Fan Fiction

A Series of Strange Events
By Fruitosaurus

Backed into a corner (Bleelu)

She had him now. The sniveling coward was backed against the wall fumbling in his pockets for something. She smirked and pulled out the long dagger she had swiped from him and he was no doubt searching for.

"Looking for this?" she inquired.

He froze.

"Wh-.... ho-... bu-.... I-" he stammered.

"You might as well give up now, you're-"

She was cut off by Blue doing something she thought he'd never do. He craned his neck upward and kissed her. It was surprising enough to let him run for his life while she stood in shock, going over what had happened in her mind. She couldn't believe it. Somebody who she thought was so predictable, so easy to figure out, had done something so out of the blue, so unexpected. And she had liked it.

A turn for the worse (Blender)

Things weren't going so well. His mission had been to convince the loony freak that he cared for him, and then destroy him from the inside, acting as a spy for his partner, Leela, who until recently he had thought he cared for more than anyone else in the whole universe. She had saved him from killing himself, after all. However, strange new feelings were arising, and they were all towards Blue. It was quite obvious the meatbag felt something strong towards him (humans called it "love", but robots weren't supposed to feel it), even if he couldn't say it, but Bender was unsure whether or not he felt the same. Even though every time he saw Blue something funny arose on the inside. Even though he felt happier when Blue was around. Even though he felt things he never had before when Blue was around. Even though he couldn't stand the thought of losing Blue. He didn't know. Robot weren't supposed to feel love.

Too Afraid (Blender)

He was happy. Happy, but afraid. The crippling feeling of being lonely had gone away, due to the robot who had come into his life begging forgiveness from him. Blue still had problems with a couple of things, though. He constantly had problems trusting the robot. There were doubts in his mind, lingering after most others were gone. He longed to get rid of them. Another thing he had problems with was just how much he loved Bender. He was sure of that now. He loved Bender. That wasn't the problem, though (even though Blue was sure he hadn't always been gay). The problem was that he couldn't tell anyone, let alone the robot himself. Not even D-me, who knew everything, seemed not to know about this. Either he didn't know or he just shut up about it, he wasn't sure. Every day, he tried to build up the courage to say those three words that just could not form in his throat. He was slowly (VERY slowly) improving, but Blue still was unable of saying them, too afraid, sure Bender would reject him if he dared say the three words that changed everything.

A Wonderful Night (Blender)

What a great night. The improvised Chinese dinner had been delicious, according to Blue (though he excused himself halfway through and could be heard making curious vomiting sounds) and they had watched an old movie until Blue fell asleep. He watched over the sleeping human, who had happened to fall asleep on Bender's shoulder. He noticed two things. One, Blue had an adorable sleeping face. All the worry and fear was gone when he slept. Two, Blue was saying something in his sleep that sounded suspiciously like "I love you". Yep, what a great night it was.

Cooking (Blender)

Cooking took a lot of concentration. You couldn't take your eyes away for a second, even if-

"Heya Bender!" Blue said cheerfully as he came in, interrupting the robot's thoughts. "Whatcha making?"

Bender turned to the meatbag.

"Eh... you wouldn't like it." he said hastily, trying to cover up the fact that he had made a mistake.

"Can I help?" Blue asked.

Bender just couldn't say no to the guy. He was too hopeful.

"Sure. Here are the instructions, and-"

Blue immediately went to work, trying to help as best he could, but only succeeding in making a mess.

"No, no, that's the wrong-!"


Most of the cooking conversation went something like that, but Bender didn't mind. He was only trying to help after all.