Fan Fiction

Bender's Epic Adventure To Save The Universe
By Rush

bender was a robit that drank beer, smoked cigars and liked hookers was one day lying oncouch at home in apartment.his antenna lit up and get email from farnsworth to tell him that evil forces were attacking planet Express to take over the universe and axed himfor help so he goes.

"I must saves unverse from evil ones andthen drink beer." said Bender.

Bender sat up off couch went over to win dow opened window then jumped out it

Bender fell onpavement below then got up and walked across street

heneeded money to buy booze later, so he grabbed Sal next to him and bit his head off then took his wallet.

bender then walked down pave ment to meet big robot destructor blocking his way.

"Move out of way!" shouted Bender.


Bender crapped brick, then pick up brick and throw brick at Destructor, who fell over then exploded.


bender went on way only to meet giant punkin cyclops firing red laser beans at him, which he dodged then threw brick at punkin making it explode.

Bender walked across street tomeet Flexo.


"We met again Bender now you die!"

Flexo slapped cross face.


bender's fired red laser beams from eyes and vaporized Flexo to dust.

With that Bender went on his way.

it was bad day, people walked around, it was raining and the cars were crashed all over place.

Bender knew he had tosave universe for everyone knewhe was thegreatest to save universe from the forces of evil, and knew he was only hope foruniversetosaveuniversefromevilones.

bender needed beer, so took beer bottle out of chest, drank beer, then throw beer bottle at Zoidberg looking though dumpster and knocked him out.

Bender liked cigars, so he took cigar out and smoked cigar by lighting it with red lighter. But then robot money jumped and took cigar out of Bender's month, then bender exploded in angry like nuke and exploded half off new new york.

with bad money dead went around corner to meet Zoidberg.

"Hello friend." Bender had no time to talk so he took red lightsaber out and cut Zoidberg's head off. "Aww, you no nice!"

Bender didn't care so he continued on way to work to sav e the univers from the forces of evil so bender ate lightsaber putting lightsaber beam out went continued down pavement

Bender heard Farnworth scream then took off at the speed of light to Planet Express to see giant marshmallow monster

"Me no like you!"

Bender fires laser beams from eyes cooking marshmallow monster and defeated the forces of evil and then they all ate marshmallows and Bender drank beer the end.

but it was not end bender had to save the clone of goat Mr. Chunks two from evil scientist during zombie apocalypse Bender saved goat and killed bad scientist then went back in time to undo the zombie apocalypse and then everything went back to normal and everyone lived happily ever after the end