Fan Fiction

Mom with a Vengeance
By Fryfan

I don't own Futurama or any of its character. (But their spy-counterparts were my creation.)

(Spy-A-Rama is a spin-off of Futurama.)

Spy-A-Rama Main Title (Kind of James Bondish, but with an influence of Danny Elfman.)

Mission Title: Mom With A Vengeance. (Today's Episode.)

Spy Tip# 21 Wearing a laser proof cup is beneficial for male spies.

(This story takes place right after Ironfinger: Reloaded.)

(Opening Scene. Ironfinger's hideout and he's discussing something with Jinx. Nibbler can be seen sleeping on his bed.)

Ironfinger: And so when I was three, my peers would point and laugh at my finger.

Jinx: Can you please shut up!

Ironfinger: Silence as long as you are my henchwoman you will obey me.

(Bleeping suddenly starts.)

Ironfinger: (scared) What is that?

Jinx: It is the communicator, genius.

(Ironfinger answers communicator.)

Ironfinger: Hello, (we don't know who's talking.) Hmm yes, we are on our way. (Ends transmission.) Pack your bags Jinx, we are off to do another evil plan and this time, Agents 014 and 1BDI can't stop us. (Laughs evilly.)

Scruffy: (just entered.) Scruffy can't wait to go.

Ironfinger: (gasped) Scruffy? I thought you were dead?

Scruffy: No, Scruffy's cousin is dead.

Jinx: You are named Scruffy, too?

Scruffy: Yes, it's a family name.

(Next Scene. We see a close up of Fry's face. He must have been sleeping. He looks around and finds himself in a subway stop. There is a poster that reads, "Drink the new Power Slurm in new flavors: Lemon, Lime and Walrus." Fry then gets up and he's in his spy tux and he doesn't know how he got here. Then a little girl appears.)

Fry: Hey, can you help me?

Girl: My mom says, I'm not suppose to talk to homeless bums.

(The girl's parents appear.)

Fry: Excuse me, sir and ma'am. How did I get here?

Man: The same way we did, from the ticket box.

Fry: But I don't remember.

Man: Oh here comes the train.

(Train arrives and the family enters, Fry follows them and the train takes off. However, as it takes off, another train pulls up and Fry is thrown out and the conductor appears.)

Conductor: No free rides, you punk.

(Train takes off again. Fry cleans is tux then is met by another man. This man is wearing white clothes and has glasses with black lens. He resembles a certain Executive Producer of a certain popular show.)

Man: Hello, Fry. I'm your guide you may call me the Sheriff.

Fry: The Sheriff?

Sheriff: yes, see my badge. (Shows Fry his badge which is Cowboy badge pinned on the left side of his chest.) Shiny ain't it.

Fry: I guess so, so can you get me out of here?

Sheriff: I can, but first I must test you to see if you are worthy.

Fry: What kind of test? (Sheriff punches him in the face.) Ow what was that for?

Sheriff: You were supposed to block that blow.

Fry: I wasn't ready. (Gets into fighting stance.) Okay now I'm ready. (Sheriff punches him in the Face.) Ow, okay that was just a test. This time I'm really ready. (Sheriff punches him in the face again. They do this a few more times.)

Sheriff: Screw this, let's just go.

(Cut to them at the front door of a house.)

Sheriff: This way Fry, and you shall meet the Oracle.

(Cut to them inside and they meet the Oracle. She looks like an old black woman and has a Queen Latiffa personality.)

Oracle: hello. Fry, Sheriff, would you two like to have some cookies? (Offers a cooking pan with a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies.)

Sheriff: (nervous) Aw no thanks, I'm on a diet.

Fry: I could sure go for some. (Helps himself to one, but spits it out with disgust.) This cookie is horrible, and I once ate a box of coffee flavored oreo's.

Oracle: Oh hell no, this fool did not just diss my cookies. (Throws the pan away. Fry backs away with fear.)

Fry: (scared) Look, I thought you could tell me my future?

Oracle: Oh I'll tell you your future: you are about to get your ass kicked.

(But before that could happen, the front door breaks down and it is Jinx with a pair of sun-glasses.)

Sheriff: Oracle, it is her.

Oracle: Damn! I didn't see this coming. Let's bounce, Sheriff.

(They leave through the back way, leaving Fry with Jinx. As Jinx walks inside a few more Jinxes start to come in behind her. Pretty soon Fry is surrounded by Jinxes.)

Jinx: Mr. Fry. Welcome back, we missed you.

Fry: Jinxes, but we destroyed you all.

Jinx: Buh, kidnappster.com. Time to make you perfect like us.

(They come closer and closer. Fry breaks a sweat and ready to fight when.)

Leela: Fry, wake up!

(Fry wakes up and he's been dreaming. He had been sleeping on the couch of PE HQ and he was watching a few movies.)

Leela: Fry, you fell asleep while watching The Matrix trilogy on DVD, again.

Fry: (shamefully) I fell asleep, while watching the third chapter again.

Leela: Yeah well, everybody does. I told you non-stop action is not good enough without a good plot. Now, Fry you can't be sleeping on the job. It is your shift to keep watch and who knows who could break in.

(Cut to another room and from the ceiling someone comes down just like in Mission: Impossible. The person is short and wearing spy clothes and a mask. This person manages to swing over to a vault-like structure and the person fools around with handle and it opens and we see...food. This is a refrigerator. The spy looks please and tries to grab some food when the lights turn on and it is Hermes.)

Hermes: What in Bob Marley's ghost? (We realize the room is a kitchen. The spy hits the floor and line comes falling from the ceiling and at the other end falls Dwight. The masked spy is Cubert. The Professor enters.)

Professor: What is going on?

Hermes: Our sons stole spy equipment and tried to get a midnight snack.

Professor: Cubert, Dwight you know no snacks after your bedtimes.

Cubert: But dad we were just playing with the spy stuff in an irresponsible manner.

Dwight: Yeah, we want to be spies like you, dad.

Hermes: Now son you know you and Cubert are too young to be spies. (Takes away the spy stuff and Dwight and Cubert give sad expressions.)

(Cut to the morning and Hermes, Professor and Labarbara are saying good-bye to everyone as they get into a hover cab.)

Hermes: Good-bye agents 014 and 1BDI. We'll see you all in a week.

Leela: Good luck Agent Conrad, hope you and Mrs. Conrad enjoy your European vacation.

Fry: Good luck, Professor.

Professor: Now, agent 014 you and agent 1BDI are in charge and you both will have to look after the kids.

Hermes: We had a little mishap in the kitchen last night and we need you to watch over them.

Fry: You can count on us. (They enter the cab and the cab takes off with our heroes waving good-bye.)

Leela: Well, let's do this.

Fry: What's matter Leela, you don't seem happy?

Leela: Fry we have to take care of two troublemakers.

Fry: So what, we've had to escape death thousands and this is...

Leela: ...much worse.

(Cut to Dwight and Cubert playing with laser pen blasting parts of the living room and Leela and Fry are busy dodging the beams as they head up to them. They manage to grab the lasers from the kids and the kids look sad.)

Cubert: Why did you ruin our fun?

Leela: You kids shouldn't be playing with these things. These lasers are for highly trained spies.

Cubert: You let Fry use them.

Fry: Hey! I'm highly trained. (Tries to use the pen, but fires it nearly hitting Leela. Fry smiles with embarrassment.)

(Next Scene. The UK and the Professor, Hermes and Labarbara check in the Ursula Hotel. They are at the front desk and the clerk is Walt and nearby Larry and Igner are bell boys. )

Walt: Aw Mr. Farnsworth and Mr. and Mrs. Conrad, welcome to the Ursula Hotel. Your rooms are ready. (Slaps his brothers and they get the bags. Cut to them in the Conrad's room and Larry and Igner have set the bags down.)

Larry: Hope you enjoy your stay. (They leave.)

Igner: They gave me a shiny penny. (Shows it to Larry and he just slaps him.)

Professor: Well this room looks great, esp. since my room is right near door. (Walks to another door that leads his room. He opens it and we see a diner table and Ironfinger is sitting at the opposite end.)

Professor: Ironfinger!

(Hermes pulls out a laser and fires right at Ironfinger's chest, but they bounce off. Then Jinx and a bunch of robots that resemble, but are legally distinct from the Battle Droids from Star Wars, pop out of furniture.)

Ironfinger: Nice try, but the suit I'm wearing is laser-proof. We would be honored if you three would join us.

(Professor hits a button on his pen that should send a distress signal to Fry and Leela.)

Professor: These robots look familiar...

Wernstrom: (OS) That is because they are mine. (Camera pans to him.)

Professor: Wernstrom!

Wernstrom: That is right Farnsworth and it is time for the next stage of the plan.

(Next Scene. PE HQ. The signal finally reaches Leela's communicator.)

Leela: Oh my god, the professor and Agent Conrad are in trouble.

Fry: Let's go rescue them

Leela: Fry, who is going to look after the kids.

Cubert: We could look after ourselves.

Leela: No, you need a babysitter.

Fry: Hmm who can we get that they'll like and respect.

(Cut to Dwight and Cubert sitting on the couch with their babysitter, Zoidberg.)

Zoidberg: Wow, hanging out with kids, Zoidberg is moving on up. Before I would hang out with the flies in the dumpster, though I think they kicked me out of their clique when I ate all their food.

(Next. Scene. The UK. Our heroes are at the front desk of the Ursula Hotel.)

Leela: We are looking for three guest. They are under Farnsworth and Conrad.

(Walt searches the computer.)

Walt: I'm sorry, but they haven't checked in, yet. I'm sorry you'll have to come back when they have checked in.

(Leela and Fry leave for the exit.)

Leela: I don't like this, I think we should talk with management.

(Just then they bump into MOM.)

Leela: Oh My God, it is MOM, owner of MOM's Friendly Robot Oil

Mom: Why hello there you two young people.

Fry: Hello Mom, the name is Fry, Philip J. Fry and this is Leela.

Leela: What are you doing here Mom? So far from NNY?

Mom: I own the Ursula Hotel here and all over the world.

Leela: Have you seen Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth?

Mom: Professor Farnsworth? Why no, excuse me I have to go take a nap.

(Walks away.)

Leela: Hey look, there is Zapp Brannigan, remember from when we ENTERED THE INTERNET.

Fry: What's he doing here?

Leela: Let's go ask him? (They see Zapp and Kif enter a private party room.)

Fry: So who is this Zapp Brannigan?

Leela: He used to work for DOOP until he was court marshaled for being incompetent. Now it is said he's in charge of a crime organization.

Fry: How could he be in charge if he's incompetent?

Leela: I didn't say he was a good crime boss.

(Next Scene. PE HQ Dwight and Cubert are bored.)

Dwight: Man, this blows.

Cubert: I know how come those two always get to go on missions and we don't.

Dwight: Because they say we are too young.

(Knock at the door. They answer it and it is Tinny Tim.)

Tinny Tim: Good afternoon friends. Can you come out and play?

Dwight: Might as well nobody is here, nobody that can punish us that is.

(We see Zoidberg sniffing the plant and eats one of the leaves.)

Tinny Tim: Where is everybody?

Cubert: Our parents have been kidnapped and "the spies" went to save them.

Dwight: They think they're so great. We can show them.

Cubert: Why don't we? (The three smile.)

(Cut to part of the building where it meets the water. There is a sub that looks like Blinky the three-eyed fish from the Simpsons.)

Cubert: Ah the Super Blinky, my father was building as an escape pod in case the IRS came by.

Dwight: Can this take us to the UK?

Cubert: We'll know soon enough.

(Cut to the Super Blinky racing out of the PE HQ and speeding on the ocean heading east. Cut to inside. The sub has been put on auto-pilot.)

Tinny: This sub is great.

(Sounds of flushing in the back. And out comes Zoidberg.)

Zoidberg: What, what's is happening?

Cubert: Zoidberg, what are you doing here?

Zoidberg: I was sleeping here, since I have no home. (Starts crying.)

Cubert: Quit crying. We are too far to take you back and we it will take a few hours to get to England.

Dwight: So what do we do to pass the time?

(The sub makes a sharp turn and a box falls from an overhead compartment and it reads, "Spy Stuff". Dwight, Cubert and Tinny have grins on their faces while Zoidberg looks confused.)

(Next Scene. A secret hideout where the Professor, Hermes and Labarbara are in separate prison tubes much like OB 1 in Stars Wars Episode II. Wernstrom enters.)

Wernstrom: Well hello, how are you three feeling?

Professor: Wernstrom!

Hermes: Who are you? And why does the professor keep yelling your name?

Ironfinger: (entering) Your Professor can answer that. Isn't that right dad? (Everybody gasps.)

Professor: What are you saying?

Ironfinger: I'm saying what Professor Wernstrom has told me that you are my father. It is you who built me, and it was you who doomed me with the curse of this iron finger.

Professor: Wait I remember now. When I was a young professor I worked as a designer for robots. I set to make the perfect robot, which would have been...you oh my.

Ironfinger: yes, instead you made me a freak.

Professor: Ironfinger, forgive me, I can replace your finger right now.

Ironfinger: It is too late for that. Dr. Wernstrom and I are planning on an evil plan.

Wernstrom: Yes, but don't say we're totally evil. We are offering a chance to join us. You must join me Farnsworth and together we can rule the world.

Professor: Never, I'd never join you.

Wernstrom: That's good because now we get to destroy you.

Hermes: Wait, Professor are you saying you built, Ironfinger?

Professor: Yes, I did, but I didn't mean to give him a iron finger. My former employer cut the budget and we had ran out of titanium material.

Hermes: Who was your former employer?

Professor: Before joining DOOP, I worked for MOM's Friendly Robots.

Mom: That's right. (And in come Mom with her three sons.) And now it is time for the next stage of my plan.

(Next Scene. The Super Blinkly. We see Cubert and Dwight are wearing spy clothes.)

Cubert: this is great, we are going to save our dads and they'll have to make us spies.

Dwight: What do you think this does? (Holds a watch. Presses the button and it shots a dart into Zoidberg and electrocutes him.)

Tinny: Smashing.

(Next scene. The Ursula Hotel. Fry and Leela are at the private party and they are searching for Zapp. They see many British celebrities. They finally come across Zapp who is on a chair surrounded by Michelle and Kif. Michelle is holding a pan that has all sorts of finger foods.)

Michelle: Hello, Mr. Fry

Fry: (embarrassed) Hello...aw...Michelle.

Zapp: So, Mr. Fry we meet again. (Helps himself to a few olives off of Michelle's pan and eats them like a slob.) What do you want?

(Fry and Leela pull out their lasers many of Zapp's men pull out lasers.)

Leela: We want to know what you've done with the Professor and Agent Conrad?

Zapp: My dear I do not know what you are talking about? I'm here to have a party and eat some of these delicious olives. (Helps himself to some more. He speaks with a mouthful.) Now, please leave as you can see my men are ready to let down their lives for me.

Leela: But are you willing to do the same. (Locks her laser and aims it right at Zapp.)

Zapp: Aw.. You have a point. Please follow me to my room and we can talk privately. (Leela puts down her gun and Fry and Zapp's men follow.)

Zapp: Your male companion will feel alright here. (Zapp gets up and Leela follows.)

(Next Scene. Mom's hideout.)

Professor: Ironfinger don't you see, Mom cut the budget, she is the reason you have a finger made of iron.

Ironfinger: (turns to Mom.) Mom, he's telling the truth?

Mom: There, there Ironfinger, yes I'm afraid it is true. By it wasn't mommy's fault. You see mommy wants to rule the world, only she was unable to do it by herself. She needed a robot who was insane enough to do it. The only way to produce an insane robot, without spending millions trying to program one was to give it a deformity. In your case it was giving you an iron finger. Once, you were born I just waited for society to do the rest.

Ironfinger: you mean it was your fault.

Mom: Ironfinger, I chose you to take over the world for me. How do you think you got all those inventions? The Axis bending ray, the Mind Control Software. Those were all inventions made by my company.

Ironfinger: Yeah you are right.

Mom: imagine you Ironfinger, making me proud, by ruling the earth and giving it to me. How would that make you feel?

Ironfinger: It would make me the luckiest robot on earth.

Mom: Good. (Turns angry) But have disappointed me. You had two attempts to take over the world and all you've done was give me frostbite and have me addicted to that crap, Power Slurm. (Starts drinking a bottle.) So now mommy has decided to lend a hand.

Ironfinger: Oh Mom, you've come to help, now I know I can rule the world.

Mom: With the help of Dr. Wernstrom, I built this fortress and an army of robots.

Jinx: Wait, a mintue, you mean to tell me that you (Points to Mom) are responsible for me to having to listen to this guy cry and blab about his deformity, and you Ironfinger forgive her!

Mom: How would you like large raise in your, salary?

Jinx: Okay, I'm over it. (Her phone rings.) Oh excuse me I have a phone call. (Answers her video phone and it is her parents.)

Jinx: (embarrassed) Mom, Dad, why are you calling me?

Leo: Hello, honey we miss you.

Inez: Please, Leo, let me handle this. Amy how come you haven't called us? It's not like we live outside this solar system.

Jinx: Mom, gleesh, you know I like being called by my nickname. My college friends called me Jinx and I'd appreciate it if you called me that while I'm working

Inez: yeah, yeah and another thing when are you going to marry and produce a grandchild for us.

Jinx: Mom, please, I'm not ready to marry, yet!

Leo: Amy Wong don't raise your voice at us. We just want to meddle in your life, and when are you going to introduce us to your boss?

Inez: Yes, I've been wanting to meet this Mr. Ironfinger. Are you dating him or something?

Jinx: Mom, he's a robot.

Inez: Leo, our daughter is dating a robot!?

Jinx: Mom, I'm not dating a robot! Look, I've got to go, call me some other time and I'll see you next Thanksgiving. Love, you bye. (Hangs up. Everybody just looks at her.) What!? I haven't told them I'm an evil femme fatale and I'm working for a mad robot bend on ruling the world, okay.

Everyone: Fair enough.

Scruffy: And Scruffy thought he had problems.

Wernstrom: Hold up. (Listens to a radar beeping.) According to this world wide radar, I'm picking up a sub speeding fast on the Atlantic, heading for England.

Hermes: It must be our agents.

Wernstrom: Not to worry, first off we are no longer in England and second, I've already sent a small army of my robots to destroy them.

(Next Scene. A Hotel Room. Leela has the Lovenasium. Zapp is on a hover bed.)

Zapp: I remember you, we've met at that party chat room.

Leela: look, I was wondering if you don't have my friends, can you at least tell me where I can find them?

Zapp: Maybe, if you come closer I can whisper it into your ear.

Leela: Look, I'm not going to sleep with you, so you might as well put your pants back on and help me find my friends.

Zapp: (starts crying.) Okay, I mean I was just hoping you wanted to talk. You don't know what is like being the leader of a crime organization and feel so alone. I mean sure you get to boss your henchmen around and eat all the olives you want, but that's when you're really alone. I figured for one moment we can put aside our views and alliances and just spend some time together.

Leela: Please, stop crying, I'm sorry.

(Sits beside him.)

Zapp: I'm just so lonely. (Starts crying.)

(Cut to the party. Fry looks around eating at the food table,)

Fry: I think I'll have a martini, half shaken, half stirred.

(He begins drinking when he sees, Nibbler. Nibbler had entered the room rubbing his eyes, he must've been napping and was left behind.)

Fry: Got you. (Grabs Nibbler. Nibbler is just shocked.) Now, to tell Leela, I hope she is doing well.

(Cut to Zapp's room and you guess it, even in a spin-off Leela ends up sleeping with Zapp. She screams knowing what she has just done.)

(Next scene. The Super Blinky.)

Tinny: Friends, I can see land, we've made it. (Everybody cheers only to gasps when they are being fired at by Wernstrom's robots and they are firing from two motor boats.)

Dwight: We need to take some action. (They take the wheel, Zoidberg runs into the bathroom and hides. A chase sequence happens. They dodge laser beams as them reach closer to land and once they get close to the rocks, Cubert has a plan.)

Cubert: I have a plan. (Pushes some buttons.)

Dwight: Why are you doing that?

Cubert: Watch. (He has the Blinky turn around and aim between the motorboats. As it get right between, it explodes causing the motorboats to blow up with it.)

(Cut to Wernstorm looking at this through radar.)

Wernstrom: I guess your agents have had a terrible boating accident.

(Cut back to the shores of England. Zoidberg washes up ashore and he has been pulling a raft with the kids on it.)

Cubert: Good job Zoidberg.

Zoidberg: I'm always glad to make myself feel useful.

Dwight: Look. (Points to a group of robots packing things up on a ship.)

Cubert: We need to sneak on that ship and maybe they'll lead us to our parents.

(They manage to sneak on board while two robots are talking.)

Robot1: So, how's that new MP3 chip you had installed?

Robot2: Oh I like it, listen. (Raises his antenna and we can hear, Nelly's "Hot In Here".)

Robot1: Sweet.

(Cut to the Hotel Room. Leela, having just dress, tries to walk out quietly while Zapp's asleep.)

Zapp: Leaving so soon. You've made me the happiest man in England, just beating Hugh Grant's head.

Leela: Look what happen was...I was.

Zapp: Doing it for your planet. I know, but it is one of those things that we have to do, but end up loving it even more.

Leela: Look, just tell me where my friends are.

Zapp: Like I said I don't know where they are? Why don't you talk to manager?

Leela: I did, but she said she hasn't seen her.

Zapp: Well it wouldn't do you any good anyway. I just remember she had to go to her secret fortress on top of Mt. Everest.

Leela: What?!

Zapp: Now, how about I get dressed and we enjoy the rest of the party?

(Zapp gets up still naked. Fry then enters holding Nibbler.)

Fry: Leela... oh my god. (Covers eyes.) I'm sorry for coming in, hey wait. Leela you... and.... him.

Leela: Fry, I can explain. Wait that is Ironfinger's pet.

Fry: Yeah, he must've left it behind.

Leela: Come on, I have a feeling if we go to Mt. Everest, we'll find our friends.

Fry: Alright. (Starts muttering about how Leela could sleep with Zapp.)

(As they leave the party room, they are being spied upon by several of Wernstrom's robots.)

Robot: Freeze, identify yourselves, why are you holding the Ironfinger's pet.

Fry: We're agents of Doop.

Leela: Fry,! (to robot) Don't listen to him, we're returning it to Ironfinger.

Robot: Agents of Doop taking Ironfinger's pet back to him...no, that doesn't compute...aw wait you are dead. (Points his laser, but Leela has already kicked him down and fires her laser. Pretty soon other robots enter the party room. Many party-goers start to panic. Leela starts fire at the robots taking them down left and right. Fry comes across one.)

Fry: Alright robot prepare to be taken out by my sleeper hold. (Pinches his shoulder.)

Robot: Stop it that tickles.

Leela: Fry, that only works on humans, aliens and some trees.

Fry: Oh hey right. (Robot starts firing at Fry. Fry is still holding Nibbler and dodges like crazy. Leela manages to take out that robot, which was the last robot.)

Leela: Thanks a lot, Fry.

Fry: Sorry, Leela.

(They both race out and they pass the head of Sean Connery.)

Sean Connery's Head: That boy is an embarrassment to the spy genre. Even more embarrassment than you two combined. (Camera pans to the heads of Mike Myers and Mr. Bean.)

Mike Myer's Head: Oh Behave.

Mr. Bean's Head: Man, you become a spy one time and you get branded for life.

(Next Scene. Mom's hideout. Wernstrom is leading the prisoners with a bunch of robots to another part of the hideout.)

Hermes: Where are you taking us?

Wernstrom: If you must know we are taking you to the master control room of the fortress.

Professor: Wernstrom, these robots look like designs you showed me when I fired you?

Hermes: You mean you worked for Mom, too?

Wernstrom: That is right and Farnsworth was my supervisor.

Professor: I fired him because his designs were too dangerous.

(They pass by a few windows where they see all these kilbots being tested for battle. They pass a next window where a few of Mom's staff are testing these battlebots. They are just like the battlebots the humans used in the Third Matrix movie.)

Wernstrom: Well, when Mom heard of my designs, she secretly hired me to work here and build my robots. She gave me everything I wanted: a grant, a lab, tenure and my staff of Chinese college students. (They pass by a few.) Hello Craig, Jason.

Jason: Hello, Professor Wernstrom. The battlebots are functioning well. Hey, Steve quit scratching your ass! (We see that Steve, who is operating the battlebot is doing just that and the battlebot does the same. He stops and looks embarrassed.)

Labarbara: Husband, this place is freaking me out, I'm so worried about Dwight.

Hermes: I know, I know. So, Professor Wernstrom, what do you want with us.

Wernstrom: Mom needs the professor's help.

Professor: What does she want with me? (They have just entered the master control room. There is a main computer screen and Mom is sitting on the main villain's chair and she spins to reveal herself.)

Mom: I want you for one reason, the Hal X.

Hermes: Hal X?

Mom: Yes, the billion dollar satellite that flies around the Solar System. The one Doop keeps saying doesn't exist. (Turns on the computer and we see the Solar System.)

Mom: As you know, our Solar System is surrounded by an asteroid belt. (Uses a laser pen.) These are near-Earth asteroids which means, Earth's gravitational pull causes them to come near our planet. The Hal X helps to divert the asteroids from actually hitting Earth. But once I gain control of Hal X, I'll be able to control the asteroids and be able to hit any target on Earth. I'll rule the world, but I need the access code.

Professor: You can forget it, I'll never give you the code.

Mom: Oh you'll do it. Wernstrom.

Wernstrom: As of right now your kids are in my care.

Hermes, Labarbara, Professor: What!?

Wernstrom: I've sent a group of my robots to PE HQ and they should be kidnaping your kids right now.

(He gets a call and he answers.)

Robot: Sir, the kids are gone.

Wernstrom: What!?

Labarbara: Husband, if Dwight isn't at home, where could he be?

(Cut to the loading dock of the hideout. The ship holding the "Spy Juveniles" and Zoidberg has landed and they have managed sneak out.)

Cubert: Okay let's go find our parents.

Dwight: Hey, Cubert, I've sprayed this stuff on the soles of my spy look. (Manages to walk of the wall.)

Cubert: Wow, I want some of that. 

Robot: Freeze! (Some robots appear.)

Zoidberg: I can't, I'm already cold blooded.

Robot: Well, then just stay where you are, all of you are coming with me.

Tinny: Excuse me, sir, but. (Uses his watch and electrocutes the robots and the gang races into cover behind a few oil barrels. They watch as an army of robots are marching around. They are preparing to something big.)

Cubert: Our parents must be here.

Dwight: We've got to find them.

Zoidberg: But how, look at all the robots.

Cubert: Let's just go.

(They manage to sneak away.)

(Next Scene. The PE Ship Fry and Leela are on their way to save their friends. Nibbler is on the floor tied to the pilot's chair and Fry is happy about something. Leela is petting Nibbler a little bit.)

Leela: Aw, this little guy is so cute. I'm keeping him.

Fry: Leela, he's Ironfinger's pet.

Leela: Hey well, he shouldn't have left him in England.

Fry: Yeah, England was great, I managed to get seasons 3 and 4 of Everybody Loves Hypno-Toad on DVD. I can't believe they would have it, I mean season two just came out in America.

Leela: Fry, those DVDs won't work on an American DVD player.

Fry: Why not?

Leela: British and American DVD are two different types of DVDs, just like how pepsi and coke are two different types of soda. One is better than the other depending on where you are.

Fry: Well, at least it is not as disappointing than watching your partner sleep with a big gorilla, and I'm disappointed in you Leela, sleeping with Zapp, too.

Leela: Fry about that it was an accident.

Fry: Oh Yeah, when I sleep with someone, you throw a fit and never let me get over it.

Leela: Look Fry, I understand you are upset, but I didn't know what I was doing. One thing lead to another and I regret having to do it.

Fry: Yeah, well you better cut my some slack the next time I end up in bed with another woman.

Leela: Fair enough.

(Cut to Wernstrom at the radar room.)

Guy: Sir, we have a ship in our area.

Wernstrom: It must be more of Farnsworth agents.

(Looks around and sees Scruffy.)

Wernsstrom: You, you aren't doing anything. You'll fly one of new fighter ships. Can you fly a ship?

Scruffy: Scruffy, can fly a ship, as long as it has stick-shift.

(Cut to him flying a ship and starts firing at the PE ship.)

Leela: We are under attack., quick Fry man the laser.

(They get into a dogfight. Scruffy manages to hit the main engines of the PE Ship, but not before Fry fires a blast right into Scruffy's tail fin. Scruffy's ship is about to hit one of the mountains.)

Scruffy: Marmalade! (His last word before hitting the mountain causing a huge explosion. We pan to see the PE heading for Mt. Everest, but it lands at the bottom of the mountain.)

Leela: Fry we have to get out before the ship explodes.

Fry: Right.

Leela: Fry, I can't untie Nibbler's leash.

Fry: Let's just go.

Leela: No, I'm not leaving him.

(Fry joins in to help Nibbler, when smokes covers them. The ship explodes and we see this through the Wernstrom watching this on the TV screen.)

Wernstrom: Excellent, now no one can stop us now.

(Cut to the wreckage and it is pretty bad. Just then from out of the wreckage comes Fry, Leela and Nibbler.)

Leela: Lucky thing the freezer was big enough for all of us.

Fry: Yeah. (Starts eating a ice cream sandwich.)

Leela: Come on we've got a long climb to the top.

Fry: I just hope we don't meet up with the Yeti.

(Next Scene. The Spy Juveniles. They pass by a hallway much like the one from Spy Kids. They look around and they see a vent.)

Cubert: Let's use that anti-gravity spray. (They all spray the soles of their shoe and they begin to walk up the walls. They manage to walk on the ceiling and Zoidberg is happy and starts dancing.)

Zoidberg: Yeah, I'm dancing on the ceiling, now I understand that Lionel Richie song.

(However, he manages to slip out of his sandals and nearly falls if it were not for the Spy Juveniles who manage to grab hold of him.)

Dwight: Sheesh, for someone who barely eats, you are sure heavy.

Zoidberg: Oh, while we were in the fish sub, I found a stash of food and didn't tell you guys.

(They manage to open the vent and they all enter through it, but not before Zoidberg was able to grab his sandals. As soon as they closed the door, a bunch of robots start to come into the room and they are being led by Jinx. Our young heroes manage to see this from above.)

Cubert: We should get closer to listen to what they say. Let's do that lowering rope trip

Dwight: But Cubert you were too heavy last time.

Cubert: Then we'll need someone lighter.

Tinny: Yes, but who? (Everybody stares at him.) Oh

(Cut to the vent door opening and Tinny Tim being lowered and he's three feet above the heads of the robots.)

Robot1: So, what are you doing for the weekend?

Robot2: I'm going out with an Imac.

Robot1: Does, she have a printer friend.

Robot2: I'll ask her.

Jinx: Quiet, Dr. Wernstrom wants you guys to be at the main quarters to help transfer the prisoners.

(Tinny tugs the rope and he is pulled up.)

Tinny: Gents, they are taking your parents to their quarters.

Cubert: We need to know where that is, do some more snooping.

(They lower him again, only this time he has a bunch of the robots pointing their lasers at him and Jinx looks on.)

Jinx: Well, well looks like we have a little spy.

Tinny: Pull me up gents, quick!

(But as before, Cubert, Dwight and Zoidberg all fall, but they manage to take out a few robots, but Jinx drop kicks Zoidberg and aims her laser at the kids.)

Jinx: Alright, you punks you are coming with me.

Dwight: You know, you are cute with that red spy suit and laser.

Jinx: (flattered) Why, thank you. (Seriously) Now, let's move.

(Cut to a window on another part of the fortress and a hook is hooked on and a rope is on the other end and up come Fry, Leela and Nibbler.)

Fry: Man, it sure took a long time to climb this mountain.

Leela: I'm just glad that doop has an artificial oxygen satellite that pumps oxygen in this atmosphere. Quick let's find the professor and the Conrads. We'll have to split up. You take Nibbler.

Fry: Why?

Leela: You'll need time to bond.

Fry: You mean, James...

Leela: No, not that bond.

(Leela goes one direction.)

Fry: (To Nibbler) You, better not have to use the bathroom.

(Cut to Wernstrom finding Mom. The scene is much like the scene in Attack of the Clones where Dukoo meets with Sidious at the end.)

Wernstrom: Madam, my robots have captured Farnsworth's son and his friends.

Mom: Perfect, everything is going as planned. The robots you built will be just fine.

Wernstrom: They'll be able to stop any resistance groups that may and will form after you wipe out civilization.

Mom: Yes, by this time tomorrow, I'll have Earth in my grasp or have it lie in ruins.

(Next Scene. Mom, her sons, Wernstrom, Ironfinger, the Professor, Hermes and Labarbara are in the main control room.)

Mom: Alright, Farnsworth are you going to give me the access code or else.

Professor: Do your worst.

Mom: I intend to, oh Jinx. (Jinx comes in leading a bunch of robots and they have the kids.)

Labarbara: Dwight!

Professor: Cubert!

Cubert and Dwight: Dad!

Dwight: Mom

Hermes: Oh great you brought that filthy crab.

Zoidberg: Hurray Hermes, you are alright.

Ironfiner: Zoidberg, you traitor.

Zoidberg: Old master?

Ironfinger: How could you join these people?

Zoidberg: But you left me for dead.

Ironfinger: That is no excuse for not being loyal to your boss.

Mom: So how about it, Farnsworth, either I get the access code or something bad happens to the kids.

Professor: Alright, Mom you win.

Robot: Sir, we have more intruders. Readings show they are a woman, a man and some black creature.

Ironfinger: Agent 014

Jinx: Agent 1BDI.

Mom: Wernstrom, take care of this.

Jinx: No, I want Agent 1BDI to myself.

(She leaves.)

(Next Scene. Leela has entered a room where there are a bunch of Foreign Artifacts. She looks right across the room and she sees Jinx.)

Jinx: Agent 1BDI

Leela: Jinx. (Gets into fight stances.) Let's say we settle this once and for all.

Jinx: I'd like that, but I have a better idea. (Reaches for a Mediaeval British sword that is hanging on a wall.) Let's take to another level.

(Leela does the same in getting a sword.)

Leela: I like the sound of that.

(They begin fighting. We hear the clanks of the swords hitting each other. They move to a samurai suit in a glass box display. Jinx aims for Leela, but instead nails the glass. The glass breaks causing the alarm to go off. Leela and Jinx just run out scared.)

(Next scene. Mom's main room.)

Mom: So, professor, tell me the access code, or your son gets it.

Professor: All right, it is 8675309.

Mom: Just like the song, by Tommy Tube Tone? Why would you use that as the access code?

Professor: I just like the song, alright! There you got what wanted!

(Walt is typing it on the computer.)

Walt: Finished mother you have complete control of the Hal X.

Mom: Excellent. Robots take the prisoners, but leave the Professor, I want him to see this.

Fry: No so fast. (We pan as everybody looks at the door to see Fry holding Nibbler in one hand and a laser on the other.) Alright, hands off the computer, and nobody gets hurt.

Ironfinger: Hey, wait this filthy bastard has my pet!

Fry: Don't move Ironfinger, or else.

Ironfinger: Go ahead I have my laser-proof suit on.

Fry: Yeah but your friends don't.

(Mom presses a button causing a ray to lower over Fry and gets him a huge shock. He blacks out. When he awakes he find himself to be over a vat of melted steel in another room.)

Mom: So, my naive spy, you have awaken just in time to see me rule the world.

Fry: You'll never get away with this. When I'm gone, others will come for you.

Mom: Who, the eye-oned woman? Don't worry we'll find her soon enough.

Ironfinger: Mom can you help me find my Nibbler. I was holding him and I had to put him down for a sec and he left.

Mom: Not now, mommy will by you another pet.

Ironfinger: Oh boy.

Fry: Wait, Mom, do you expect me to talk?

Mom: No, I just expect you to suffer and die in that vat of melted steel. (Exits.)

Ironfinger: That's my mom. (Pulls a lever causing Fry to be lowered closer to the vat, and they leaves.)

Fry: Oh god, I hope Leela comes and saves me.

(Cut to Leela, she still has her hands full with Jinx. They continue fighting with swords and they enter a elevator and they still fight as the elevator goes up. The elevator is playing, the Cher's "Believe".)

Jinx: Give up, 1BDI, I took fencing at Mars U....wait shut up I love this song. (Starts dancing.)

Leela: Yeah, I love this song, too. (She starts dancing to the song as well.)

(Cut back to Fry, who's sweating.)

Fry: Great, I'm going to die, I knew I should've filled out that Spy's Insurance Agent Conrad gave me.

(Just then the door opens and in comes Nibbler, he see Fry and races to the control. Nibbler manages to lift Fry up and move him away from the vat. Nibbler pulls on another lever and Fry falls hitting his head on the safe floor. Fry is okay.)

Fry: Nibbler, you saved my life. Oh my God you are good, quick let's go stop Mom.

(Cut to the elevator opening on another floor and Jinx and Leela come out fighting as usually. Just then Leela takes a swing and knocks Jinx's phone off of her and it starts to ring.)

Jinx: Wait, my phone's ringing.

Leela: Who is this. (She answers.)

Leo: hello, where's Amy?

Jinx: Oh great it is my parents, please tell them I'm not here.

Leela: Your name is Amy? Amy Wong? Amy Wong of the Mars Wongs?

Jinx: Please, I like being called Jinx and my family is not that rich.

Inez: Hello, who are you and why do you have one eye and where is Amy?

Leela: She's not available.

Inez: She is looking for a suitable man to father our grandchildren?

(Jinx just gives an embarrassing expression.)

Leela: Would you like to take a message?

Leo: Yes, tell Amy to call us more and let us know when can we meet her boss, Mr. Ironfinger. We hear he is a fine Earthican Businessman.

Leela: Alright, good-bye. (Hangs up.)

Jinx: Oh thank you, I owe you one. (Leela hands her back the cell phone.)

Leela: You haven't told them what you really do?

Jinx: No, I mean would you tell your parents, if you were me?

Leela: I guess not.

(They start fighting again. Cut to the Mom, who's working on the computer.)

Mom: At last I have control of Hal X. Now, Wernstrom, do your thing.

(Wernstrom is facing a camera that is being broadcasted live.)

Wernstrom: Attention, people of Earth, you are being held hostage. As of right now, my boss has total control of the Asteroid belt and she can hit any target on Earth, either you surrender now or your cities will lie in ruins. And to show you we are serious we will hit a target city to let an example. (The broadcast ends.)

Mom: Now, to pick a target with a lot of people

Igner: Oh how about Disney California's Adventure?

(Walt slaps him.)

Walt: She said, with a lot of people.

Mom: How about NNY? Your home city, Professor.

(Cut to the Conrads, Zoidberg and the Spy Juveniles being taken back to their cells.)

Hermes: We can't let them destroy the world.

Dwight: Dad, we are sorry, we couldn't save you. I guess we aren't ready to be spies, yet.

Hermes: You know, you kids showed me something. It took a lot to just get here, I think you kids can be good spies.

Cubert: Really, does my dad think that?

Hermes: I'm sure he'd think the same thing.

Cubert: Cool. Wait, Tinny Tim do you still have that watch?

Tinny: Why yes. (Takes it out and uses it and electrocutes a few robots. A bunch of robots start running up to them.)

Hermes: Children don't look at this.

(The kids turn away and we hear some ass-kicking. When they turn to look they see Labarbara and Hermes standing over a whole bunch of robots knocked out.)

Dwight: Wow, mom, dad if you could have kicked their asses, why didn't you do it before?

Hermes: I was resting up to when I had the energy to do it.

Labarbara: Husband let's go get the professor.

Hermes: Right.

(Cut to Professor and he has two robots watching him. Mom, Wernstrom and Ironfinger and busy at the controls.)

Professor: Excuse me, but I have to the bathroom.

Robot: Man, well, Mom will kills us if you go here.

(Cut to a few doors down to where the bathrooms are.)

Robot: Come on, I think we can be back before they notice. (Hermes comes out of nowhere and takes out both robots.)

Robot: Damn, I'm going to be late for my date.

Professor: Conrad, boy I'm glad to see you, but can you excuse me. (Heads inside the bathroom.)

(Cut to Mom's room.)

Mom: Wait, the Professor has escaped.

Wernstrom: No matter, before long NNY will be destroyed. I'll just program my robots to find him.

(Pushes a button and a secret door opens and we see a kilbot. He gets into the controls to operate and starts walking. However, no sooner had he left, Fry enters.)

Mom: Why the hell aren't you death?

Fry: I came to the conclusion that death wasn't for me.

Mom: Walt, Larry, Igner get him!

(They each take out a few weapons and they surround Fry. Fry is able to take out both Larry and Walt. Igner still stands and has a pair of nin-chucks.)

Igner: Look, mommy I'm fighting. (Nails himself in the face and falls down.)

Mom: Well, aside from that sucking I have some good news. I've already used the Hal X and an asteroid is heading straight for NNY. (Cut to outer space and asteroid is heading towards NNY.)

(Cut to The Professor and he and Hermes managed to get into two kilbots.)

Hermes: Look at this, I bet I can limbo under anything with this.

Professor: We don't have time for a party activity Hermes, we need to destroy all of Wernstrom's robots.

Wernstrom: (Still in his kilbot.) Not so fast, Farnsworth.

Professor: Wernstrom! Hermes you and the rest leave. Now.

Wernstrom: Come on Farnsworth. When I left I was but a learner, now I am the master.

Professor: Only a master of evil, Wernstrom and let's not mention your habit of stealing office supplies.

Wernstrom: Your policy only allowed me three pens, I don't think so.

(They battle, or should I say the kilbots, they're in, are battling.)

(Cut to Hermes and company and they made it to a room much like the one in Attack of Clones where the robots are being built. All of a sudden an army of robots are heading towards them.)

Hermes: Wife, Dwight, Cubert get out of here. Zoidberg you can stay of leave it doesn't matter.

(They all leave and Hermes starts using the laser on the kilbot's arms and fires heavily at the robots. The robots fire back and he starts screaming like Hell and we get a close up of this. Cut back to Fry.)

Fry: Alright, Ironfinger it is just you and me.

Ironfinger: As much as I've been waiting for this, I think I hear my mom calling me.

Mom: I didn't call you.

Ironfinger: Aw man. (Opens his compartment and takes out a bat and heads to fight Fry, when Jinx and Leela come in fighting.)

Fry: Leela!

Leela: Fry!

Ironfinger: Jinx, get 014.

Jinx: I'm a little busy.

Mom: In a matter of minutes, NNY will be destroyed.

(Cut to Wernstrom and Professor. They are still taking blows, when Wernstrom takes a cheap shot and trips the Professor. He walks up close to him and has the Kilbot grab a big lead pipe.)

Wernstrom: Alright, Farnsworth it is time for the 121 years olds to take over. You've been alive too long.

(He's about to hit Professor, when the Professor at the last minute blocks the pipe and has the pipe hit a circuit breaker, causing Wernstrom and his kilbot to be electrocuted. After a while the kilbot just falls. The Professor manages to get Wernstrom out of kilbot and carries him.)

(Cut back to Leela. She has managed to cause Jinx to trip. Leaving Mom open for her. Ironfinger tries to hit Fry with the bat, but Fry dodges and takes Ironfinger out.)

Leela: Alright, Mom shows over.

Mom: It's too late, you can't send the asteroid back.

Leela: Maybe not, but. (Takes the controls and pushes a few buttons.)

Mom: What are you doing?

Computer Voice: Asteroid Impact in five minutes.

Mom: What have you've done?

Leela: I've reset the coordinates to have the asteroid hit here.

Ironfinger: Here!? I'm out of here, come on Jinx. (They race out the door.)

Fry: (He's just tied up Mom's sons.) They're getting away.

Leela: Never mind that, we've got to leave.

(Cut to Hermes and he's managed to destroy a large amount of robots. Professor shows up still carrying Wernstrom.)

Professor: Come on Hermes, let's go.

(Cut to outside the fortess. Hermes, Professor have made it and they see Labarbara, Zoidberg and the kids by a ships they've found.)

Professor: Where are agent 014 and 1BDI?

(Fry and Leela come out and they are dragging Mom and her sons. They all look up and see the asteroid heading towards them. They all enter the ship and they take off and the asteroid hits the fortress causing a huge explosion.)

Fry: Man, that was close.

Leela: Yes, and we've apprehended a few people.

Mom: You think, you've beaten me. With the American justice system, I'll be out of this in no time, then you'll pay.

Wernstrom: Same with me, and I promise you, you'll pay for this Farnsworth.

Fry: It is just a shame Ironfinger and Jinx got away.

Leela: Eh we'll meet again.

Hermes: Well, I just want to say you kids did a good job in trying to same us.

Cubert: Does this mean we can go on missions?

Professor: Why my goodness no.

(All the adults laugh and so they fly off to NNY having completing another mission.)




She is sexy, dangerous and shallow....

Jinx: Hello, Halle Berry's Head he was talking to me. (Throws Halle's Head to the side.)