Fan Fiction

The Punishress, Part 2
By Dwayne Anderson

Part 2

Meanwhile, in the sewers...

"Yes sir!" said Dwayne. "Single handedly she took them down! I heard the whole thing from below the manhole cover!"

The crowd of mutants gathered around him listened well.

"For once in our lives citizens of the sewer," Dwayne continued, "someone is standing up for us!"

The next morning, the gang beating made the front page of the morning paper.

"Punishress Delivers First Punishment"

The story quickly sold out in every news stand. Citizens everywhere were outraged by the fact that someone actually defended the rights of mutants everywhere.

In the locker room of the Planet Express building, Leela hung up her costume and closed her locker. She would be ready to use it again when another time came.

"Leela!" Fry said as he entered waving a copy of the morning paper. "Did you hear the news! There's a new superhero in town!"

"I know," said Leela.

"How can that be if you haven't read the paper yet?"

"I heard it on the news last night."

"Wow!" said Fry. "What a woman she is! You're not jealous are you?"

"Jealous? Of her?" asked Leela. "Of course not!"

Leela decided that she would have to keep her new identity a secret from her co-workers.

In front of city hall, a press conference was being held.

"Citizens of New New York," said Mayor Poopenmeyer. "It has come to my attention that a new menace has arisen. I'm speaking of course about the Punishress. I cannot allow this vigilante criminal to roam free! For my upcoming re-election, I promise I will do everything in my power to put an end to her campaign!"

The crowd cheers.

A new ad was posted in the classified section of the newspaper.

"Reward for photographs of the Punishress"

"Wow," thought Fry. "If only I could get a picture of her. Of course, I wouldn't sell it. I'd keep it all to myself, taping it to the inside of my locker."

He put the paper down, opened his locker, and took out his camera.

That night, Leela was walking down the street towards her apartment, when she heard noises coming from a nearby alley.

When she looked down the alley, she saw a glimpse of Moose the mutant being beaten by punks.

"Time for action!" she said to herself.

"You won't get away with this!" Moose told his abusers.

"Oh yeah?!" demanded one of the punks. "Well who is going to stop us?!"

Suddenly, a figure drops down from the rooftop.

"I will!" she said.

The punks dropped their weapons. "Everyone run!" said their leader. "It's her!"

The Punishress lunges at him, grabs the front of his shirt, then lifts him up high, finally slamming him to the pavement.

"On second thought," he said. "Get her! We outnumber her anyway!"

The others grabbed their weapons and charged at the Punishress. One by one she disarmed and clobbered them.

Within less than fifteen seconds, they're all down on the ground, bruised.

The Punishress helps Moose stand up. "I owe you one Punishress," he said.

"Action is my only reward," said the Punishress. Then she climbed up the pipe on the building wall and ascended to the rooftop.

Shortly after the Punishress stepped onto the roof, a flash from a camera envelopes her.

"Alright!" a familiar voice is heard. "I got a picture!"

It was Fry.

"Fry?!" the Punishress asked.

Fry is shocked. "Huh? How does she know me?"

The Punishress removes her mask.

Fry lowers his camera in surprise. "Leela?! You're the Punishress?!"

His surprise is replaced by delight. "Cool!"

After Leela puts her normal trademark clothes back on, she and Fry walk down the sidewalk towards home.

"Don't worry Leela," said Fry, "your secret is safe with me. This picture of the Punishress isn't going straight to the newspaper. It's going into my locker!"

Suddenly, a man points a gun at them. "Hand over the camera!"

Leela recognizes this man. It was the same man who robbed her parents the previous night.

"I haven't got all day!" he said. "And this time, the gun is loaded!"

Fry quickly surrenders the camera.

"Alright!" the mugger said. "I'm gonna get top notch dollars for the Punishress' picture you took!"

He runs off.

"Oh no," said Fry. He realizes that soon, New New York will see the Punishress all over every newspaper in the city.

Inside the locker room of Planet Express, Fry watches Leela put away her costume.

"I won't tell anyone your secret," he said.

"I trust you," said Leela.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door of the locker room. Bender's voice was heard on the other side.

"Hey Leela! Fry told us you're the Punishress and we'd like your autograph!"

Fry and Leela are shocked.

"How is that even possible?" asked Leela.

Fry realizes that his co-workers must have overheard every word he said.

"Oopsie tootsy!" he said.


To Be Continued