Fan Fiction

My Life, My Love
By Dwayne Anderson

It was a clear evening on May 27th, 3024. Turanga Fry stood in the Observation Deck on board the Nimbus. The stars in the universe and beyond shone brightly like fireflies. Tonight was going to be a special night for Turanga Fry.

He reached into his pocket, taking out a small black velvet box. Upon opening it, he was awed by the sparkle of a beautiful diamond ring. Tonight, he was planning to ask his girlfriend Rosemary to marry him.

(Note from the author: in case you don't know, Turanga Fry is the son of Turanga Leela and Phillip J. Fry. He first appeared in Part 3 of "Time Compression" and even played the main role in "Beyond Reality". This story is set after the events of that story.)

Turanga Fry was easily able to buy this beautiful ring thanks to his promotion to Liutenant two months ago. Kif Kroker had become the new captain after Zapp Brannigan was dishonourably discharged for the murder of an officer. (Which in reality was actually Turanga Fry, who traveled back in time to save his father)

Turanga Fry had no memory of his deed in the past since he died during his mission to save his father's life. Fortunately, he was able to be reborn, due to his mother being pregnant with him at the time. He also had a younger brother named Yancey, who appeared to be a striking resemblance to his father's brother, that is if he had one eye and purple hair.

Being a mutant wasn't easy for Turanga Fry. Like his mother, Turanga Fry was persecuted in everyday life because he had only one eye. While his younger brother Yancey was very popular in school, Turanga Fry on the other hand was a total outcast. Nobody hung out with him or would even sit near him in the school cafeteria during lunch. And during school meetings, nobody ever stood near him. To make matters even worse, Turanga Fry had gone dateless to all high school dances and even his senior prom.

In his senior year, he only had one friend, a girl named Rosemary. She had been transferred from another school after her family had moved here. Despite his single eye, he and her became good friends. Although she had gone with another guy to the prom, her date ended up dancing with another girl, leaving Rosemary heartbroken. Fortunately, Turanga Fry was there, and they ended up leaving together. From that moment on, they were inseperable.

And tonight, Turanga Fry was going to ask Rosemary to marry him. The future looked bright for Turanga Fry. Nothing could possibly take away all his happiness and his bright future.

Or that's what he thought...

Twenty years earlier at that very moment in 3004, Fry stepped into the meeting room of Planet Express.

Everything was quiet...too quiet.

It was dark inside the meeting room. Then suddenly, the lights came on.

"SURPRISE!" his co-workers shouted. Then they began to sing "Happy Birthday".

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Phillip J. Fry!
Happy Birthday to you!

Everyone was dressed in colorful party hats. Balloons were hung around the walls. Bender belched out confetti.

"You remembered my birthday!" said Fry.

"Of course we did," said Hermes. "We'd never forget anyone's birthday...except for Zoidberg's!"

Zoidberg glares at Hermes.

"With all this confetti, balloons, and other decorations," said Fry, "you guys must have spent a fortune!"

"Actually, not at all," said Zoidberg. "I bought the cake, everyone else provided the decorations, and the champagne was stolen!"

Amy and Kif wheel in the birthday cake. It's round, decorated with white and purple frosting, and had twenty nine candles.

"I'm sure glad it isn't the professor's birthday," said Bender. "Lighting the candles on the cake was tough. By the time I was finished, my wrist was on fire!"

"What kind of cake is this?" asked Fry.

"It's chocolate," said Zoidberg.

"Looks delicious," said Fry.

Zoidberg took a knife. "I will now cut the cake, and the birthday guy will have the first slice."

Nibbler suddenly jumps up onto the cart and gobbles up the entire cake.

Zoidberg groaned.

At that moment, twenty years in the future, Turanga Fry sat on a park bench in Central Park. It was a beautiful moonlit night, the perfect opportunity to ask the girl of his dreams to marry him.

Walking down the sidewalk was a pretty girl with center parted blonde hair that went down to near her shoulders, dressed in a low-cut green sleeveless shirt, black skirt, purple socks, and white shoes.

"Over here Rosemary!" Turanga Fry called to his girlfriend.

Rosemary sat down on the park bench next to him. "I came here like you asked" she said with a smile.

"Excuse me," said Turanga Fry as he stood and knelt down on one knee, "I need to tie my shoelaces."

"They look tied to me."

Turanga Fry took Rosemary by her hand. "Rosemary, I love you," he said.

"And I love you too," she said with a smile.

"Rosemary, during this past year, being with you has been the most wonderful time of my life."

"Mine too," said Rosemary.

After Fry opened his presents, Bender took a bottle of champagne out of his compartment. Inside, were eight glasses, one for Bender and seven for everyone else. Everyone took one. Bender took out the remaining one and filled everyone's glass with Champagne.

"A toast, to Phillip J. Fry, on yet another birthday! May he have a long life ahead of him!"

Everyone rose their glasses and clanged them. "To you Fry!" they each said, except for Fry. Then everyone else began to drink the champagne.

Fry began to lift his glass up to his mouth, when suddenly, he felt a terrible squeezing pain in his chest. The glass fell out of his hand and shattered on the floor.

Everyone else lowered their glasses and turned to him.

"Help...me!" Fry weakly gasped as he collapsed forth, clutching his chest.

"Fry!" cried Leela.

Everyone rushed to his side, all except for Bender who drank the leftover champagne they never bothered to finish.

"Rosemary," asked Turanga Fry as he took out the velvet box from his pocket.

"Yes Turanga Fry?" asked Rosemary.

"Rosemary, will you...?"

But before he could finish, Turanga Fry suddenly felt a funny feeling in his body.

"What's wrong honey?" asked Rosemary.

"Don't feel right," said Turanga Fry. "I feel faint."

"Oh my god!" cried Rosemary.

Something was beginning to happen to Turanga Fry. His body began to fade.

"Oh man!" said Turanga Fry.

Sparkles of light came out of his body and he began to glow bright white.

"Oh my god!" he cried.

There was an explosion of bright light, knocking Rosemary back. When the light faded, Turanga Fry was gone.

"Turanga Fry!" cried Rosemary.

At Planet Express, Fry lay weakly in bed, his co-workers standing around him.

"What are the odds?" asked Zoidberg. "Suffering a heart attack at age twenty nine?"

"I forget," said Hermes. "How many heart attacks has Fry had?"

"That's...four!" Fry weakly said.

"Just three short of a world record," said Farnsworth.

"And what a time for all the hospitals in the city to be on strike!" said Bender.

"Don't worry friends," said Zoidberg. "I'm a doctor. I'll save Fry!"

"Fry's doomed," the others said to each other at the same time.

Only one person was not at Fry's side.

In the locker room, Leela opened her locker and peeked in. Inside, was an envelope. Opening it, Leela found three photographs. One was of her at her high school prom, a second was her at the orphanage when she had recieved an award, (see "Leela's Homeworld") and the third of of Fry.

Fry was the most special friend she had ever had. Sure he was a klutz and irresponsible, but she could always rely on him. He had always been there for her no matter what.

On his first Xmas in the thirty-first century, Fry had gone out into the city to get her a present, despite being warned about Santa Clause,

When she had an operation to look normal, Fry was against it for he believed she looked great the way she was. But after the operation, Fry was the only person who didn't like the new Leela, he liked the old one. Leela didn't take him seriously, not until Adlae had suggested he give an orphan girl with an ear on her head to make her look normal. Of all her co-workers, only Fry was happy to have the old Leela back.

When Leela was attacked by a space bee, Fry had stood in front of her, taking the stinger, but since it went through him, Leela had recieved all the poison. Fry had stood by her side in the hospital until she awoke.

But her most cherished moment with Fry was the opera he had performed for her.

Now, Fry was lying in bed, dying.

"What am I doing?!" she asked herself. "Fry needs me!"

With death nearby, Fry was still in bed, his condition was critical. Zoidberg had try everything to revive Fry, including CPR, pills, and pushing on the stomach, all to no avail.

Leela stood near the bed where he lay. She looked like she was ready to cry.

"Fry, my life hasn't been the same since you came into it. You're the best friend I ever had, and I just don't what I would do without you!"

Leela dried her eye. "I can't take this anymore! I've got to save him!"

"I've tried everything," said Zoidberg. "Nothing seems to be working!"

"What do doctors do when a heart fails?" asked Leela.

"Charge it?"


"It's crazy Leela. But it just might work!"

Using his claws, Zoidberg snipped off the wire of a radio and cut it open, peeling it into two parts, but leaving them connected. Then standing over Fry, he put the ends to Fry's chest.

Fry's body reacted to the charge and gave a jolt. Zoidberg applied the wires again. Another jolt.

"One more time!" said Leela as the others came in.

Zoidberg applied the wires to Fry's chest again. This time, Fry's body not only gave another jolt, but he sat up in bed.

"Hey stop that!" he said.

"How are you feeling?" asked Zoidberg.

"I would feel alot better if you stopped shocking me!"

"He's alive!" said Leela.

"Zoidberg, you saved him!" said Amy.

The others agreed. Zoidberg looked pleased with himself.

"Finally!" he said. "Zoidberg is respected!"

Leela hugged Fry. "Fry, you had us worried sick! Especially me!"

Fry was flattered.

Rosemary sat on the park bench, her face buried in her arms, weeping.

Suddenly, there was another explosion of light, taking her by surprise. When all was clear, Turanga Fry stood where he had disappeared.

"Turanga Fry!" cried Rosemary happily. And she threw herself at him, pinning him to the ground.

"You had me so worried!" she said.

"What happened?" asked Turanga Fry. "Was that what it was like to die?"

"It doesn't matter," said Rosemary. "All that matters is that you're back!"

"Now, where was I?" asked Turanga Fry. "Oh! I remember!"

He picked up the velvet box from where it lay on the ground and opened it.

"Rosemary, will you marry me?"

"Yes!" cried Rosemary happily. And she kissed him.

Turanga Fry smiled. At long last, he could truly be happy, for he had succeeded in what he had set out to do. His future looked bright, like all the stars and the moon shining down upon him and his new fiancee from the sky above.


The End