Fan Fiction

Let's Fix Time
By Robert Stewart

“Good news, everyone!” The professor exclaimed.

Then to a chorus of boos from the PE crew, until he hollered “Shut up you fools!”

At their stunned looks he quavered. “That’s better. Now remember that run that you guys did just to the other side of the city? And then that run through the hyperspace that you do once a month? Well this time you have a two stop run. Just those two ones. Then right after Amy’s parents will already be in town and through with their meeting with Leela’s parents on a ne business venture.

All they have to do is sign the final paperwork , so they have already arranged to have a dinner here to celebrate, and also no worries about mutants being uncomfortable. It will be a catered affair. And also Amy and Leela they have commissioned a world famous artist to paint the dinner portrait.”

“Oh Professor how wonderful Amy and I were just commenting on how much our parents will make and be happy in this joint venture.”

Bender said somewhat under his breath. “Too bad they can’t kick some moolah this way.”

Leela commented. “ I heard that. If you had just agreed to bend the girders you would have made some money. Instead you wanted kickbacks from every construction worker’s pay. I’m glad Amy’s dad just paid the robot mafia off.”

“Sanctimonious old man” Bender whispered to Fry.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” Fry whispered back then continuing on in a normal voice. “Ain’t that where those two nice security guards work?”

All of the rest of the crew chimed in with agreement. Amy commented on how dreamy the guys were in their uniforms, that had the patch Marloc on their shoulders. Leela appreciated how they made the delivery easy even with all of the complex security procedures, that they once told her was the Redline system. Fry liked the guys because they were science fiction nuts like him.

So it was with very high hopes that the crew took their places inside the ship. The cargo was loaded and the coordinates place into the ship’s computer. Leela had made this run a lot of times and even though it was a second run added, that also was to a very familiar place. She was not anticipating any slipups. And I can tell you ahead of time they did not make any mistakes.

But they did have a unfortunate thing happen on the first run. One of the Roberts’ was off that day. Fry asked for the rest crew. “Hey Robert where is the other Robert that is usually here with you?”

“This is his day off. You guys picked one of the two bad days when either of us has a day off and we partner with him.”

The guard that Robert pointed to, was a nice enough looking chap, olive skin and dark hair. But his eyes looked only at you, gave you the feeling that he didn’t see your humanity. Fry had dealt with him before, and when working with him you were never really working with him only working there at the same time.

So Fry went off with Roberto with the manifest list and everyone’s I.D. It was so boring being with Roberto. Both Robert’s had stories and fun little facts that makes the whole process easier to take. Like Martin Landeau was the first choice for Kirk. Or there is a Kirk Douglas alien episode that directly correlates the Negro struggle at the time. Because no matter what it took an hour to do.

Meanwhile Leela and the rest of the crew busied themselves with the myriad other things that a delivery ship must do. The routing and the constant communication back to home. Amy was keeping up with her studies to keep her internship intact. Bender was studying how to make beer. He figured that if he only drank a keg he would still be profitable if he could limit Fry to one glass a day. Wait he thought if I sold Fry that glass I would be guaranteed some m oney in this venture.

Leela finally sat back and told the crew that her plotting the course that would take them into space was finished. We must hyperspace jumpm again.

Amy complained, “You know that that makes my puff sort of like an afro an hour. Bender I will not pay any more blackmail. So no pictures!”

“Make sure yhou tell Fry. He’s becoming a good apprentice for me. It was his idea to blackmail you. I just took a picture when he said to. I’m succeeding in corrupting my little buddy.”

And then to Leela, who was frowning at him, he added. “You didn’t want him big feets so he’s mine to corrupt!”

“It’s feet, but oh well.” Leela then gave an exasperated sigh.

She had been leaning back and daydreaming about the dinner that she was going to attend. She knew that her parents were gracious, and this would make the Wongs be on their best behavior as Mr. Wong would want to show off any culture that he had absorbed. Oh well she could always just concentrate on talking with Mrs. Wong. She had the time to watch the Create channel and she was always starting a new hobby. Last time they had gotten together she had just watched some old show about painting landscapes by someone named Bob Ross. And after thjat came on a fine art program called Kaspired. Come to think about it, that Bob Ross had a puffy afro like Amy would get when we make this run through hyperspace.

Leela continuing on in thought. Amy actually looked pretty cute that way. She’s lucky she always looks good. I bet it’s the money that she spends on makeup.

Amy also was thinking because she had finished her assignment she was just getting ready to email it out. I wish that I looked as good as Leela. Every man eyes goes first to her. I wonder if it’s that lipstick shade. I still haven’t found out where she gets it from.

Leela then thought about the fact that she has to order some more lipstick. She liked that she orders it through a hospital that was named after a famous female athelete of the times. It was a nice way to support children. Yeah it cost a whole lot more but she could afford it. I’m lucky that the Professor allows us to basically live free.

Amy was also thinking about the children’s hospital named after the female athelete. She wanted to give more to them. She was already giving them her paycheck through the professor because she didn’t really need it. Her father still gave her an allowance and she usually still dropped some of that off to the hospital change jar. She has gotten real good at folding up a $1000.00 dollar Nixon funbuck so it looked like a dollar bill. She could imagine the surprise on the volunteers faces when they unwrap it.

Fry came i9nto the control room of the ship. “Let’s blow this place. That Roberto is just creepy. You know what he told Robert as I was leaving? ‘You do the outside patrols this weather has made me to mad to do any outside patrols.’ And this was right after Robert had came back from doing the inside patrol. So now Robert had to do a double patrol. Then Robert was going to have to do some extra stuff because of the weather. Leela have you copmpensated for this lovely snow?”

“Oh yes. We’ll drive up right through this. This snow is a heavy wet snow. We don’t have any wind to buffet us at all except at 25,000 feet. Actually as we are going east it will help push us up and faster. Save a little bit on fuel. I hate hearing the Professor always complaining about costs.”

“Fry then asked Bender in a whisper. “Are we gonna hyperjump and are you ready.”

“Naw, she said she won’t pay. We’ll have to think up a new caper.”

So the planet Express crew blasted off from the RUBBER research facility. They then basted through the atmosphere and out into space. It will take 3 hours for them to get out of the immediate gravity well of the sun. Their delivery was to free space research facility that checked deep space. The station was named Deep Space Eighty-one.

Then they would go in reverse after dropping off. It would however take 2 hours to manuaver the huge package through the dock doors in zero G conditions. You have to move the package slow because even though there was no weight, there is mass still. One way to think of mass is too think of it as weight moving. It takes power to start it. More to speed anything it is up. Then much more to slow it, whatever it is, up. And much more to stop it, no matter what it, is.

Bender was wonderful stevedore. With Fry and Leela working the ship and the holds of both the ship and the space station. Fry was especially adept of the job of working the outer door of the space lock. Leela matched the speeds of the angular momentum of the load and the ship to the space station. Bender manuavered the load. And Fry was able to work the lock for the Space Station. Space stations have found that by turning over the outside door of the airlock over that they don’t have to waste time away from their research waiting on speed matching and the load to come in.

So the P/E crew had unloaded with no problems. They had cleared the 2nd hyperspace jump. Fry had taken a picture as soon as they came out of hyperspace, The reason was part habit and the fact that the one he had taken on the 1st jump was too late. This time he was sure he got it. He was using the miniature poloroid and to develop it you just fed it into a robot and 10 seconds later the picture fed out.

And where it came out of Bender was another thing that embarrassed Amy. Anyhow Bender and Fry were chuckling over the picture of Afro Amy. When they Leela heard cry out, “It’s not fair!”

“What’s the matter?!” “What’s wrong Toots!?” They shouted in unison as they burst back into the Control room.

Leela said with a sigh.”I’m sorry guys its just me having a girl moment. And Amy I apologize to you as well. I might as well confess. See I actually enjoy that hour of you with a ‘fro because I can fantasize that I look better than you. After a few moments to check our bearings and space status I looked up and your hair was normal. It startled me for a second and that is why I said ‘It’s not fair.’” Then she started to cry quietly and softly.

Amy went over and gave her a hug. “Don’t worry Leela, I only minded my hair because I’m jealous of your looks.”

“Really?” This was said with a sniffle.

“Really!” This was said with a strong comforting squeeze. And it was accompanied with a great toothy smile.

Fry then went over and gave both girls a group hug. “There, there feeling better, then let’s get to that dinner girls. I want to make a good impression on someone’s parents!”

The P/E crew came out of space, and below them Earth was enjoying a gorgeous sunshiny day. Fry in his best Spock imitation voice said. “The temperature when we land is going to be a balmy 84 degrees. The girls might want to wear minis.”

“Fry, your instruments must be off or you’re daft. When we left it was 33 degrees and snowing. Amy replied. “See I wrote must go shopping for snowsuit as soon as I get back in my journal slash clothes inventory.”

“That weather is also in my Ship’s log. I want to know what gives?” Asked Leela.

“I…I don’t kn…kn…know. But you know Leela that I work the science controls very well!”

“Yes you do dear. And I won’t question your expertise. So let’s get down there closer and get to our loved ones and find out what is going on.”

As they got closer they could see the devastation. It seemed like the whole earth was blown to bits. Fry had already seen it because he used the telescope after his reading of the atmosphere. He was just too horrified to comment. Everything had taken a hit and had some kind of damage.

When they landed through the shattered roof of their building, they went looking through the rubble to find some answers. They were concerned because the Professor rarely left his building. And they also didn’t know where their respective parents of the girls might be. Unfortunately they found Mrs. and Mrs. In the TV room. The room was in shambles and the DVD player was broken with the DVD slot open. In it was the movie Houdini starring TONY CURTIS.

The girls were crying horrified by the sight of their mothers on the couch with their bodies full of shrapnel from the blown wall.

Nobody could say anything looking at the sight. Until Bender said at least they had the good taste to watch a classic handsome movie heartthrob.

Fry ran away, he had to get away from this horrible sight. However doing so took him right into the Professor’s lab. He must’ve had something on because the destruction in here wasn’t as great. They found the Leela’s father and Mr. Wong grievously wounded. If only they could get them to a hospital. No it was too late. They expired right there in front of them. Both girls just started bawling. It was too much.

Fry looked around and spotted the Professor. He too was badly wounded. He had had a heavy piece of machinery fall upon him. It had only pinned one arm. He had passed out from the shock of it repeatedly since it happened. But he struggled to consciousness when he heard the girls bawling. And had come fully out of it when Fry shouted Professor.

“Is that you m’boy?” Quavered the Professor.

“Let’s get this off of you?”

“No, I…I mean not yet. It stops the pain somehow.”

“Professor the girls found their parents dead here and you here on the floor accounts for everybody. “

“Everybody?” The professor said with a confused look.

“What the hell happened? Did you do something?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing.”

“Whatever do you mean?”

“Sometime after you guys left here. The news came on about a psycho that glowed with radioactivity. It must’ve given him some type of ability, because he could fly very fast. First he flew over to the old Russian countryside. He would drop in on old missile silos and force his way in and set off those nuclear tipped rockets. Then he dropped in on China and did the same thing. He then worked his way back here by going through Iran and Pakistan. Then India, Israel. Then down through Kenya and South Africa. Back across the Atlantic to some secret bases we had forgotten we had put into the Amazonian jungle. Up and he hit the USA then across to Europe. By this time we had figured out that it was a man. We had backtracked the radar signature. He had came from your first run.”

“But everything looks blown up.”

“Greed m’boy, it was greed pure and simple. Of course people tried to stop these missiles. But with misunderstandings as to the purpose of mobilization armies were called into action. Everybody started fighting everybody. I watched world reports and saw firsthand as it went from countries to tribes and then to local politics. War took over them until it came down to individuals. So sad a day for us humans.”

“Then what happened.”

“All during this time the man that was radioactive would follow the nuclear devises down and get in the middle of the explosions. It seemed to feed him somehow and he would get stronger. We could tell because it would take bigger hits to faze him or slow him up a little.”

“You mean this thing is still alive?”

“No I watched him go into the sun. He must’ve figured he was powerful enough to take it. He wasn’t. The sun overpowered him just as he got inside of mercury’s orbit. He blew up. I cheered because I knew he was the cause of all of this destruction.

They did interview a security guard there who said that his shift mate just came out and looked at him. There was alarms going off, but as he was working them. The guy just took the computer mouse of all the different computers and started eating them. He had said that the guy hadn’t answered the radio when the alarms started coming in. Then some higher authorities then theorized that he had fell into some kind of vat. That had altered his body. Any moron could’ve figured something like that happened.”

All of this was said with the Professor fighting pain. It took a little while for him to get this all out. By this time the ladies had came up and listened in on at least three fourths of the professor’s explanation of things.

Bender said with some regret in his voice. “At least let me get this off of you sir.”


“Why not?”

“I don’t want Fry and Leela to see their child crushed like this.”


“Normally when you guys go on a run I babysit. I was holding the child in my arm when this fell on me. I see how flat it is to the floor. It’s not my arm I’m really worried about.”

“Professor we don’t have any children.”

“Hmmm. Then you must be time travelers.”

“How do you know?”

Jumping through hyperspace naturally involves reentering our space at a point in time. Since the universe divides every time there is a decision then you have a myriad of possibilities to choose from. Since you make a choice you naturally make all of the choices. So somewhere you messed up and entered this timeline on which you have a child. You must find yours. I suggest that you go to the HYPERBEINGS. They would get you the correct answers since they see everything in their hyperspace.

You mean go to ether space?”

“Yes, there’s nothing for you here. And I want to quote an old song before I pass away.”

The professor cleared his throat and sang:

“Through eternal night
the twinkling of starlight
So very far away
Maybe it’s only yesterday”

And then the Professor gave up the ghost. The P/E crew just looked at each other in shock. Their minds were processing all of the information given to them. It looked like total disaster. There was even a loss that they had, no idea what they had even lost.

The Professor hadn’t told them anything about the child. They didn’t know about him or her. Babies have a lot of personality. Some people may think that a baby is just lying there. But that baby is absorbing a lot of society rules and personalizing them and internalizing them. This is very important to development of the human race. All of our morals that you incorporate into your everyday life starts right from the emergence of you from the womb. We are under-standing more and more babies and even their effect on those of us who are older.

I can tell you as a grandparent how much sometimes it makes my day when I see babies with their moms and dads in the stores. It reminds me of the nice things about being older and the responsibility of imparting my wisdom to another generation. Training up a child in the way they should go, means imparting truth to them. Truths like the basic truth of our Lord, to the mathematical truth of 2+2=4, to the scientific principal of cause and effect. Plus I want to tell you, that my wife suffering with the effects of stage 4 breast cancer and the chemo and radiation treatments. She always could perk up by looking at a child. I use to call her attention to them just to see the smile on her face. And it seems like they would know she was going through something, as they gave her a serious look then the smile would come. It was like they were saying to her. Everything is going to be all right. And you know what it, will be all right.

All of a sudden Leela said. “Come on guys to the ship. This world may have died, but our world has not died and will not die today!”

“What are we going to do?”

“We will do the Professor’s last words of course. We are going to find these hyper beings and fix time.”

The P/E crew blasted into space. They rocketed out to where they could enter hyperspace. They entered hyperspace after covering all of the windows. Then Fry because of his unique brain pattern put out a mental call. Everybody had sat back into a meditative repose. Amy was in a perfect Lotus position. Bender had struck a pose something like Wolowitz on the Big Bang Theory portrait. Leela was reclined on her pilot’s control couch, fingers loosely linked on her abdomen. Fry had his left hand on his chin and his right hand with his index finger pointed at his temple, as he concentrated on calling.

Contact! Everybody stiffened a little in their poses. We sense your problem and we are aware of what happened when you reentered low or in your case normal space. We are imprinting your course on the one that’s most capable of following the exact course that’s necessary

The P/E crew gave their thanks in their native brain speech. (BENDERBINARY), AMY (CANTONESE),LEELAASKBOB),(FRY60’s POP) Right on muy ben mi amigo Anytime, anywhere, if you need me I’ll be there.

The crew set off to the space station. Even here when they got to it was destroyed. They saw small holes and opposite one gigantic hole. There was a tiny figure in a space suit tethered outside in space.

The radio cackled to life. Don’t come any closer. I am armed and will shoot as long as my air holds out… Don’t come any closer. I am armed and will shoot as long as my air holds out… Don’t come any closer. I am armed and will shoot as long as my air holds out… Don’t come any closer. I am armed and will shoot as long as my air holds out.

Leela reached up and turned the radio off.”Poor devil.” She said.

“Why?” asked Fry/

“That was a recording. He was trying to protect his country’s or corporation’s interest even at the end and beyond. But that doesn’t matter now.” She said sadly. Then in a crisp command voice she commanded, “Look sharp people! I must do some tight maneuvers. S\trap in!”

The P/E ship and crew blasted out of hyperspace. Amy hair instantly got that Afro look.

“So far, so good.” Commented Leela.

The delivery ship went post haste to their dock. Upon arrival and seeing all of their loved ones all of the crew rushed out and started hugging the ones that weren’t on board. Hugs and kisses with admonishments from the non crew members as it was only a simple run. This went on for a little while.

Fry then asked. “Can we go visit those security guards? Robert is a good buddy.”

“Yeah I think the answers may be there.” Said Leela.

So everybody piled into the ship. They made the earthbound run. They had some good luck because Robert met them. After telling him their story, Robert had them meet with the head of security Jonathan Vermillion. He in turn impressed with the crew and the fact that the Wongs and the Professor had considerable stock in the corporation had them meet with the CEO.

They went into a conference room and had a video screen presentation. Robert was tasked with the narration. “I’m sorry the Robert that met you on that fateful day isn’t here but I hope I’ll do.” Robert said by way of introduction.”

“But after careful review and culling through the time it has been decided that you can see 1 minute of security footage. Roll video.”

“As you can see here, is our guard Roberto. He is walking this catwalk. Did you see that? Let me run it back and forth in slow-motion.”

On the screen you could see the guard stumble and slides. He makes an almost unbelievable recovery. In fact if you just saw the stumble you would swear that he fell, but he didn’t.

“Our subsequent investigation has found that there was a vent open in a vat that is 20 feet below him. The vat vent alarm had malfunctioned. And the canary alarm. Which is an air tester also failed. So our guard was an unsuspecting victim. There is a mesh covering but it wouldn’t stop a body falling from that height. So if he hadn’t made that recovery he would’ve had some radioactive sludge on him. Repairs were made to the electronic alarms in question.”

“We also installed a sort of dead man’s flag. Whenever the vent opens it pushes a lever that is a part of the vent covering which raises a metal flag that is painted bright colors striped so it will be easy to identify. “

“So the Professor’s theory that we reentered the wrong space was correct and in this Universe nothing like what we witnessed happened. Right?” Leela asked.

“That is correct. We owe you a debt of gratitude for showing us a possible accident. Our safety process impels us to correct this. I am authorized to give you some rather big rewards and our huge thank you. The reason I’ve been deputized to handle this is because, there has to be n o publicity since nothing actually happened.” And we have a question. Do you think that the hyper beings would consent for us to see other universes to sort of head off our mistakes\?”

“You can try sir, let’s go guys.” Leela said.

And the crew and loved ones got up and started departing from the conference room.