Fan Fiction

The Punishress, Part 3
By Dwayne Anderson

Part 3

Everyone was gathered in the living room. Leela was signing autographs for her co-workers.

"I can't believe you guys overheard everything outside the door!" said Fry.

"Oh come on!" said Hermes. "She can trust us with her secret too!"

"Unless of course there's a cash reward for her capture," said Bender.

"Bender!" exclaims his co-workers.

"What?!" asked Bender. "I'd do anything for money. That's how I make my living!"

"Leela seems to have gotten the idea from the comic I gave for her birthday," said Fry. "Fortunately, she's not as violent as the Punisher."

He turns on the television, only to hear this.

"The first photograph of the Punishress was captured on film and delivered to the press who will publish it in tomorrow's paper," said Linda.

The photograph originally taken by Fry appeared on the screen.

"Coincidentally, the Punishress costume resembles Clobberella, a superhero turned criminal. There's no sign of Captain Yesterday or Superking. In other news, the upcoming election for mayor of New New York is only a few days away."

Fry turns off the television. "I think you're in trouble," he said to Leela.

"Ha!" said Leela. "I laugh in the face in trouble!"

The next morning, the front page of the newspaper showed the Punishress' photograph. In addition, the police were using the picture on Wanted Posters hung all across the city.

The curator of the museum was reading the story. He recognized the photo.

"I recognize her!" he said. "That's one of the members of the New Justice Team who robbed my museum! They still haven't caught her yet apparently."

Within the hour, the story sold out all across the city.

At City Hall, Mayor Poopenmeyer is reading the story.

"So, Clobberella thinks she can fool us by modifying her costume? Ha! She can't fool us! I've got to bring her in and stop her campaign for equality among mutants! My re-election depends on it!"

As Leela walked home that night, she witnessed a group of punks chasing after a pretty blonde mutant with snail eyes.

Leela ducks into the nearby alley. Seconds later, the mutant girl passes by.

Just as her persuers reached the alley, the Punishress leaps into action. The punks surround her.

She grabs one of the men and tosses him to the side. Then she flips over a second man, flinging him across the street as she lands. Two more men charge at her, only to be knocked to the pavement with a spin-kick.

The mutant girl hears the commotion and stops running, then turns around.

The final punk raises a metal bat and swings it at the Punishress, who leaps out of the way. The bat hits a metal pole, immobilizing him. The Punishress makes her move and punches him in the stomach, then uppercuts him in the chin. He collapses to the pavement.

The Punishress eyes their would-be victim and approaches her.

"You're safe now," she said.

"I owe you my life," the mutant girl said. "As long as you walk the streets, we mutants feel safe."

"Tell them that" said the Punishress. Then she disappears into the alley.

Leela continues walking home when she hears what sounds like cheering. To her horror, she sees a large crowd gathered in front of a building they have just set on fire.

Leela approaches the crowd. "What's going on?" she asked a woman.

"Two mutant children were found playing in there," the woman said. "We're gonna burn them out!"

"Oh no," Leela said to herself. She runs off and dissappears into a nearby alley on the same street as the burning building.

"Look up there!" a man said pointing upwards.

The crowd looked to where he was pointing.

The Punishress leaps onto the rooftop of the burning building. Then she climbs down the wall towards the window, and with a mighty kick, she breaks through.

Inside, the Punishress witnesses the fire begin to spread. The smell of smoke fills the air.

She runs through the smoke filled building.

"Where are you?!" she cries.

Then she hears what sounds like crying.

She kicks down a nearby door. Inside, she sees two mutant children, a boy and a girl. They immediately stop crying when they see their rescuer.

The Punishress runs to their side and scoops them up into her arms.

"Don't worry!" she said. "Everything gonna be alright!"

The Punishress delivers a mighty kick to the nearby window and leaps out.

"I can't believe it!" a man cries from the crowd in the street. "She saved them!"

The crowd begins to angrily jeer.

The Punishress sets the mutant children down and opens a nearby manhole cover.

"Hey you two," she said. "Don't be playing in abandoned buildings."

"Yes Miss Punishress," the children say.

"See ya!" said the Punishress as she runs off, disappearing into an alley.

"All over New New York," said Linda on the news. "Citizens are outraged by the actions of the Punishress. Just recently, she saved two mutant children from a building a mutant-fearing and hating crowd set ablaze. In other news, we go live to this conference at City Hall in the office of Mayor Poopermeyer."

Mayor Poopenmeyer sits at his desk in his office. A cameraman is recording his speech.

"This defender of mutants must be stopped! To guarantee that I win the upcoming election, I promise all citizens that I will personally stop this vigilante-criminal at any cost. I too hate the mutants of New New York city. And thus I promise to..."

Suddenly, a window shatters as the Punishress leaps through.

"You?!" cries the terrifed mayor.

The Punishress grabs Poopenmeyer by the front of his shirt just as he is about to press the button to summon security. She pins him against a wall.

"What do you want?!" he cries.

"The racist mistreats blacks the same way you mistreat my people!" the Punishress said. "How can you allow this injustice against my kind to continue?!"

"I am the mayor! And I can do anything I want! And another thing, your people aren't people, they're freaks! And most of all..."

He stopped. "...wait a minute! If they're your people, that makes you...A MUTANT AS WELL!"

"I give you this warning," the Punishress said. "Those who mistreat the mutants of New New York will come to know me. I am the Punishress, defender of mutants everywhere!"

The Punishress turns and flings Poopenmeyer to the side. He lays there, terrified to move.

"I'll be watching you!" she said pointing a finger down at him. Then she leaps out the broken window.

Poopenmeyer rises to his feet and runs to the window, hoping to see where she went.

But the Punishress was nowhere to be found.

He turns to face the cameraman. "You got every bit of that on tape did you?"

The cameraman nodded.


To Be Continued