Fan Fiction

Meaty Love
By Rush

Scene: Planet Express: Lounge. Fry and Bender sit on the couch watching "Everybody Loves Hypnotoad".

Fry: 'This show is always the same, with the Hypnotoad's constant making of buzzing noises and the glowing and blurring of his eyes, but somehow it's still great.

Bender: (zombie like) 'Ye-e-e-es . It's like static, but somehow it's alot better.

Fry: 'Wait a sec?! How come years ago you didn't like me with Lucy Liu?

Bender: 'For having Metal fever?

Fry: 'And you've got fleshy fever, boy.

Bender: 'Yes, OK I do, I dig Humans as well as robots now, so I can watch the porn you like now. Speaking of which I now find your meaty-looking woman of a girlfriend Leela, hot, and I mean very hot, it's just that her body's so perfect, and sexy, I'd just love to--

Fry: 'Uh Bender, please don't talk about Leela like th--

Bender: [dreamy] 'I mean wow, Leela's sexy curves, hips, her huge perfect melons, her luscious big lips, and her big ol soft looking yet firm round ass--

Fry: (nervously) 'Um Bender.

Bender: 'What? [From looking over at Fry he sees Leela with her arms crossed.] I'm just saying what Fry's not saying.

Leela: 'Yes, I understand that, I'm sure Fry thinks along those lines too. [Fry nods.] But Fry likes to complement my looks and not mention personality by using nicer words like, you're the most beautiful woman I ever met with the voice of an angel, and you're sweetest most wonder person I have ever met, etcetera and things like that.

Bender: 'Shut up you know you like it!

Leela: 'Bender, I'm not like Amy, I must prefer a guy being nice to me, who I have very strong feelings for, like Fry. And no, my feelings for you wouldn't be very strong.

Bender: 'Ok, fine.

The End