Fan Fiction

My Ex and an Engagment Ring
By Frosty

This story follows The Reunion.

[A week later, Fry was driving to Leela’s with a suitcase in the trunk of his car. He had on his black sweater and jeans along with his suede jacket. He knocked on the door once he got up to her place and Leela answered wearing a red blouse and jeans. She threw her arms around him and kissed him.]

Fry: Hello to you too.

Leela: You ready to go?

Fry: Yep.

[He picked up her suitcase and held her hand as they walked down stairs.]

[They drove for three hours, talking and laughing and singing to the radio. It would of taken two and a half hours if Fry didn’t have to stop and go to the bathroom every eight miles. They finally pulled up to the Log Cabin Resort.]

Leela: This is beautiful. .

[They got out of the car and felt the snow crunch below their feet. Fry took their suitcases out of the trunk and they walked inside. There was a man sitting at the desk and looked up when Fry and Leela walked in.]

Man: Hello, may I help you?

Fry: Yes we have a reservation under “Fry”.

Man: Ah yes, here it is. Please sign here.

[He did and the man handed them a key to the room.]

Man: Enjoy your stay.

Fry: Thank you.

[They took the elevator upstairs, where Fry was being flirty with Leela, and they reached their room. Opening the door, the room had wood panel walls, and a king size bed with a wood frame. When they walked in, Leela noticed there was a hot tub against the wall and she looked at Fry.]

Leela: Good thing I brought my suit.

[Fry set their suitcases down, putting his arms around her he smiled.]

Fry: Merry Xmas Leela.

Leela: Merry Xmas.

[She kissed him and Fry squeezed her. He fell back on the bed after Leela broke the kiss, causing her to laugh, and she went to look out the window. She could see the mountains and the ski lift from their room. Looking at Fry’s reflection, Leela saw him still on his back with his eyes closed. She laid down next to him and rested her head on his arm.]

Leela; You tired?

Fry: Yeah, a little.

Leela: Lets just relax.

Fry: Okay, I made dinner reservations for 7:00 down in the restaurant.

[They laid there talking until Fry jumped up and ran into the bathroom. She looked concerned when he closed the door, knowing that something was wrong with him. When he came out she looked at him.]

Fry: What?

Leela: Don’t you think it’s strange that you’ve gone ten times in the last three hours?

Fry: I think its strange that you’re counting.

[He sat down and Leela held his arm.]

Leela: Well I just want to make sure nothings wrong with you. Maybe when we go back home you should go to the doctors.

Fry: But I hate my doctor! He always makes me take off my pants. Even when I went in for my sprained wrist. He’s just like Turk’s doctor on “Scrubs”.

[Fry thought about that time. He went in to his doctors for a follow up after he sprained his wrist. He was carrying a box of heavy equipment and when he set it down, he twisted his wrist pretty bad. When he walked in, the doctor came up to him]

Dr.: Okay, go in room there and take off your pants.

Fry: But I hurt my wrist.

Dr.: I know,

[Fry shook his head and forced the thought away, looking back at Leela.]

Leela: Then I’ll take you to my doctor. Dr. O’Connell, you’ll love her.

Fry: Her? No, I cant go to a female doctor. It’s too weird.

Leela: Fine, but you need to see a doctor.

Fry: Alright, when we go home, I’ll go to Dr. O’Connell.

Leela: Thank you. I don’t want anything to happen to my superman.

Fry: I’ll be fine, it’s probably just something like the flu.

[Around 6:00 Fry went in the bathroom and changed into his suit. Once he walked out, Leela smiled at him.]

Leela: Wow, look at you.

Fry: Spiffy, huh?

Leela: Yeah, let me just fix your tie.

[She reached for his tie and made it tighter.]

Fry: Ow! You’re choking me!

Leela: Sorry! Now how’s that?

Fry: Perfect.

Leela: Alright, I’ll be right out.

Fry: So, thirty minutes?

Leela: (amused) Exactly.

[They laughed and Leela went into the bathroom with her dress. Once the door was closed, Fry went in his suitcase and pulled out a small box. Opening it, he looked at a diamond ring. Taking a deep breath he looked at himself in the mirror.]

Fry: (thinking) Leela, I love you with all my heart, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me? Yeah, that’ll work.

[He sat on the bed and kept looking at the ring until Leela came out. Quickly he put the box back in his pocket. Leela was wearing her black dress with the slits on the side. Fry stood and smiled.]

Fry: Wow, you look-

Leela: What?

Fry: Amazing.

[He took her hand and spun her around.]

Fry: Yeah, I think amazing works.

[She laughed and brushed the lapel of his jacket.]

Leela: Ready?

Fry: Yeah, lets go.

[She looped her arm through his and they took the elevator downstairs. Walking through the lobby, Leela thought about how lucky she was to be with Fry. She thought about all the guys who used her, and her ex who cheated on her, and realized she should have been with Fry a long time ago. But that was all in the past and they were together now. Walking into the restaurant, Fry pulled back Leela’s chair as she sat down. Fry sat across from her and smiled.]

Leela: You know I-

Voice: Leela?

[They turned and looked at a tall man with blond hair wearing a suit walking towards them with what Fry assumed to be his wife. She was a brunette and she had on a short red dress. Fry saw Leela look down and heard her muttering something. He finally realized who the man was. The couple reached the table and Leela looked up.]

Leela: Hello Chris. Fry, this is my ex-husband.

Chris: Nice to meet you.

[He shook Fry’s hand with such strength, it caused him to jump a little.]

Leela: Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Leela.

[Fry knew right away that Elizabeth was the home wreaker. He didn’t know what to do. If he should kick the crap out of Chris, or thank him. Yeah, that sounds terrible, “Thank you for cheating on your wife.” but if he hadn’t, there was no way Leela would be with him right now. He noticed that neither Elizabeth or Chris had a wedding ring on.]

Chris: We just decided to spend our Xmas here. And I see you thought the same thing. Great minds think alike.

Leela: So, how did you think of it?

[Chris laughed sarcastically and tuned to Elizabeth.]

Chris: Lets go hon. It was nice meeting you Fry. Good bye Leela.

[They walked away and sat a few tables from them. Fry reached over and took Leela’s hand.]

Leela: I’m sorry. I just cant believe he’s here.

Fry: Don’t worry, we’re still gonna have a great time.

Leela; Yeah.

Chris: I’ve got something for you.

Elizabeth: What?

[Leela rolled her eye, and Fry saw Chris get down on one knee.]

Fry: (thinking) No!

Chris: Elizabeth, will you marry me?

[Leela looked up and Fry’s eyes went wide.]

Elizabeth: Yes!

[Leela took a deep breath and put her napkin back on the table.]

Leela: (soft) I’ve lost my appetite.

[She got up and walk out. Fry couldn’t believe it. Everything was perfect until he showed up. He got up and ran after Leela. She was out in the lobby making her way to the elevator.]

Fry: Leela!

[She turned around and Fry saw tears in her eye.]

Leela: (tearful) I’m not crying because he’s getting re-married, I’m crying because-

Fry: Because you’re incredibly pissed off?

Leela: Yeah, he just ruined our trip!

Fry: No he didn’t.

[He wiped her tears away and kissed her forehead.]

Fry: We’re still gonna gave a great time. Just forget about him, its just you and me.

[She didn’t say anything, but rested her head against Fry’s shoulder.]

Fry: You know, if he cant see how great you are….then its his loss. Because I’m the luckiest guy in the universe.

[She smiled and Fry put his arm around her shoulders.]

Fry: Come on, lets go upstairs, and we’ll just order room service.

Leela: Okay.

[They went back upstairs and Leela changed into her pajamas while Fry ordered their dinner. Once he was done, Leela was on the bed laying on her stomach with her feet up on the pillows and her head on the foot of the bed. Fry winked at her as he went into the bathroom to change. Splashing cold water on his face, he decided he wasn’t to ask Leela to marry him. At least not tonight. He promised himself he would ask her before they went home though. After changing into his plaid pajamas pants and a white tee shirt, he laid on his side next to Leela.]

Fry: Are you okay?

Leela: Yeah, I’m fine.

[He smiled and flipped over on his back getting closer to her.]

Leela: Thank you, for everything.

Fry: Oh, you’re welcome.

[After dinner, they were in the hot tube relaxing. They had been in there for awhile and Leela had her head resting on Fry’s shoulder while he had his arm around her shoulder.]

Leela: This is nice.

Fry: Yeah,

Leela: You know, I got you a present.

Fry: Really?

Leela: Yeah, do you want it?

Fry: Sure,

Leela: Alright. Go put your pajamas back on and I’ll get it.

Fry: Okay,

[He stepped out and picked up his clothes going into the bathroom. After drying off with a towel, Leela reached into her suitcase with a sly look on her face.]

[Fry was in the bathroom and was looking in the mirror. He noticed that he had lost weight these last couple weeks.]

Fry: (thinking) Huh, that’s weird. I haven’t been trying to lose weight, and I haven’t changed my diet at all.

Leela: (OS) Fry!

Fry: Coming!

[He opened the door and turned off the light in the bathroom. He saw Leela standing there with her bathrobe on and candles on the end tables.]

Fry: So, where’s my present?

Leela: Come here.

[She sat him down on the bed and took her robe off, revealing a black see-through outfit (like the one in “Parasites Lost“). Fry blinked a few times and his jaw dropped.]

Fry: Wow, uh-

Leela: (sly) Do you like it?

Fry: (stammering) Yeah,

[She laughed and ran her hands up his chest, sitting on his lap. She brushed her lips against his, and seductively whispered in his ear.]

Leela: (whisper) Merry Xmas Fry.

[She pushed him on his back and kissed him passionately. He began to untie the lace ties in the back, but stopped when they heard a familiar voice and bedsprings.]

Chris: (OS) Oh yeah baby! Yeah!

[Fry sighed and Leela rolled over on her side.]

Leela: Good night.

Fry: Good night.

[Fry blew out the candles and they laid there staring up at the ceiling.]

Chris: (OS) Pull my hair! (pause) Ow!

Elizabeth: (OS) Take it you stupid bitch!

Leela: Oh Lord,

[Fry was asleep on his side, and Leela was looking out the door. There was a glass of water by him, because he got up a few times during the night to get a drink and then use the bathroom. He knew Leela was right; there was something wrong with him. He shot awake when he felt Leela’s arms around him, and her lips against his neck.]

Fry: Good morning.

Leela: Morning.

[He rolled over and rubbed his eyes.]

Leela: So guess what.

Fry: What?

Leela: They’re gone.

Fry: Who’s gone?

[She pointed at the wall and Fry shook his head.]

Fry: Oh. (pause) So?

Leela: Think about it. What stopped us last night?

[He thought about it for a second and finally got it.]

Fry: Oh! So, we can-

Leela: (teasing) If you still want to…

[Leela gasped as Fry pulled her on top of him and kissed her.]

[They stayed in the room all morning, then around noon, they ordered room service for lunch and sat at the table in their room looking out the window, watching the snow flakes fall.]

Leela: I want to thank you again for this trip. This is the best Xmas I‘ve ever had.

Fry: Yeah, it is.

[He reached over and took her hand, still looking out the window. His fingers, lightly entwined with hers, were warm and soft.]

Fry: Hey, you wanna go sledding?

Leela: Sure, that sounds like a lot of fun.

Fry: Great, lets go then.

[They changed into their thick jackets, hats, boots, and gloves. Walking down stairs, Fry had his arm around Leela’s shoulder the whole time.]

[Fry and Leela were sitting on a toboggan at the top of the sledding hill.]

Fry: Ready?

Leela: Yeah,

[He gave the sled a push and they began to slide down the hill. They cheered as they picked up speed and hit a small bump. After getting some air, the sled landed back and kept going down the hill at full speed.]

Leela: Whoo! That was great, huh Fry?

[There was no answer and she looked behind her.]

Leela: Fry?

[She saw him rolling down the hill next to the sled. She watched him tumble down and finally stop at the foot of the hill. The toboggan stopped and she jumped off, running over to Fry who was laying on his stomach.]

Leela: That was so much fun Fry. Lets go again.

[He didn’t say anything, he didn’t even move. Leela kneeled next to him and placed a hand on his back.]

Leela: Fry? Are you okay?

[He still didn’t reply and she got worried.]

Leela: Fry?

[She rolled him over on his back, and he started laughing.]

Fry: I got you!

[She started playfully smacking him and he laughed.]

Leela: You jerk!

[He kept laughing, and they rolled around in the snow as Leela smacked him.]

[Hours later, they were sitting at the table after dinner, and Leela noticed that Fry looked like he was about to pass out.]

Leela: Are you okay? You look really pale.

Fry: I’m fine, just tired. Hey, lets get some hot chocolate and go sit on the deck outside.

Leela: Okay.

Fry: You go find us a seat, and I’ll go get the hot chocolate.

Leela; I’ll see you out there.

[A few minutes later, Fry and Leela were sitting on the deck, on the swing cuddling up from the cold with their hot chocolate.]

Fry: You know, I have another Xmas present for you.

Leela: Really?

Fry: Yeah.

[He put down his cup and took Leela’s hand.]

Fry: Leela, I’ve loved you since the day I met you. We’ve been through a lot, and after all this time, we finally got together. These past few weeks have been, incredible. I love spending time with you. You’re smart, your funny, you’re beautiful, and you’re my best friend. And even though you’re my best friend, you’re also the person I want to spend my life with.

[She smiled when Fry reached into his pocket and Leela knew exactly what he was going to say.]

Fry: I guess all I’m trying to say is that I love you Leela.

[He pulled out the box and opened it, revealing the ring.]

Fry: Will you marry me?

Leela: (tearful) Yes, yes!

[Fry smiled and slipped the ring on her finger. She laughed and kissed him.]

Leela: I love you Fry.

Fry: I love you too.

[She looked at her ring]

Leela: Its beautiful.

[Leela smiled and Fry picked up his mug.]

Fry: Come on, lets go back up to the room. I’m freezing.

Leela: Alright.

[Fry put his arm around her and they walked back up to their room for one last night at the lodge .]

[The next week on Wednesday after his first class, Fry was at Dr. O’Connell’s office for his appointment. Leela got him in right away telling Dr. O’Connell, she wanted to make sure her “Superman” was okay. She was at work and Fry said he would come over as soon as he was done at the doctors. He was sitting on the exam table waiting for her to come in and tell him what was wrong. They‘d run a few tests: blood test, urine sample, ect. Running a hand through his hair, he looked at the door. ]

Fry: (thinking) I’ll bet its just the flu or something. Leela’s got nothing to worry about. Hell, I’ve got nothing to worry about.

[The door opened and Dr. O’Connell walked in holding Fry’s chart. She was about 30 with long red hair. When she first came in, she was all smiles, but now, she seemed upset.]

Fry: So what, do I have the flu or something?

O’Connell: Well the good news is, its not the flu.

Fry: But I’m guessing there’s bad news?

O’Connell: Yeah. Phil, you have Type II diabetes.

[Fry’s life changed forever at that moment. He took a deep breath and ran his hand through his hair again.]

Fry: That sucks.

[She sat next to him on the table.]

O’Connell: There’s a lot we have to go over…

[Leela was sitting at her desk in her office waiting for Fry. Krista was there and they were talking about the wedding.]

Krista: Were you surprised when he asked you?

Leela: Kind of.

Krista: What do you mean “kind of”?

Leela: Well, I knew that sometime he was going to ask me. It surprised me just because. I cant really explain it.

Krista: No, I get it.

Leela: Anyway, he should becoming in soon. He was coming to tell me what the doctor said.

Krista: Well I hope he’s okay. Anyway, I have to get going, my class is soon so I just need to file some papers first.

Leela: Okay, I’ll see you.

[Krista opened the door and saw Fry.]

Krista: Hey Mr. Fry. Congrats on getting engaged.

Fry: Thanks Krista. I’ll see you in class.

[She left and Fry walked in. After the door was closed Leela gave him a small kiss.]

Leela: Hey, so what did she say?

Fry: (sigh) Leela, I have diabetes.

Leela: What?

Fry: Yeah,

Leela: Oh my God.

[She put her arms around him.]

Leela: Are you gonna be okay?

Fry: I just need to keep doing everything the doctor tells me.

[She nodded.]

Fry: Don’t worry, I’m gonna be fine.

[Her grip around him tightened and Fry kissed her forehead.]

Fry: Will you stay with me tonight? I just don’t want to be alone.

Leela: Of course.

[He smiled and looked at the clock.]

Fry: I’ve got to go, my next class is in an hour, and I have to get everything ready.

Leela: Alright, call me when you get home.

[He kissed her again and left. Leela sat down at her desk and looked at her ring. She knew what she had to do. She went back over to the door and looked around.]

Leela: Krista!

[Krista put the last paper in the file cabinet and came over to Leela.]

Krista: Yeah?

Leela: Can you tell Mr. Jackson I’m taking the rest of the day off?

Krista: Sure,

Leela: Thank you so much. Oh, and don’t tell Fry that I went home early.

Krista: Okay,

[Leela grabbed her jacket and purse and made her way to her apartment.]

[After his two hour class Fry was exhausted. Standing outside the door to his house, he rubbed his blood shot eyes, and tiredly found the right key. Opening the door, he saw boxes of stuff piled around his living room. Leela, who had on sweats and a tee-shirt, was unloading them. She looked up and smiled at him.]

Leela: Hey,

Fry: Hi, uh-what’s with all the boxes?

Leela: I decided to get a jumpstart on moving all my stuff in.

[There was a playful tone in her voice that made Fry smile. Putting down his briefcase, he gently placed his arms around her.]

Fry: I love you.

Leela: I love you too.

To be continued…