Fan Fiction

Michelle Strikes Back, Part 2
By Fryfan

I don't own Futurama or any of its Characters.

Michelle Strikes Back Episode II: St. Valentine's Day Disaster

Futurama Main Title Theme: "I have nothing witty to say"

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(This takes place months after "Leela vs. Michelle". I'm hoping to do fan fictions that take place between these two stories, because I look at these as episodes not chapters.)


(Opening scene. PE building it is one week until Valentine's Day, and Fry, Leela, Bender, Amy and Zoidberg are watching TV and there is a commercial.)

Announcer: And now Romanticorp. presents RoboCupid. (Picture a robot that sounds like Richard Simmons, but is the robot of love.)

RoboCupid: Hello, to all of you beautiful people. Are any of you lonely? Suffering from a relationship that hasn't even started? Then come to any of our Love Making Clinics. No, not that type of love making. We'll zap you with our love ray and it could be love at first sight. Come today, we are located at a mall near you.

Zoidberg: You, know I think I might try that.

Bender: Forget it shrimp, not even that ray can make an ugly freak like you attractive.

Zoidberg: (sad) Aww.

Amy: That reminds me, anybody going to the Valentine's Day Dance downtown? Everybody's welcomed.

Fry: Yo.

Leela: Absolutely, wouldn't miss it, especially since I'm going with Fry. (Looks seductively at Fry)

Fry: I wouldn't have it any other way either.

Leela: I also can't wait for that big surprise to promised me.

Fry: Big surprise?

Leela: The one you said you've been planning for Valentine's Day since New Year's Day.

Fry: But I was drunk....wait yeah I remember, and I have to go for a walk now for an unrelated reason.

(Cuts to the mall and Fry is with Bender and Amy.)

Amy: So, what are you going to get for Leela?

Fry: I don't know, and I have less than one week to come up with something, or I'm boned.

Bender: Cheer up Fry, you have Bender here. (Opens his chest and pulls out jewelry.) Now, how about any of these at fraction of the cost?

Fry: No, none of these look good for Leela. Haven't you got anything better?

Bender: Hey, what do you expect me to do: risk getting caught? I was lucky to get these. (Puts is stuff back in his chest.) Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go to the Candy store and look at some good boxes of candy.

(Bender leaves in one direction, while Fry and Amy head to another. They past a lingerie shop and Amy stops.)

Amy: Wow, I got to see what they have, I have reason to believe Kif might get me something from here, and I want to try and guess what that may be. Why don't you get Leela some lingerie?

Fry: I don't know, Amy it might make Leela think that I wasn't trying and I promised her a big surprise. I love Leela and she knows it, I want to give her something that makes her say she loves me.

Amy: Suit yourself.

(She walks on in, Fry heads off and notices another store, a jewelry store and notices watches and necklaces much more fancier than the ones Bender had shown him. It is a close up of him staring at the window with his reflection and then we see the reflection of Michelle.)

Michelle: Hello, Fry. (Fry sees her reflection and turns around to see her.)

Fry: Michelle, aw haven't seen you in months, how have you've been?

Michelle: I've been doing fine. I work here at the mall in the beauty department.

Fry: That's great. Maybe you can help me find a present for Leela for Valentine's Day.

Michelle: Oh right the cyclops, you two are still seeing each other, since that day?

Fry: Yeah, we've had some crazy adventures and we still managed to maintain a relationship.

Michelle: Oh that is nice. (Smiles, to hide her anger.)

Fry: Hey, you still aren't mad are you?

Michelle: Mad? Why would I be mad at the woman, who embarrassed me and stole the person I loved? Why would I still be mad?

Fry: That is great, cause I can really use your help.

(Michelle looks around and sees the Romanticorp. Love Making Clinic and eyes open up as saying "perfect".)

Michelle: Why, I'd be glad to help you.

(Cut to the waiting room of the Love Making Clinic and a Michelle is talking to the fembot secretary and Fry is just sitting down and looks around. Michelle then walks towards Fry with a few papers.)

Michelle: Here, Fry (hands papers) sign these.

Fry: What are they?

Michelle: Oh they're just papers...to register you as one of their costumers.

Fry: What do they sell here?

Michelle: Romanticorp merchandise. Maybe you can buy something here for Leela.

Fry: Alright. (Signs the papers and hands them back to Michelle. She heads back to the fembot.)

Fembot: (taking the forms) Thanks for signing in and giving us permission to proceed. I don't understand why your boyfriend would choose to just have him get the laser and you don't.

Michelle: Oh, I love him enough already.

Fembot: RoboCupid will see you now.

(Cut to a room with two chairs facing each other and Michelle sits on one and Fry sits on another.)

Fry: Michelle, what is going on? Why are we sitting together?

Michelle: Relax, Fry it will be over in a few seconds.

Fry: What will..?

(Gets zapped by the love ray and screams. Cut to outside of the lingerie store and Amy and Bender meet.)

Amy: Man, I can't believe I got all they had new, again. Hope, Kif got me something else.

Bender: Yeah, well where's Fry?

Fry: (OS and in zombie in love tone) Hello, friends. (Amy and Bender gasps as camera pans to see Michelle and Fry holding hands.)

Fry: Say, hello to my girlfriend, Michelle.

Michelle: Hey, ...ah Amy?

Amy: (gasping then smiles to say) Hey, Michelle. (Then continues gasping.)

(Next scene. PE building and Leela is sitting on the table in the living room smiling and pondering what Fry's surprise could be. Amy and Bender rush in.)

Amy: Leela, you'll never guess what happened?

Leela: What happened?

Bender: Amy bought all the lingerie at the mall again.

Amy: Bender, that's not what we needed to tell her.

Leela: Tell me something I don't know.

Amy: Leela, Fry was with Michelle and he said they were back together.

Leela: What? How?

Amy: We don't know?

Leela: Where are they?

Amy: They said they were going to Elzar's and celebrate their newly recovered love.

Leela: Well, I think it's time I have a little talk with them.

(Cut to Elzar's and Michelle as busy eating, while Fry merely admires her. Michelle drops some food on the floor.)

Michelle: There is your dinner. (Points at the floor)

Fry: Why thank you honey bunny. (Leela enters.)

Leela: Alright, what is the meaning of this, Fry?

Michelle: [to Fry] You don't have to answer her.

Leela: Since, when do you speak for him?

Michelle: Since, before you came into the picture.

Leela: Fry, how could you get back with Michelle?

Fry: Because Leela, I love her. (Leela gasps)

Leela: (disappointed) You do? But, you said you love me

Fry: Yeah, but she's my soul mate since we both are from the 20th century.

Leela: (disappointed) Well, if that is how you feel, I guess I have to respect that. (Starts to leave)

Michelle: Sorry, Leela but I guess you'll have to go with someone else to the Valentine's Party.

Fry: (As soon as Leela is gone) There I said what you told me to, my love.

Michelle: Perfect.

(Time goes by. It is the day of the party. Leela has been heartbroken that Fry has brought Michelle to work with him all week, as if to shove it in her face. Leela talks with Amy and Bender.)

Leela: (with tears) I still don't understand, it's as if Fry isn't himself.

Amy: Yeah, he appears to be under a spell or something ever since he first started going out with Michelle.

Bender: Michelle, is the only thing he talks about when he comes home after a date. He babbles on like, "Tonight's going to be the night she'll sleep with me."

Leela: I think, Michelle is just using Fry, but why would Fry fall for her trick?

Amy: It seemed liked he changed right after I left him outside of the lingerie store.

Leela: Well, I think we should start there for clues.

(Cut outside the lingerie store around 5:00pm Leela, Bender and Amy are looking for clues.)

Leela: Now, look around and see if anything might lead to how Fry and Michelle became a couple.

(Bender notices a store for robots.)

Bender: hmm...better see if they were in there. (Heads in)

Amy: Hey, Leela look. (Points in the direction the Love Making Clinic.)

Leela: Hey, maybe we can check out the Love Making Clinic.

Amy: No, I was pointing at the beauty salon right next to it, you could use it with all that moping you've been doing.

(Leela just gives angry look. Cut to Leela talking to the Fembot.)

Leela: Excuse me, but did this person (shows her a photo of Fry) come in here with a woman earlier this week?

Fembot: I'm sorry, but we here at Romanticorp aren't allowed to give personal information to just anyone.

(Leela, shows a big let down and is about to leave until Bender, after visiting the Robot store, steps in.)

Bender: [to Leela] Let me handle this. [Leela and Amy step aside, while Bender heads towards the fembot and he says.] Yeah, baby.

(Cut to outside where Leela and Amy have been waiting for a while and then see Bender coming out the store.)

Bender: Leela, Michelle and Fry were here. Michelle made Fry sign a contract that give Romanticorp permission to use the love ray on him.

Leela: So, that's why Fry is crazy about Michelle. We've got to get that love ray before it is too late. Bender, how can I thank you?

Bender: If that fembot calls me at work, say I'm not there.

(Cut to late hours and Bender and Leela are in black clothes and are preparing to steal the love ray. Bender is looking in a bag.)

Bender: Now, let's see, ah here we go. (Pulls out a small laser and burns the lock of the front gate which will let them inside the store.)

Leela: Amy is at the Valentine's Day Dance, keeping an eye on Fry and Michelle, I just hope we can get there in time.

(Cut to the dance. Everybody is there in formal clothes. Hermes is with LaBarbara, Amy is with Kif and the Zoidberg is by himself, while the Professor is trying to talk to Mom.)

Professor: Hello, Mom, my you are looking lovely tonight, may we dance?

Mom: Are you a dumb ass? I'd never dance with an insect like you. Igner stop drinking punch, you know what it does to your bladder.

(Walt slaps, Igner knocking the cup of punch out of his hands. We cut to Kif and Amy dancing and Amy is keeping a sharp out-look.)

Kif: Amy, you seemed distracted tonight? You haven't said anything about the diamond necklace I got you.

Amy: (While wearing th necklace.) Thanks Kif, but my friend Fry is making a big mistake tonight, going out with Michelle instead of Leela. We have to keep an eye on them.

Kif: Why, sure, but I was hoping tonight would just be you and me. (Zapp enters, wearing his white Tux.)

Zapp: Aw Kif, I want to thank you for helping me iron my suit it fits so seductively to my body. (Kif signs) And who is this you are with?

Kif: My girlfriend!

Zapp: I see you'd done better for yourself Kif, your last girlfriend was a horrible monster.

(Amy just looks embarrassed thinking back when she was the Gulk.)

Zapp: I was wondering, where is the lovely Leela, I have come to dance with her and end the night back at love-nasium.

Amy: Sorry, Zap but Leela is taken, she is seeing Fry.

Zapp: Fry! That pit-squeak.

(Just then Michelle enters and holding her right arm is Fry in a love trace. Zapp looks and has a smile on his face.) Oh Kif your girlfriend tried to pull a fast one on me. She should know better than to underestimate the Zapper and his woman.

Amy: (whispering to Kif) Kif we have to keep an eye on them. (Michelle and Fry head to the food table.)

Michelle: Now, Fry I want you to stay with me for the whole time we are here okay?

Fry: (in trance) Yes, my love. (Amy and Kif come up to them.)

Amy: Hey Fry and Michelle, how are you two doing?

Michelle: Hey Annie.

Amy: (annoyed) It's Amy, you know part of being friends is knowing your friend's name.

Michelle: Sorry, I'm trying to get it right, Fry and me were just about to dance.

Amy: No, wait how about we get to know each other more. This is my boyfriend, Kif.

Kif: Oh Hello Michelle, how are you?

Michelle: Maybe later. Oh Fry let's dance. (Fry escorts Michelle to the dance floor and they start dancing.) You know Fry there is something I've been saving for you, I think you deserve it.

Fry: Really? That is Great. (Michelle is about to kiss him when)

Leela: (OS) Not so fast Michelle. (Everybody gasps to see Leela in a formal dress with Bender and with the love ray.)

Michelle: What are you doing here? Did you decide to go out with the Robot?

Bender: Bite my Shiny Metal Ass, my name is Bender.

Leela: Your scam is up, we know what you did to Fry and now its time to put things back to normal.

Michelle: (nervous) What are you talking about?

Leela: You don't really love Fry, you are just using him to take advantage of him.

Michelle: Well, what do you expect, the men in this century are pretty lousy.

Leela: Yeah well, it's time to undo what you did. (Turns on the ray, but nothing happens.)

Bender: Let me try. (Tries to turn on the ray, but he causes the ray to shoot in random places and one beam hits Amy and she just happened to be right next to Zoidberg.)

Amy: Zoidberg, I never realized how hideously attracted you are.

Zoidberg: I don't know how to feel right now.

Kif: Amy! What are you doing? (Beam hits him and then looks at Mom.) Mom, you are beautiful.

Mom: Get out of my sight you green...(Beam hits her)...handsome man.

(The beams hit other people causing them to fall in love with random people.)

Michelle: Come on Fry, let's leave.

Fry: Okay.

Leela: Fry don't leave!

Michelle: Sorry freak you lose. (Just then Fry hears the word "Freak" echo in his mind over and over until.)

Fry: Don't you ever call Leela a freak!

Michelle: Fry, I didn't tell you to speak.

Fry: Shut up Michelle, we are through, I love Leela and I always will! (Walks up to Leela)

Michelle: Fry you get back here now! (Beam hits her and she looks at some else who is off screen.) Why hello handsome. (Heads to who ever she fell in love with. As the love ray stops shooting beams and breaks down.)

Leela: Oh no, how are we going to get everybody back to normal?

Person (OS): Oh that is not a problem. (Leela and Fry look and it is RoboCupid.)

RoboCupid: So, that's where my love ray is.

Leela: RoboCupid, sorry for stealing your love ray.

RoboCupid: Relax I have a spare. (Reveals the other one and blasts the entire room and everybody is back to normal.)

Amy: Get away from me you nasty crab. (Zoidberg was trying to kiss her.)

Zoidberg: (sadly) Aw

Mom: (OS) Back off you Green pest. (Sounds of her slapping Kif as Kif runs up to Amy rubbing his face.)

Leela: Where's Michelle?

Fry: She must have left with whom ever she fell in love with.

Leela: Good riddance.

RoboCupid: Relax the affects of the rays will where off in exactly 12 hours. Which reminds me Fry great to see you after Michelle brought you in today at noon for a blast of the love ray.

Leela: So, Michelle had to take Fry back to keep him under her spell, but wait if Fry got zapped at exactly 12 noon, then he should still be under the spell, it is only 9:45pm.

RoboCupid: Well, sometimes the effects wears off early if the couple isn't really meant to be together. Fry's heart obviously didn't love Michelle and finally was able to take over.

Fry: I guess my love for you Leela, was never gone, it was just in deep and was trying to come out.

Leela: That is so sweet Fry, well the night is still young, how about we dance?

Fry: I'd love to. RoboCupid can you...?

RoboCupid: I'd be glad to...(Plays "Sexual Healing". Everybody starts to join in.)

Fry: Leela, I have a confession, I don't have a big surprise for you.

Leela: That is okay Fry, just dancing with you on Valentine's Day is good enough. (Smiles as Fry smiles back.)

Fry: Thanks. So, who do you Michelle fell in love with?

Leela: I don't know, but I hope it was someone good, because I hope we've seen the last of her.

(Cut to a close up of Michelle 12 hours later and she's has just woken up and looks around and looks to her right and sees Zapp!!! And they are both in bed in the love-nasium.)

Zapp: Hey Michelle, that was wonderful.

(Michelle screams much like Leela did, when she was in this situation.)



(Stay tuned for Episode III the final chapter in the Trilogy.)