Fan Fiction

The Kroker Family, part 2
By Rose Keeling

Amy heard a scream from Dan's room so she got out of bed and headed to his room. When she entered the room Dan was under his bed.

Amy: Dan what are you doing under your bed?

Amy looked up and saw Carl on the celling; she looked angry and looked him. He crawled of the celling and left the room. She went downstairs and started breakfast, Bethany was watching her cook and gave Carl a I told you so look ; he didn't saw a word. Dan and Kiff came down the stairs and sat at the table; as Kiff drank his coffee he noticed Bethany looking at her brother.

Kiff: Carl what did you do?

Carl: climed the celling and made him hide under bed.

Kiff: You know your mom told you not to climed in the house.

Carl: Sorry Dad

Amy put breakfast on the table and sat down by Kiff and handed Carl his plate. Dan smiled at her and started eating his eggs. Bethany and Carl just stared ate one another and smiled. Amy was drinking orange juice and eating a piece of toast. Amy was still tired and having morning sickness.

She was 3 months pregnant and looked it. She was a work from home mom; during the day she would work on projects in her lab which was in the sub basement under the house. After the kids got home she did everything else.

Amy was working in the lab and heard some enter but she smiled and turned. It was Kiff; he looked like he had been in a war, his uniform was torn and had cuts all over his arms and legs. Her smile turned into a frown and looked at him.

Amy: Kiff what happened?

Kiff: Zapp

Amy: I'll get the first aid kit.

Kiff: Ok

He sat down and unbutton his uniform or what was left of it. Amy doctored his wounds and fixed is uniform for him. He watched her and smiled at her; she was happy that he came home alive and not hurt to bad. He changed and went back down to the lab . As he entered he heard puking sounds; he had brought lunch for them.

Amy looked pale , she was wearing her lab coat and a pink dress under it with white flats. He handed her a small salad with a glass of water. As they ate he could do nothing but look at her with lustful eyes. It had been awhile since they were alone, he looked at her hand which had a wedding ring . Kiff and Amy had been married for 9 years. They were Fon Fon Rus and had been since 3008, after he died she slept with zapp; they got back together and 2 years later they broke up again. She dated Bender and he dumped her after they legalized robot sexual marriage ; Kiff came back and they got back together and 4 years later they eloped to New Las Vegas and came back; after that they moved into a house and she worked until their children came out of the swamp.

Amy: What is Kiff?

Amy: Kiff are you ok?

Kiff: Never better

Their romantic moment lasted about an hour. She turned out the light in the lab. The phone rang and he picked it up and heard a voice he could never forget. It was his father in law.

Mr. Wong: Hay , is my daughter there?

Amy: Hi Dad, what's up?

Mr. Wong: Nothing. How are my grandchildren?

Amy: Great

Mr. Wong: How does your husband like being a dad laughing to him self.

Amy: He loves it and we are having another one soon and she hung up the phone.

He looks at her with a worried look on his face. She looked upset and started to drink some more of her water

Kiff: Amy are you ok?

Amy: Yes, Why?

Kiff: Will , You never do that to your father.

Amy: I don't like it when he says things like that and never have.

Kiff: Amy, You have been like this since......

Amy: Since what? Since I have been pregnant!

Kiff: Will, Yes. Amy just calm down, your dad has been like this since I meet him. Besides, I am used to it .

Amy: I'm sorry sweety, I don't know how to control my feeling right know and you know how it is when you are pregnant. How did you do it?

Kiff: I really don't know. I went off on Zapp a few times, but that's me. Just like... You did.

She smiled and walked away with her water. Kiff was happy about the baby but forgot what she had to deal with. He went up the stairs and where she was, he noticed their bedroom door closed . Amy was laying down with her head under the covers and half asleep. She looked tired; he got under the covers and put his hand on where the baby was. She turned around and smiled; as they kissed and snuggled she felt something she hadn't in 3 months. He was in the mode to do what she loved to do most with him.