Fan Fiction

Quest for Deliverance, Part 1
By Dwayne Anderson

Part 1

Note from the author: This story is a parody of the games in Sierra's "Quest For Glory" Series.

The Planet Express ship flies through the endless boundaries of space, past the stars, numerous planets and nebulas, towards its faraway destination.

"Where are we headed again?" asked Fry.

"To a faraway planet called Glorianna" said Leela. "We are to deliver a parcel to Devon Aidendale. Unfortunately, due to the professor using the order form as a mat for his coffee mug, a lovely brown ring has been formed around the address, so we don't know exactly where to deliver the parcel or where our client is."

Bender is carrying the parcel in his compartment.

"Stupid professor!" he mumbled to himself as he attempts to light a cigar.

The ship continued to fly through space, until finally, the radar detected a nearby Earth-like planet.

"We're here" said Leela. "Glorianna awaits us, as well as Devon Aidendale!"

"We'd better hurry and deliver this parcel" said Fry. "The professor said it's very important!"

The ship descends down into a forest in what appears to be a valley.

Fry, Leela, and Bender climb down the steps. Nearby, a sign reads "Welcome to Spielburg."

"What do you know?" said Fry. "Steven Spielburg has a town named after him!"

To the west was a small town. To the north was a castle.

"Where should we go first?" asked Leela.

"Let's head to the castle" said Bender. "Then I can make off with some of the treasury!" he mumbled to himself.

A guard was patrolling the castle wall back and forth above the gate.

"Hey!" said Fry.

The guard stopped speaking and turned towards where the voice came from.

"Are you speaking to me?" he asked.

"Yes" said Fry.

"Sorry, I wasn't listening. What were you saying?"

"Open the gate" said Fry.

"Very well" said the guard. He activates the gate. Fry, Leela, and Bender step through and into the palace courtyard.

The trio walks across the courtyard to the double front doors of the palace.

"State your business" said one of the two guards standing guard at the doors.

"We're from Planet Express and we have a package for Devon Aidendale" said Fry.

"You will not find him here" said one of the guards. "However, did you know he is a hero here in the land of Spielburg? He freed the baron's son Bernard, who is now our new baron, from a curse which struck this years ago. The baron's daughter Elsa was also freed from Baba Yaga's curse. However, months ago, she left this land and hasn't returned. The hero known as Devon also turned Baba Yaga's magic against her and forced the ogress the flee the land. When we last saw him, he left on a flying carpet to a faraway land."

"Perhaps the townspeople can tell you more" said the other guard. "Now we must resume our posts."

Fry, Leela, and Bender turned and walked off the way they came.

Outside, the gatekeeping guard closed the gate as the trio left.

"Ok" said Leela, "so Devon is not in the land of Speilburg. Let's go to town and ask around."

Bender chuckled to himself as they headed south. He had managed to pick-pocket one of the guards earlier.

The trio entered the town of Spielburg.

"Let's split up and ask around" said Leela. "Someone here should know where Devon went off to."

Fry, Leela, and Bender split up. Leela walked down the street to the west, while Bender walked down the East Street. Fry walked up to the man sitting on a chair outside the building in front of him. Next to him, an ogre-like goon played with a yo-yo.

"Pardon me" he said.

"Welcome to Spielburg traveler" said the man. "I am the sheriff of this town and this is my right-hand man Otto."

The goon was doing a trick on his yo-yo. Fry recognized it as "Walking the Dog".

"I'm from Planet Express" said Fry. "My friends and I are looking for Devon Aidendale. You see, we have a parcel for him."

"The Devon you speak of is a hero in this land" said the sheriff. "Times have been peaceful since he left for a faraway land."

"Where?" asked Fry.

"To a land of desert. A place called Shapeir."

Leela opens the door to the guild and walks in. She's astounded by monster heads mounted to the wall.

A man sat in a rocking chair, sleeping.

Leela found a nearby book on the desk, the lastest entry read:

"I, Devon Aidendale have come to Spielburg to become a hero."

Leela's mouth dropped open in amazement.

Bender sat down at a stool in the bar.

"What'll it be?" asked the bartender.

"What have you got?" asked Bender.

"Ale, Troll Sweat, and Dragon's Breath!"

Bender's face cringed in disgust at the latter two drinks.

"I'll have ale" he said.

He paid one silver coin for his drink and slammed the mug's contents down his mouth until he could see the bottom.

The trio met at the entrance.

"I've learned from the sheriff that long ago, Devon left for the desert land of Shapeir" said Fry. "What did you learn?"

"Learn?" asked Bender, obviously drunk.

"He was the newest adventurer to sign his name at the Adventurer's Guild" said Leela.

"Ok" said Fry, "so we should head off for Shapeir first thing tomorrow. For now, let's go find a place to spend the night."

"But we don't have any money" said Fry.

"I spent all my silver on ale" said Bender.

"The keeper of the magic shop told me of a place to the north called Erana's Peace" said Leela. "Apparently, a powerful arch-mage is said to be buried there."

"This is it?" asked Fry.

The trio stands awestruck at the meadow of flowers. A single tree stands, fruit appearing and disappearing on its branches in the blink of an eye.

"It won't be long before nightfall" said Leela. "Let's all settle down and go to sleep until morning."

"Where?" asked Fry

"Anywhere" said Leela.

The trio sat down and lay their heads down upon the flowers. Never before had they felt so comfortable.

Soon, they fell asleep, just as the moon began to rise.

To Be Continued