Fan Fiction

The Punishress
By Dwayne Anderson

Part 1

"Happy Birthday Leela! Happy Birthday!"

Today was Leela's birthday. All her friends, co-workers, and even her mutant parents were here, singing happy birthday.

Bender wheels in the cake that Morris and Mundy baked. It's covered in green icing.

"Looks delicious," said Fry.

"We baked it ourselves," said Morris.

Bender cuts the cake. Everyone takes a piece and nibbles it. Except for Leela, Morris, and Mundy, everyone spits it out.

"Gross!" said Amy. "It tastes terrible!"

"You'll get used to it," said Mundy. "Every mutant gets used to eating cake iced with slime."

"I like it!" said Leela, taking another bite.

"Oh yeah," said Amy. "I forgot you were a mutant."

The others rush into the kitchen to get some water to wash the bad taste out of their mouth.

Later, Leela was opening her presents. Now she was opening Fry's present.

"I got it from my old home below New New York," said Fry.

Leela removes the wrapping, revealing a comic book. It's the very first issue of "The Punisher".

"I thought you'd like it," said Fry.

Leela opens the book and begins to read but Zoidberg interupts her.

"Wait! You haven't opened my present yet!" he said.

"I'll open it later," said Leela, continuing to read.

Zoidberg groans.

"Interesting," said Leela.

"I knew you'd like it," said Fry.

"Oh my goodness!" said Morris. "Look at the time! Our surface pass expired fifteen seconds ago! We must get back down to the sewer!"

"So soon?!" asked Leela. "You've only been here fifteen minutes!"

"Shame we can't stay any longer," said Mundy.

"I'm sure," Bender says sarcastically.

"Let me take you guys home," said Leela putting down the comic book.

"What about opening my present?" asked Zoidberg.

"Later," said Leela.

Zoidberg groans again.

Outside the Planet Express building, Leela takes her parents to the nearest manhole, when suddenly, they are confronted by a man brandishing a gun.

"Hand over your wallet, jewelry, and anything else of value!" he demands.

"Hey!" said Leela. "Watch where you point that thing or I'll kick your butt!"

"Leela! Don't try to be a hero!" said Morris as he and Mundy hand over their valuables to the mugger. "He's got a gun!"

The man runs off laughing. "Ha! Fooled you! The gun wasn't even loaded!"

Soon, he's gone.

"The nerve!" said Leela. "He can't get away with this! Let's go to the police!"

"What?!" cried Leela. "You can't be serious!"

"Sorry mame," said Smitty. "There's nothing we can do."

"But you're the police!" said Leela. "Your motto is `To Serve and Protect'!"

"True mame," said Smitty. "But that applies only to real citizens and humans!"

Leela's mouth drops open in shock.

"Just great!" Leela said as she and her parents walk out of the police station.

"I guess mutants just can't get justice," said Mundy as Morris opened the nearby manhole. She and her husband climb down into the depths, replacing the manhole cover above.

Leela stands there motionless, quivering with sorrow and rage.

Back at Planet Express, Leela is sitting by herself on the couch.

"What is this city coming to?!" she said to herself. "My people are being mistreated and nothing is being done about it!"

She eyes the comic book Fry gave her and picks it up. She begins to read some more where she left off.

"According to this, Frank Castle was a former marine who lost his family to a gang shooting. Since that day, he became judge, jury, and executioner to criminals everywhere, protecting the innocent and punishing the guilty."

Leela puts down the comic book.

"Well, things have to change in this city, and it seems only I can do it!"

In the locker room, Leela opens her locker. Inside is her Cloberella costume. She takes it out, along with two cans of spray paint, one black, and one white, then goes to work.

She spray paints the entire costume black. On the front, she paints a skull in white.

A smile appears on her face as she admires her work.

Outside, Leela stands on the rooftop of the Planet Express building, her body bathed in moonlight, dressed in her new and improved Clobberella costume.

Leela gazes down upon the empty streets

"Listen up New New York!" she said to herself. "There's a new hero in town! Those who persecute the mutants of the sewers will come to know me! If you're guilty, prepare for punishment!"

She leaps off the rooftop, prepared to meet the challenges ahead.

In a nearby part of the city, a manhole cover opens. Dwayne the mutant climbs out.

"Hey!" he hears a voice. "No mutants allowed on the street!"

Standing above him, is a young man and woman, dressed as punks. The man grabs Dwayne, throws him to the ground, then repeatedly beats him with baseball bat. His female accomplice kicks the mutant repeatedly.

"Please stop!" Dwayne begs.

"What for?!" laughs the man. "We can do whatever the hell we want with you and get away with it! Nobody cares about you or your kind anyway!"

"Stop!" a voice calls out.

The male and female punks stop beating Dwayne.

On a nearby rooftop, a mysterious figure runs across the roof, then leaps off down to the streets below, landing near the punks.

"What the hell is this?" asked the male punk.

"You mess with mutants, you mess with me!" the figure said.

Dwayne takes the opportunity to retreat back to the sewer.

The man charges at the figure with his bat, only to recieve a swift punch in the face. A roundhouse kick disarms him. Finally, an uppercut knocks him to the street. His accomplice watches with horror and flees, only to be struck from behind with a flying kick.

Both Dwayne's abusers are lying on the street in pain.

The mysterious figure stands over them.

"Please! Don't kill us!" begs the man.

"I'm not going to kill you," the figure said. "I give you this warning. Tell all your friends about me. Tell them that all who persecute mutants will come to know me and feel my wrath!"

"Who are you?!"

"I'm the Punishress!"

The mysterious figure retreats and disappears into the night.

"In other news," said Morbo, "a gang beating occured on the streets just recently in downtown New New York. A young man and woman dressed as punks were beaten by a mysterious stranger calling herself the Punishress. According to the testimony of one of the victims, the Punishress fights for injustice against mutants. All who would persecute mutants will come to know the Punishress and feel her wrath. We'll have more on this story as more details develop."

Leela watched the news and smiled.

"So it begins," she said to herself. "My legacy has begun tonight!"


To Be Continued