Fan Fiction

Quest For Deliverance, Part 4
By Dwayne Anderson

Part 4

Past the gates of the town of Mordavia, Fry, Leela, and Bender were met by a small rock mound surrounded by a ring of beautiful flowers. A young girl with twin brown pigtails played with a doll in the ring.

"Let's take a look around town" said Fry. "Devon's legacy is quite fascinating if he's a hero in five lands, Mordavia being one of them."

Fry walks to the right side of the rock mound, Bender goes to the left.

Leela approaches the girl playing by the rock mound.

"Excuse me" she said.

The young girl looked up from her doll.

"I'm sorry" said Leela, "I didn't mean to interupt your game, but I'm a stranger to your town with my two friends."

The little girl doesn't reply.

"What's your name kid?" asked Leela.

"My name is Tanya and this is Vana" said the child. "What's your name?"

"Turanga Leela" said Leela. "I couldn't help but notice the beautiful flowers here in the town square around this rock. It is unusual for them to grow in such a dirty road."

"There used to be a magical staff on top of this rock which made the flowers grow so pretty" said Tanya. "I like to play here, but I still get a little sad sometimes."

"Why? What happened?" asked Leela.

"This is where Toby died."


"Toby was my best friend..."

Tanya sniffled. "...and I miss him. He gave Vana to me."

"He must have been very special to you."

"I miss Toby and aunt Trina. But it's good to be home again."

* * * * *

Fry walks into a small shop. Sitting on a rocking chair, a chubby woman is knitting. Black cats are everywhere Fry looks.

"Hello. Do you have any news?" she asked.

"What news?" asked Fry.

"I'm a gossip" said the woman. "You may call me Olga Stovich. My husband Boris works as the gatekeeper to the castle west of town."

"So you like to gossip?" asked Fry. "Do you have any rumours for me?"

"What would you like to know about?" asked Olga.

"Do you have any information about Devon Aidendale?"

"The hero of Mordavia was just here yesterday. He went to Erana's garden in the forest outside of town to gather flowers and water. He said that he was expecting a very important parcel."

"Well I'm the delivery boy" said Fry. "My friends and I are looking for him. We were told he now lives in Silmaria."

"Just a couple days ago, he was in Spielburg" said Olga. "He said he saw three people sleeping in the meadow known as Erana's peace."

Fry's eyes opened wide. He slapped himself in the head, realizing that they had missed their chance to see Devon while they slept in Spielburg.

Then Fry realized that Olga had mentioned a familiar name: Erana.

"She's just as famous as he is!" he said to himself.

"Would you also like to hear rumours of werewolves in the forest?" asked Olga.

"No thanks" said Fry.

* * * * *

Bender walks into a laboratory. It looks just like one used by a mad scientist.

Working on some experiments and writing on some paper, was a crazy-looking man dressed in a white lab coat. A green-skinned woman with long black hair was working with him.

"Quickly Igor! The fluid! I must have the fluid!"

The scientist spots Bender.

"Oh sorry" he said. "I thought Igor was coming in the assist me with my experiments."

He looks Bender over. "Oh my! A creature built by science instead of superstition! Further proof that there is no such thing in this world as magic!"

"My employer is a scientist" said Bender.

"That's just fantastic!" said the scientist.

"Who the heck are you?" asked Bender.

"My name is Dr. Cranium" said the scientist. "And this here is my assistant Frankie."

"What a weirdo!" Bender said to himself.

"I haven't had a visitor for quite a while" said Dr. Cranium. "The last visitor I had was the Prince of Shapier, and he had a scientific mind of his own! It's a pity he chose the career of an adventurer over that of a scientist."

"You are one crazy man!" Bender muttered to himself as he watched Frankie and Cranium at work.

* * * * *

Leela walks down the street to the west side of Mordavia. Before her, lurks an ominious building that looked like it had recently been burned from the inside.

"Hey baby! Want to light my pyre?" she hears a man call out to her. "Ha! A little graveyard humour there!"

Leela sees a strange hunchbacked man with red hair carving on some stones with his back to another building. She approaches him.

"Hello sir" she said. "My name is Leela."

"Me Igor" said the hunchback. "I be gravedigger."

"How's business?" asked Leela.

"Business is piling up. Customers not complain" said Igor.

He laughed. "Just a little graveyard humour there!"

Leela chuckled to herself.

"Igor, what happened to this building here?"

"Building was bad place. Building got burned down by stranger one year ago."

"He must be referring to Devon Aidendale" Leela thought to herself.

"Stranger who burned down monastary also Igor's friend. Igor's life saved by kind stranger. Igor working in grave, Igor fall in grave, gravestone fall on Igor, Igor in grave danger." He chuckled. "A little graveyard humour there! Igor trapped in grave, stranger come to cemetary, stranger lift grave, Igor saved! Igor be deadhead instead of redhead if not for hero friend! Ha ha! A little graveyard humour there!"

He continued to speak. "Stranger come back to town yesterday. Igor morgue happy than ever to see his friend." He laughed. "Morgue! A little graveyard humour there!"

By now, Leela was starting to find Igor's sense of humour a little annoying.

"So how's Devon today?"

"Well, not tomb bad" said Igor. He laughed. "A little graveyard humour there."

Now Leela had just about enough of Igor's graveyard humour. She opened the door of the building behind him and stepped in.

* * * * *

Fry opens the door to a small office.

"What is it this time?" asked a bearded man dressed like a russian.

"Hello sir" said Fry. "I'm a visitor to your town and I am looking for someone."

"More strangers?" asked the russian man. "We have been getting a lot of visitors since the son of Shapier's sultan cleansed Mordavia."

"By any chance" said Fry, "was his name Devon Aidendale? He's the man I'm looking for."

"As a matter of fact" said the russian man, "he was named Devon Aidendale."

"Who are you?" asked Fry.

"My name is Dimitri. I am the burgormeister of Mordavia, and the boyar of the castle to the west."

"Well Mr. Burgerking..."


"Whatever. Tell me about Devon."

"Actually, the story of his legacy began many years ago" said Dimitri. "My grandfather, the paladin Piotyr led an army to the cave of the Dark One to fight the cult plotting to summon a demon to this world. They were accompanied by the archmage Erana. Piotyr was the only survivor."

"Erana?" Fry asked himself.

"Sometime later, Piotyr vanished" Dimitri continued. "Many assumed he had run off, abandoning my grandmother before they were wed, and my family honor was destroyed. I grew up having lost all faith in heroes and paladins. Then, during Devon's stay here in Mordavia, he came into my office with Piotyr's sword. When he told me where it was found, I realized that my grandfather had been killed on a quest of great importance. I allowed Devon to keep the sword, and gave him Piotyr's shield. My family honor was restored."

"You mentioned Erana?" asked Fry.

"Erana died many years ago in the cave of the Dark One. She had sacrificed herself to prevent the Dark One itself from entering this world. By freeing her soul, Devon was able to help her banish the Dark One from Mordavia for good."

"So Mordavia was where Erana died?" Fry thought to himself. "But that means the meadow we slept in during our stay in Spielburg was not her final resting place!"

* * * * *

Leela looks around in the building where she has entered. It appears to be an adventurers guild. A step-o-matic machine with iron weights in twin baskets stands off to one side. A bookshelf with many books is on a wall.

Leela reads the book on the small desk. The last entry read: "Devon Aidendale, paladin, prince of Shapier."

As Leela turns back a few pages, she reads the story about Piotyr the Paladin and his victory over the Dark One's cult. The story also included a familiar name: Erana.

Hanging on the wall in front of her are several portraits. One reads, "Piotyr, Paladin". Another shows a picture of an atheletic muscular blonde. Printed on the portrait is "Devon Aidendale, paladin, prince of Shapier, hero of Mordavia."

Leela's eye widens in astonishment.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, Fry is taking a stroll through the forest, when he comes to a dead end. Off to one side is a strange looking bush. Past it, Fry can see a hut standing upon a rocky platform on top of a winding stone road. Human skulls stand on posts at the base of the road. A corpse was strung up on the nearby tree.

Fry steps back, then runs forth and leaps past the push.

* * * * *

"Bender? Have you seen Fry?" asked Leela meeting Bender at the flower ring.

"No, but I gotta tell you Leela" said Bender, "that professor is one crazy fellow!"

"Oh come on, Farnsworth's not that bad!" said Leela.

"I mean Dr. Cranium!" said Bender. "He's a mad scientist!"

"Where could Fry be?" asked Leela.

Little Tanya is still playing in the flower ring with Vana, she heard every word.

"I saw him go out past the gates and into the forest" she said.

"What is he thinking?!" asked Leela. "Come on Bender, let's go!"

* * * * *

Fry walks up the road to the hut. This is the strangest building he has ever seen in his entire life. Peering underneathe it, he sees a pair of chicken legs.

Shrugging his shoulders, Fry steps inside the hut.

Above the open door, Fry notices a bucket hanging on the roof.

"I know this trick!" he said to himself. "Yancey used to play that kind of joke on me!"

He runs underneathe the bucket and passes it by.

Suddenly, there's a puff of smoke. A strange, ugly woman with purple skin and green hair, dressed in a black, yellow, and red robe appears in front of him near the bubbling cauldron. Had Fry played Quest For Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness, he would have recognized her as the ogress Baba Yaga.

"Not very trusting is he kids?" she asked. "Good! It's not like I trust him!"

A large spider in its web in a corner above, and a black bat on the other side decline to comment.

"It's been quite a while since I had someone over for dinner" said Baba Yaga.

"Well" said Fry, "now that you mention it, I am kind of hungry."

What happened next took Fry completely by surprise.

"Floor quick! Make him stick!"

After Baba Yaga speaks those words, Fry suddenly found his shoes stuck to the floor.

Baba Yaga cackles with glee.

"Dinner will be on you tonight!" she laughs.

Fry suddenly realizes that he's walked into the lair of an cannibalistic ogress.

"Uh oh!" he said. "I'm in big trouble!"

To Be Continued