Fan Fiction

Angry Omicronians
By Rush

Scene: New New York. A massive fleet of Omicronian saucers descends down into New New York firing lasers destroying many buildings, vaporizing civilians in the streets and blowing up hover cars.

Cut to: Planet Express: Sub-Basement. All the PE staff walk down the stairs.

Amy: 'What do they want?

Farnsworth: 'I don't know. They're angry about something I guess. [They all walk over to a conference table just like the one upstairs and sit around it.]

[Zoom in to Bender closing his eyes. We now see Bender looking at some news site showing a video of Lrrr standing in front of an old-fashioned microphone on his ship with Nd-Nd next to him and many other Omicronians are in the background.]

Lrrr: [on TV] 'People of Earth, I am Lrrr of the planet Omicron Persei 8. [He taps the mic and turns to his aides.] Is this thing working? [He blows into it and turns back to the camera.] Now then: We want the ones you call "Justin Bieber" and "Jedward" aka "John and Edward". Give us "Justin Bieber" and "Jedward" or we will destroy your entire planet along with the complete and utter annihilation of the Human race, world by world, system by system!

Scene: White House. An Omicronian saucer is parked at the back of the building and there is a door at ground level. The three head in jars of Justin Bieber, John and Edward are being carried by; Zapp carrying Justin Bieber, along with two bald, buff looking government agents wearing a tuxedo and and sunglasses one African American carrying John the other Caucasian carrying Edward.

John: 'Oh no!

Edward: 'You can't do this!

Justin Bieber: 'I hope they are nice. [All three place them down at the door of the Omicronian saucer and run a few feet back.]

Zapp: (shouting) 'Here they are! Come and get them!

[The door slides up, revealing Lrrr and Nd-Nd, who fire their ray guns at Jedward vaporizing them both.]

Justin Bieber: (timidly) 'Am I gonna have a quick and painless death too?

Lrrr: 'No.

Nd-Nd : 'We have something special in order for you.

[Time Lapse.]

Cut to: Omicron Persei 8. Lrrr with Nd-Nd next to him holds Justin Bieber's head (Out of his head in a jar) by the hair over a pit.

Justin Bieber: 'Ow my hair! [Lrrr throws Justin Bieber into the pit.] (screaming ) Aaaaahhhhhh! [He hits the ground.] Ow!

[Pan down into the pit to see a Tyrannosaurus Rex roaring coming out from a cave running towards Justin Bieber.]

Justin Bieber: (nervously) 'Uhh, nice T. Rex? [The Tyrannosaurus Rex eats him.]

Pan to: Lrrr with Nd-Nd smiling while hearing the sounds of Justin Bieber scream.]

Pan back: To the Tyrannosaurus Rex to see it make a burp.]

Scene: Planet Express: Lounge. Fry, Leela and Bender sitting on the couch watching Everybody Loves Hypnotoad.

Bender: 'I always hated Justin Beaver and Jedward.

Fry: 'Me too.

Leela: 'Me three.

The End