Fan Fiction

Quest For Deliverance part 8
By Dwayne Anderson

Part 8

On the island of Lymnos, a land consisting of a lush garden filled with flowers and a large toadstool shaped hut surrounded by minature stools shaped like mushrooms, a young muscular blonde man in his early twenties and a statuesque fairy redhead sat side by side upon two of the stools.

"Beloved, I've brought you something special for our anniversary" he said. He handed over a pouch of seeds. "Julanar gave these to me. I know how much you loved the last ones I gave you during courtship."

"These seeds are magical!" the fairy said in delight. "They shall make this garden even more beautiful than it already is."

"Of course, nothing is more beautiful than you."

He pulled out an amphora and poured some fluid from within into two glasses shaped like blosoming flowers. Then he placed a bouquet of flowers into the amphora.

"I got this water from your garden in Mordavia" he said. "And these flowers are from that place in Spielburg. While I was there, I saw three people sleeping there. I sure hope that parcel I ordered through Erasmus gets here in time."

The couple picked up the glasses and clanged them together.

"Happy anniversary beloved" the fairy said as they drank.

From within a bed of flowers, tiny whimpering could be heard.

"Excuse me beloved" said the fairy as she arose. "Piotyr is hungry."

She floated over to the flower bed and scooped up the baby. Floating back towards the toadstool shaped hut, she entered.

Suddenly, from within the sky, came the sound of rumbling. The man sensed danger.

He arose from his seat and looked up into the sky, only to see the Planet Express ship land nearby.

Fry, Leela, and Bender came walking down to the land.

"Well, here we are at last" said Leela. "Our journey is at an end."

The fairy came outside the hut after feeding the baby.

"Kalimera!" said the man. "That means good day here in Silmaria!"

"Pardon me sir" said Leela, "but by any chance, are you Devon Aidendale, the Prince of Shapeir, hero to the lands of Spielburg, Shapier, Tarna, Mordavia, and Silmaria?"

"I am."

"Oh finally!" the trio said in unison.

"Mr. Aidendale, we've been all over the planet hearing of your deeds" said Fry. "You're a legend! I must have your autograph!"

"That will be enough Fry" said Leela.

"Yeah I've seen you three before in Spielburg" said Devon.

"Why didn't you wake us up?" asked Fry.

"I had no idea you were the delivery people" said Devon.

"Oh that reminds me!" said Leela. "We brought your parcel Mr. Aidendale!"

Bender opens his comparment and takes out the package. Fry takes it and approaches Devon.

"Here's your parcel Devon" he said. "Or, rather it's for your wife. Salim told me that it's an anniversary present."

He gives the parcel to the fairy woman.

"Happy anniversary Erana" said Devon.

Fry and Leela dropped their mouths open in disbelief. "Erana?!" asked Fry. "I thought she died in Mordavia!"

"I did" said Erana.

"But how is she--?"

"Sit down" said Devon. "And I will tell you everything."

* * * * *

"During my stay here in Silmaria, I had a dream where I was standing outside the gates of Hades. Then I heard Erana's voice call out to me. During the Rite of Courage, I bribed Cerberus, the guardian of the gates, blasted my way past hordes of the undead, and collected the river Styx and bathing the King's Ring in the river Styx to complete the Ring of Truth. As I continued on my way, I heard Erana cry out my name. I met with the guardian of the dead who explained that my presence had disturbed the rest of two souls, Erana, the woman who I had heard so much of during my travels and who I communicated with in my dreams whenever I slept by the rocks where her staff stood in Mordavia, and Katrina, the woman I met in Mordavia who forced me to unwillingly summon the Dark One in Mordavia. Sacrificing a portion of my life essence, Erana was restored to life. And I must say, we make a perfect match."

"How romantic" said Leela.

"Of course, Erana wasn't the only woman I kissed in life, although she was the only one I kissed out of love. The first woman I kissed, or rather, kissed me, was Amelia Applebury, the healer of Spielburg, as thanks for finding and returning her lost ring. The second was Johari the leopard-woman which taught her about romance and ultimately forging an alliance between the two tribes of Tarna. The third woman I kissed was Elyssa of Mordavia. Years ago, she was murdered by her fiancee by being drowned."

"What a jerk!" said Leela.

"The spirit of Piotyr sent me on a quest to free her spirit. She haunted the lake as a rusulka, drowning all who dared approach her. Following the advice of the gypsies, I discovered her true name and how she died. Borrowing some of her hair and fashioning it into a broom, I swept the grave of her untrue lover and destroyed his spirit. I returned to the lake to discover that Elyssa was rotting away. I gave her a parting kiss and freed her spirit, allowing her to rest in peace."

"Wow what a guy!" said Fry.

"An old crone, a native girl, an undead, and now a fairy" said Bender. "Devon, you have really bad taste in women!"

"Well I think it's sweet" said Leela.

"The fourth woman I kissed was Erana, and it was the only kiss I ever did out of love."

"I never really thought anybody could truly love me" said Erana. "Who would have guessed that the man I marry was a fellow peacemaker?"

"Rakeesh did call her a paladin in all but name" said Devon. "My mentor who set me upon the path of the paladin would have died in Silmaria if I hadn't saved him."

"We've heard" said Leela.

"Being a paladin isn't easy" said Devon. "One of the path must go where he is most needed, seeking out distress until his life ends. While he follows this path, he may be forced to leave behind his wife and any children he has. My mentor regrets that he always had to leave his wife behind. However, the same cannot be said for me, cause wherever I go when I am needed, Erana follows me. We've saved a few more lands together. During our last adventure was where our son was born. We named him after the paladin who aided us in Mordavia."

"It is good to know that Mordavia is free from the Dark One" said Erana.

"Speaking of the Dark One," said Devon, "my unwilling summoning of the Dark One was the scariest moment of my life. On that night, I was forced to perform the rituals of summoning to bring Avoozl to life. Apparently, the cave itself was the Dark One. Had Erana and I not stopped it, this entity would have destroyed the world."

"In Mordavia, I had a dream where a mountain top burst open and a frightening demon appeared from the smoke. It's appearance and roar was not meant to be seen by mortal eyes or heard by mortal ears" said Fry.

"What you witnessed was what would have happened if Avoozl had arose" said Devon. "I experienced a vision like that in Mordavia."

Bender had snuck into the hut and had found Devon's equipment. "Hey Devon, what are these?" he asked.

Devon came into the hut. "Those are my tools as a paladin" he said. "The sword and shield belonged to Piotyr. The armour was found in the hydra's cave here in Silmaria, and the helm was given to me by the Famous Adventurer at the Famous Adventurers Correspondance School. The sword shows its true power when in the hands of a paladin."

Devon takes the sword by its hilt. Instantly, its blade is encased in blue flames. Bender steps back in horror.

"Don't be afraid" said Devon. "It is more of a symbol than a weapon."

Devon sets the sword down. The flame disappears as his hand leaves the hilt.

Outside, Erana opens the parcel.

"Just what I wanted!" she said. "More seeds!"

Fry, Bender, and Leela drop their mouths open in shock.

"They shall grace this garden" said Erana.

"Hold on just a darn minute!" said Leela. "We came all this way, travelling across the world, all to deliver seeds?!"

"They grow into flowers" said Erana. "Everybody likes flowers."

"Sure" said Bender. "I love flowers!"

A ring on Devon's finger begins to glow.

"My friend, the Ring of Truth upon my finger reveals your lie" said Devon.

"You can tell when someone is lying with that?" asked Fry.

"It's not called a Ring of Truth for nothing" said Devon.

"Uh guys" said Bender, "we've delivered the parcel. Shouldn't we get going back to Earth?"

"I'm sure the others are worried sick" said Leela. "We should get going and go home now."

"Well" said Fry. "At least we got to meet the legend himself, so the trip wasn't all a complete waste, even if we did deliver seeds."

Fry, Leela, and Bender climb back up into the ship.

"Bye Devon! Bye Erana" said Leela and Fry.

"May peace follow you everywhere" said Erana.

"Yassas" said Devon. "That is the Silmarian farewell."

* * * * *

The Planet Express ship leaves the atmosphere of Glorianna and begins the long flight back to Earth.

"What a trip" said Fry. "This is something I'll always remember."

"I can't believe we travelled all this way just to deliver seeds!" said Bender. "The professor owes us big time for this!"

"I wonder if we'll get paid overtime for this trip?" asked Leela.

* * * * *

"Happy anniversary Erana" said Devon as he embraces his wife.

"Happy anniversary to you too beloved" said Erana.

The couple lock their lips together in passion.

"Beloved, how do you think Piotyr would feel to have a little brother or sister?" asked Erana.

"Shall we find out together?" asked Devon.

 The End