Fan Fiction

The Kroker Family, part 1
By Rose Keeling

It has been 20 years since Kiff gave birth to their children. Amy and Kiff were on their way to his home planet at watch their children come out of the swamp. Amy was asleep while Kiff was driving. As Kiff looked at the stars around him he thought about the day they were born how they promised each other that no matter what they would always love each other and kept that promised even when he left her because of her being attracted to bad boys. When they got back together they promised to never leave each other again. Amy woke up and looked out the window and looked at the stars and then smiled at her fon fon ru he smiled back.

They landed by the swamp and saw their children coming on to land. They were covered in mud.

3 little children walked to Amy and Kiff. Kiff rinsed them off with water and Amy wrapped them in towels. There was a girl and 2 boys, The girl had 2 eyes like her father and long purple hair.

The boys had one eye , one had purple hair the other was bald. Amy got a bag out of the car and gave them clothes and shoes. As Amy dressed the children Kiff sat in the car looking at his phone as he read a text from Zapp. Amy and his children got in the car and left the planet back to earth. They named their children Bethany, Carl, and Dan. Bethany was like Leela, Carl had his own personality, and Dan was like Kiff. On the way back home Bethany, Carl, and Dan slept while Amy watched them slept and fell asleep herself. Kiff was driving home and looked at the stars.

Finally they were home. Kiff unlocked the door then held Carl and Dan in hid arms while Amy held Bethany in hers. They were still asleep so they took them to their rooms and put them in their beds They went to bed them selves. Amy was tired for some reason and Kiff was tired from driving all day. That night Kiff ordered a pizza, Amy made popcorn and found a movie for them to watch . Bethany, Carl, and Dan came down the stairs and sat on the coach with their parents and watched movies and ate pizza and popcorn. While Amy got them ready for bed Kiff was in bed waiting reading a book. Amy got into bed and turned out the light, Kiff put his book away and laid next to her. They suggled and fell asleep. He was woken up by Ben how was by his side of the bed so Kiff picked him up and lied him next to Amy and all three of them slept.

It was a sunny Saturday morning. Kiff and Amy were in the dinning room with Bethany, Carl, and Dan eating breakfast. Amy was drinking coffee and looked ill. Dan stayed next to her and looked at his dad with worry in his eye.

" Dan why don't you go outside and play with your brother and sister" Kiff told him.

When Dan was gone kiff looked at her . He sat next to her and she looked tired.

"Are you ok?" he asked her with worry in his eyes.

"Kiff, I'm pregnant," she said with a smile on her face.

He smiled hugged her and kissed her. She kissed him back and went upstairs. She got dressed and came back down. Kiff and Amy took the kids to the park. Later that night as Amy was putting them to bed they looked at her.

"Mom are you going to have a baby?" Den asked while Amy was reading them a story.

Dan was a smart kid for a 5 year old, Carl was pretty bright as well, Bethany was just as smart as her brothers, even she knew Amy was pregnant.

Amy told them what they already knew and they were just as happy as their dad was. They went fast asleep in their bed even Dan how always would sneak into his parents bedroom at night for some reason. After a week of being with Amy and Kiff he finally stopped doing that and stayed in his bed. He was scared to sleep in a bed by him self. Know he could, Amy kinda missed him sleeping in their bed but happy that he felt safe.