Fan Fiction

Return to the Deep
By RockstarFee

Based on "The deep south"
After a full year of hazel being hired. There next delivery is a bit of a shock to the crew. But what will hazel think of the place they have to go to? FIND OUT. READ ON!


Hazel has moved in with bender and fry, and she lives in the corner of the living room in a miniature hammock.
It is 6:00am and hazel gets up to go to the toilet

Hazel: grrr I hate Mondays. I wish it was Saturday.. then I can party!

Fry: hazel is that you?

Hazel: yeah im just going toilet.

Fry: ok well watch out for the owls they wont leave

Hazel: okk woahh

Hazel slips on a banana skin on the floor, and they both from know on start shouting.
Bender turns on his radio but keeps it quite low

Fry: oh and watch out for the banana skin!

Hazel: yeah, thanks except you're a few seconds late

It zooms in on benders face, he turns on his radio really loud, playing "journey small town girl."

Fry: what?

Hazel: I said you're a few seconds behind what's happened

Fry: hazel, I can't hear you

Hazel: oh forget it!


At the planet express building, fry, bender, leela and amy are all gathered around the table

Leela: where is everybody?

Amy: I think hazel have gone to see therapist right guys

Fry: yeah, I think she's having some issues at the moment

Leela: what issues

Bender: what's it to you smelly? Since when did you care about her?

Leela: Bender are last argument was three days ago, and we are good friends awell.

Amy: not with all the arguments you have

Leela: well why has she gone to see a therapist

Fry: I think she's having some issues with her missing home

Leela: I thought she wanted to leave and go human

Fry: yeah she did, but she had to choose between leaving and staying

Amy: so why did she choose leave?

Fry: because she felt like she wasn't wanted there, she wanted to be with people that would want her

Leela: but what about her parents

Bender: parent Leela. Parent

Leela: what?

Fry: she doesn't have a mum, she died before she was born

Bender pulls out a cigar and starts smoking and puffing away

Leela: aww poor her, I can see why she's always so stressed.

Amy: wow, she's just like you! Except she has only has a dad, and shes sort of a mutant, but more like a mythological creature.. and she has a sister

Leela: right ok. Thanks for saying im like here when were technically completely different, so anyway… shes gone for stress?

Fry: yeah she has gone for stress. I guess she just cant take it because she's too young. And young girls sort of need there parents

Leela: think of how I feel, she knew her parents when she was young, I didn't, I was an orphan and always bullied!

Fry: yeah but she doenst have a mum and mums are always the most important person in the family… you have a mum, hazel isn't even welcome back to Atlanta now!, but I still think it would be good to see them again for her

Bender: if she misses them so much, why don't we just go visit them

Amy: but that means we will have to turn the ship into a giant fish again!

Fry: ah man, I can't be arsed doing that again

Leela: fry last time you didn't help at all, you were too busy going out to see that mermaid, Umbriel

The professor walks into the room with Hermes

Professor: good news everyone!

Bender: aww crap, this is going to be another gay delivery

Hermes: actually not quite bender

All(except prof + Hermes): what?

Hermes: you actually have two weeks off!

All(except prof + Hermes): WHAT?!

Bender: why do we have two weeks off?

Fry: are you hiring another body guard or butler or maid or what!?

Hermes: it seems that all delivery groups have gone on strick because we are the one's getting killed on nearly or most deliverys.

Professor: so, we have also joined the strick, since I have come to like this crew, I don't think id like to loose you

Bender: do we still get paid?

Hermes: yes and a hell of a lot more

Fry: hurray! Why?

Hermes: because the president needs us to go back to work and we wont, so hes paying us loads more so It will make us change our mind

Professor: but were not going to unless they get more security on our shipping.

Leela: but we have hazel... why would we need more

Hermes: we don't, we just don't really want to work because we need some time off

Bender: good, so do I, now its just kicking back and relaxing for two solid weeks... smoking, drinking, sex… what could be better

Leela: does it start today?

Hermes: unfortunately no, you have one last delivery today

Professor: now let's just see who we will need on this delivery

Hermes: we need leela, fry, and hazel

Bender: what about me?

Amy: and me?

Hermes: you too arnt really needed but you are welcome to go along If you want

Amy: yippee!

Bender: ahh what the hell might aswell go along.

Hermes: where is hazel?

Fry: she should be here in an hour

Hermes: good, because you cant go without here

Professor: crew can I have your attention please

The professor presses a red button which brings up a hologram of what they will be doing and where they will be going

Professor: now, on your delivery today, you will be delivery three large boxes of mermaid tail cosys.

Fry: huh?

Hermes: technically there like really big jumpers made for mermaids, they fit on the tail to keep them warm

Amy: wont they like shrink in the water or like come apart?

Professor: (the professor shows a hologramic diagram of the tail cosy) to put it simply, it is a large, waterproof, see-through material which has been designed to keep the mermaids tail warm in very cold waters, and designed also to keep them cool in hotter more warmer waters.

Leela: wow, that's sounds great, where exactly are we delivering them to?

Hermes: you will be delivering them to atalanta

Bender, fry, leela, amy: WHAT?!

Bender: we cant go there with hazel, she told us that she isn't welcome there anymore, they could be killed

Fry: you can be killed too!

Bender: no technically I cant, I can only be taken apart and things like that.

Amy: yeah so at least have some brain professor! We just can't go there with hazel!

Professor: im sorry but you have no choice, presides hazel is a body guard so she can protect you and herself from whatever mob awaits you

Leela: but what If hazel doesn't want to go?

Professor: she has no choice, if she wants two weeks off then (hazel walks in) she will have to go on the delivery today

Hazel sits down at the table with a big smile on her face

Hazel: what delivery

Professor: a delivery to…

Before the professor finishes, leela interrupts

Leela: a delivery to the water planet in the water section

Hazel: how dumb…

Leela gives hazel a evil look

Hazel: but cool anyway… I can swim and keep myself busy

Amy: oh you will be doing a lot of swimming where were going

Hazel: whats that supposed to mean

Leela: nothing, amy's just acting a bit weird

Leela leans over to amy and whispers to her

Leela: amy, shut up, we don't want hazel to know, she needs to come with us on this, we need protection

Amy: oh ok.

Leela and amy continue whispering to each other while across the table hazel is talking to bender and fry

Bender: so how was the nut house?

Hazel looks at bender sarcasticly

Hazel: oh it was just fine bender

bender: good, Im glad to hear it hazel.

Bender gets up and walks off towards the ship, leela and amy are soon to follow

Hazel: fry be honest, what are we doing, were are we going. Everyone is being weird towards me, is it something ive done

Fry: no hazel its just that … ahh I cant say it im sorry

Hazel: say what, fry what?!... please your scaring me

Hazel gets a worried look on her face and starts looking round madly, before she looks down at what shes wearing

Hazel: is it what im wearing?

Hazel stands up to show her new clothes that she now wears for work.
Short, stylish red shorts with two stripes on both sides, a red t-shirt with elbow length arms, like amys but red and stops above the belly button. Knee high black and red stripy socks and black trainers

Fry: no I think what your wearing is cool, I just think that I should tell you but I don't want to get you more worried than you are now. Im sorry

Fry gets up and walks off towards the ship, hazel is soon to follow, when everyone is on the ship, the professor radios into them


Professor: now remember, you don't have a scientist with you this time, ive attached the tail fins we made last time and the ship should be able to stand the more pressure this time.

Leela: ok professor will do. This will be a simple mission (looks at hazel) or a total disaster

Hazel: what? Sounding confused

Leela launches the ship off into the sky and soon they are flying off towards the place where the planet express ship sank in the episode "the deep south"
Hazel looks out the window, and see's that there not in space

Hazel: hay, how come were not in space

Bender: because were not going to space

Hazel: but amy said were going to the water planet in the water zone

Leela: well were going somewhere with water

Fry: is that bad?

Hazel: I don't like were this is going, I wish someone would tell me the truth

Hazel gets up and storms off to her room

fry: ah, I feel awful man. I wish we should of just told her

leela: if we told her, she mite not of come with us, she might of ran off, we cant just go back down there without proper protection, plus its illegal for us to fly without a body guard now

bender: exactly, so she wouldn't of had a choice

amy: yeah but she would of just ran off without caring, you know what she's like

leela: exactly we have to be careful, we don't want to get her too annoyed. We need protection

fry: right. Protection is good.

Leela: everyone hang on were going down

Leela takes the ship down to the bottom of the ocean floor

Leela: everyone hang on

Fry: I am hanging on… to my life!

Leela slowly lands the ship on the ocean floor and stops the ship

Leela: know amazingly I still have all of our breathers from last time and we've all taken our pressure pills

Amy: what about hazel?

Leela: since hazel is a mermaid, she can breath underwater for ages, therefore she dusnt need one.

Fry: aww, I hate these breathers, there horrible.

Leela: well that's tuff, now lets get the hover dolly and load up the crates, bender and amy follow me, fry go talk to hazel

Fry: ok but why me?

Leela: for some reason, hazel seems to trust you with all her feelings more than any of us

Fry: whatever.

Leela, amy and bender all walk off towards the cargo hold, while fry walks off to his room
Fry enters and see's hazel reading

Fry: I didn't no you red

Hazel stops crying immediately, and wipes her dry tears of her face

Hazel: I do but only when Im angry, It calms me down

Fry: oh.

Hazel: yeah

Fry: look hazel im sorry we had to bring you here. Its just that no one wanted to tell you because we thought that you would freak and run of, and if we didn't go on this delivery today then we would have had two weeks off

Hazel immediately bounces from he sad mood to a really hyper, energetic mood

Hazel: we have two weeks off?

Fry: yeah didn't the professor tell you?

Hazel: he doesn't tell me anything, but do we

Fry: yeah apparently all the delivery groups go on strike tomorrow and we get two weeks off and we get paid more for doing nothing!!!!

Hazel: why?

Fry: the president is going to pay us more so we will actually stop the strike and get the delivery work done, but we will only stop the strike if we get more protection!

Hazel: but this crew has me…

Fry: I know, but we just want the two weeks off, we can reject any new guards if we want

Hazel: oh that's good, I like working on my own, I seem to think I can get on with it all.

Fry: that good, so are you ready?

Hazel: well I think so… but I cant exactly just walk out there with you, they'd find it a bit suspicious

Fry: how?

Hazel: well mermaids can only live in the sea, there are no mermaids anywhere else except Atlanta right?

Fry: yeah

Hazel: so if I just walk out there with you lot, they will know its me, mermaids cant live on land, only I am the one who can because I made a chemical that can make me human on land

Fry: oh my god, amazingly I have an idea

Hazel: really?! Tell me

Fry: its simple really, you dress up like someone else and meet up with us outside the city, and then escort us to the city, tell them that you found us trying to deliver a package, but we got lost, so you escorted us there and then you can escort us out

Hazel: smart plan fry!... but im going to have to dress really differently…

Fry: why?

Hazel: mermaids are like the most intelligent creature in the world.
Someone is bound to recognize me if I don't dress up good enough

Fry: smarter than dolphins

Hazel: think about it, humans are really smart, even if there dumb, they still think of smart ideas

Fry: like me

Hazel: so humans combined with smart fish equals really smart creatures

Fry: cool, come on lets go meet the others

Fry and hazel walk out of there room down to the cargo hold, were the meet up with bender, amy and leela

Hazel: hay guys, guess what… fry just came up with a really really smart idea

Fry: yep I sure did

Leela, bender and amy all burst out laughing

Bender: seriously it was you wasn't it?

Hazel: no it truly was fry

They all laugh even harder, bender even falls to the floor

Hazel: you know what guys, I wish you would just grow up and be more mature, come on fry

Hazel and fry walk off to the air lock.

Leela: do you think that was nice of us, you know fry he can come up with ideas sometimes

Amy: yeah you're right probably, as always.

bender: but still it was kind of a funny shock

leela: yeah it was but harsh of us too

at the air lock, hazel and fry are preparing themselves

hazel: fry that was really awful of them to do that, you know like I said before, even the dumbest person can have the brightest ideas

fry: ive kind of got used to it know

hazel: what they have been doing this ever since I arrived

fry: no before you arrived

hazel: oh, well I think they should treat you more maturely especially leela.

Fry: I know and I am the oldest

Hazel: hmmm. Come on lets go

Hazel picks up a suitcase carrying her gear, she opens the airlock and it immediately floods

Hazel: well here wooahh

Hazel transforms into a mermaid.

Hazel: I didn't even finish but sentence oh well, come on fry.

Fry: we have to meet them lot around the cargo hold, lets go

Hazel: wait grab my hand, we can get there quicker because im a fast swimmer

Fry: fine then

Fry takes her hand and she swims off speedingly… Outside the cargo hold, leela, amy and bender all wait with the cargo

Leela: finally, now lets just get this done quickly because to be honest, I hate this place

Hazel: so do I but what are you going to do

Amy: well I think you guys are wrong, its beautiful I think

Hazel: you havnt lived her for 17 years, I however have!

Bender: wait didn't you leave when you were like seven years old and just live in random places for ten years?

Hazel: oh yeah!, ive completely forgotten about that because its bin a while.

Fry: can we just get on with this please

Hazel: oh yeah just give me a sec to change

Hazel puts on an old farmers costume, along with a beard, loads of waterproof make up and a different scaly tail.

Hazel: et voila! What do you guys think

Bender: excuse me have you seen hazel

Hazel: shut up bender its me

Bender: woah really? You look different

Fry: but she looks good!

Fry winks at hazel and she winks back, leela stares at them disgustingly

Leela: excuse me, can we get on with this please I want to go home and start my two week vacation early

Fry: right ok let's go

They all walk over to Atlanta, except for hazel that has to swim to get there before them.


When they get to finally get to her she walks them through Atlanta
All the merpeople look at them and her with smiles and wows and really nice thoughts
Hazel approaches a body guard at the palace and asks for colonel

Hazel: excuse me fine body guard, I would like to see the mayor, we have some guest's

Guard: indeed. Very good, what is your name

Hazel: my name?
Don't tell him your name, make something up, but make it believable
Uhhh… well my name is Jessie

Guard: Jessie? How pretty. Excuse me

The guard walks in, and soon in a few seconds he walks out with the mayor and his daughter umbriel at his side

Colonel: excuse me, is your name Jessie?

Jessie(hazel) yes it is indeed.

Umbriel: how come we've never seen you around before

Jessie: I don't really come out of my house that often

Umbriel: weird

Hazel looks at umbriel with evils glances

Colonel: we shall talk about that later umbriel, right not what is the trouble with the guest?

Jessie: well sir, they have breathers, so they've bin here before, and it's a delivery serice, they have come to deliver the new tail warmes

Umbriel: wait my dad didn't tell anyone what they were, he was going to make it a surprise

Jessie: well I know because the delivery group told

Umbriel: huh, I bet they did

Jessie: shut up stupid girl

Colonel: hay hay hay, no one talks to my daughter like that, see my In my office after

Jessie: but…

Umbriel: haha

Colonel: bring forth the crates

The two body guards lift the crates off the hover dolly and take them into the palace.

Umbriel: dad, havnt we seen that delivery crew before?

Colonel: yes I think we have, yes that's the fry that ran off on you

Umbriel: dad I told you never to bring that up

Colonel: oh mr fry… come here please

Fry walks over with a blank and plain look, he continually looks at hazel and leela

Fry: whats up sir

Colonel: please call me colonel… I think I remember you as Philip. J. fry, correct?

Fry: yes but everyone just calls me fry

Colonel: ok then fry, you remember my daughter? Umbriel

Fry: I think I have a picture

Fry goes into his pocket and brings out his wallet, he pulls out a picture of him and leela, him and michelle, and picture of him and umbriel

Fry: oh her, the one I ditched

Umbriel: yes fry… thank you

Umbriel moves closer in on fry as if shes ready to kill him

Umbriel: you left me with no partner to the ball a week from then and plus I couldn't release my eggs. WHY?!

Fry: I cant do it with you, im a human, im not a mermaid

Umbriel: but still we can be together right?..

Fry: well.. uhh

Umbriel: RIGHT?..

Umbriel starts to get angryier, and starts to move in on a punch

Fry: well id love to but I cant, because I have to go bye

Fry runs off and the rest of the crew follow, hazel swims with them

Umbriel: dad that Jessie girl is getting away, get her!

Colonel: alright darling, guards, get that Jessie girl

Guards: right

The guards swim after Jessie and they catch her in a net, while other guards surround the crew and take them in to.

Colonel: take them to the room for questioning

Jessie: for what? What have I done?

Umbriel: you assaulted me you little brat and you'll pay for it

Jessie: fanny head

Umbriel: how dare you call me such a thing… and only my other sister is supposed to say that.

Jessie: yeah well ive heard your sister call it you, but im not your sister am i…

Umbriel: well we will soon find out wont we?

Umbriel walks off inside with her dad

Jessie: what?


Colonel: now, we all know why we are here

Jessie: actually no we don't

Leela: hazel shut up

Jessie: no, I want to know what gives them the right to tie me and this innocent crew up

Colonel: perhaps the girl is right, untie the crew but do not release them but as for this girl keep her locked up

Jessie: what I haven't done anything

Colonel: you have assaulted my daughter and have bin very cheeky and cocky towards other folk

Umbriel: in fact we have never seen you around here and we know every mermaid in this city

Jessie: so im new, did you ever think of that?

Umbriel: but If your new then where did you come from?

Jessie: another part of this ocean

Colonel: you couldn't of, there is only one place where mermaids can come from and that is here, so I think someone must be lying

Jessie: im not I sware im not

Umbriel: what is your full name?

Jessie: Jessie formic

Umbriel: hmm.. Give us a sec

Fry, leela and bender all talk to each other

A guard listens to everything they say and jots it down

Fry: poor hazel, she must be feeling really scared that she's confronting her father

Amy: and her sister

Bender: they're going to find her out soon guys, we've go to keep her covered

Fry: yeah but what can we do, they'll find out that's Jessie is a made up person and that she is really called hazel and she is the daughter and sister of them two that are arguing at her

Bender: woah fry too much

Fry: sorry

Leela: shh keep quiet I think the guards can hear us

The guards walk off to find the colonel, leela and everyone are now unguarded and they find there chance to escape

Leela: now's are chance lets get hazel and go

Umbriel: I don't think so actually

Fry: umbriel, stay out of this

Umbriel: huh I don't think I will, I truly know that there is no Jessie formic and it is…

Umbriel rips off all of hazels cosutume to reveal…

Umbriel: HAZEL!!

Hazel: arg. Wow you actually found it out after like three hours, no whonder why you are so smart!... but as soon as im out im going to rip your head off

Umbriel: ha. Like they'll ever release a nut job like you

Hazel: yeah but im not the one that is as stupid as you…

Umbriel: never mind, im just going to go get dad, and show him that your back, he wont be too pleased will he?

Hazel: grrrr fanny head

Umbriel: shut up

Umbriel walks off, while leela and fry run up to hazel and untie her

Fry: come on hazel we need to get out of her now

Leela: or your screwed

Hazel: so are you

Bender: actually were not were just the delivery crew.. woohoo

Hazel, fry, bender, leela and amy all run outside

Amy: its too far, we cant swim that fast, we wont get to the ship in time

Hazel: oh yes we will, fry and bender, both grab my hands, leela grab onto fry and amy grab onto bender

Amy: ewe I aren't grabbing Ben..

Hazel: Amy, I doesn't matter, right now I want to get outta hear, just grab on and hold on this could get bumpy

Hazel soon speeds off out of Atlanta, while there outside the palace, the colonel and umbriel swim outside

Umbriel: dad I sware it was her, she was there in the seat

Colonel: I know darling, but I sure would of like to have said sorry for everything I said

Umbriel: dad she was being horrible to you in there

Colonel: I know and I deserved it, but I want my other daughter back, its better with two

Umbriel: so im no good

Colonel: darling I love you a lot, I just want her back aswell… I miss her

It goes to his eye vision looking at her fading away in the distance

Back on the planet express ship, everyone climbs in through the air lock, while leela and hazel put the hover dolly back in the cargo bay hold

Hazel: so how is things with fry?

Leela: nothings happening… really, he seems to like you more

Hazel: leela, fry likes me a really good mate, he has no feeling for me, its you the only reason why he would look at me is if he was stuck

Leela: how do you know?

Hazel: because he tells me everything and he's told me that he wants to be with you, not with me

Leela: oh, I see. Maybe I should tell him my feelings too.

Hazel: yeah it might work out for both of you, I mean having people that love you around you is good. It means that people care for you, no matter what you look like

Leela: thanks hazel, I didn't know you could be so helpful

Hazel: neither did I actually, but my dad always told me to help others before myself, which is why today I wanted to try and get you out of there, I was fearing for your lives instead of mine

They both start walking back to the bridge

Leela: but you were the one in danger not us

Hazel: but if my father still did hate me a lot, he probably would of resorted into feeding me and you to the fish, I could of survived but I don't know about you

Leela: wow hazel, that's really thoughtful of you, how can you be so caring

Hazel: my dad always told me that I was exactly like my mum and I should be like her, caring, honorable, friendly, kind and things like that and It will get me new friends, and it has!

Leela: yep it has… so you do know I was being sarcastic about the caring thing?

Hazel: oh yeah!

Leela sits down in the drivers seat but remembers that she has to talk to fry
So she takes the ship off out of the water, and puts it on auto pilot and talks to fry

Leela: fry can we talk?

Fry: sure

Leela: well I would like you to come over to my apartment tonight; ive got some new things id like to show you, that is if you're not doing anything?

Leela winks at fry continuously but its not average winks, its like sexy winks =).

Fry plays along with everything

Fry: ohhh ok, so ill be around about an hour after work finishes

Leela: cool with me, see you there hottie

She turns around and sits back down and takes the ship off auto pilot, fry and bender both walk off to there room leaving leela, amy and hazel on the bridge

Leela: ive decided that im going to do it with fry tonight

Hazel: what have sex with him?

Amy: but your barley going out!

Leela: yeah I know, but ive also decided that im going to ask him out

Hazel: really? Aww that's good leela! He will be soo pleased

Amy: yeah you two will make a lovely couple

Leela: thanks I hope we will and I hope hes say yes.

Hazel: well he told me that whenever you invited him round to your house, he was going to ask you out?

Leela: really??

Hazel: hell yeah!

Amy: aww hes like mostly really desperate though isn't he?

Leela: yeah, hes kind of kept his asking outings to himself, he kind of doesn't ask me out much anymore that much

Hazel: well its good, he showing you that's he trying to be more mature

Amy: exactly why its good

Hazel: but you know you shouldn't change yourself for someone you care for

Leela: yeah exactly and ive finally decided that I like him how he is

Amy: good. Were glad the hear it leela

They continue while in frys room

Fry: hay bender guess what

Bender: no

Fry: bender?

Bender: no

Fry: benders great

Bender: no, aww jeez why do you always do that to me

Fry: sorry it kind of puts you off

Bender: yeah it does meat bag, now what's up

Fry: leela has invited me round to her apartment tonight and I might be having sex with her, so you can have the apartment tonight

Bender: good, I will go and get some smokes and drinks after work and get some hooker bots in as well

Fry: ok well have fun with that, but now I think I will have a rest… im going to be up all night doing god knows what!

Bender: mind if I come along and video it?

Fry: bender!!

Bender: what I need really live porn on my site! So I can get more hits

Fry: unbelievable.

it starts to zoom out of the ship and the theme tune music starts playing