Thanks. So, you got someone special?"

"Me..." she thinks for a moment and shrugs, "...no."

He eyes her locket. "Then who gave you that?"

"He did." She glances over to Fry, who's slumped over his drink at the bar. The site makes her cheery face sadden.

Terry gives her a curious look. "You sure you're not on a date?"

Completely uncertain of what to say, she takes a gulp of her Slurmeiser.

11:45 p.m...

Fry and Leela have been enjoying each other's company. But, Fry has noticed that the Slurmeiser is starting to get to her. Over time, she has been drinking one after the other, and her speech has started to slur. Fry hasn't even drunk half of his first can. For some reason, he doesn't feel like drinking. Leela, now drunk, spins on her stool. She stops and leans over on Fry's shoulder.

"You-you know what Fry?" she slurs. "You are like the gr-greatest guy I've ever known. I'm serious-I'm serious-you have been so sweet to me."

Fry blushes slighty. "Thanks."

"No. No. I'm thanking you, Fry. I know-I know I don't say this often but I appreciate everything you've done for me. And I love you!" she shouts as she throws her arms around his neck. She tries to kiss him, but he turns his face away.

"Leela, you're drunk."

Feeling discouraged, she lets go of him. He faces away from her and stares blankly at the wall. He sighs. "Well, she said it," he thinks. "But she didn't mean it. She's drunk. But still..." A bra falls on top of his head. "What the?" He turns and looks up to see Leela standing on the bar, topless, twirling her shirt over her head. "Leela!"

All the guys in the room cheer her on. She tosses her shirt and it vanishes in the crowd. "Get down here!" He grabs her hand and pulls her back down.

"You're no fun!" she snaps back. She notices him staring at her and then grins mischievously. "Do you like it?"

He snaps out of it. "I'm taking you home now." He takes off his jacket, puts it over her shoulders and zips it shut. He leads her outside to the sidewalk as she laughs and stumbles. They head down the street, she trips and chuckles. He helps her to her feet, but she's way too drunk to walk any further. "Here, get on my back."

He kneels down. She wraps her legs around his torso; he holds them up; and her arms around his neck. He stands and carries her down the street. She rests her head on his back and nestles comfortably. "Mmm, this is nice." She kisses the back of his neck.

In Leela's apartment...

He lays her down on the bed and looks at his watch. 11:59 and 50 seconds. He steps to the window and listens as everyone outside begins to count down.


He breathes deeply and sadly...


Leela quietly gets out of bed...


She unzips the jacket and drops it to the floor...


She unbuckles her left boot and slides it off...


She removes her right boot and slips her foot out of it as well...


She takes off her pants...


She removes her scrunchie, allowing her hair to drape over her freely...


She steps towards Fry who is still unaware of the happenings behind him...


He sees her reflection in the window and turns. "Leel-mph"


She kisses him...

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" echoes through the streets as fireworks explode in the sky.

Though happily accepting and embracing at first, he suddenly realizes what's going on and pushes her away. She just stands there in the dark, the light from the window shining on her naked body. The only thing she is wearing is the locket. Fry stares at her, his lips unable to form words.

The silence is broken by Leela, "Why'd you push? Don't you think I'm beautiful?"

"Of course I do..."

She starts to cry. "Then why did you push just now?" He doesn't say anything. "I thought this is what you wanted." She sits on the side of the bed and cries into her hands.

He sits by her and puts his arm around her. "Leela, all I want, all I've ever wanted, is to be with you." She turns and begins crying into his chest. "Why are you crying?"

"Because I'm so confused..."

"About what?"

"About..." her crying gradually stops.

"Leela?" he lifts her head to see that she's fallen asleep. He lies her down and tucks her in. With a smile, he unclips the locket from around her neck and sets it on the table by the bed. His hand bumps something off of it. Picking it up, he's shocked to see a framed photo of him. "She keeps this by her bed?" He stands it back up on the table and kisses her on the cheek. "You're gonna have one hell of a hangover."

Bender sleeps in his small part of him and Fry's apartment...

He snores. "Kill all humans," he mumbles. He's awakened by Fry opening the door.

"Hey Bender, sorry to wake you."

"Yeah, you should be, bonebag. So where you been?"

He thinks for a second. "Just...out..."

"You okay, buddy?"

"Yeah, I'm just tired. It's been a long night."