Fan Fiction

Awkward World Of Nature
By Rush

Scene: Outside Planet Express. It is night time showing the full moon and New New York is as busy as usual with it's traffic jams in the sky.

Scene: Planet Express: Farnsworth's Bedroom. Farnsworth is lying in bed wearing light blue pajamas with a sleeping cap.

Farnsworth: (thinking) 'Sales of my CR Ray are going well, yet I think I need a good advertisement for my product. [He presses a big red round button on a remote.]

Cut to: Outside Planet Express. At the top of Planet Express see through light pink rays span outwards in all directions. Anyone who is near or is hit by the rays (the rays go right through people as if they were transparent, not damaging their bodies whats so ever) removing their clothes. This causes panic (screaming and running in terror to get away from the rays.) as the rays begin to travel throughout the city, even going through buildings (Without damaging the buildings, them being transparent to the rays as well as people.) making everyone naked within the building.

Scene: Apartment 1I. Leela's Lounge. Fry and Leela make out on the couch.

Leela: [picking up a CR Ray.] (sexfully) 'How about we get a little more comfortable? [The rays flies through the room, removing their clothes.]

Fry: 'Whoa, that was fast.

Leela: 'I didn’t press anything? Saves me time I guess. [Leela takes hold of Fry's hand, then takes him to her bedroom.]

Scene: New New York Overview. Everyone within the city covers themselves in shame in anything they can find. The rays go beyond New New York picking up speed, going faster and faster.

Cut to: Robot Arms Apartments. Bender lying on the couch is watching the news with Linda and Morbo.

Linda: 'Already have half the country has--- [The rays fly through the room, removing clothes.] (shouting) Oh God! [Covers herself.] No! [Bender cries with laughter.]

Cut to: Earth Overview. We comically hear the sounds of people screaming as well as laughing all around the world.

[The rays travel beyond Earth in all directions.]

Cut to: Space. The rays pass by people out in space wearing space suits, the rays don't remove their space suits, suggesting the rays don't remove the clothes of people who really need them.

Cut to: Universe Overview. Soon we comically hear everyone in the entire universe screaming and some laughing can be heard.]

Farnsworth: (voice over) 'Somehow I didn't face any real consequences for this. Well apart from a few death threats in the mail and assassination attempts on my life.

The End