Fan Fiction

The Bane Of All
By Rush

Scene: Robot Arms Apartments: Fry's And Bender's Lounge. Bender sitting on the couch is fast asleep with a cigar still alight yet gone very short hanging out of his mouth, while holding a circuit diagram in his arms in the darkness of the room, the TV gives off a blueish flickering light the only source of light in an otherwise pitch black room. U-J-Bender and Fry appear in the room.

Fry: 'Thank you, thank thank you, thank you.

U-J-Bender: 'You're welcome. Now hold on, I need to get rid of that universe gateway in your bedroom. [He walks into Fry's bedroom.] (from inside Fry's Room) There, it's gone. [A second later there is a blinding flash of light from Fry's bedroom. Fry walks into his bedroom.]

Cut to: Fry's Bedroom. Fry walks in to find U-J-Bender is no longer there.

Fry: 'This sorta gives a whole new meaning to "gone like a flash". [All of a sudden there is extremely loud sounds of deep horn sounds and beeping sounds.]

Cut To: New New York Overview. A fleet of thousands of Reapcore in the night sky are attacking the city laying waste to it's building destroying them with lasers, additionally landing ground troops into the city's streets to kill the civilian inhabitants, who flee in terror.

Scene: Space. A vast massive Reapcore fleet blockades the Earth, many fiery areas showing explosions down on Earth from space from all across the planet can be seen indicating the Reapcore attacking all the cities on Earth. Many more Reapcore ships reinforce the blockade around Earth pouring out from one red wormhole near by.

Cut to: Robot Arms: Fry's and Bender's Lounge. Fry and Bender both sweating (Bender sweating oil) are pressing the couch against the door, something on the other side is trying to get into them by banging on the door making zombie like moaning and groaning sounds.

Fry: (shouting) 'What the hell is going on?!

Bender: (shouting) 'I don't know! Let me check the Internet! [He closes his eyes while still helping Fry keep the couch pressed against the door. ] Uh apparently the entire universe is under attack.

Cut to: Other side of the door. A blue cyborg zombie is banging on the door trying to get inside.

Pan around the universe to see blue wormholes opening with starship pouring out from them of all different kinds from countless parallel universes such as; Star Trek (Starfleet Ships) Star Wars (Galactic Republic Ships) Space Marine Spaceships from Warhammer 40k, and many many others. Also there are thousands of Futurama's spaceships from all it's alien intergalactic civilizations and Human's spaceships such as the Nimbus, with many other thousand copies of the Nimbus from different parallel universes of Futurama, some of the Nimbus spaceships look different and more advanced than most. They attack near by small splinter groups of Reapcore, who were close by when the wormholes opened.

Cut to: Earth. A massive multiverse fleet closes in towards the Reapcore blockade around Earth.

Old Man: (voice on radio) 'Alliance ships move in, save Earth! [The Alliance fleet charges at the Reapcore, the Alliance lose many of their less advance spaceships who's force fields couldn't hold against the Reapcore's lasers in the charge against them, yet many of the far more advanced Alliance ships force fields had held, losing only a few and they managed to blast through the Reapcore's blockade down into Earth's atmosphere.]

Cut to: New New York. Alliance ships engage the Reapcore attacking the city in the sky forcing them to turn their attention to them. Pods blast out from Space Marine ships landing in the streets with Space Marines (With their chainsword and guns) Jedi, Galactic Republic Soldiers, DOOP Soldiers and many others come out protecting and saving the civilian inhabitants and fighting the Reapcore's cybernetic slaves.

Pan around Earth to see the Alliance coming to the aid of cities all across the planet against the Reapcore.

Scene: Fry's And Bender's Lounge. Fry and Bender are still holding the door, when suddenly there's the sound of gunfire.

Cut to: Other side of the door. The cyborg zombie is dead on the floor, a small group of six Blood Ravens Space Marines run past it's body continuing down the corridor, one of the Space Marines looks just like the Space Marine version of Leela, far taller than usual and far bigger with her Power Armour.

Space Marine Leela: 'Stick together! [As they run down the corridor they meet a large group of cyborg zombies running at them.] (shouting) 'For the Emperor! [They charge at the cyborg zombies with their chainswords chopping them to pieces.]

Pan around the universe to see the Alliance coming to the aid of planets desperately trying to hold off the Reapcore.

Cut to: New New York: City Street: Outside Applied Cryogenics. The Jedi Master version of Farnsworth is wearing a light brown hooded robe using The Force to pick up hundreds of Reapcore cyborgs in the street, who float helplessly in the air. The Jedi Master Farnsworth then slams the Reapcore cyborgs into buildings and onto the ground, also while tearing their limbs and heads off with The Force. All of a sudden he runs off into an alleyway.

Cut to: Alleyway. The Orphan Sally is cowering in fear crying on the ground as a huge Omicronian cybernetic slave has her cornered holding a machete, just as he's about to kill her with the machete he's lifted into the air, swung around and pulled towards the Jedi Master Farnsworth to meet his green lightsaber which slices his whole body in half killing him.

Jedi Master Farnsworth: 'Luckily I was here in time. [He turns off his lightsaber.] I knew I sensed something bad was gonna happen. (To Sally) Little girl, I'll stay a bit to make sure your safe. [A cyborg zombie runs up to him from behind, without even turning around the Jedi Master Farnsworth rips the cyborg zombie's head, legs and arms off.]

Cut to: Planet Express: Lounge. The normal Farnsworth of this universe lies asleep on the couch with Scruffy near by standing guard with a laser combat shotgun.

Cut to: Outside Planet Express. A large group of Jedi charge at a huge group of cybernetic slaves outside the PE building, deflecting their lasers back at them using their lightsabers killing many of them, knocking them over using Force Push, then chopping them to pieces with their lightsabers when they charge into them.

Cut to: New New York City Overview. The Reapcore ships have been but destroyed only less two dozens left in the sky fighting the Alliance ships which out number them greatly. However there still remains massive groups of cybernetic slaves in areas within the city.

Cut to: Madison Cube Garden. Alliance ground troops have fortified the building with a light blue see through force field surrounding it and as well as the area around the building and the building itself has been fortified with sandbags, barbed wire, force field generators, and heavy laser machine guns, and anti-tank laser cannons, all of which help defend the area against massive waves of cybernetic slaves coming at them. Groups of Alliance escort New New York's civilian inhabitants to safety inside Madison Cube Garden.

Cut to: Inside Madison Cube Garden. Inside there are thousands of civilian inhabitants, many of who are injured, but are being tended to by Alliance medics.

Cut to: Space: Earth. The battle goes well for the Alliance who have the Reapcore blockade surrounded, the Reapcore only have a few more thousand ships left and are dropping fast. A second large Alliance fleet in the background at the Reapcore's red wormhole where the Reapcore pour out, the second Alliance fleet stops them from reinforcing their blockade and flanking their fellow Alliance ships fighting the Reapcore at Earth. Suddenly two more blue wormholes open near by with Alliance ships pouring out reinforcing both the Alliance's fleet against the Reapcore at Earth and the Reapcore wormhole.

Scene: Space. An Omicronian fleet united with DOOP including the Nimbus and many other aliens spaceships join up with the Alliance fleet near by.

Cut to: Nimbus Bridge. Zapp sits in his chair while Kif sits at the co-ordinates controls.

Zapp: 'I still don't understand why we are teaming up with these guys?

[Kif sighs.]

Kif: 'Because these "guys": The Intergalactic Parallel Alliance, specifically told us those mechanical cuttlefish have completely annihilated intergalactic civilizations and wiped out all life in countless parallel universes countless times over and over again for who knows how long!

Zapp: 'Yeah well, I wasn't listening! They kept going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on--

[Time lapse.]

Zapp: '… and on and on and on and I got bored. [Kif sighs.] I still think we should of fought against them by ourselves though. But I'll agree with you this time Kif.

Scene: New New York. The Alliance troops and the surviving civilian inhabitants cheer in the streets over their victory in saving New New York from the Reapcore.

Pan around the world's cities to see the same thing happening with the Alliance and the people of Earth cheering in victory over the Reapcore.

Pan around the universe to see the Reapcore no longer pouring out from there red wormholes and the few remaining Reapcore retreat flying into them.

Cut to: A massive Alliance fleet outside a red wormhole. Zoom in to the Planet Express Ship very close to the red wormhole.

Cut to: Planet Express: Cockpit. Fry, Nibbler and Bender are at the bow of the ship while Leela sits in the driver seat.

Bender: 'Fry and Leela fifty years later or so and you still look the same?

Fry: 'We drank the key to immortality Bender.

Nibbler: 'Let's finish this! Leela launch it! [Leela presses a button, and a orange steel box fires out from the ship into the wormhole.]

Cut to: Other side of the wormhole the orange box enters Xenzarknass's universe. Zoom closer to the orange box to see it marked in black "DUB". It beeps then explodes with a blinding flash, and when the light fades it reveals the entire universe was destroyed, leaving it a plane empty featureless universe. Millions of wormhole open up throughout the universe with Alliance ships pouring out.

Cut to: The Planet Express Ship among a massive Alliance fleet.

Cut to: Planet Express: Cockpit.

Nibbler: 'I think we did it! [Fry, Leela and Bender cheer, which is short lived when they hear Xenzarknass's voice.]

Xenzarknass: 'Fools! Did you really think I wouldn’t expect something like this?

Nibbler: 'Where are you? So we can destroy you!

Xenzarknass: 'Why I am here in this universe, my creator.

Leela, Beder and Fry: (shouting) 'What!

Xenzarknass: 'Granted, you are not exactly my creator just the good version of Lord Nibbler, rather than the evil version that made me in this universe. Anyway what's your plan now? For you only destroyed less than one percent of the size of my army in saving that universe. It was merely a test, to prove that you are worthy to face me. Oh just so you know all the universes that were involved in the Intergalactic Parallel Alliance are being attacked by my Reapcore right now.

Leela: 'If a bomb that can destroy an entire universe can't destroy you, then what can?!

Xenzarknass: 'Nothing. Now you will all die. [Xenzarknass appears before them, the Planet Express ship flies away.]

Cut to: Xenzarknass tearing the Alliance fleet apart with it's tentacles firing powerful thick red lasers which slice through many ships all around him cutting them in half, their force fields are completely useless to protect them against him. Alliance weapons seem to have no effect on Xenzarknass's force field what's so ever.

Cut to: The Planet Express Ship keeping it's distance away from Xenzarknass annihilating the Alliance fleet with ease.

Cut to: PE Cockpit.

Fry: 'How are we gonna defeat him he's invincible!?!

Cut back to: Xenzarknass. Already the Alliance have lost millions of ships fighting Xenzarknass.

Man's Voice Panicking (on radio) 'Xenzarknass is too strong! We have to pull back!

Old Man: (voice on radio) 'Negative! This is our only chance! Take that monster down, no matter what the cost!

Cut to: Planet Express Ship: Cockpit.

Bender: 'Well guys it's been a good run. May the next time the universes reset themselves they defeat Xenzarknass.

Nibbler: 'Yeah. But somehow I think Xenzarknass had faced many organizations like our Intergalactic Parallel Alliance before us.

Leela: 'He has to have some weakness, there has to be some hope.

Cut to: Inside Xenzarknass. U-J-Bender appears in a blinding flash of light in a hall within Xenzarknass holding something that looks like a nuclear warhead.

Xenzarknass: (shouting) 'Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-- [U-J-Bender presses a button on the warhead then disappears. The warhead beeps, followed by it making an EMP explosion.]

Cut to: Outside Xenzarknass. As well as not attacking the Alliance fleet any more, it's force field have shut off.

Man's Encouraged Voice (on radio) 'It's shields are down! Now it's our chance!

Old Man: (voice on radio) 'Hit her with everything we've got! [The few remaining Alliance ships move in firing at Xenzarknass destroying him.]

Pan to brief visits to parallel universes to see the Reapcore and cybernetic slaves are shutting down.

Cut to: Planet Express Ship: Cockpit.

Fry: 'It's over, he's dead.

[Leela's wrist thingy flashes projecting a small red hologram of Xenzarknass.]

Xenzarknass Hologram: 'You have achieved the impossible, you have defeated me. But know this even though I lie defeated, something else may replace me sometime and maybe be even more powerful than I. This was a holographic message I sent before you destroyed me. [It shuts off.]

Nibbler: 'Unfortunately his words may be true.

Bender: 'So what now?

Leela: 'I think me and Fry should keep being immortal, yet we should get a time machine to our home universe, with no Reapcore or Xenzarknass things should work out fine.

Nibbler: 'And with the Universal Farny in that universe the copies of you Fry and Leela will be fine as well.


Scene: Planet Express Ship: Cockpit. Leela sat in the driver seat, Fry sat at the co-ordinates controls, and Bender sat at the autopilot. All three are playing "I Spy".

Leela: 'Alright my shot again, I spy with my big one eye something beginning with "A".

Fry: 'Ass?!

Leela: 'Yep! [Bender crosses his arms.]

Fry: 'Yay!

Bender: (annoyed) 'I wanted to use that word Leela!

Leela: 'Well you were to late. [Sticks her tongue out at Bender.] (mockingly) Hah!

Bender: 'Man, I wish I had a tongue, then I could do that back at ya!

Fry: 'Arlight guys my go again, I spy with my little eye something beginning with "P".

Leela: 'Purple?

Fry: 'You got it.

Bender: 'We're doing colors now? [There is a blinding flash of light followed by the brief appearance of another Planet Express Ship, which disappeared again in another flash of light.] What the hell was that?!

Leela: 'It looked like another Planet Express Ship?

Fry: 'Weird!

The End

Nibbler: (voice over) 'And so the Intergalactic Parallel Alliance remained ever watchful for the next "Bane Of All" to reveal itself being wary of Xenzarknass's holographic message. But that is another tale, perhaps I, or even you will tell it.