Fan Fiction

A Loud Night
By Rush

Sequel to "Rubbish Ball" which is a year after those events. Warning may contain extremely high violence levels and horror, so if you don't like that kind of stuff don't read this fan fiction, please, I don't want to psychologically effect you. If you don't like this kind of stuff don't read it. However the first part isn't really very violent at all.

Scene: Robot Arms Apartments: Fry's and Bender's Lounge. The lights are off leaving the room in near complete darkness Fry in his white underpants and Bender can be made out sitting on the couch fast asleep despite the loud noises of; screaming, police sirens, car alarms going off, cars crashing, gun fire/laser-fire, explosions, and moaning and groaning from outside.

Sound Of Man Screaming: 'Ahhhhh! Leave me alone! Don't eat me! Ahhhhhh--

Scene: Planet Express: Meeting Room. Scruffy, Farnsworth, Amy, Hermes, LaBarbara, Cubert, and Dwight sit around the conference table while Leela paces back and forth with her cell-phone in her hand. The same loud chaos sounding noises from outside from earlier can still be heard along with the moaning and groaning.

Leela: 'Come on, (shouting) pick up Fry!

Cut to: Fry's and Bender's Lounge. Fry cell-phone rings to a "Walking ON Sunshine" theme on the couch next to Fry. Fry grunts waking up and rubbing his eyes, then picks up his cell-phone and answers.

Fry: (sleepily) 'Hello!

Leela: 'Fry! You're alive! How come you didn't answer your cell-phone for the past 500 times or so I rang you?!

Fry: 'I was asleep?

Leela: 'Where are you?

Fry: 'In my apartment with Bender. Why?

Leela: 'Good, stay there. I'm gonna pick you up with the ship.

Fry: 'But can't I just head on over by mys---

Leela: 'Nooooooo! There's zombies out there Fry! They'll eat you alive, and then after a few minutes after death, you'll get up from becoming one of them.

Fry: (panicky) 'Zombies?! I you sure about this?

Leela: 'Just look at the news. You and Bender barricade yourself in, I'm on my way to pick you up, see you soon.

[Fry turns on the TV showing the news with Linda and Morbo. Who appear to be sitting on the floor inside the back of a white van. Gun fire/laser fire can be heard from outside along with moaning and groaning.]

Linda: [on TV] 'We come to you alive at 12.pm inside our news van, at the military blockades surrounding the infested city of New New York.

Morbo: [on TV] 'The good news is that the military with help of the Omicronians for some reason. have block off the whole area, with a force field the the zombies can't get through, and the near by non infected cities have been evacuated, and their power plants are being used to maintain the force-field along with the help of Omicronian power plants built to maintain it.

[On TV it cuts to outside the van on a highway to show Omicronians wearing shiny power armour, with helmets to-match covering their whole faces and Doop soldiers behind sandbags outside a vast blue see-through sphere shaped force field surrounding New New York. Where just inside on the other side of the force field thousands of pale looking, with bloody wounds and with bite marks alien and human zombies along with rusty looking with bite marked robots, attempt to get outside the force field, by staggering into it causing the force field to react with an electrical charge shocking them and sending them about 10 feet into the air away it. The zombies don't learn their lesson, who just get up again and stagger towards the force field relentlessly over and over again continuing the cycle.]

Fry: [shaking Bender] 'Bender, wake up!

Bender: 'Yeah, I know zombies! Big deal! Us robots will kill them all easily since they completely ignore us as if we don't exist and only like to eat organic beings flesh like you.

Linda: [on TV] 'What's most unusual is the robot zombies.

[Bender jumps off the couch.]

Bender: (shouting) 'Robot zombies?! (screaming) Ahhhhhh! [Bender runs to the front door.] Let's barricade ourselves in Fry!

[He takes two planks of wood out from his chest cabinet, plus a box of nails and a hammer. And nails the two planks of wood onto the door.] Help me, will ya?!

[There is knocking on the door.]

Crowd Of People: 'Let us in! We're not zombies. [Bender tears off the plank of wood, then opens the door. Dozens of types of; robots, humans and aliens alike rush inside into the room.]

Bender: 'None of you got guns, also why are you all coming in here?

[They all point to a robot looking like a light brown 1930's radio on wheels.]

Radio Robot: (sounding like an American 1930's advertisement announcer) 'Some of us got guns, [Some survivors gesture their guns and reload them mostly just pistols and a few shotguns.] and why we came in here was because I can hear near by phone-calls. And I heard you got a friend, who's gonna pick you up.

Fry: 'Man, this is depressing. What else is on? [He picks up the remote and starts flicking through the channels, every channel he flicks through shows the same thing.] Nothing but the news. [Outside the main lounge window the planet express ship can be seen approaching.]

Cut to: Outside Window. The PE pulls up sideways to the main lounge window of Bender's and Fry's apartment.]

Cut to: Fry's and Bender's Lounge. Bender head butts the main lounge window smashing it to pieces.

Cut to: Fry standing behind him.

Fry: 'You could of just opened the window by pressing the button to the side on the wall.

Bender: 'Ahh, but that takes too long. [A door opens from the side of the ship with a ramp extending into Fry's and Bender's apartment.] Now one at a time people. [Zombies break through the front door.] (shouting) Run! [All run across the ramp towards the ship, Fry slips and falls, but fortunately Bender catches him by extending his arm pulling him up on board the ship, once all are aboard the ship flies away, it's door closes and the ramp retracts.]

Cut to: Cockpit. Filled with Leela at the wheel plus Fry and Bender on either side of her and the other survivors.

Bender: 'We're lucky their not the running kind from some movies I've seen, otherwise we just might of ended up as zombie chow back there.

[All hum and nod in agreement.]

Leela: 'Our food is gonna be a problem. We have a lot more mouths to feed now.

Fry: 'We can always move to another universe from one of Farnsworth's U-Boxes?

Leela: 'Maybe, but I think we can't have one than one person of the same person in a parallel universe. Not if Farnsworth can come up with an invention that defies that law.

Bender: 'You're a nerd.

Cut to: Outside Planet Express. The building has it's armoured shutters down as seen in "A Tale of Two Santas". The PE ship descends down, the shutters over the hanger doors open, and once the PE ship lands inside the shutters close. Dozens of zombies bang on the shutters below, some even try biting it, which causes them to lose their teeth.

Cut to: Cockpit.

Leela: 'I wonder if Zoidberg is OK?

Cut to: A wooden fence outside Planet Express where a dumpster can be seen in view. Dozen of zombies stagger past the dumpster ignoring it completely.

Cut to: Inside Dumpster. Zoidberg can be seen sitting among garbage.

Zoidberg: 'As long as I don't move they'll not know I'm here.

Cut to: Outside Dumpster. Zombies continue to stagger past it ignoring it completely.

Scene: New New York Over View. The city is on fire in many places and zombies pace about it's streets.

Scene: Planet Express: Hanger. Fry, Leela and Bender walk down the steps of the ship along with the other few dozen of survivors from Robot Arms Apartments. Nibbler greets them by barking like a dog.

Fry: 'How about we just move to another city or world? [Robot 1X flies past.]

Leela: 'Because Fry, the force field covers the whole city and the sky around it nothing can get in or out.

Fry: 'Oh.

Leela: 'You guys stay here in the hanger. [The group of Robot Arms Apartments survivors nod.] Anyway the Professor has got a plan.

Bender: 'It better be a good one.

[Amy walks past talking on her cell-phone.]

Amy: 'I'm still safe in my workplace Kif, I'll ring you back soon, bye. [She hangs up.]

Scene: Planet Express: Meeting Room. Fry, Amy, Leela and Bender who holds a bottle of beer join the table with the others. Washbucket can be seen in a corner.

Hermes: 'You are late for work regardless of the situation Fry and Bender!

LaBarbara: 'That's my work obsessed husband. [Hermes gives her the thumbs up.]

Farnsworth: 'Yes alright, since we're all alive and uninfected. (shouting) And I sure hope those others you brought Leela aren't infected!

Scruffy: 'Second.

Amy: 'Third.

Hermes: 'Forth

LaBarbara: 'Fifth

Cubert: 'Sixth

Dwight: 'Seventh.

Washbucket: 'Eighth.

Robot 1X: Ninth.

Leela: 'Yeah, I really hope I didn't bring anyone that's infected.

[The 1930's Themed Radio Robot from earlier comes into the room.]

1930's Radio Robot: 'None of us have been bitten nor have we come into close contact with the zombies so thus none of us are infected!

Farnsworth: 'Good, anyhoo are means of escape seem pretty much hopeless the sewer tunnels exiting New New York have been blocked off by the military and the Omicronians.

Fry: 'Yeah, why are they here?

Farnsworth: 'Omicronians fear zombies more so than us. You see Lrrr and his wife Ndnd have watched many zombie movies from your time Fry, the zombie outbreak in New New York has scared the crap out of them, so they've have temporarily called for an alliance to stop the zombies from spreading, you should watch the news sometime.

Bender: 'Yeah Fry. [He takes a gulp from his bottle of beer.]

Farnsworth: 'Anyway, back to what I was saying, the sewers may be a good place to go, however we do not know if the mutants down there have been infected or not---

Scene: Mutants Village. Several dozen non-mutant zombies bang on the doors outside the Mutant's Church.

Cut to: Mutant's Church. The mutants are stuffed into the one room, the front door have been barricaded with wood, couches, church seats and all other sorts of junk.

Morris: [standing next to Munda holding a list.] 'Vyolet?

Vyolet: 'Here!

Morris: 'Well, that's all of us from role call, no one missing. Ok, let's vote on do we want to starve to death in here or be eaten out there? If you want to starve to death rather than being eaten nod your head.

Leg Mutant: 'Some of us don't have heads.

Morris: 'How about raising your hand if you want to starve to death in here?

Leg Mutant: 'Some of us don't have hands or arms in question.

Morris: 'Well then just say "Yay" if you want to starve to death in here, or "nay" if you want to go out there and get eaten by those zombies.

Everyone: 'Yay. [No-one said "nay".]

Leg Mutant: 'Wait, what about those who can't speak?

Morris: 'Majority rules.

Leg Mutant: 'Fair enough.

[A tall big mutant next to Leg Mutant looking like a huge yellowish nose with human like arms and legs plus gray donkey ears, he wears sandals and along with pair of shorts to cover his tiny torso, who also has no mouth crosses it's arms.]

Leg Mutant: (whispering to nose Mutant) 'I know nose mutant [Big-Eared Mutant from "Less Than Hero" in the background, places ear plugs in his ears.] You have no mouth, thus you can't speak but the fact is most of us do. [Nose mutant gives him the thumbs up.] Wait since you have no mouth how do you eat or drink? [Nose Mutant holds a piece of paper in front of Leg Mutant.] (reading) I stick it up my nose and suck it up sending it to my stomach. [Nose Mutant places the piece of paper back in his shorts pocket.] Well, that answers that.

Scene: Planet Express: Meeting Room. Farnsworth is asleep snoring loudly, while Leela is on her cell-phone.

Leela: [on phone] 'I'm glad you're all alive Mom, I'll ring you back soon. [She hangs up.] Someone wake him up!

Bender: (shouting) 'Wake up you old bastard!

[Farnsworth wakes up.]

Farnsworth: 'Dammit Bender you young bastard! I was having a great dream about world domination! Anyhoo it would be near impossible for us to make our way to the wall of the force field where the blockades can be seen by foot at least, yet easily by using the ship . [Everyone hums and nods.] And when we get there they'll hopefully open a small gap in the force field for us to get through and-- Oh, wait that plan is stupid for this force field can't open small gaps without completely shutting down, it is highly unlikely they'll won't shut it down just to let us out and a few million zombies along with us.

[Everyone groans.]

Bender: 'Well that was pointless.

Hermes:'Aww mon!

Leela: 'Do you got anything else?

Farnsworth: 'Yes, I am developing the only two cures sure to work on both the organic zombie virus and the robotic zombie virus. [He stands up.] To the laboratory! [The rest of the PE staff walk off out of sight, while Farnsworth walks at a very slow pace barely a few steps away from his chair, Bender runs back, picks up Farnsworth and carries him along out of sight as seen in "Space Pilot 3000".]

Cut to: Farnsworth's Lab. Bender places Farnsworth down onto his feet.

Bender: 'Do the science our conveniently local mad scientist!

[Farnsworth walks over to a microscope on a table, he presses a button on it, to show a hologram above showing what is under the microscope which is bloods cells.]

Farnsworth: 'Here we have healthy Human blood-cells, [He takes a small glass vial out from his top right pocket containing a greenish liquid.] now if I add a drop of the zombie virus into it, [Everyone makes nervous noises.] don't worry it's not air-born. [He drops a tiny dose of it into the glass container under the microscope, the blood cells begin to turn a brownish red color as small green worm like viruses with tentacles with spikes at the end of them go inside them. Farnsworth places the top back on the vial and puts it back inside his pocket.] Now here's the cure, [He takes a small glass vial out from his bottom left pocket containing a blueish liquid.] Watch! [He drops a tiny dose of it into the glass container under the microscope, the infected blood cells begin to turn back red and normal looking as blue roundish bacteria come near them causing them to change back into normal blood cells, as for the worm viruses they shrivel up and die then get eaten by them, which causes them to multiply rapidly in their millions if not billions for just one worm virus eaten by them. Everyone gasps, and say such things as "that's amazing" "Wow" "that's unbelievable" etcetera. Farnsworth places the top back on the vial and puts it back inside his pocket.]

Cubert: 'Is this going to work on a zombie? I think highly unlikely.

Dwight: 'Cubert your my best friend and everything but sometimes you gotta be a bit more supportive.

Cubert: 'I suppose you're right.

Farnsworth: 'Aw, Cubert you're just like me when I was young, all nerdy and all, wait I'm still nerdy! Anyway to what I was saying: in theory it will work, for I have tested this on dead animals I found on the road, from tests I did it showed; restoring it's original genetic code and dead cells, plus it even healed it's; fractures, wounds, and decapitations, it even reversed decomposition literally bringing it back from the dead, not as a zombie, but as the animal it was before it was ran-over.

Cubert: 'That sounds scientifically impossible. Unless what you got is fairy dust?

Farnsworth: 'Ha, nothing is scientifically impossible not if you can science it. Anyhoo from scanning the animals memories, they even remember their last seconds before they died, along with their personality and morals, if animals do indeed have morals. [A few of the PE staff clap their hands.] Anyway, I have yet to test it on a whole human zombie, so I'll need a volunteer to take a dose of the zombie virus. [Everyone backs away.] Hmph! [Scruffy steps forward.]

Scruffy: 'I'll do it!

Everyone: 'Who is that guy?

Scruffy: 'None of you even know my name, after all this time? I'm Scruffy the janitor for the last time!

[Washbucket hovers into the room.]

Washbucket: 'Scruffy nooooo! I love you!

Scruffy: 'I'm sorry Washbucket, but I must do my part in saving humanity. [He hugs Washbucket.]

Bender: [looks down on the ground saying quietly.] 'Man, I hate cheesy crap.

Farnsworth: 'Come on you robosexual, get down on the table.

Scruffy: 'Scruffy gonna say his final words: yarp.

[Scruffy reluctantly walks away from Washbucket and lies down on a metal table. Farnsworth pulls a switch and metal straps along with chains fastening him onto the table. Farnsworth takes out the zombie virus vial from his top right pocket. He drops a tiny dose of it onto Scruffy's tongue.]

Farnsworth: 'Duct tape, [Hermes hands him a roll of Duct tape, Farnsworth bites off a few long pieces off it and sticks them over Scruffy's mouth.] bandage. [Hermes hands Farnsworth a bandage which he wraps around Scruffy's mouth and head.] That should stop him just in case he got free and managed to take a bite out of any of us. Now, it will take a few hours for him to turn into a zombie. So let's have some fun or some rest to pass the time.

Bender: 'Hey what about the robotic zombie virus?

Farnsworth: 'Oh my yes, come over here with me. [He presses a around red button on the wall, the floor opens up in a small part of the room close by to show Flexo rusty looking and slightly hunched forward inside a cage with red laser bars.]

Bender: 'Flexo's a zombie right?

Farnsworth: 'Yes. [Flexo moans shortly followed by a quite low utter of the word "girders", he bangs on the laser bars reaching one of his hands out in one of the small gaps of the laser bars towards Bender.] Yes, that's the robot zombies' word for "brains" even-though these organic zombies don't even say "brains", they just moan and groan.

Bender: 'Will you get to the point already old man! He's freaking me out! Wait, what if he can bend through those bars?

Fry: 'Yeah.

Farnsworth: 'As you can plainly see they are laser bars, thus completely unbendable, they were even tested by professional Bending Units from the Olympics, and even they couldn't bend them.

Bender: [wiping the oil off his forehead.] 'Phew. Wait, what if the power runs out? Then they'll shut down!

[Farnsworth covers his face with his right hand sighing.]

Farnsworth: 'Everything in this building is powered by our power heat generator in the sub-basement, which gets it's power from the lava underground.

Bender: 'Oh yeah.

Cubert: 'Lava underground is called magma.

Farnsworth: 'Yes of course my son.

Bender: 'Hello mad science guy aren't you meant to be doing something?

Farnsworth: 'Oh my yes! [He takes a tiny inactive grey Egyptian Scarab like Beetle robot out from his pocket, Amy screeches.]

Amy: 'Ewww! What the hell is it?

Bender: 'I'd like to know the same-thing.

Farnsworth: 'It's my latest invention the Robot-Z-Hunter Beetle, it's shorter name Z-H-Beetle. Also don't worry it's not interested in any organic being, [He places it down on the floor.] even organic zombies nor is it interested in robots who are not infected with the robotic zombie virus. However it is interested in robots that are infected with the robotic zombie virus. [He takes a remote out from his pocket with a big red button on it.] Like so. [He presses the button, the Z-H-Beetle activates it's wings beginning to flap, it's screeches then jumps high into the air through a gap of the laser bars onto Flexo's head. Flexo tries to pull the Z-H-Beetle off with no a avail, wires come out from the Z-H-Beetle sticking into the back of Flexo's head, he stops moaning and groaning but still tries to pull the beetle off his head.]

Flexo: (screaming) 'Ahhhhhhhhh! Help! Get it off me! [The Z-H-Beetle jumps off Flexo's head onto the floor outside the cage, it crawls towards the window.] (confused) Wait, what? [Noticing the PE staff.] Why am I in a cage. [Farnsworth presses the button on the remote stopping the Z-H-Beetle dead in it's tracks near a window.]

Farnsworth: 'You see yesterday evening-- [Bender walks out of the room.]

Flashback: Farnsworth is asleep on his white hover arm chair in the lounge. Suddenly an alarm goes off sounding like a world war 2 Air Raid Siren waking him up.

Farnsworth: (voice over) 'So I called everyone over to have an urgent meeting giving them no information what the meeting was about. Fry and Bender didn't answer so I assumed they had been killed. Once everyone was in the conference room, I locked down the building, then filled the conference room with sleeping gas to make sure I had the upper-hand by knocking them all out for a few hours, and I had Robot 1X to stand guard over them to make sure he would kill one of them if one of them was going to get up as an undead zombie. In about 7 in the morning they began to wake up to my relief none of them were a zombie. And then they demanded to know what was going on, and I told them to “just watch the news”. Leela only watched the news with us in the conference room for about 5 seconds, then Leela started ringing Fry dozens of times for the next 5 minutes, then took the ship about 5 minutes later to pick them up.

[Back to the present. Fry and Leela walk out of the room.]

Flexo: 'K! But that still doesn't explain why I'm here?

Farnsworth: 'Oh yes, you---

Flashback: At night the PE ship flies over the chaos happening below in New New York, buildings on fire and panicking people getting eaten by zombies etcetera. In the street below some Doop soldiers can be seen running away from zombie staggering after them. The ship's magnet drops onto zombie Flexo staggering on a pavement, then the PE ship flies off with Flexo stuck to the magnet.

Flashback: Outside Planet Express. The PE building has it's armoured shutters down, the shutters over the hanger doors open, and once the PE ship lands inside the shutters close.

Farnsworth: (voice over) 'Then I just had Robot 1X throw you in the cage with ease.

[Back to the present. No one apart from Farnsworth and Flexo are in the room.]

Flexo: 'Great, can you let me out now?

[Farnsworth presses a button the on a wall and the laser bars turn off, Flexo walks out of the room.]

Cut: to Fry and Leela standing outside a closet.

Fry: 'So when did the Omicronians show up?

Leela: 'From looking it up on the Internet they showed up at about 12. o'clock at night with an invasion army that placed a force field around New New York. Shortly following by mass emigration of 3 quarters of the world's population to other Earth like planet colonies.

Fry: 'Yeah, why we even standing here? [She takes hold of his hand.]

Leela: 'Come on Fry, let's go into my cabin on board the ship. [They walk off.] And just in case we survive I've taken my pill.

Time Lapse: PE Hanger. The PE ship rocks back and forth making a squeaking noise.

Cut to: Lounge. Most of the PE staff plus a few other of the Robot Arms Apartments Survivors watch TV showing the News next to Farnsworth.

Bender: 'Just in case your cure doesn't work, can you kill these zombies the good old fashioned way by shooting them in the head?

Farnsworth: 'No due to their quick regeneration ability--

Bender: 'Quick regenerating how's that possible?

Farnsworth: 'This zombie virus is across breed between worms you can find in a truck stop men's room and rabies both of which have been mutated. Anyway shooting these zombies in the head does not kill them, however it stuns them for about 1 minute, the only sure way of killing them is smashing it's head to pieces or cutting it off. However it's body can still walk around for a hour or so without it's head, and may put it's head back on if it has the chance, to put a stop to that cut it's arm and legs off. That or just blast it's whole body with a ray gun turning it into dust.

Bender: 'OK, how did it start?

Farnsworth: (angrily) 'Werrrrnstrom! (normally) Had started it from what I've seen in the news, of course they don't exactly know that the giant green worm with tentacles with spikes at the end of them which came out from his home was actually him. But I bet it once was.

Bender: 'Sounds like a giant version of one of the zombie viruses. Yet, why couldn't they just kill it?

Farnsworth: 'They did but it was bit too late! The monster had already killed a few thousand humans and aliens in just 10 minutes before military forces came and killed it. At which point those that it killed within minutes got up again as zombies, and started killing people near by them, then those got killed got up as zombies within minutes and you get the picture.

Bender: 'How did it kill people?

Farnsworth: 'Isn't it obvious.

Bender: 'Oh yeah, it would just use it's tentacles to grab people and stab it's infectious spikes into them.

[Farnsworth nods.]

Bender: 'Wait how did the robot zombie virus start?

Farnsworth: 'For some reason Destructor came out from Wernstrom's home as well then started grabbing robots then taking a bite out of them, whom within seconds became zombie robots thus did the same causing it to spread everywhere, of course the robot zombies did no harm to humans, aliens and organic life forms alike. Now, let's just be quiet and watch TV for a few hours.

[Time Lapse. Farnsworth is fast asleep snoring loudly on the couch the rest of PE staff shout at him up saying "Wake Up".]

Bender: [shouting through a megaphone] 'Wake up!

Leela: 'We have been shouting at him for the last hour, I think we'll just have to wait till he wakes up by himself.

Bender: 'Wait maybe, Wernstrom?

[Farnsworth wakes up with a start standing himself upright.]

Farnsworth: (angrily) 'Werrrrnstrom!

Fry: 'Finally.

Farnsworth: 'What time is it?

Leela: [looking at her wrist Thingy] '2 o'clock.

Farnsworth: 'To the laboratory! [Bender picks up Farnsworth and carries him again out of the room.]

Cut to: Farnsworth's Lab. Bender places Farnsworth down onto his feet near Scruffy, who is pale looking, tries to get free from chains and straps on the metal table that fasten him to it.

[Robot 1X hands Farnsworth a red Super Soaker.]

Amy: 'What will a water gun do?

Farnsworth: 'That is filled with the cure for the zombie virus?

Amy: 'Oh.

[Farnsworth fires a bluish liquid from the Super Soaker at Scruffy, who immediately stops struggling.]

Farnsworth: 'As you can see, it instantly paralyses the zombie, hopefully he'll be back Human within a few hours. Robot 1X scan him.

[A green light comes out from Robot 1X's face over Scruffy.]

Robot 1X: 'Both living and until now irreplaceable cells are regenerating is already happening at a rapid rate [Everyone gasps.], Farnsworth's friendly synthetic bacteria are killing the zombie viruses with ease and curing the both the white and red blood-cells from the virus. Heart is beginning to beat, estimated time till body is fully alive again and cured from zombie virus 4 hours.

Farnsworth: 'Let's go watch TV until then. [All walk out of the room.]

[Time Lapse. All walk back into the room.]

Robot 1X: 'No trace of zombie virus left, body is fully aware and alive again, Farnsworth's friendly synthetic bacteria still remains though is beginning to die off slowly due to no zombie virus for sustenance.

Farnsworth: (shouting) 'I shall unleash my reprogrammed horde of Z-H-Beetles, which can now spray my cure for the organic zombies. [Robot 1X pulls a switch and the straps along with the chains open on the table.]

Bender: 'You had this army of beetles the whole time?

Farnsworth: 'I just remembered I had them. Me being forgetful and all.

[Scruffy sits up pointing to his mouth Robot 1X removes the duct tape and bandages.]

Scruffy: 'Ah, I'm alive again.

Bender: 'Who are you again?

Fry: 'Yeah, I'd like to know the same-thing?

[Scruffy sighs.]

Farnsworth: 'To the sub-basement!

Scene: Sub-Basement. All walk down the stairs Bender carries Farnsworth to the bottom of the stairs, he places him down onto his feet.

Farnsworth: 'You gotta stop doing that.

Bender: 'It's a lot quicker that way. Seeing how slow you walk!

Farnsworth: 'I'd like to see how fast you would be when your-- oh wait your a robot.

Bender: 'Yep.

[Farnsworth takes a remote out from his pocket with a big red button on it which he presses. Countless amounts of Z-H-Beetles drop down from the ceiling and go up the stairs.]

Cut to Bathroom. The Z-H-Beetles jump into the toilet.

Cut back to: Sub-Basement.

Bender: 'Why couldn't you just have pressed that button up stairs?

Farnsworth: 'Cause it's cooler this way.

Bender: 'Good point.

Leela: 'Will they have a enough of the cure for everyone?

Farnsworth: 'They will only use one cell which would be all that is needed to cure one, and they've got more than enough.

Leela: 'Then why the hell did you use that water gun earlier on that guy with the moustache?

Scruffy: 'That'll explain me waking up feeling like I had a little accident.

Fry: 'Hey how about we just go watch TV!

Everyone: 'Yay!

Bender: 'Good idea Fry!

[All start walking back up the stairs.]

Bender: 'How did you get so many of them?

Farnsworth: 'They build themselves, I just had one from the beginning.

Cut to: Mutants Village. The Z-H-Beetles jump onto the zombies outside the Mutant's Church, who then fall to the ground with moments of being jumped on. The robot zombies turned back to normal run away from the Z-H-Beetles screaming then suddenly stop looking confused. The door to the church is closed.

Cut to: Inside Church.

Morris: 'It's gone quite?

Munda: 'Let's hang here for a few hours before we have a look.

Everyone: 'Yay!

[Nose Mutant puts his thumb up.]

Cut to: New New York City Street. Z-H-Beetles spawn out from manhole filling the street.

Cut to: Giant green worm corpse lying in the street which begins to get rapidly smaller.

[Time Lapse Night Time. Where the worm once was is now gone leaving naked Wernstrom lying in the street where it had been. People wake up and scream in terror for a few seconds, then stop and look around confused.]

Cut to: Skyward View of New New York. The force field shuts down and Omicronians space ships can be seen taking off up into the sky.

Cut to: Wernstrom who open his eyes, then stands himself up. URL from behind him grabs his hands and place laser handcuffs over them.

URL: 'Got em!

Smitty: [standing at a hover cop car] 'You're lucky going away till you die of old age in prison.

Wernstrom: 'I should of won the Academy prize!

URL: 'That's you reason for all this? You're nuts!

Cut to: Mutant Village. The mutants walk out from the church.

Leg Mutant: 'Just imagine how we would mutate if any of us got bitten?

Munda: 'Yeah.

Cut to: Planet Express Lounge only all PE the staff remain and their children.

Farnsworth: 'So he didn't make us all pay after all.

[Everyone laughs.]

Morbo: [on TV] 'With the zombies gone from New New York. Many of those that left are now returning to their pathetic home world Earth.

Linda: [On TV] 'In other related news Destructor was found to be innocent and leg go free from scanning his memories Wernstrom the guy who started all this placed a USB stick into the back of his head without knowing it was gonna gave him the robot zombie virus. He thought it was gonna give some circuit diagram porn, porn for robots.

Bender: 'I would of fell for that.

Linda: [On TV] 'Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth gonna is be given a 10 percent discount voucher at Fishy Joe's for saving New New York with his beetles.

Farnsworth: 'Well that's not a very good award for that I've done. Ah well I'm tired, [He stands up.] I'm going off to bed. [He walks slowly out of the room. Zoidberg runs into the room.

Zoidberg: 'Hello friends! I survived by staying in my dumpster the whole time.

Bender: 'We're not your friends, and you smell like garbage like you usually do. So whoop on out of here!

[Zoidberg crouches down and runs off sideways whooping out of the room.]

The End

Cubert: 'Wait, this leaves one unanswered question.

Farnsworth: 'Yes?

Cubert: 'How did Wernstrom turn himself into a giant worm?

Farnsworth: 'Duh, he mutated himself! Plus him being a worm suits his name, because it sounds like worm.